La Fan Thursday 2/16/17 #23


Lucas and Jess spring into action to revive Vale. Which entails spritzing her with way too much perfume while Salma whines about it. Salma complains that she’d better not get her memory back now, y que crees? She got reset back to where Pablo conked her on the head and asks where she is.

Pablo and Gabe keep threatening and counter-threatening and I believe Gabe gets the upper hand when he says if Pablo doesn’t disappear, he’ll end up in an alcantarilla (sewer) being eaten by rats. Gabe says he’s done it before. (Oh really?)

Vale tries to refuse being taken to the hospital. Jess feels up the paramedic’s bicep while trying to comfort Vale, who wouldn’t need comforting if they would just believe she feels FIIIINE!


Oh yeah, Diego and Adriana totally did the deed. She rates him a 10. He says it’s his first one. Har, har. And then he asks her to scratch his back, because who doesn’t like a good back scratching? They hear glass clinking and Adriana gasps “Papá!” Diego says he prefers “Papito.” “No, my dad’s here!” She tells Diego to hide while she gets rid of him.

Felicitas came by the office to invite Benicio to her exposición (exhibition) tonight. She asks about Adriana and he tells her she’s not in the office today.

Adriana and Carlos get the “What are you doing here?”‘s out of the way so she can move on to scolding him for drinking. And did he go get the tests done? He insists he’s fine and she should be worried about taking care of herself, with all the hours she’s working. Right, well, that’s why she’s here. Getting some fresh air and stuff.

But why is he here? Carlos says he has a meeting and he came by early. Ooooops….

Diego sneaks out the skylight, leaving behind the incriminating hot dog print boxers.

Adriana sees Diego and makes sure Carlos doesn’t turn around. She’s suddenly coming down with a cold, so, uh, she’s just gonna go now.

Back to work

Gabe meets Vale and Lucas at the hospital. She keeps insisting she feels fine, but she has to admit she can’t remember her conversations with them this morning. Not that she’s worried about it–as long as they didn’t both propose and she told Gabe “yes” and told Lucas that she doesn’t remember! Ha, ha, she hopes not!

Justin calls and tells Lucas he has half an hour to get to the studio and be ready to shoot because their special guest actress is waiting. Justin looks over at an annoyed Marilyn impersonator.

Rather than leave Vale at the hospital with Gabriel, he decides Vale should come with him to the studio, which suits her just fine. Gabe offers to look after Tomás, but he’s off at fútbol practice. Lucas intercepts Gabe’s goodbye kiss to Vale with his hand looks grossed out.

At the studio, Justin gives them a round of sarcastic applause. He doesn’t care about Lucas’ problems and as for Vale’s accident he’ll tell his assistant to send flowers. But for now, Lucas needs to go get a touch-up so they can start filming.

And by the way, the guest actress got tired of waiting and left, so now they’re thinking of ending the episode with Lucas in a spotlight…playing the ukulele. “No! Not the ukulele!” (Uh, he has ukulele trauma?) Well then, since Vale insists on defending Lucas, she can have the guest role.


Rodrigo had thought that the reason his mom never talked about his dad was that his dad was a bad guy. Nicolas says he was a great guy who loved Rod. Rod says it kind of doesn’t matter, since he’s dead. So Nicolas tells him his dad is alive. He takes off, leaving Rod to practice with Tomás.

Rod is distracted at practice. Tomás is having a great practice and Gabe stands on the sidelines cheering him on.

Tomás asks Rod what’s going on. Rod tells him he just heard his dad is still alive and his mom always said he was dead. He doesn’t want to see his mom right now and asks to go to Tomás’ house. Tomás tells Gabe their moms totally worked it out. You’d think Gabe would know better than to believe that.

Special guest star

Lucas runs lines with Justin, or tries to anyway. Justin isn’t in the mood to listen to Lucas’ whining about how this is so haaaaaaard for him. It’s hard for Justin too when Lucas never learns his damn lines! Does he even know what’s going on in the scene?

Lucas says the woman who thinks she’s Marilyn comes in and sings him “Happy Birthday” and then she says…

“José Gerardo, here I am.” Vale-as-Marilyn finishes.

Justin loves it! He gives Jessica mad props for her work and tells Vale they’ve gotta rehearse this NOW. But Vale is too nervous and she doesn’t sing, so it comes out sounding like Marilyn singing “Happy Birthday” with a hangover on a slowed-down record. Lucas begs Justin to have the writers come up with something else.

Justin informs him there’s no way–this is the LAST scene they need to shoot to finish tomorrow’s episode. Vale’s just going to have to do it. He has her practice again.

After multiple attempts, Vale’s still not getting it. Lucas doesn’t appreciate Justin being rude about it. Salma comes up and asks what this mamarrachada (stupidity, ridiculous scene) is and Vale nonverbally agrees with her. Justin tells Salma the ‘tude isn’t helping. He needs her to help.

Salma demonstrates her “Happy Birthday” and Vale says she’s got it now. And once the cameras are rolling, she sure as hell does! Justin better not even complain about her eyes being closed the entire time. Everyone is in shock for a minute, then they erupt in applause. Justin congratulates himself for pulling this performance out of Vale and says he’s reconnected with his art. Even Salma gives a “wow.”


Diego asks the receptionist to get Adriana on the phone for him–he can’t find his phone. She can’t imagine what he would have to talk to Adriana about…and then he makes her vacate her desk so he has some privacy.

Adriana teases him about his lucky getaway. They both agree they had a great morning…best one ever. And as for “first and last” Adriana has decided it’s “first of many.” (yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!) She’s on her way to the office now.

Benicio harshes Diego’s buzz by flashing his cell phone at him and asks what he has to do with Adriana’s mom? Diego’s pissed that Benicio unblocked his phone and says he fixed something at her studio. Adriana gets there and finds them in the lobby glaring at each other. Diego nervously says he’s going to get to work now. Benicio denies there was anything going on and hands Adriana the party invitation.

Tryst central

Business meeting, huh Carlos? I can guess what kind of business you’re hoping to get up to with Eloisa. She digs his boat. That he’s “borrowing” from his “boss.” Let the smooching commence.

He shows off the boat, not noticing that the bedroom is in disarray. When he goes upstairs to get drinks, Eloisa notices a familiar pair of boxers on the floor and stuffs them in her purse.

Carlos shows Eloisa the roses he got her and starts snogging her again. She tells him this may seem old-fashioned, especially after their history together, but they’re not having sex today. She won’t be the other woman. He needs to get divorced first. Carlos says she’s worth it. He’ll talk to la bruja. “Your wife.” Right, la bruja de his wife.

After practice

At Vale’s the boys sit down to dinner while Gabe fusses at them for lying to him. He wants Rod to at least send his mom a text so she knows where he is. And he should look on the bright side–at least now he knows his dad isn’t dead.

Tomás’ take on it is if his dad isn’t dead then he’s a jerk. Gabe comes to his defense, saying things are complicated for adults. Rod has no sympathy for whatever difficulties his dad might be having–it’s more difficult growing up without a dad. The boys decide they should investigate and find their dads.

Gabe latches on to the fact that Tomás wants to meet his dad, but he still looks concerned.

Gabe’s a little freaked out at how much the boys are eating. Salma shows up and Rodrigo refuses to go anywhere with her because she’s a lying liar. He and Tomás go off to Tomás’ room and Salma asks Gabe why he’s saying that. Gabe claims he has no idea. (Salma…the onesie…no. Just no.)

Salma and Gabe can’t get the boys to open the door. Salma is convinced Tomás turned Rod against her. Gabe hedges and says he THINKS…that Rodrigo found out his father isn’t dead. But he doesn’t know who told him! Except that it wasn’t him or Rod.

This time when Salma yells at him, Rodrigo and Tomás come into the living room. Rod leaves with Salma and Gabe tries to explain that Salma was just concerned about him. That’s how moms act when they’re worried. He suggests they go see a movie and Tomás likes the idea–but he’s gotta call Vale first.


At the café, Miguel stirs batter while he and Miriam discuss Vale’s latest injury. Miguel can’t believe that so many bad things have happened since Vale started dating Lucas–and dating him was her dream!

Speaking of dating, is he still seeing…? Miguel says he’s not. Miriam says she’s looking at her options. She might even have a boyfriend soon. (*roll eyes*)

Benicio calls to hire her and Miriam spins it to Miguel as a hot guy calling. She does say he offered her a job, but she focuses on how he’s hot and she might find a boyfriend at work. Miguel mumbles a congratulations on her new job.

Out of costume

Vale’s back to being herself, chatting with Jess in Lucas’ dressing room about how NERVOUS she was! She can’t even think about it right now without getting nervous all over again. She brushes off all Jess’ praise about how awesome she was.

Lucas comes in and Jess gives them the room. Lucas was totally into Vale’s performance. He wants her to come over tonight…as Marilyn. But first, a selfie. (Yeah, dude, that is SO not happening!)

He wants the wig, the dress, he wants her to sing to him. Yep, tonight’s their night. (Or his night with Marilyn. Whichever.)

I want this to be The Night for us.

He kisses Vale and walks out of his dressing room. “Isn’t that what he said in episode 250 of Amor sin Fronteras?”

Casa Carlos

Adriana gets home and Felicitas wonders why she wasn’t at the office earlier–as if Adriana’s even going to tell her. As for the party invite, she’s not going. She has no desire to see her mom’s naked models on canvases. Too bad, Felicitas was hoping to introduce her to someone who’s making her very happy. Adriana might even know him…but if she wants to find out who he is, she’ll have to come to the party.

Carlos gets home, complaining about being exhausted. Adriana tells him about Felicitas’ party tonight and how she wanted to introduce Adri to her model. But she’s not going. Carlos says he is, and it’ll probably be the last one he goes to–he’s going through with the divorce, so maybe they should be nice to her. He pretends he’s having pains again, but not seriously, he just wants to convince her to go.

Casa Salma

They get home and Salma chews Rod out for making her pick him up at Vale’s house. With that out of the way, she asks him what his damage is. Rod says she lies. Her friend Nicolas told him that his dad’s alive and he wants the truth.

It takes her a while to think about it, but she decides to tell Rodrigo the truth–his dad is Nicolas.


Vale tells Tomás about her big TV debut tomorrow night.

Tomás asks Vale if he can go to the movies with Gabe (I thought they did that earlier). She’s fine with it but he sure is around a lot. Tomás says they’re friends. If he’d had a dad, he would want one like Gabe. Tomás has decided he needs to know who his father is and he wants Vale to help find him.

Rodrigo found out today that his dad isn’t dead like Salma always told him. It got Tomas thinking he might have one out there too. He’s happy with Vale, but a mom is a mom and a dad is a dad. Vale has no idea how she would find him when Lucía never told her anything about him.

Gabriel comes over to pick up Tomás. Vale gets a voice message from Lucas saying there’s been a change of plans–he has to go to an exhibition tonight. He’ll text her the address. Vale wonders if she’s supposed to go as Marilyn.

Gabe takes Tomás back to his apartment after the movie. Tomás tells Gabe about his “I want to find my daddy” woes.

Yep, that’s quite a show

Felicitas is blah blah blahing at the reporters when Vale walks in as Marilyn. And now nobody is paying attention to Felicitas.

At the café, Diego tells Miguel about his very very hot morning. Miguel thinks Diego should be a little more cautious and not assume that Adriana’s as serious as he is. Diego says she told him it was only going to be the first time of many. In that case, Miguel agrees it’s serious.

The only thing Diego is worried about is her mom. She invited him to her exhibition, but he’s SO not going.

Felicitas gets the press’ attention back and starts blabbing about her painting again. Vale turns to Lucas and says she’s got an awful headache. He’s suddenly wishing he hadn’t asked her to come, after the day she had. Vale says it’s no problem as she takes several sips of his drink.

She’s starting to get this feeling like a memory is trying to come back…Lucas was looking desperate and asking her to forgive him. She keeps wanting to drink more so she can get it back.

Diego tells Miguel the exhibition is tonight. Something clicks for Miguel, but not for Diego.

Felicitas finally whips the sheet off the painting and there’s Diego in all his “perfect Greco-Roman” glory. Adriana just wants to die.

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks for a great recap. Gabriel keeps getting more creepy. His threat to Pablo with the added info that he had done it before just added to further defining his nasty character.

My favorite scene was so funny with Eloísa trying to hide Diego’s shorts: under her skirt then in her purse.

How long will it be until Vale remembers why Lucas was apologizing?

Autora/ Author

“And once the cameras are rolling, she sure as hell does!”

WORD. I just loved this scene!

I’m totally with you in that onesie. I love the shorts with the flowy over “dress”, but I was not feeling this outfit. Except the shoes. They crack me up since they are the same sparkly blue as those glasses.

Thank you so much for doing these recaps. I love the show and I love hearing your take in the costuming and the portrayal of the acting biz.