La Fan Thursday 2/09/17 #18


Lucas lays it on so thick, he’s even got Vale crying. He wanted to protect his girlfriend by not talking about her pregnancy. He loves her, so of course he’ll love her child. Of course the contest wasn’t rigged!

The TV Romance reporter presses him again about whether the contest was fake and Lucas momentarily slips up, snapping at him. Gabe makes frantic “Calm down!” hand motions and Lucas starts oozing charm again, saying he would never lie to his public. Or to the protagonista of his life…his heart.

Gabe gives another one of his “Can you believe this crap?” looks to the camera.

The prison visitation was a no-go. There was a riot and visitation got cancelled. Salma hopes they’ll tell Nicolas she was there at least.

Agustín gets a notification about Lucas’ interview….

Lucas hopes his fans can all feel, at least once in their lives, the love he’s feeling.

Vale, still sobbing, says it’s the same thing Ana said to Luis in Una Vida Para Amar, episode 18:

I hope no one ever dies without having had a day of love like mine.

Of course he’ll be the child’s father, since the bio-dad isn’t interested. Because Vale has shown him how to be a better person, to see past appearances, to love without asking for anything in return. Gabe makes another face.

Somehow, Tomás didn’t know Lucas’ interview had taken over his entire living room. He sits with Vale for a minute before turning around to tell her it’s a bunch of lies. Gabe echoes him–isn’t Vale worried about being with someone who’s such a liar?

It’s Vale’s turn in front of the camera, but she’s stiff and uncomfortable as ever. Tomás complains to Gabe again that Lucas is a liar. “He’s an actor. What do you expect?” (Hey!) Tomás never liked him before and now he doesn’t even want to see him in pictures. Gabe laughs that they’re more alike every day.

Vale loosens up a bit when it comes to Lucas kissing her on camera. Gabe looks alarmed.

Casa Salma

Agustín is working his “contacts” to keep Nicolas from saying anything. Uh huh. Salma’s freaking out that she told Nicolas she’d take care of him when he got sent to prison, but the only thing she did for him was send him the lawyer Agustín recommended.

Agustín wants to know the whole story, but Salma doesn’t want to tell him. Nicolas is her past. Lucas is her present. And her future. (*roll eyes*)

Salma doesn’t have anything to do today but learn her lines for tomorrow. Agustín offers to hang out with her. They can do whatever she wants–the movies, dinner. Salma turns him down, saying she’d rather be alone.

Agustín goes off all huffy that she’d rather sit around waiting for whatever crumbs Lucas deigns to offer.


Diego asks what exactly this physical inspection entails and Adriana admits she wants a running buddy. He goes upstairs to get changed and warns the fam, and Miriam, not to be chismosos. Heh, heh, heh…suuuuuure.

Adriana ignores them talking about her, except to correct Miriam on her name–Adriana, not Andrea. Miriam says she’s Diego’s boss and Lucas’ niece and Eloisa is surprised at all the connections they have to the family. Miguel: “You have no idea.” (Oh, no, Miguel…YOU have no idea!)

Adriana beats Diego on their first race at the beach. He talks some smack about not liking to celebrate and her having a mala racha (bad streak, losing streak). She suggests another race, but trips on sand and has to hold on to him for support. He checks her out to make extra-sure she didn’t hurt anything.

Adriana shrugs off Diego’s offer to take her to the hospital. She’ll be fine with some ice (on her ankle, I think). He offers to take her home, but then says her mom will be there…and um, it’s Sunday…so how would it look if she’s hanging out with an employee. Adriana doesn’t care, but she’d rather go get a hot dog. “¿Un perro caliente?” She rolls her eyes at him.

When they’ve got their hot dogs, Diego teases her about liking “food like this.” He reaches out to wipe something off her face, then apologizes. He won’t touch her again. Adriana’s all “dude, chill,” so he says he’s confused–she says one thing and does another. And he’s starting to think she’s right and they should maintain their distance.

Now they’re arguing about who wants distance. Diego says she’s the Presi and he’s just a maintenance guy. Adriana brushes it off.

Natalia informs Carlos that Adriana and Felicitas are both out…not that he cares about Felicitas. Benicio comes over, gets checked out by Natalia, and tells Carlos that he needs help convincing Adriana he didn’t have anything to do with the attack on Diego. Carlos says he’ll get rid of Diego himself.

Miriam is trying to convince Miguel to take the day off and come hang out with her when Jess comes in looking for Diego. Miguel breaks it to her that he’s out running on the beach with his boss.

At any rate, Adriana thinks running helped her clear her head. Diego, on the other hand, thinks his head is blocked. Adriana thought he looked troubled. She understands if he doesn’t want to talk about it. Diego says he does have a problem…she guesses money. It bothers him that she always thinks that. She argues she’s just saying if it’s a money problem, there’s a solution and oh, look, there’s his friend. Jess comes running up to join them.

Adriana limps on home, alone, turning down Diego’s offer to come with her. Jess, who looks completely different with only her heavy eye makeup on, warns him that these rich girl-poor guy relationships never work out. Adriana’s probably just looking for someone to mess around with. He needs someone who really cares about him.

“Like you?” What? No, the thought never crossed her mind. No. Not her, specifically. But definitely not his boss. I agree with Diego’s face–why bring it up just to diss him?

Carlos and Benicio are still waiting for Adriana to get home so they can deal with the Diego issue. Adriana gets home and tells them if they’re talking business they can leave her out of it–it’s Sunday. Carlos gets right to the point–Benicio was just following his orders. He’s the one who sent those guys after Diego.

Jess and Diego get back to the café and Jess tries to convince him to come with her to get a hamburger at…she says a “convenio” at the station, which would be a convention, but it sounds like she means the caf or commissary.

Miguel pulls him aside to find out what happened. Diego says he’s not going to see Adriana again. He’s got to settle things with her mom tonight.

Carlos apologizes and says Benicio really didn’t want to do it. And they had no idea the guys would go so far. Adriana can’t believe he treated her like an object and tried to manage her life. He was the one man she could trust and now she can’t. She goes up to her room and Benicio calls after her that she can still trust him. Carlo’s face: “Seriously, dude?”

The switch

Quique has recruited someone to get his jewels back. They clearly have a previous relationship, but I don’t know what her specialty is. Customer relations? Transportation? Distribution? He sends Artemio with her as backup and tells him to get rid of Lucas if he causes any trouble, but not to touch even a hair on Vale’s head. He’s all heart, that Quique.

Finally the interview is over, the crew is gone, and it’s time to see how social media is reacting. Gabe snarks that Lucas is going to be on his phone for hours now. He asks for permission to take Tomás out. Lucas is suspicious, but Tomás is only too happy to go. “And no talking to the press!” Lucas reminds him. Tomás: “Like you’re my favorite topic.”

Lucas whines to Vale about Tomás not liking him. She says he doesn’t like seeing them lie and Lucas was very convincing. “Well, I’m a good actor. I make my living telling lies.” (That’s one theory.)

Vale also had the thought for a minute that maybe their entire relationship was another one of his lies. She’s seen all his novelas, but he was so sincere today he had her crying. Lucas repeats that he’s a good actor and attempts to prove it by crying on command. Ehm…it doesn’t work. Anyway, he had to salvage the situation and protect Vale! If that police officer had found out Vale wasn’t pregnant he would’ve been pretty unhappy. Vale agrees.

Quique calls to say he’s sending someone over for the diamonds. Lucas realizes Gabriel has them. Vale rushes out of the apartment, hoping to catch him.

They have no luck. They’re both so agitated that when Eloisa comes over, they both freak out. Eloisa had an idea about the belly…yeah, yeah, yeah, Vale says they can talk about it later and shoves Eloisa out of the apartment.

They keep trying Gabe’s phone, but he’s not picking up. Quique’s going to kill them! Lucas is freaking out. Vale thinks maybe she can talk to whoever Quique sent. He can be reasonable. Lucas tells her to come down to earth! Since when are mafiosos or their assassins reasonable?!

Quique’s suddenly pregnant associate comes knocking on the door. Vale tells her they don’t have the diamonds. Artemio starts waving his gun around.

Vale explains that a friend has them and he’s out with Tomás who is her friend’s son who she’s raising as her own and–Associate cuts her off. They need the diamonds or…Artemio threatens Lucas with the gun and Associate decides she’d like a selfie before he bites it.

OK, resuming threat–diamonds or Vale can say goodbye to her favorite actor. He puts the gun to Lucas’ head and Lucas begs him not to damage the face. Artemio moves the gun to his chest. “OK.”

The four of them end up scrunched up on the couch, waiting, until Associate decides time is up. Vale begs for one last chance and calls Quique to explain the situation. He starts screaming through the phone, chipmunk style, and Artemio moves to grab Lucas again.

Lucas begs, in the name of his millions of fans, for Artemio not to shoot him. Associate tells him he’s not THAT big a deal. “Oh yeah, then erase the selfie!” Touché!

Vale’s still negotiating with Quique when there’s a knock at the door. She says she’ll call him back and hopes it’s not Eloisa.

It’s Gabe and Tomás. Whew! For Tomás’ benefit, she says they’re all just…rehearsing. She whispers to Gabe that they’re here for the diamonds.

Everyone but Tomás traipses over to Gabe’s, where he hands over the gems and Vale and Associate go into the bathroom to trade bellies.

Artemio looms over Lucas and says his boss reeeeeally wants to kill him. “He’s not the only one,” Gabe mutters. He tells Lucas he’s just saying it to calm the guy down. Riiiiight.

Vale and Associate are done with the belly switch, so the whole ordeal is over, right? Vale sends her regards to Quique and Associate gives Lucas a fond farewell. Artemio’s farewell is not so fond. He’s got Lucas, Vale, and Gabe all leeeeeeaning away from him as he tells Lucas he might have a cat’s nine lives, but they’re running out.

Gabe walks them to the door and declares they’ve got “One less problem!”

Casa Vale

Vale, Lucas, and Gabe go back to her apartment. She’s glad it’s all over. Lucas complains about being tense and needing a massage. “How odd. Lucas Duarte thinking only of himself,” Gabe deadpans to the camera.

Vale offers Lucas a massage, but he’d rather have a professional one. Gabe reminds him they still have the fake pregnancy to deal with. “You’re right. OK, give me a massage.”

Downstairs, Eloisa is complaining about the reporters that won’t go away. Vale comes down stairs and says she’s wiped. Tomorrow they’re going to resolve the belly situation. She and Eloisa make up.

Jess says Lucas is coming out looking like a hero in all this. Vale agrees. She’s the one who looks bad now–after all that time worrying about her reputation, now everyone’s talking about how she got pregnant by one man and was dating another. Hm. Sounds like worrying about “what people will say” is a losing proposition.

Casa Salma

Lucas goes over to Salma’s, fuming about his terrible day. He’s not in the mood to listen to Salma’s problems. She says Agustín was right–ever since he’s been “dating” La Fan, all he gives her are crumbs.

She tries to entice him into spending the night with her since Rodrigo is out. Lucas, aka The Insatiable Sex Machine (his words, not mine), would like just a little bit of consideration! He was nearly killed today! And tomorrow he has to deal with Vale’s belly! And Salma wants SEX?!

So, not today, not yesterday, and who knows about tomorrow? Salma’s getting tired of this and she’s not even sure he cares. Lucas looks like he’s about to relent, but his pleading “Salma….” was because he wanted a whiskey. “Serve it yourself, Sex Machine.” She stomps upstairs, leaving her pillows to glare at him.


Diego comes over to Felicitas’ studio. She’s mostly undressed. Diego tells her he’s not posing for her anymore. Everything aches and he can’t sleep at night. OK, then, Felicitas wants her money back. And because she’s such a nice person she’ll let him pay it back with sex. Dude…she grabs the package. No way are they all going to be sitting around the table at Thanksgiving together.

Carlos and Adriana finish dinner and take their coffee into the living room. Natalia tries to join them, but no. Adriana doesn’t appreciate Carlos whining at her about not being mad at him anymore. She’ll be mad at whoever she’s mad at TYVM! And he can stop trying to pretend to be her friend–she knows he’d hate for her to date someone like Diego.

“I only want your happiness.” She’s sure he means “not with Diego” but it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing going on between them.

Diego says that’s the kind of thing he does for free. He’s not going to loan or rent himself out to her.

In that case, he can give back the money or start posing again. “I already told you, I don’t have any money.” She tells him to take off his clothes, in that case. I know she means “to pose” but seriously. Gross.


Adriana gets to work the next day and tries to greet Diego, who’s working on the other elevator. He stays up on the ladder with his face hidden and says hi. She bugs him to greet her properly. He stays where he’s at and bids Presidenta Adriana Zubizarreta a good morning. As she flounces off to her office, he pokes his head out and growls. She starts to crack a smile, but keeps walking towards her office.

He calls out to a couple of passing female employees, “¡Adios, princesas!” Adriana turns around hopefully and he says he wasn’t talking to her.

Benicio gets Carlos to come to the office for something he needs help with. Carlos is sporting his new fake-poor look, insisting he just likes to change things up every once in a while. They nearly run into Diego in the lobby and Carlos rushes to hide his face behind a magazine.

Adriana can’t concentrate. She starts looking for something to break, so she can get Diego to come fix it. She settles on unplugging her monitor before she tells her secretary to send him in. He busts her spilling the contents of her makeup bag all over her desk.

He tries to avoid helping and go back to what he was doing before, but Adriana says the president’s office is priority! In that case…he plugs the monitor back in. “Oh, was that all?!” He leans over her in her chair and tells her he knows she did it on purpose.


Miriam is apartment-hunting. She sees one online she likes, but it’s too expensive. Jessica offers to be roomies. (NOOOOOO!)

Eloisa’s worried about Vale and how long this is taking. She fills them in that Gabe’s setting everything up to make it look like Vale lost the baby. Miriam and Jess are annoyed that the whole thing is boosting Lucas’ image and destroying Vale’s. But they all agree Lucas is just charming. I couldn’t even type that without rolling my eyes.

Speaking of charming…Jess wonders if Diego is around. Miriam asks about Miguel. What a coincidence, her two friends asking about her sons. Miriam already confessed her love for Miguel, so Jess might as well spill it–is she interested in Diego. Jess nods.


Vale’s all ready for a fake exam. Gabe paid a lot of money for the doctor to report that Vale lost the baby. Lucas and Gabe bicker. Lucas solicitously asks Vale if she wants something to eat…because he’s hungry. Actually, on that Gabe agrees. They wander off to the cafeteria, leaving Vale in the waiting area alone.

A nurse comes in looking for “Perez” and Vale says that’s her. She can’t convince the nurse that she’s not supposed to be going into surgery. (*sigh* like that would ever happen without repeatedly checking her wristband.)

Lucas and Gabe get back, so absorbed in their bickering that they don’t even notice at first that Vale is missing.

Gabe finally gets an answer from somebody at the front desk–Vale died.

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Thanks for retelling all of the fun! So now how are they going to “undead” Vale unless she just turns to a presence from beyond(which I doubt)? I love Gabriel sharing his feelings with us via the camera.