La Fan Wednesday 2/15/17 #22


Vale can’t believe she’s meeting Lucas Duarte! She has no idea where she is, but…Lucas Duarte! She laughs at the idea of having a fan. Wait, is he really Lucas or an impersonator? But what’s he doing here? She really laughs when he says he’s her boyfriend and he’s here to rescue her.

Gabe sends Pablo out the back way and tells him he never wants to see him again.

Jess and Lucas finish untying Vale while Gabe crawls out the front door to make his big entrance. Jess does “What day is it?” one better and asks Vale what happened last night on the novela. She’s lost about two months. Gabe comes in and Vale thinks he’s cute, but…Lucas Duarte!

Vale thinks something must be wrong with Lucas to think he’s her boyfriend. Is it a joke? And who’s the cute guy? Jess wants to call the police and Lucas wants to take Vale to the hospital. They argue about which one of them is going with Vale and she giggles at them fighting over her.

Lucas is suspicious about how Gabe ended up there. Gabe trots out his carefully planned and rehearsed reasons, including “I had a bad feeling about that guy.” Lucas mocks him for being psychic now. Anyway, he’s Vale’s boyfriend and HE’S going to the hospital with her. Gabe says he’ll let him “win” this one last time and be the one to deal with the police.

Jess is completely striking out at explaining to Vale how she became Lucas’ girlfriend. I don’t know why she doesn’t try showing her some pictures or something. Vale gets the nervous giggles again when Lucas comes in to take her to the hospital.

One night only

Adriana explains to Diego that they can’t have a relationship, especially now that her dad is sick and going to need to be taken care of. But she’s dying to make love to Diego, so this is kind of a goodbye.

Diego says he can’t accept that. He wants more with her than one night. He’s warned her before–he doesn’t do halfway. If she won’t give him everything, he’d rather have nothing. He unlocks the door to let her out of the café.


Casa Salma

The “adults” have talked to Rodrigo and he’s calmed down. OK, Salma’s “friend” didn’t kill anybody. They send him upstairs. Salma’s furious that Nicolas keeps calling him “hijo” and she wants him to leave. She gives him more money for a hiding place. He’ll go, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to come back for what’s “his.” Not sure what to make of that, since he reaches for Salma’s hair.

More arguing between Nicolas and Agustín. Salma begs him to think of his son. Nicolas whines about how he’s “always” been thinking of his son, so Salma tells him to prove it by leaving. Whew! That worked.

Agustín reminds Salma he’s there for her and suggests he move in, at least temporarily.

Salma turns him down. Nicolas isn’t going to hurt them. Agustín agrees to go, but he reminds her she can call him if she needs anything. Because he really loves her…not like Lucas. He plants a kiss on her that leaves her stunned.


At the hospital, Lucas stops to pose for the nurses in the midst of his angst. He can’t understand Vale not remembering him. Jess says it’s just like what happened in Maldita Tramposa. She lost her memory and then got it back with another blow to the head. Lucas is horrified at the suggestion.

Jess tells Vale the story about rescuing her, but Vale still finds it funny. She thinks it’s a practical joke. Lucas comes in and Jess whispers to him that she still won’t believe it. She suggests showing her the social media stuff, but the doctor told Lucas not to pressure her.

Vale’s nervous about being alone with Lucas. Cue the giggles. And she wants to break up with him since she can’t remember being together. Plus he’s dating Salma. Lucas tells her Salma is dating Agustín. Vale would love to believe they’re really dating, but she just can’t!

Jess calls Eloisa and tells her what happened tonight–the kidnapping, Lucas’ rescue, Vale’s memory loss. They’re waiting on test results.

Gabe shows up and Jess tells him they still don’t know anything. Gabe says the cops are at Pablo’s looking for clues. (I hope they find some.) They’ll be here later to take Vale’s statement, not that she can remember anything.

Gabe’s ready to head to Vale’s room, but Jess tells him Lucas is in there with her and since she can’t remember him, Vale wants to break up with him. I can see Gabe doing the calculations to figure out whether that would be good publicity or bad publicity.

Gabe and Jess interrupt another giggling session and Vale’s happy to see them. Or at least Jess. She does not like having the two guys hanging around. She’s already dumped Lucas since she can’t remember him. Gabe thinks that’s a great idea! Er…a sensible idea, he corrects himself after Lucas glowers at him.


Vale’s back at home, under doctor’s orders to rest. Tomás, Eloisa, Jess, and Miriam won’t even let her sit up in bed. Miriam and Eloisa are outraged when Jess tells them about the breakup. Tomás, of course, thinks his mom has every right. Jess tells them both to listen up–Lucas risked his life saving Vale. And look how she repays him!

Gabe shows up to see the cops are here. Vale doesn’t even know what she’s going to tell them since the last thing she can remember is an episode of the novela from two months ago.

Lucas complains to Salma that he doesn’t want to film today, but he had to. She gets such a laugh from the idea that Vale can’t remember anything…and then she really gets rolling when she finds out Vale broke up with Lucas

Vale walks the police officer out after giving her non-statement statement. Gabe tells her not to worry about it. She thinks Gabe is SO nice. Tomás makes sure to tell her he likes Gabe more than “the guy you were dating.”

Vale tries asking Gabe to explain her relationship with Lucas, but he weasels out of it, saying the doctor said she’s not supposed to force it. Ok, yes, she and Lucas had a thing. Gabe doesn’t really know why, Lucas keeps to himself about that.

Lucas comes over, saying he cancelled filming for the day. He can’t remember any of his lines and all he wants is to know how Vale is doing. He throws Gabe out, saying he’ll give his statement to the police later. At the door, after Vale has said goodbye to him, Gabe hisses at Lucas that Lucas can’t stand being forgotten. Lucas admits it. “And so what?!”

He shuts the door and turns his attention to a very giggly Vale.

Tomás finds Lucas in the living room by himself. Gabe left and Vale’s taking a shower. Tomás skipped school to look after Vale. Lucas says he doesn’t have to do that, Vale has him now. Tomás says he thought Lucas considered himself the center of the universe. “Thanks for saving my mom.” And then he shuffles off back to his room.

Vale’s in her room after her shower, still trying to figure out how she’s Lucas’ girlfriend. She invites him in, thinking it’s Tomás. She tells him she tried to remember while she was in the shower and she doesn’t like feeling this confused.

Lucas decides to tell her the truth–their relationship started with a lie. They met by accident and everything was a chain reaction. He got in trouble with a dangerous man for screwing around with his wife. The public wouldn’t forgive him for cheating on Salma. The photos came out and he was horrible to the photographer.

The station ran a contest to rehab his image. Vale won lunch…but it was all arranged. She was the perfect candidate–an everyday woman fighting for her dreams. Then she became his assistant and they started faking a relationship. The public loved it and ratings went up, so the station “made” him be her boyfriend.

Vale asks him if he means that everything was for the ratings. Lucas asks her to forgive him. She doesn’t know how she can. He faked a relationship just for the press. She calls him heartless and tells him to get out. She shuts the door and sobs.

Special assignment

Benicio catches Diego on his way to Adriana’s office and tells him she’s not there today. Also the kitchen on one of the boats needs fixing. He can come to Benicio’s office in ten minutes for instructions.

The “boat” is the Zubizarreta yacht and Adriana is on it, working on her tan. Diego says they must be destined to be together. Benicio sent him to fix the kitchen and he never would have done that if he had known Adriana was here, right? She tells him to get to work.

Diego’s finally done working and he decides he’s going to get some sun…in his hot dog print boxers. Adriana gets a laugh out of them and hopes the next pair don’t have race cars. Diego teases her for wanting to see his collection. And now, yes, he’s going to take his break because union rules mandate that he gets an hour break for eight hours of work and nowhere does it say he can’t tan on his break!

He hands her the bottle of sunscreen and asks her to put some on his back, but as soon as she touches him he flips back over. He sounds almost panicked, saying his heart is beating like a race horse, then grabs her, kisses her, and rolls them both over.

They end up inside the yacht, finishing what they started…and started…and started…not knowing that Carlos is on his way in.


Eloisa found Diego’s phone in the café. Miriam offers to take it to him since Jess has to get to work. Instead she runs into Benicio. Did we know that she’s a web designer? Unfortunately she doesn’t know Benicio is as evil as he is cute.

Miriam gives him her contact info and he says he’ll be calling her for an interview soon. He pretends (at least I think so) to be charmed by her chattering about her new apartment and how neither she nor Jess has a great salary. He takes the cell phone to give to Diego. (Craaaaaaaap!)

Benicio has one of his toadies unlock the phone. Felicitas shows up in his office.


Rodrigo gets to the fútbol field and finds Nicolas waiting there. He doesn’t know what Nicolas did, but his mom said to stay away from him. Nicolas says that’s because he DID know Rodrigo’s dad.

Too much excitement

Lucas and Salma are on location. Lucas has no idea what he’s doing. All he can think about is Vale. Salma tries to hit on him and Jess interrupts by telling her she’s got bags under her eyes. Salma goes running for the trailer for a touch up.

Jess gets up in Lucas’ face to remind him that even if Vale doesn’t remember that she’s dating him, he remembers he’s dating Vale, right? Lucas looks confused, since he wasn’t even responding to Salma, just trying to make sense of his script. Jess warns him she’s going to be watching.

Gabe comes over to Vale’s apartment. She’s in tears. He tells Vale she may not remember this, but they’re very close, so if she needs to talk….

Vale breaks down and says Lucas told her the truth about how they met and started dating and he apologized, but he said it was all a lie and he did it all for the ratings. Gabe says he left some things out. He didn’t tell her that Gabe’s in love with her. (Oh, shut up, Gabe!)

Gabe goes on and on about the sincerity of his “love” while I tune him out. And it’s sure not helping Vale, because it just confuses her further.

After he leaves, she calls Jessica. She wants to come over and talk. Jess doesn’t say she’s on location, just that she’ll send Vale the address for where she’s working.

Pablo pulls up on a motorcycle outside the café as Gabe is leaving. The cops are looking for him and there’s a warrant out on him for kidnapping. If he goes down, Gabe’s going with him.

Vale gets to the set and finds herself in the middle of the shoot, watching Lucas kiss Salma. She faints at the top of some stairs and goes rolling down…and passes out again.

Ohhhhh we’re going to need a LOT of tests. Vale’s poor head!

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Visita/ Guest

I am still being entertained in every episode! How long can this last?

Anyway, thanks for another fun recap!

I would love to see: Rodrigo rat on Nicolás to the police/Pablo arrested and Gabriel dragged into prison along with him/ Adriana and Diego not stop before Carlos gets an eyeful.

Gabriel, Nicolás, Pablo, Benicio and Carlos could all disappear right about now. Nasty crew.

The hot diggety dog shorts (my description not theirs) were the best!

Visita/ Guest

Those shorts were the highlight of the episode! 🙂