Silvana sin Lana Week of 11/21/16 #84-88

Monday 11/21/16 #84

While Majo is angsting over the text from Vicente, Trini chats with the designer. He owes AJ major favors, so he can even get dresses for Majo’s sisters if they need them. Trini asks if he might have one for her. You know…hypothetically…if she were getting married…. Majo comes out of the dressing room and interrupts the conversation with a dress that’s too big this time.

Lucha would rather Andres not say anything to Majo about them kissing. He promises to take all the blame.

Jorge asks Vicente for some advice on throwing a bachelorette party. Vicente suggests a stripper, a piñata and some games. Jorge admits he offered to help Angie with Majo’s party, but he has no idea how to get a stripper. Vicente says anyone he finds online will be expensive, but he’s heard of a guy at school. He promises to take care of booking the stripper for Jorge. (Don’t do it Jorge! I have a bad feeling about this.)

Majo brags to Andres that he’s going to die when he sees her in her dress. Yes, Trini went with her to try it on, but Majo’s the one who picked it out and he knows how very “fashion” she is.

Andres says they need to talk about something–he kissed Lucía once. Majo wants the details–when? A long kiss or a short one? Who kissed who? Did he close his eyes? Did he like it? Majo accuses him of liking the kiss and complains about how it’s still her fault because he did it in response to finding out she had sex with Vicente. Andres calms her down, saying the important thing is that they love each other and they aren’t going to lie to each other again. Majo agrees. They find out both of their despedidas are scheduled for tonight.

They’re on their way out of the house when Laura comes home. Majo starts babbling at her about the wedding and how she knows Laura hates her and is probably going to kill her when the priest asks for objections and–Laura cuts her off. Everything is fine. She and Andres’ dad have decided to support them and they’re dropping the charges against AJ. All she wants is for Majo to make her baby happy. (I hate that they dropped the charges!)

While Don Benito packs up some freshly-baked bread for Antonio José, AJ sits outside on his cell phone telling his new lawyer to get all the info from Rafael. And hey, when this is over they’ll hit the track together. AJ pressures Benito again about helping him turn a profit at the races and Benito keeps politely putting him off. Jorge and Angie arrive. They’re supposed to be going over to Jorge’s, but AJ makes such a fuss, they say they’ll go home with him instead.

Stella’s refusing to go back to therapy with Francisco Javier’s doctor. She decides she’s cured. Can Dom believe he thinks she’s in love with Poncho?! Dom agrees with him. No, no, Stella insists she’s just territorial, but she loves Javito and Dom and Poncho all equally.

Poncho comes home and happily announces that Génesis’ dad is coming over for dinner. Stella is upset that Poncho expects them to just follow his “orders” and make dinner for this girl he just met. Uh, Poncho seems to remember her making him and Dom pretend to be her chauffeur and butler when she was dating Esteban. Stella insists she never trampled on their dignity.

Poncho pouts that Don Jonas asked to meet his family and he thought they would be happy for him. Dom begs on Poncho’s behalf for Stella to help him out–all he wants is to be happy. Stella’s answer is “not yes, not no.” Nobody knows what she means.

Later, when Dom’s cooking dinner, Stella relents and says he can throw in some of her seafood stash. She’s not going to deny Poncho food. She just can’t stand his girlfriend! Dom reminds her of all the ways Poncho has supported her–going along with the Esteban business and the fake wedding and risking his life feeding Francisco Javier.

Can’t she help him? Dom won’t be able to handle Génesis and her dad alone and Stella is the queen of the house. She’s the only one who can do it. Stella agrees.

Juanito sets out rat traps around the bakery. Trini is still upset over the rat in the house earlier today, as is Benito. And on top of that, Trini’s still upset that Benito was holding on to Sara. Still, she asks him to escort her to Majo’s wedding. Benito is accepting and trying to flirt when Juanito screams that there’s a rat near Trini just to watch them both scramble.

At the house, AJ starts giving Jorge a hard time for being almost 19 and still in high school with Angie. I don’t know where he’s trying to go with that, but Chivis gets home and he brings up meeting Stella today. Funny thing is, Stella told him she was Manuel’s girlfriend. Jorge says she’s his ex.

AJ jokes that everyone got so quiet–are there rats again? Trini walks in and hears the word “rats” and freaks out. AJ says he was just joking and gets her to come sit down with everyone. And, hey, does she happen to know why Manuel and Stella broke up. And what would Stella want to talk to him about?

Angie and Jorge try to go upstairs to finish planning Majo’s bachelorette party, but AJ decides they’re not allowed in her bedroom (even though Chivis has had no problem with it for the last 80-something episodes). Chivis tries to give them some space and says the adults will go upstairs, but AJ goes out instead. Trini complains she has nowhere to go and tells them to let her know when she can come in from the backyard. (*sigh* Things were so much simpler when AJ wasn’t around.)

Jorge can tell Angie’s dad is bothered by him being behind in school. And he had no idea what to stay about Stella. Angie tells him not to worry about any of that and tell her…did he get the stripper? Jorge says it’s all taken care of, plus he got Lorenzo to let him work the salsódromo tonight so he can keep an eye on her.

They’re kissing when Majo walks in. She’s worried about tonight going well because her friends are counting on a great party. To them the fact that it’s at a salsódromo is a novelty. It’s “naqui-chic.” Jorge’s face registers the sting. Angie grabs him to go work on the planning over at his house.

Andres meets AJ for coffee and BS. AJ whines about how he AND Andres’ parents were both robbed. He just can’t turn in the person who did it because he doesn’t have proof. Andres asks AJ to talk to his parents directly, but he knows they’re willing to drop the charges against him.

It’s almost time for dinner after everything Dom has done for Poncho, Poncho seriously tries to ask him to tone down his flamboyance in front of Génesis’ dad. That may not even matter to Jonas, since almost as soon as they’re in the house, Dom offers them a drink. And they don’t drink. Well, Stella and Dom are having beers, so….

Bachelorette party. Karaoke on the big screen. Majo’s friends can’t sing. They can drink, though, and they’re not letting Majo get away with not drinking.

AJ comes to Chivis’ room. She’s upset that he keeps asking all these questions about Manuel and that he seems to be listening to Stella. She warns him Stella is “crazy.” And enough of his questions. She’s got one and she wants a clear answer–who’s going to represent him now, because she doesn’t want this case dragging out forever.

Tuesday 11/22/16 #85

AJ claims he hasn’t found a lawyer yet. (Lie! He was talking to one from Benito’s earlier.) He assumes Silvana wants to hurry things up so she can be with Manuel. The arrogant creep takes credit for Chivis being able to start over–because she had a life full of luxuries and wasn’t coming from “nothing.”

She reminds him the only assets she had to work with were her car and Majo’s and hey, if he wants the money back…. No, he just wants her to admit she wants to be with Manuel because he doesn’t believe she just plain ‘ol wants to be done with his sorry self.

I’m glad Chivis is sticking up for herself, explaining all the things she had to learn how to do once she wasn’t living in her cushy world, but what a waste. AJ just keeps looking for ways to bring her down because he doesn’t like her wiping away everything they had together. Um, I’d say he’s the one who did that.

Which is pretty much what Chivis tells him. He did all this stuff out of greed and that’s what destroyed their family. He still thinks it has something to do with Manuel. *sigh*

OK, whatever, she’s ready for bed since she’s got Majo’s wedding tomorrow and she’s going to have to face Andres’ parents. AJ says he’s already talked to Andres and his parents dropped the charges. Chivis is disgusted with his luck.

AJ still won’t let the Manuel thing go. He suggests Chivis invite him to the wedding since he’s been such a good friend to the family.

While Andres gets dressed for his bachelor party, he has Lucha on speakerphone. He tells her how it went telling Majo about their kiss–yep, she was jealous. She doesn’t want Lucha to come to the wedding. Lucha keeps flirting with him about the kiss and about being the one who’s going to come dance at his bachelor party.

As they toast before dinner–Dom and Stella with beer and everyone else with lemonade–Dom accidentally lets slip that Génesis and Poncho are novios. They hadn’t gotten around to telling Jonas yet.

Jonas starts with the interrogation…how does Poncho see himself in the future with Génesis? Poncho imagines himself as a John-Lennon-esque figure, lounging around in bed with Stella and Génesis and talking to the press about love. He tells Jonas he imagines himself full of light and energy.

Next, Jonas asks what Stella thinks love is. Stella imagines Génesis and Chivis dead and Manuel and Poncho both deciding to be happy with her. She says you have to work for love and happiness.

And what does Dom think about the happiness of this family? Dom imagines himself on the way to Zumba and finding $10 in his pocket. He says with love and money everything grows.

After dinner, Jonas gets back to the questions. Génesis has informed him that Poncho intends to ask for her hand in marriage. Wait, what? Nonononono, Poncho was just thinking they’d date. Jonas isn’t down with the whole “dating” thing. He thinks it encourages lust. So does Poncho want to marry his daughter or not?

Poncho’s hesitation upsets Jonas and Génesis both. Dom tries explaining they don’t need to rush. Stella finally gets up and puts her foot down–just because they held hands doesn’t mean they have to get married.

Génesis feels betrayed, since Poncho said he wanted to marry her. Now he’s making her look bad in front of her father. Jonas presses for a “yes or no” and Stella jumps in and says “no.” And why would he even want PONCHO to marry his daughter? Poncho has nothing to offer her! Oh yeah? In that case Poncho says “Yes!” He’s marrying Génesis.

Even after his guests have gone, Poncho sticks to his determination to get married. Mostly because now Stella and Dom both are calling him stupid for agreeing to it. Well, maybe not “mostly” but it sure does seem like that’s a big part of it. Dom and Stella don’t believe in Génesis’ “love” for Poncho. Inside of a week? Dom’s known him for years and sometimes he still wants to strangle him. Poncho stomps upstairs in a huff and they decide more beers are in order.

Majo’s friends suck. They all abandoned her because it was so hard for THEM to see her lose everything. One compliments Angie on Jorge being her boyfriend, saying you can’t even tell he’s a naco.

Finally, it’s the moment that everyone, except apparently Majo, has been waiting for. A stripper dressed as a luchador appears. The crowd chants for a kiss and they get what they were clamoring for. Majo rips his mask off and it’s Vicente. Jorge gives Angie an “I swear, I had nothing to do with this!” look. Majo can’t believe Vicente would do this, but it doesn’t stop her from kissing him some more.

Majo blames this on Angie, but like Angie says her only mistake was trusting Jorge to get a stripper. And that part she thinks is kind of funny. She promises she didn’t do it on purpose and she’ll keep Andres from finding out, but for now she wants Majo to have a good time because tomorrow she’s getting married.

But she can’t have that good a time, since her jerk friends go on and on about the hot stripper they’d love to sleep with. And hey, does Majo have his number? Majo calls for another drink.

Lucha comes to Manuel’s room, wanting some cuddles like when she was little. She’s feeling down and missing her mom. Manuel jokes about being her second choice. But seriously, no one loves her more than he does. Lucha says that’s the problem–not that he loves her, but that she’s missing that other kind of love.

Yeah, he kind of figured she’d broken up with Mauro, he just didn’t want to say anything until she brought it up. Kinda hard to date someone when you’re in love with someone else? Like maybe a doctor?

Lucha admits it. She’s in love with Andres and now he’s getting married and it’s too late. She spent all that time thinking he was just a nice person and that she wasn’t good enough for him. Then she realized he had more in common with her than with that empty-headed Majo. Manuel asks her not to be that way and Lucha agrees–she shouldn’t take things out on Majo. She just doesn’t know what to do. What would he do in her place?

“Hug my dad and cry and let him comfort me.” Awwwwww 🙁

Majo is thoroughly sloshed. Angie playfully swats Jorge for hiring Vicente as the stripper. But seriously, how could he?! Jorge explains how it happened and Angie says Majo took that kiss really hard. On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing if it makes her think about what she’s doing. Speaking of kisses, Jorge and Angie get their smooch on and it seems all is forgiven.

Vicente, back in his regular duds, gets ready to leave. Majo sees him in the hallway and runs after him. She laughs at him about his costume and he teases her about her friends and says there’s only one he might be interested in but, bad luck for him he thinks she’s the one getting married, haha! And then they get all mopey about how they’re never going to forget each other and Vicente leaves without giving her another kiss.

Wednesday 11/23/16 #86

Majo goes back to the party, listens to her two friends going on and on about “the hot stripper” all over again, and cries on Angie’s shoulder.

Trini’s hammering on Chivis about marriage being for life. Chivis would rather she go question AJ about HIS morality and leave her alone. Seriously, Trini? “If you marry the fisherman, I’ll move out”? Is that a threat or a promise?

Balcony time. Manuel can tell his future suegra still doesn’t like him. Chivis tells him to give it three decades. As for AJ, he said he’d move out after Majo’s wedding and he says he’s getting a new lawyer, but Chivis doesn’t know how true that is. (Since his lips were moving, I’m going with “not at all.”) He also suggested she invite Manuel to the wedding.

He jokes about asking her to dance, but she tells him he’d better not dare. Eh, ok, but when they get married the dancing will go until the next day. He’d marry her in the Everglades with crocodiles. She says she’d marry him on Mt. Everest with penguins. Are there penguins on Mt. Everest? Manuel doesn’t think so, but they can invite them anyway, since they’ve got the suits.

Esteban…yep, him again…beats his boss at chess. Chess is his thing. His boss whines about being both more alone and richer by the day. Good thing AJ shows up to entertain him. Somehow Roberto hadn’t heard what’s been going on with AJ.

And now that he hears, he’s not too keen to go in with AJ on an allegedly-fabulous construction project that will give them enough to live off of for the next 20 years. AJ is shocked, just shocked, that his old friend Roberto would think AJ’s trying to scam him.

Roberto asks Esteban’s opinion, because apparently he never steers him wrong. Esteban thinks it’s a good investment. Anyway, Roberto’s so rich losing a few mil won’t matter to him. (Must be nice….) He agrees to the deal.

Now, could he also maybe spare AJ a car to take his daughter to her wedding in? Sure! Roberto even throws Esteban in as a driver.

Majo and Angie get home. Majo’s sloppy drunk. I hate you! I love you! It was the best party ever! You’re the best sister in the world! I’m not gonna throw up! I’ll give her somewhere between 3 and 5 of those being true.

Yeah, she pukes. And rips the towel bar out of the wall. And swears she’s not sad. And gets Angie to leave her alone in the bathroom so she can take off her makeup and cry over Vicente.

Jorge gets home and finds Vicente moping. Vicente’s sorry for getting Jorge in trouble with Angie, but it was his last-ditch effort. He gets all nostalgic about how Majo just thinks she wants that rich lifestyle, but she was never like that when they were alone together. Not that it matters because, as Jorge reminds him, she’s getting married. It’s over.

Dom tries to hypnotize Francisco Javier into being a better-behaved dog. Poncho walks in and Dom says he’s not buying this relationship with Génesis. He thinks Poncho’s just trying to make Stella jealous, but after having been used that way Poncho should be more careful. And Dom confirms that Stella IS getting jealous, but so what? Poncho promised Don Jonas he’d marry his daughter, and that guy looks scary enough that…well, if Poncho doesn’t buy himself a wedding suit, he’d better buy himself a wooden suit.

Lucía looks at Andres’ pictures on social media and cries and thinks about their kiss and cries and calls herself stupid.

Andres has his suit all laid out. He remembers hearing Vicente say he and Majo had made love.

Vicente cries and holds his luchador mask and thinks about snuggling in bed with Majo after they made love. Or maybe that’s what he and Majo are both thinking about.

In the morning, Trini comes in to wake Majo up way earlier than she’d like to be awake. Also she has a headache. I actually agree with Trini that having the bachelorette party the night before the wedding is a bad idea.

Breakfast is uncomfortable. Trini and AJ may think they’re sticking it to Chivis with the repeated reminders about marriage happening only ONCE, but they might be freaking out Majo.

Manuel comes in to wake up Vicente, who’s listening to music with insipid lyrics about love, that isn’t “danceable” according to Manuel. He knows this is about Majo getting married today. Vicente says it is and he can’t take it anymore, hence the music. He begs Manuel not to ask him, today of all days, not to suffer because he’s going to let him down. Manuel reminds him he’s still young and compares himself to an old car with the “Service Engine” light going on periodically.

Stella is taking Francisco Javier back to the pet shop to see if that gives her any clues about his behavior problems. Dom tries to talk her out of it, but she insists. At the very least, he’s going to hide out in his room instead of going with her.

At the shop, Stella asks for FJ’s family tree and the sales associate would be more than happy to hand it over, but she asks what kind of problems Stella’s been having and who FJ’s been seeing. It is weird that he’s had such a change, and Dr. Leonidas has a great rep for dealing with behavior problems. She decides to open up his carrier and check him out and FJ attacks her.

Lupita’s dressed for the wedding and so is Pedrito. They chat about their future wedding plans. He’s for having a wedding with everyone in their bathing suits. She’d like a little more elegance. And while she thinks having it in the church is the most important thing, she knows now that’s no guarantee of anything. Anyway, she’s going back to the house to “finish” getting ready.

AJ comes into Angie’s room while she’s getting ready. He lures her in with compliments and talk about how he just wants to protect her and then asks if it’s true that Jorge broke up with Marge for her. Angie says that’s true, but there were a lot of other things that happened. This total creep asks if she isn’t scared Jorge will do the same thing to her and leave her for someone else. (Really, dirtbag? I hope she asks him if she shouldn’t be more worried AJ will scam people and abandon them again, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.)

Thursday 11/24/16 #87

AJ keeps harping on how Jorge left his girlfriend and his dad left his girlfriend and maybe it runs in the family. Angie laughs the whole thing off. She supposes this is really about AJ being nervous because Majo’s getting married and he’s not ready to let go of her yet. But he shouldn’t worry about Angie, because she’s too young to get married yet. AJ backs off, but I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this.

The sales associate at the pet shop is ok, she just has some superficial scratches from Francisco Javier. And now that she takes a closer look, there’s no way that’s the FJ that Stella purchased at her store. Not only does he appear to have had some training to fight, he has an extra toe on one foot. She has his original paperwork to back her up. The only explanation she can come up with is that he was replaced with a nearly-identical FJ by some unscrupulous person…maybe at the spa? Or the groomers?

Stella says there’s no way, since the she always takes care of him herself, unless he’s with Dom…. She starts to run out of the shop in a rage and has to come back for FJII.

Dom thinks he has time to go on the run and a fake text from Stella saying she’ll meet them at the market gives him additional hope. But when he’s said his goodbyes to Poncho and Poncho has prayed to El Supremo for him, Dom opens the door and there’s Stella!

Stella ties the guys up and puts ice down their shirts until Dom admits that he lied because he didn’t want her to suffer. Francisco Javier I died. He got into her stash of food she was hiding during her diet. (Um…I seem to remember a chicken bone? No?) Stella’s upset about the death of FJI and then upset that they lied to her and then upset that she’s still paying off the dog, his treatment, and all the stuff he ruined!

Dom is sorry for hurting Stella and he’ll be taking off for Fairbanks, Alaska now and sending them all the positive energy he can. Oh, hell no, Stella says he’s staying and he can work double and triple shifts to pay off all FJII’s expenses! She’s still angry at him, but she’s not giving up on Javito–the one who’s upstairs. Dom will be like his father. Dom will pay off his debts and pay his expenses for the rest of his life and take him to all the best schools and therapists and take him to yoga in the park every day.

While Benito finishes getting ready for the wedding, Marge complains about how the fresas get whatever they want. Did he know that Majo cheated on Andres with Vicente? Can he imagine Angie marrying Jorge? She’d die! She begs him not to become Trini’s boyfriend. She runs upstairs crying when he won’t promise.

Majo is having (even more) last-minute nerves. Chivis tries to calm her down by running through all the stuff that’s going to happen between now and the ceremony, since she’s already done it. Like, when she gets in the car she’s going to think she’s forgotten something, but it will just be nerves. And then when they get to the church she’ll feel like she needs to pee, so they’ll just make sure she goes before she leaves the house. And when she’s walking down the aisle she’ll think everybody’s staring because her makeup is running, but it will really be because they think she’s the most beautiful bride in the world. Majo cries about how she’s going to miss Chivis.

Jorge comes over to pick up Angie, but she’s still getting ready. AJ gives him a hard time about his hair. Chivis tells AJ to back off. Jorge tells Chivis she looks spectacular (true). Lupita comes downstairs complaining about how long Angie’s taking to get ready. AJ tells her she looks beautiful and she’s glad Pedrito’s not there to see her turning red.

Angie comes downstairs, Don Benito shows up to pick up Trini, and Chivis decides they should get a move on because Andres is at the church by himself and he’s probably getting nervous. She tells AJ that Majo is finishing getting ready and wishes him luck.

AJ goes upstairs and Majo’s all ready to go. He makes a big fatherly speech that I don’t care about because he’s still a liar and a thief who abandoned his family. He bought Majo a jeweled pin that even she wonders how he got the money for, but she’s willing to accept “It’s not every day your daughter gets married” as a reasonable explanation.

Manuel gets some fashion advice from Lucía who declares his outfit “like a safe.” How’s that? Only he knows this combination. She tells him to put on the pants that match his jacket and get rid of that horrible tie. Oh…and can he do her a favor and give Andres a note from her. But don’t read it. And don’t give it to him in front of anyone else. Manuel agrees, but that sounds like the kind of thing he shouldn’t agree to. And also that shirt is way too small and keeps straining at the buttons.

AJ and Majo head outside, where Esteban is waiting with the car. Majo turns around and sees Vicente at Manuel’s balcony. She doesn’t pry her eyes off him until Esteban comes over to close her door and then she stares at him through the window.

In the car, Majo keeps staring out the window. AJ’s starting to get worried. Esteban thinks he’s being helpful saying she’s probably nervous about the wedding night–although the kids these days…. And hey, his son didn’t even have sex on his wedding night. What? He’s just trying to reassure her! AJ tells him to focus on driving.

He keeps asking Majo what’s wrong. She says she’s tired from the bachelorette party. AJ’s not buying it. Is she sad or excited? Majo admits she’s sad. She’s not sure she loves Andres.

People are arriving at the church. Manuel and Pedrito get there and Pedrito goes inside with Lupita. Manuel and Chivis make googly eyes at each other and she takes him to meet Andres’ parents. She’s complimenting him on his suit when Andres comes outside. Manuel quickly pulls him aside, asks how he’s doing, and says he has a message for him.

Andres opens the note from Lucha. “TE AMO.” He stuffs it into his jacket pocket, which seems like a terrible idea.

Chivis sends Manuel into the church so he stops hovering near her, but I think Laura noticed.

Vicente and Lucía watch a nature show and eat pizza. They try to cheer each other up, saying the marriage won’t last…they’ll meet other people…. On the screen, AJ tells Esteban to stop the car.

Esteban parks down the street, in sight of the church. Majo doesn’t want to do this to Andres, but AJ doesn’t want her to be unhappy. He tells her to go home, have a bath, rest. He’ll take care of things here. Because that’s what dads are for. He gets out of the car and walks over as Esteban drives off. Very simply, he tells Andres he’s sorry, but there’s not going to be a wedding. (On the one hand–he’s still letting her avoid responsibility. On the other hand–he’s not insisting she do something that’s going to make her miserable and ultimately be a bad decision. I’ll give him an A- for this.)

Andres and his family are furious. Andres says he asked her a million times if she was sure about this. Laura can’t believe she’s not showing her face and calling it off on her own. Andres’ dad is done cutting AJ and his family slack. Chivis has to break them apart before they get into a fight in front of the church.

In the car, Esteban congratulates Majo for ending it. He almost got married once, but they never made it this far–with the dress and the invitations and all that stuff. Hey, he knows they don’t really know each other, but he’s here and willing to listen if she wants. He imagines things are going to get even worse when she has to answer for her decision.

Vicente and Lucía try to figure out whether the wedding is over yet. Vicente thinks Majo must be in the car talking herself into it. He does a great impression of her, with her “o sea” and “ubicate” and Lucía joins in.

At the church, Chivis tries telling Andres and his parents that she’s sure Majo didn’t intend to hurt anybody (like that matters) and especially not Andres. Laura doesn’t want Majo coming near any of her family again. AJ tries to tell Andres it was better this way and he’ll get over it and Andres does NOT appreciate that. He makes a run for his car and takes off before anyone can stop him.

Friday 11/25/16 #88

In the car, Esteban’s still talking. He’s sure the reason Majo called off the wedding is sexual incompatibility. He tells her she’s gotta check things out first next time. She’d really like him to drive the rest of the way back without saying anything. Can he do that? (I’m going with “no.”)

Dom wants Stella to know that Poncho begged him repeatedly to tell Stella the truth, so she shouldn’t blame him. Dom forced him to keep his mouth shut. Stella decides to make up for the ice torture by making Poncho lasagna. They get up to get started cooking and do the “abachito” (abrazito, abrazo, hug) dance.

The lasagna is too little, too late, even though Stella went hardcore and used béchamel sauce and everything. Poncho’s glad to see Stella and Dom have made up, but he has plans with Génesis. Stella flips out and yells at him, accusing him of only being interested in her…physical attributes. Poncho walks out as Stella continues yelling at him, hoping Génesis shares her salad because Stella won’t be cooking for him anymore!

Stella’s suddenly worried about ending up alone. Dom begs her to reconsider Poncho. He may not be smart, he may not be as good looking as Manuel, but he’s a good guy and he’s put up with a lot from Stella.

Poncho and Génesis are out trying to find some people to preach to about the evils of alcohol, but no one’s answering their doors. Poncho tries just shouting through the door at the next house they come to, instead of waiting for them to answer. They get a bucket of water thrown on them.

Génesis has to shove Poncho away from the house and tell him to quit yelling at the homeowner. Violence isn’t the answer! She mentions she’ll be putting up with him for the rest of their lives and Poncho decides to take this opportunity to bring up the marriage again. Oh, no, he’s not backing out, but if he’s going to do this there’s something he’d like from her…that would mean a lot to him.

He explains offscreen and Génesis just isn’t sure it’s a good idea. It’s a sin. What will El Supremo think? Poncho talks her into it.

Lucha and Vicente are still moping. She says it’s not as bad for him–at least he knows he was loved in return, but she’s sure Andres has forgotten her. He says that means she’ll get over it faster. She wishes this were just a dream. There’s a knock at the door and they argue about who’s getting up to answer it. Good thing Vicente did because it’s Majo standing there in her wedding dress.

Vicente and Lucha are both stunned to see her. She rushes to hug Vicente and tell him she loves him. Lucha is worried about Andres and runs upstairs past them to let them continue their reunion in private. Amid lots of kissing, Majo says she couldn’t do it because she’s in love with him. Her dad realized in the car that she was upset and helped her out and she didn’t get married. Vicente jokes that it was because of that dance at the bachelorette party. Majo says it’s because of the first time he dropped her off at school, and salsa lessons, and kisses, and text messages, and her first time with him, and his insistence. Without his insistence she’d be married right now. He promises to make her the happiest woman in the world.

Majo thinks they should slow it down. She feels awful about what she did to Andres…but here she is! And she didn’t get married!

Andres isn’t answering his phone. Lucha leaves him a message begging him to call.

Chivis and the family get home and she runs upstairs to check on Majo. Trini’s all worried about what her stupid snobby non-friends are saying. Angie’s just glad this all got called off because they all know Majo isn’t in love with Andres.

Chivis realizes Majo’s not upstairs and AJ calls to make sure Esteban dropped her off. He notices everyone looking at each other like they know something, but Majo walks in just then. She thanks AJ, says her happiness is all down to him, and declares him the best dad ever.

Manuel, Jorge, and Pedrito get home and realize Vicente and Lucía already got the news. They send Pedrito upstairs to gossip without him. Manuel hears about Majo coming over, still in her wedding dress. Lucha jokes that that’s twice now a woman has come over in her wedding dress and she hopes it’s not going to become a habit!

Manuel is worried about Vicente and Lucha. Things are tense right now. Majo’s confused. He doesn’t want Andres to use Lucha to get over Majo. Lucha ignores him and tries sending Andres a text.

Andres is off in a bar, slugging back tequilas and sneering at an affectionate couple down the bar from him. He checks his messages, thinks about texting Majo, doesn’t, listens to Lucía’s voicemail, and drinks some more.

Majo tells Chivis, Angie, and Trini what happened in the car like AJ did some big thing. Like the rest of them haven’t been telling her for months not to marry Andres if she’s not in love with him. But nooooo…AJ gets all the credit. Nope, I’m not gonna let up on him. I’m also not going to forget that he’s saying right now that he only did what any parent would do and supported his daughter UNCONDITIONALLY, because I’m pretty sure when he finds out she’s in love with Vicente he’s not going to be so unconditional with his support.

Majo’s pretty lost right now. She has no idea what to do. She feels bad for Andres. Chivis reminds her she did this for Andres too–it’s not good being in a relationship with someone you don’t love. AJ manages to cut off THAT conversation without looking like it’s about him.

Lupita and Pedrito eat popcorn and talk life. Pedrito’s done with fancy shindigs where you get all dressed up and in the end there’s no actual party. Lupita agrees. They feel sorry for Majo and Andres. Lupita says Majo was in love with someone else–Vicente. That’s news to Pedrito.

Chivis is glad Majo felt comfortable talking to AJ, since she and Angie never could talk her out of getting married. They reminisce about what Majo was like when she was younger–so jealous when Angie came along, but never wanting to be apart from Lupita. AJ wants their family back. Chivis says she’s grateful to him for what he did today, but she slides her hand away from him before he can take it. Subtext: It’s not happening.

Manuel catches Vicente listening to upbeat music and dancing with a toy dinosaur. As one does. Manuel doesn’t want him getting his hopes up. Not marrying Andres doesn’t mean Majo wants to be with Vicente. She really messed up today and “love” might be a compelling excuse in movies, TV, fairy tales…but in real life love isn’t always so rosy. He wants Vicente to be careful, because if she doubted once she could doubt again.

Vicente says it’s not going to happen with him. Andres was a fool for insisting on getting married and always forgiving Majo even for things that were “unforgivable” and he should have known it was never going to happen. Manuel’s confused–what does Vicente know that he doesn’t? Vicente finally tells him that Majo “lost her virginity” with him.

Manuel’s not really reassured. He still wants Vicente to calm down some. And he’s worried about what’s going to happen when her family finds out.

Angie comes to check on Majo. She’s glad she finally called things off. Majo says she knows Angie kept telling her and telling her, but having her dad notice…. Angie wonders if she told him about Vicente.

Vicente is sure there’s no reason for her family to find out, as long as Manuel doesn’t decide to go tell her mom. Duuuude, no, he wouldn’t do that. Lucha comes upstairs. She’s upset about not being able to find Andres and wonders if she should call his house. Maybe Manuel could get the number from Chivis…? Oh, no, Manuel is staying out of this!

At the bakery, Benito tells Marge it was even worse than Stella’s wedding, because there were nothing but rich people there. (Dude…I…yeah, this is why you and Trini get along so well.) Juanito fusses about all the non-weddings lately. Benito worries about Andres. He just hopes the same thing doesn’t happen to him…not that he’s thinking of getting married…just that he’s still young, you know. Marge reminds him she’ll never forgive him if gets together with Trini.

Finally Lucha gets Andres to answer his phone. He bitterly jokes that he returned all the wedding presents and bought himself a first class ticket to Europe. No, seriously, he’s in hell. He’s fine, really. He says he doesn’t want to talk to anybody and hangs up on Lucha.

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