La Fan Friday 2/17/17 #24

El show

Adriana rushes out of the gallery, in tears.

At the café, Diego and Miguel realize Adriana is going to see the painting. Diego’s definitely got problems now.

Vale keeps drinking and asks why Lucas was apologizing…it felt different…she’s remembering now…Lucas decides he needs to get her out of there.

Eloisa gets back to the café and presents him with his missing boxers. Annnnnd he sniffs them to make sure they’re his. (*speechless*) She found them on a boat. Miguel wonders what she was doing on a boat. No, she wonders what Diego was doing on a boat with no underwear! Diego says he was with the love of his life and if he doesn’t leave now, he’s going to lose her forever. Eloisa tells Miguel to explain this to her.

Felicitas is upset that Adriana didn’t stick around to congratulate her. She and Carlos start bickering, until Ignacio whines about it. And then Diego walks in and Felicitas insists on dragging him up to “his” painting (which I still say looks like a guy with a headache and an itch on his back) and introducing him to everyone as her “best” model.

Carlos is flipping out because he’s Eloisa’s son. Ignacio tells him to chill–if Eloisa shows up, he’ll take care of things. He does love taking his chauffeur to art exhibits.

Casa Salma

Salma repeats that Nicolas is Rodrigo’s father. He’s angry at her for lying and not interested in her excuses about how she wanted to protect him. She should have asked him what he wanted. He’s not going to forgive her.


Gabe and Tomás play pool. Gabe says he’ll help Tomás find his father. What does he know about him? Tomás doesn’t know a thing. All he knows is that his father abandoned his mother when she told him she was pregnant. He’s sure about that.

It’s the anniversary of her death tomorrow. Gabe offers to go with Tomás to visit her. He didn’t know her, but he knows Tomás.

Casa Vale

Lucas walks Vale home and has her sit on the couch while he makes her a tea. Vale just can’t get the memory of his face out of her mind. Lucas begs her to stop trying to force it–it’ll come back on its own. And it wasn’t important, he promises.

She’s disappointed that they’re not getting their night together as Marilyn and José Gerardo, but he says they will eventually.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Lucía’s death. Will Lucas come to the cemetery with her? He agrees to go.

And she wants coffee, not tea, because she doesn’t want to go to sleep. Almost as soon as she’s said it, she’s out.

Casa Carlos

Benicio brings Adriana home and tries to ingratiate himself with her–offering to listen, getting her a drink. Adriana is willing to tell him this is about her mom butting into her life and getting everything Adriana wants, as if she hates her. Other than that, she doesn’t really want to talk about it and would rather he left her alone.


Salma made a giant pile of burned toast, but Rodrigo’s not coming downstairs.

That’s because he snuck out and went over to Vale’s. He begs Tomás to hide him–he doesn’t want to be around his mom.

Vale took off early, which is lucky for the two of them, but Eloisa comes by to see if Tomas is ready for school. He fakes a stomachache and says he’s not going.

Salma is freaking out over Rodrigo’s disappearance and she’s convinced Nicolas broke in and kidnapped him. Agustín doesn’t think Nicolas has anything to do with it and Rod just took off to show her how angry he was. He also tries some of Salma’s burned toast. And regrets it.

Salma’s ready to call the cops on Nicolas and let him become their problem, but Agustín stops her (why?) and tells her to calm down and think.

Nicolas comes over and, as we already know, he doesn’t have Rodrigo. Poor Salma! Her eyes start filling with tears. (Yes, I know, I said “Poor Salma.” I’m not heartless!)

Agustín has a friend, a police officer, who offers to trace Rodrigo’s cell phone. (He knows cops, lawyers…convenient.) He’s also going to go down to the station to speed up the process. He asks Nicolas, without a trace of sarcasm, if Nicolas is coming with him. Nicolas’ face: “AYFKM?”

I guess Salma told Nicolas that she told Rodrigo the truth? He’s blaming her for lying in the first place. Salma shoves him out of her apartment saying she wants him out of her life. Nicolas says he’s still Rodrigo’s father and he’s not giving up either of them. She gets him out the door, locks it behind him and collapses, in tears. (Thanks, show. You made me feel sorry for horrible Salma.)

Tomás thinks Rodrigo should at least call his mom. Rod doesn’t even think she’s noticed he’s missing. Tomás just doesn’t understand–his mom’s not anything like Vale. Tomás tries to get him to look on the bright side. At least he knows he has a dad and it’s his mom who told him–unlike Tomás, who has no idea who his dad is and whose mom isn’t around to tell him anymore.

Rod agrees, that is worse. The good thing is that Gabe has agreed to help Tomás find his dad. Rod wishes him luck.


Adriana gets in to find Diego waiting in her office. He thinks they should talk. He’s sure she must be thinking things.

Adriana says there’s nothing to talk about and she’s not thinking anything. Did he fall for it? This time she’s the one who stole her mom’s lover. She tells him she knew the entire time that he was her mom’s “favorite” model and between the two of them, well, they made getting revenge so easy.

Diego says he doesn’t have a relationship with Felicitas. He was only posing for her because he needed the money. Adriana says he always needs money, doesn’t he? Well, Felicitas is a good pick for him–she’s very generous. And now he should get back to the work she’s paying him for…unless he wants to work on his modeling career.

Miriam arrives for her first day at work. Benicio tries to flirt, saying she should have worn a longer, more conservative skirt because no one would be able to concentrate on work with her dressed like that. She takes his comments at face value and says she didn’t know what to wear because she’s never worked in a big company like this. (Which really highlights what a jerk Benicio is, so I’m glad she didn’t take it as a compliment.)

Diego runs into Miriam and she tells him how she got the job there. I’m surprised he doesn’t warn her off about Benicio. She asks how he’s doing and he gets distracted by Adriana walking by. He’s just…um…working. He congratulates her on the job.

Diego finds Adriana and insists they need to talk. He won’t let her get past him in the lobby until they talk. He had nothing to do with her mother! She tells him not to lose hope–there’s still a chance for him. She’ll let him in on a secret: her mom is dying to be with him.

Benicio comes by her office later to ask her out tonight. He doesn’t like how upset she is over Diego and wants the chance to make her happy. (No. Because your tie is sloppy. Why does the fabric look weirdly bunched instead of crisp? Also because NO.)


Gabe gets to Lucía’s grave and replaces the wilted flowers. He tells her he always loved her and thanks her for Tomás. He’ll love and care for him the way he would have liked to care for and take care of Lucía.

Vale and Lucas arrive. They’re both surprised to find Gabe there, but he sells them on the idea that it’s because of Tomás. Because Tomás talked so much about Lucía that he felt like he needed to come pay his respects. Vale is touched.

She lays her flowers down on Lucía’s gravestone and tells her that she misses her. Tomás is getting so big. And can Lucía believe Lucas Duarte is her novio?! Lucas grins awkwardly.

Casa Carlos

It’s after breakfast and even though Felicitas and Carlos agree that her exhibition was a big hit and everyone loved it she is STILL on about how Adriana didn’t congratulate her. She calls Adriana the strangest person she knows and Carlos says she takes after Felicitas. “Yes, and she got your sense of humor,” Felicitas snipes.

Hey, Carlos tried. He got her to show up. Feli says that was a nice gesture. He informs her it will be the last husbandly gesture he makes. He’s going through with the divorce. He doesn’t even care about the money. Felicitas doesn’t believe that, since she’s convinced the reason he never divorced her before was to avoid giving up half his fortune.

Natalia breezes by to answer the door and let Ignacio in. Carlos informs Felicitas that Ignacio will be handling the divorce…and quickly. Ignacio tells him things are already in motion. Felicitas is (not) thrilled to hear they’ve got everything handled. She’ll let them work, in that case.

Carlos and Ignacio watch her walk out and agree this is not going to be easy. But this time Carlos is determined to see it through. In that case, Ignacio warns him he’d better tell Eloisa who he really is. Carlos says he hasn’t told her because he’s been too afraid to lose her.

Felicitas comes downstairs and finds Ignacio working alone. Carlos went to track down some paperwork he needs. If this thing is really happening, Felicitas wants a favor–she wants to meet Eloisa.


Almost as soon as Vale and Lucas arrive, Jess finds them to tell them Vale’s being featured in all the promos for tonight’s episode. Everyone’s talking about it on social media. Lucas asks what about him. “Aren’t you cute.” But anyway, she hopes Vale’s feeling better because it’s going to be an intense day–press, photos.

Vale says she does feel a lot better, and she’s even starting to remember some things…. Lucas jumps in to remind her she’s not supposed to be forcing it.

Lucas tries to work on his lines, but he can’t stop thinking about finding Gabe at Lucía’s grave. And also that line is weird. Ana Cristina is like azucar amargo (bitter sugar)?

Gabe comes in with coffee for both of them and Lucas confronts him about being at Lucía’s grave. He doesn’t buy Gabe’s excuse about being there out of affection for Tomás and he wants the truth.

Gabe shifts his excuse slightly and says he’s trying to help Tomás find his father, not that Lucía’s grave is going to be much help. Lucas thinks he’s getting too involved with Tomás. Gabe reminds him that “involvement” includes Vale.

Vale tells Jess about Lucas coming with her to Lucía’s grave earlier. Jess is impressed. Most guys would have just let her go alone (really?). The funny thing is, Gabe was there. Jess thinks it’s strange that Gabe and Tomás are getting so close. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but Lucas is Vale’s boyfriend, so shouldn’t Tomás be getting closer to Lucas instead of his friend?

Justin walks up, crying his eyes out. It’s always something! Salma’s not showing up to film today because her kid is missing. (Um, didn’t they barely finish filming today’s episode yesterday? This does not bode well.) He sobs that he’s culto (educated), he studied cinema in Italy, he graduated, he’s…so alone. He pulls himself together and apologizes for the outburst.

Lucas, Vale, Jess, and Gabe meet in Lucas’ dressing room. Gabe thinks Lucas should go check on Salma–they were together a long time and he must have had some affection for Rod, right? Vale would go with him, but she knows Salma hates her guts. Plus she needs to get home because Eloisa called and said Tomás was home sick. (And nobody does the math? Or at least thinks to check?)

Gabe tries to go with Vale, but she asks him to back off a little. She doesn’t want Tomás getting confused–Gabe’s not his dad. Gabe says he’s not going to stay away from Tomás. Not now, not ever! (Dude. You know you sounded kind of obsessed there, right?)

Vale’s a little alarmed. She can see that he and Gabe like each other, but that’s why she thinks they need to cool it. She doesn’t want Tomás to suffer–she knows they get along well, but with Gabe always in the middle, he’s never going to be able to form a relationship with Lucas. She wants the three of them to be a family one day. She loves Lucas and she wants him to be Tomás’ father.

Gabe gets into Lucas’ fridge and pops open a bottle of Let’s See if We Can Make This Any Worse. Oooooh! Lucía flashback! OK, she slept with Gabriel because she was angry at Lucas and thought he was cheating on her. He told her that if she didn’t tell Lucas, he would. Lucía begged him to let her and Lucas be happy together, but Gabe said they couldn’t be, because Lucas didn’t know how to love anyone. One day, Lucía was going to thank him for this. She cried that she didn’t love Gabe and he said she should have thought of that before she slept with him. He was never going to let her come near Lucas again or he’d make her life a living hell.

Then he remembers the PI calling and telling him he’s Tomás’ dad.

Jess comes in for some stuff she forgot and Gabe asks her if she would ever give up something that’s hers. Jess doesn’t know what he means…but she never gives up anything. She fights until the end. Gabe says she’s his kind of person–he’s the same way.


Eloisa is upset that Diego took off early this morning to avoid her questions. Miguel doesn’t see why he has to tell her about every woman he dates. Heh, because not every woman has a yacht like that!

Right, and what was she doing there with Carlos again? Eloisa doesn’t think that has anything to do with it. Miguel points out that she can’t get mad at Diego for not telling her stuff when she doesn’t tell them stuff.

Other Carlos thinks his tocayo (namesake, person with the same name) has secrets to hide. Eloisa tells him to butt out. “Her” Carlos is an honest man. Well, Mami taught Other Carlos to recognize a liar and Carlos is a liar.


Adriana gets home and finds Carlos having a drink and smoking a cigar. Adriana takes them away since the doctor said he shouldn’t be having either.

Carlos is glad she’s looking out for him. Adriana says he’s all she’s got. She’s a wreck. Carlos asks if something happened at the exhibition? Something with her mom?

Adriana decides to tell him, now that they’re getting divorced, that once again her mom took away the man she loves.

Diego is at the café when Felicitas walks in. She wasn’t looking for him, but she’s happy to see him all the same. Eloisa comes over to see what’s going on and she and Felicitas come face to face.


Lucas comes over to Salma’s. She’s glad to see him, but she doesn’t tell him why Rodrigo left. She says she doesn’t know. Lucas is really focused on Rodrigo–does she think he left on his own? Did someone take him? Did he leave a note?

Salma says she’s going to feel so guilty if anything happens to him, but Lucas can’t understand why she would.

The investigator calls Salma and says they need to talk right away. There was a problem at the lab and now he’s in trouble. She gives him the brush-off and tells him to deal with his own problems. Lucas keeps trying to figure out what the call is about. Salma says it was a wrong number.

Agustín shows up with news.

Vale gets home and Rodrigo and Tomás are having batting practice. With a Chinese checkers board instead of a bat. And marbles instead of baseballs. But hey, they were totally being safety-conscious because after Tomás tosses the marble he ducks behind a kitchen chair.

OK, so, yes, Rodrigo has been hiding out at Vale’s all day. Rod says he doesn’t want to see his mom. She comforts Rodrigo and he begs her not to tell anyone where he is. Vale says his mom is worried about him. If they have problems, they can resolve them by talking.

Rod doesn’t want to; his mom is a liar. Vale’s sure she had her reasons. They really need to let her know where Rod is. She’s so worried.

Rod insists she doesn’t love him. “If you care about someone, you don’t lie to them.” She told him his dad was dead, but he was in prison. Vale says sometimes moms do things to protect their kids and it doesn’t work out well.

Tomás asks if that means she’s been hiding info about his dad. What? No! She’s talking about Salma who sometimes…uh, does things she shouldn’t.

Rod begs Vale to let her stay there and live with them. Tomás gives her The Face.

First things first, Vale fixes them both sandwiches and tries to convince Rod to call his mom. When he’s older, he’ll understand. Someone comes banging on the door–it’s Salma with Lucas, Agustín, and two cops. Salma demands they arrest Vale for kidnapping her son.

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3 years ago

“(*speechless*)” : So glad to know that someone else noticed the “sniff”. What a riot!

Glad to see Vale getting a glimpse of the real Gabriel.

3 years ago

The sniff was both gross and hilarious.

Gabe let his crazy show. If I were Vale, I’d be worried!

3 years ago

Thanks again, amiga.

Maybe it’s just me, but I almost feel like the story is repeating itself. Or maybe I’ve misunderstood everything. Did Gabe have true feelings for Lucia, or was he just getting back at Lucas?

It just seems like the same story is playing out but now Vale is the female side of the triangle.

3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks for the explanation. Not knowing exactly how they feel is making for interesting watching. I do feel like Lucas is gradually falling for Vale. Gabe just keeps falling deeper down the antagonist rabbit hole. It seriously makes me doubt him. I judged too quickly.