La Fan Tuesday 2/14/17 #21


When last we left Vale and Lucas, he’d just presented her with a big ‘ol engagement ring. And then things start to slip. As soon as they have time, they’ll plan a huge wedding and he’ll take her on a honeymoon trip to wherever she wants.

“Japan?” His face says “What?” but his mouth says yes. She can’t have this ring, though, it’s a prop. He just wanted everything to be perfect and he didn’t have time to buy one. They’ll do that later. And it’ll be way bigger.

“And prettier?” His face says “I thought it was!” but his mouth says “Whatever you want, princess!”

In the hallway, Lucas gloats to Pablo that his words weren’t enough to convince Vale. He pretends they were getting along just fine when Vale gets there.

He’s got a meeting with wardrobe, but he suggests Vale get home and prepare herself for an epic celebration of their pending engagement. You know…epic. Vale’s a little concerned–isn’t he still injured? Lucas swears he’s recovered and limps off to his meeting.

Pablo makes an ominous-sounding call to someone saying he has news.

He finds Vale in Lucas’ dressing room. He tries explaining that Lucas is doing everything for the ratings, because the show was starting to tank and she made him a star again. Vale won’t let him speak ill of Lucas in front of her–he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her and he’s already told her she won’t be his girlfriend when the show is over–because she’ll be his wife.

The ring? Uh…it’s in the prop room. Pablo latches on to this as evidence that everything Lucas does is fake and Vale starts to look doubtful.

Still, she doesn’t like hearing him talk smack about Lucas. Pablo promises to cut it out, but he wants her to come over to his house and meet his family. His three sisters are also in El Vale Fans. He says it will just be coffee and he’ll get her home early. Vale agrees. (Noooo!)

Agustín stops by Lucas’ dressing room to talk about Salma. He knows she’s not in love with him “yet” and she’s still in love with Lucas, so he’d like Lucas to stay away from her. No problem! Lucas is focused on Vale. Agustín has his (sarcastic) blessing.


Adriana goes for the “stay” option with a side order of “office nookie.” It’s all going swimmingly until Benicio comes knocking on the locked office door. (Do people really do that? Ask “Why is the door locked?” “Uh, none of your business?”)

Adriana pulls herself together and answers while a pants-around-the-ankles Diego hides around the corner. Yeah, um, she was just. Working. On something important. Benicio heard she had a humedad (dampness) problem–did she get that taken care of. Oh, yeah, totally. (*smirk*) He hands over some paperwork and Adriana gets him the hell out of her office and re-locks the door.

But really, they can’t do this here. Later, though. Totally. Later. Diego picks his wet pants up off the floor, which still has a huge puddle of water, and splashes his…erm…excited bits…with water from the puddle. Did I make that sound not funny? ‘Cause it was funny.

Benito lurks outside, watching Diego leave Adriana’s office.

He’s still lurking when Adriana comes out, off to go work from home while her office finishes drying out. He bugs her about looking “different” but she can’t imagine what he means.

Adriana just happens to get on the same elevator that Diego’s cleaning and he suggests it’s the universe helping them out so they can finish what they started. (Uh, how many floors does this place have?) They start kissing, but Adriana stops him–they can’t do this here. She’ll call him later. Uh huh…Lucas keeps absent-mindedly wiping the walls as she leaves.


Miguel explains to Miriam that she has a lot of things going for her, but she’s also his mom’s friend, so he never really thought about her that way. Telling him that his mom approves of the relationship just annoys him. HE’s the one who needs to want it and he doesn’t like everyone trying to arrange his life. Miriam wants to find someone else? He thinks that would be the best thing for her.

The entire café turns around to stare at him. (Hello, what did he just say about other people trying to arrange his life?)

Turns out Miguel does like Miriam, he just doesn’t want to date his mom’s friend. As for the actress at the party, that’s over. Because actors are weird (le sigh). And Diego? Why’s he all dressed up and smelling good? Diego tells Miguel about the almost-nookie at the office that they’re about to follow up on tonight.

Fútbol field

Nicolas is not admitting he’s Rodrigo’s dad, and he’s claiming he never knew the guy, but he has no problem saying Rod’s dad was someone who doesn’t resemble him in the least. A great guy, cultured, who must have loved Rodrigo a lot. It’s not going to go well for him when Rod finds out who he is.

Salma is late picking up Rodrigo. She blames traffic. He says if she’d been there fifteen minutes earlier, she would have run into her friend. The one who knew her before she became famous. He describes her to Salma and she panics. She won’t tell him why, she just says Rodrigo should stay away from him and if he ever sees him again to call her immediately.

Fan Club Meeting

Pablo’s sisters aren’t at home when he and Vale arrive. He calls María Emilia–they’re out buying Vale a present. Pablo goes to start making tea for them. (Run, Vale, run!)

He doped the tea. Vale passes out and Pablo lets Gabe in. This was all Gabe’s plan. He’s paying Pablo, who is not the station manager’s nephew after all, to spy on Vale for him. Or at least, that’s how it started–spy on Vale, fill her head with ideas about Lucas, “and now we’ve ended up with kidnapping.” Pablo wants a raise.

Gabe has no problem giving him one. He’s decided he “loves” Vale and couldn’t let her sleep with Lucas. (Pro tip: love means never having to say “I paid a creepy guy to drug your drink.”) He’ll come back later and “rescue” her and Pablo will disappear.

Vale wakes up tied to a chair. Pablo says he only kidnapped her for her own good–he’s just trying to help her come to her senses. A woman as beautiful and worthy as her can’t be with a guy like Lucas. Vale begs him to let her go and she won’t tell anyone.


Carlos Lopez informs Eloisa that he’s talked to the other Carlos to tell him to stay away from her. He doesn’t like the other Carlos. The other Carlos isn’t the right Carlos for her. Eloisa argues that the other Carlos is the love of her life and she’s not going to stay away from him!

Casa Salma

Salma has Agustín come over to tell him that Nicolas found Rod at the fútbol field. Agustín thinks Salma should turn him in, but she doesn’t want to involve the police. She’s afraid Nicolas might hurt Rodrigo.

Rodrigo comes running down the stairs to say he just saw her “friend” on TV and the police are looking for him!

Salma tries to convince him he must be mistaken. He only saw him the one time. Rod says he’s not stupid and stomps off back to his room.

Agustín suggests now might be the time to tell Rod the truth. She kind of can’t since she told Rod his dad is dead. Agustín is sure Nicolas will tell him if she doesn’t.

They both freak out when someone rings the doorbell. It’s Nicolas. Looking for somewhere to stay. Salma tells him Rodrigo’s already seen his picture on the TV. He can’t stay here! Even Agustín tries to tell him, as Salma’s novio that he can’t stay here. He grows about another six inches as he says it, and just slightly towers over Nicolas.

“Oh, yeah? Her boyfriend? … Well, good luck with that, bro!” Anyway, Nicolas thinks the couch looks right comfy and he’s not leaving. Has Salma got any more of that fuchi around?

Agustín is determined to get him out of there, even if that means fighting him. He channels his inner Karate Kid and prepares for violence. Nicolas is all set to teach Auggie what he learned in prison…

Which is that communication is important. He sits him down, tells him to let go of his negativity and says he’s gotta stop letting Salma manipulate him! Agustín insists they’re a couple. OK, whatever, Nicolas doesn’t give a [literal bleep] about that, all he cares about is his son.

Rod comes bounding down the stairs and demands to know what Nicolas did–why is he running from the police?!


Benicio, the chismoso, goes over to Carlos’ to tell him about seeing Diego and Adriana both coming out of her office. He’s sure something was going on! There were mis-buttoned buttons! Carlos says they have to end this now.

Adriana comes downstairs and says she’s going out with some friends tonight. Benicio is sure “friends from Paris” is code for “Diego.” Carlos fakes chest pain.

They call the doctor. Natalia is convinced he’s dying. Adriana’s not going to leave him now.

Adriana calls Diego with the bad news.

Of course, the doctor finds nothing wrong with Carlos, but he prescribes some sedatives anyway. Because when you’re a rich dude, you get that kind of treatment. (Did I sound bitter? Hm. Don’t mind me, I’m just pondering how often less affluent people and women in general are accused of drug seeking when a doctor finds “nothing wrong.”)

Adriana goes to get Carlos a glass of water and Felicitas rushes over to him to find out what’s really going on. He and Benicio explain that they’re trying to keep Adriana from having an affair with that guy at the company. Felicitas smirks.

Carlos fakely apologizes for making Adriana miss her night out with her friends. Oh, no problem–no matter how much they argue, she’s always there for him. Benicio thinks he should be going. Adriana walks him to the door and he tells her she’d better think twice if it was Diego she was running off to see. She knows how Carlos feels about him and he’s so very delicate right now. She has to end the relationship. (Please let that make her suspicious.)

Adriana goes over to the café. Diego can’t resist teasing her, saying she’s all dressed up–did she have a date or something? How’s her dad? Adriana says he had some chest pain, but he’s resting now. She just came over to finish what they started in the elevator…but it’s going to be the first and the last time.

Very, very sideways

Lucas finds Gabe in the hallway of the station and tells him what happened with Pablo…but he was able to twist everything around to his advantage. They’ve gotta watch out for that guy.

Vale begs Pablo to let her go. People will be looking for her. Tomás needs her. + about another 1000 words. He dials her phone and says she has one shot to make up a reason why she’s not coming home tonight to keep from alarming Tomás.

Whatever Vale said on the phone pacifies Pablo. He still won’t let her go. Vale tries agreeing with him–he’s right, Lucas is doing it all for the ratings. Nope, doesn’t work. She insists Lucas will be looking for her. Pablo says he’ll call Lucas if she tells him she can’t see him tonight, that the engagement scared her, and breaks it off with him.

Vale does it, very, very dramatically. She can’t see him tonight. She’s been thinking about it a lot and maybe the engagement scared her. She’s not sure he’s the one for her. She doesn’t want to hurt him. He deserves someone who loves him 100% and she doesn’t know if she’s that person. Remember…100%. And now she should hang up. He shouldn’t look for her.

Pablo’s impressed with her performance and Vale’s all “aw, shucks!”

Jess comes into Lucas’ dressing room. He’s frantically dialing Vale and ignoring Jess’ babbling about someone who was supposed to bring her some expensive makeup. Jess is surprised Vale cancelled a date with him. Lucas tells her about the engagement. And the prop ring…which he was TOTALLY going to replace with a real one! But they were supposed to celebrate and she called and said she was scared. He thinks what she said sounded familiar. So does Jess. What was it again?

Lucas repeats the thing about 100% and not being sure if she’s the person. He’s sure he’s the one who said it.

Ding, ding, ding! Jess remembers! It’s from Secuestro de Amor! When the protagonista got kidnapped and Lucas saved her! (Telenovelas: entertaining, educational…and they might even save you from a kidnapper!) Jess doesn’t want to believe it, but she did cancel the date. They have to find her! Lucas wonders if it’s Quique again. Jess remembers that in the novela the protagonista got kidnapped because the villain didn’t want her to marry the galán. That’s it! “El fan kidnapped my fan!”

Gabe goes over to hang out with Tomás. Tomás praises him for always keeping his promises. Eloisa tells him Vale called and said she might not be coming home tonight. Something about fans and how nice it was to have fans? Gabe says he’ll check it out. Tomás is relieved, because if it were up to Lucas….

Pablo won’t let Vale go, but he will make her dinner.

The first thing Lucas tries is calling the station manager. And guess what? He doesn’t have a nephew. Then they try to remember his last name…Jess remembers it’s a painter. They get to “Miró” eventually and head for the station office to find his address.

Vale’s still tied up and refuses to eat. She starts asking what it is he wants from her before he’s going to be willing to let her go. Pablo just gets flustered and tells her to be quiet. “Pablo…you’re not my fan, are you?” Awwwwww, poor Vale!

Gabe gets off the phone with the station and tells Eloisa that Vale left with Pablo “a little while ago.” He never liked the guy and only hired him because he was the station manager’s nephew, but apparently he’s been fooling them all.

Lucas and Jess just found out the same thing.

And everybody’s got his address and they’re all ready to go save her. It’s just a matter of who gets there first. I’m hoping it’s Lucas. Which is sad, because “At least he only lied to her and used her, but he didn’t have her drugged and kidnapped” is a pretty low bar.

Jess is worried that she and Lucas going out there alone is a bad idea. He says they can’t exactly tell the cops–they don’t have any proof, just a line from one of Lucas’ most successful novelas. They both get a little wrapped up in how very exciting this is and how it proves Lucas loves Vale and he forgets he should be looking at the road.

Vale manages to free her hands, but Pablo catches her trying to shuffle away and hits her on the head with a bottle of booze. She passes out again and Gabe comes rushing in, blaming Pablo when it was all his stupid plan in the first place. Seriously, Gabe? I don’t care how difficult it was for you to execute your plan to make yourself look like a hero.

Pablo is ready to take off, but he’s worried about Vale. And his money. Gabe pays him and assures him he’ll say that Pablo escaped just when he got there. But he has to have Vale, because he can’t let Lucas win again. Vale deserves better. (Funny, I think that includes someone who doesn’t hatch kidnapping plans.)

Jess and Lucas get to the house and they can see Vale lying on the couch through the window. Lucas breaks the glass to unlock the door, but Jess finds it was already unlocked. They rush over to Vale and try to revive her. She’s woozy and doesn’t seem to recognize Lucas.

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Visita/ Guest

“(Funny, I think that includes someone who doesn’t hatch kidnapping plans.)” Ha! Thanks for the great recap and your fun insights!

I loved Lucas and Jessica solving the mystery of what Vale’s problem was from the telenovela quote Vale gave Lucas over the phone.

Gabriel is officially dead to me after the kidnapping fiasco. Poor Vale being unconscious twice in one evening. Carlos can also join the “dead to me club” manipulating his daughter with fear: his false chest pains.

Diego and Adriana are FINALLY getting together.

Visita/ Guest

No! Bad Gabe, bad!!!

Funny how Diego and Adriana have already forgotten about the security cameras in the elevators.

Autora/ Author

Gracias, Kat! It’s got to be a good sign when a show goes for the amnesia cliché and I’m like BRING IT! It will be a hoot if they go there.