La Fan Monday 2/20/17 #25


Salma will not stop insisting Vale kidnapped her son, no matter what Rod says. He must be brainwashed! She must have threatened him!

Agustín gets stuck on the “ca-“ of “cálmate” and Lucas finishes for him. He says she heard Rod–he came here on his own. Vale could never kidnap anyone! Salma can’t believe he’s defending her.

Salma keeps insisting to the cops that they can’t listen to Rodrigo–he’s a minor–they have to believe her. Vale’s a horrible person, they have no idea! Agustín gets stuck on “tra-“ but Lucas just gives him a shrug this time and Agustín has to finish “tranquilízate” on his own.

Tomás tries to stick up for his mom, but Salma says she stole her boyfriend and now she’s trying to steal her son! Vale’s had about enough. The two of them go back and forth calling each other “ladrona” and “mentirosa” until Agustín tells them both to stop it! Don’t they know how to talk? There’s been no kidnapping here and the cops can go. They’re quick to get out of there, now that someone has said something reasonable.

Rodrigo still doesn’t want to leave after Salma lied to him about his dad being dead. Vale steps in, literally getting in front of Salma, and says they’ve talked about this. Sometimes moms make mistakes, but they do things out of love. Salma mutters to Agustín and he tells her to pipe down–Vale’s going to convince Rod, he’s sure of it. Lucas tries to butt in and Rod shuts him down instantly. “You never even paid attention to me the entire time you were dating my mom!” Oops. Lucas backs off.

Rod finally agrees to go with Salma, grudgingly, and only because Vale gave him The Face (I see where Tomás gets it from). The boys say their goodbyes. Salma and Vale scream “liar” and “thief” at each other a few more times. Agustín waves goodbye and Lucas shuts the door.

Vale’s relieved. She thought she was going to end up in an orange jumpsuit. Tomás and Lucas agree they wouldn’t let that happen. Tomás thinks Vale must be angry at him, but she understands he was just being a good friend. He goes off to his room, ignoring Lucas’ repeated attempts to get his attention.

Vale wants them to sit and talk but Miguel comes in almost immediately with a letter for Vale. She locks the door after he leaves, so they won’t keep getting interrupted, and opens the letter. It’s from el fan! Lucas assumes he’s writing to apologize for kidnapping her.

Sure enough he starts out with “sorry” and then says Vale’s a great person, etc., she didn’t deserve what happened, but he did it on someone’s orders…Lucas Duarte. There’s also a faked photo of Lucas handing an envelope to Pablo with a huge smile on his face. I admit, I’m annoyed with Vale for questioning this particular thing, since it’s the one thing he hasn’t lied about. Plus, Jess was with him the whole time, so that’s decent backup, right?

Vale finds the fact that the kidnapping was almost like the one in Secuestro de Amor suspicious. Lucas reminds her he can barely remember his lines for the day much less what happened on his previous novelas. It was Jessica who recognized the line Vale told him over the phone!

Vale tries reassuring him that he’s always her hero and he doesn’t have to do anything to prove it. She forgives him.

Well, he doesn’t accept, since he didn’t do anything. And if she won’t believe him then he doesn’t have any business being here. He tries to flounce out of her apartment, but he can’t get past the locked door. She has to unlock it for him. Oh, yeah, he’s a criminal mastermind, that one.


Gabe meets the private investigator outside Salma’s. The PI admits he accepted money from Salma to change out the DNA results and now he’s in a lot of trouble. He’s sorry, but Gabe is not Tomás’ father.

Gabe goes back to his apartment and drinks. And then he walks back out again.

Oh, we’re already mixed up

Felicitas is shocked into silence and lets Diego pull her away from Eloisa. He whispers that she can’t come here like this. He doesn’t want his family getting mixed up in this. She’s just stuck on the fact that Eloisa is his mother.

Diego doesn’t want his mom finding out he models, no matter what an honor Felicitas thinks it is. And he knows he owes her a lot of money, but he wants to quit. Yes, because of “that girl.” Felicitas says his eyes even shine when he talks about her, but she should know it’s no big deal for him to be modeling in the nude. She can talk to her and explain that Diego just comes to her studio from time to time.

“She’s your daughter.”

Felicitas tells Diego he has to stay away from Adriana. What does he mean he’s in love with her?! Diego insists she loves him too and he’s going to fight for her. Felicitas doesn’t give Diego any further information, but she warns him not to see her daughter again. He can take that as a warning, a threat, whatever.

That seems drastic

Carlos can’t believe Felicitas slept with Oscar. But like Adriana says, that doesn’t even matter anymore. She’s more upset about Diego. But he was right, Diego was a mistake. Carlos wants her to fire him, but Adriana won’t give him the satisfaction of knowing she cares that much. She wants him to stick around and suffer like she’s suffering.

Ignacio comes over to Carlos’ house after what I can only assume was a desperate phone call from Carlos. He thinks something is seriously wrong with Carlos’ health, but no, he just wants some help with Felicitas. He’s given up on divorce–now he wants her dead.

That’s a line Ignacio isn’t willing to cross. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to do something he feels unqualified for. He hopes this isn’t about the money. Carlos explains that Felicitas slept with Oscar and now with Diego and Adriana is devastated, so he wants Ignacio to kill Felicitas. (Because surely, that will help?)

OK, Ignacio’s on my side–if Adriana’s upset, killing her mother is going to make her more upset. Carlos tells him to make it look like an accident–problem solved! Adriana interrupts, on her way to go out running. Natalia comes in with coffee for Ignacio and green tea for Carlos and Adriana thanks her for looking after her dad. Nati makes herself comfortable on the couch and starts handing over cups and saucers.


Benicio runs into Miriam, who’s had a good first day. She’s never worked for such a big, prestigious company that also happens to be connected to Lucas Duarte. Oh yeah, she totally knows him–she’s in his fan club and his girlfriend is one of her besties. Benicio offers her a ride home.

Diego has just finished dealing with Felicitas when Benicio and Miriam get to the café. Miriam invited him in for coffee and, let’s be real, to flaunt him in front of Miguel. Diego nopes on outta there.

As they sip their coffee, Benicio asks about Miriam’s new apartment. She’s impressed he remembered and he passes it off as being about her rather than part of his standard evildoer habit of paying attention to details that might be useful later. She mentions her previous freelance job, creating a website for plot sales for a cemetery. She found it depressing and wanted to add more color or flowers or something. She ended up not getting paid.

Benico apologizes, he’d love to spend hours talking but it’s getting late. He asks for the check and leaves a big tip. Miguel watches Miriam sighing over Benicio’s attentiveness and generosity. (*barf*)

Casa Salma

Salma, Agustín, and Rod get home. Rod goes right up to his room, still refusing to talk to Salma. Salma gets rid of Agustín, saying she needs to be alone. Her top is starting to bug me. Every time they show the back, you can see it’s not actually cut to be worn off the shoulder and it just looks sloppy.

There’s a knock at the door and Salma thinks Agustín is back, but it’s a drunk, angry, and violent Gabriel. He grabs her by the neck and asks her why she lied to him. Salma’s going to need some clarification on exactly what she did that he’s upset about. And as for why she faked the DNA test, she didn’t want Tomás to be Lucas’ son. (He really needed that explained to him?)

Salma gives Gabe the real test results. She whines that if Lucas finds out Lucía had his child and Vale’s raising him…they both know how important Lucía was to Lucas and how much he already likes Vale. Gabe says he already has a plan to separate them but before he can explain it, Lucas comes over.

Gabe claims he was just there checking up on Rodrigo. Well, so is Lucas…and checking on Salma. Salma says she’s still feeling pretty keyed-up, so she’s going to go make some organic green tea….

(It occurs to me that the “organic” label is either going to become meaningless or disappear entirely if pollution starts running rampant thanks to 45’s ill-conceived policies…how can you grow something organically if the air, water, and soil are all contaminated? #resist)

Lucas hisses to Gabe that el fan sent Vale a letter claiming Lucas is the one who hired him. He tells Gabe about the faked photo. Gabe asks him if he’s sure he really had nothing to do with it? He wasn’t just trying to look like the hero in front of Vale? He did show up just at the right moment….

“And so did you?!” Gabe can’t believe Lucas is accusing him of having anything to do with this! Well, Lucas can’t believe Gabe is accusing him, etc. They bicker about it until Salma comes in with the tea.

Salma denies that either she or Gabe had anything to do with Vale’s kidnapping. But it makes total sense to Salma for Pablo to have been paid to be Vale’s fan–what other explanation is there? Gabe doesn’t see what the big deal is–Vale’s going to forgive him anyway.

“I don’t want her to think I’m a liar,” Lucas whines. Except that he knows he’s a liar. He admits it under their disbelieving stares. “You lie too,” he pouts.


Jess comes over to Vale’s and responds to the news that el fan accused Lucas of hiring him by spitting out an ill-timed sip of water. She doesn’t bat an eye at the photo. Vale keeps remembering Lucas apologizing for something while she had amnesia. Could he have been apologizing for kidnapping her? Jess says she knows how to get to the truth and makes a phone call.

Jess can’t tell if the photo is doctored, but she knows you can do anything with computers these days. Miriam comes over and they loop her in and show her the picture. Miriam thinks it looks real–I think the lighting angles are wrong. But more importantly, why would he do this?

Vale says she thinks he was trying to look like a hero. She already forgave him but he just got angry. Miriam thinks that means he’s innocent. Jess reminds them he’s an actor and Vale gets all confused again.

(FTR: I do believe there are people, in all professions, who are big lying liars who are always “on” and thus can never be trusted. I do not believe that actors are like that in general or in greater proportion than in other professions. I’m amused by the jokes that highlight the ridiculousness of the stereotype, but I’ve also seen people who actually believe that actor = liar and they can’t imagine how anyone could, for example, date an actor. Because how would you know if they really like you or not?! To those people I say: If you’re that worried about it, don’t date an actor.)

There’s a knock at the door. Jess lets Bob in. Bob, in addition to being a great stylist, is also a great hypnotist.

Bob has Vale concentrate on a swinging pendulum, but Jess and Miriam are whispering in the background. He shushes them and tries again.

Still no luck on the second try, but at least Bob knows a little something about how the brain works. If Vale can’t remember, it must be something so terrible that her brain is trying to protect her. Well, he says it less technically than that. Jess and Miriam join in with a chorus of “It must have been horrible…terrible…,” but Bob says they’re not helping. He has a foolproof method he knows she’s going to love.

He starts doing a guided meditation with her about a lake where everything is peaceful and she’s swimming in the lake and the temperature is perfect and she feels so much peace. She keeps swimming, floating, she’s so calm, but suddenly there’s a remolino (whirlpool) and it’s sucking her in! She has to fight it! “Don’t let it take your memories! They’re yours! Claim them!”

Vale sits up suddenly and everyone thinks she remembered. They’re all waiting for Vale to tell them…but she still doesn’t remember. Whatever it is, Jess and Miriam are sure it’s so terrible it must be about the kidnapping. What else could it be? Bob has yet another last resort, but Vale gives him a warning look.

She gets up to answer a knock at the door. It’s Gabe. Vale sees Jess, Miriam, and Bob out so she can talk to Gabe alone. She asks if he thinks Lucas could have had anything to do with the kidnapping, but gosh he just doesn’t know. Lucas is capable of a lot of things, more than Vale thinks, but he’s going to tell Vale about them. He attempts an innocent look at the camera, but we’re on to you, Gabe!


Eloisa snags Diego as he’s moping around the café and demands to know who that woman was. Is she the one he was on the boat with? The way she was looking at him…. And he’s acting strangely. What’s going on with him?

Diego says he just lost the woman he loves. And no, the one who was here earlier isn’t the one.

Eloisa’s surprised at him. He always fights for what he wants and now he’s giving up? If he loves someone, then fight for her! “Even if it’s not Jessica?” Eloisa admits she would have liked that, but if it’s not gonna happen, the most important thing is for him to be happy.

Diego tries calling Adriana’s cell, but she left it at the house. Natalia answers and volunteers the information that Adriana’s out running in Santa Monica.

Diego finds Adriana and interrupts her run to try to talk to her. I note she has her phone strapped to her arm because that thing is HUGE. Anyway, he keeps insisting he had nothing to do with Felicitas and she keeps insisting she was only dating him for revenge and she wanted him to run along and tell mommy all about it.

After more pointless arguing, Diego resorts to grabbing Adriana and snogging her. She responds at first, but then pushes him away and threatens to be the one to send someone to beat him up this time if he doesn’t back off. Diego keeps insisting they feel the same thing, but she tells him to forget her. He lets Adriana jog away from him.


Lucas goes over to Carlos’ where Natalia makes him a number of offers “en diminuitivo.” Tecito, cafecito, juguito…because that’s how she talks when she’s nervous. Lucas came over to check on Carlos. Once Carlos gets rid of Natalia they get down to talking about Vale.

Carlos says she did a good job with her guest appearance. Or so he heard. Lucas dramatically says the whole relationship is a farce! His life is a farce! Carlos takes a hearty sip of booze.

Lucas tells Carlos the truth about Vale. He doesn’t know what to do. On one hand, he wants everything over with…but on the other…. Carlos says lies never lead to anything good, and he should know! Lucas doesn’t even know what he’s doing here, asking advice from a brother he’s never gotten along with.

Carlos finally puts down the glass of booze he poured for Lucas, but that he’s been waving around in his general direction without handing it over, once Lucas goes to pour himself a glass. Lucas grabs the glass before Carlos can change his mind.

Carlos’ advice is to keep going with the lie. It’s not like he can take it back.

Jumping to conclusions

Felicitas summons Ignacio to her studio so she can tell him the horrible news: Diego, her model, is Eloisa’s son!

OK, that’s an odd coincidence. So?

Adriana is interested in Diego!

Yeah…that is a little complicated.

Diego is Eloisa and Carlos’ son! (Ooh, nice try, but no. Thanks for playing.)

Ignacio pours Felicitas a drink. He doesn’t think Diego is Carlos’ son. He’s not old enough. Felicitas still insists Adriana has to stay away from him–he’s the son of the woman who ruined her life!


Jessica finds Diego at the café, moping. Over Adriana? But she’s his boss! She was never the woman for him. Jess grabs him, dips him, and tells him she can make him forget all about Adriana.

Adriana invites Benicio over to her place to ask him to be her boyfriend. (EW!)

One less secret

Gabe comes over to check on Salma. Rodrigo’s still not talking to her and Nicolas has disappeared again. And how’s Gabe doing? He tells Salma he told Vale everything.

Lucas has his apartment decorated with candles and flower petals. Vale comes over to confront him about not telling her he had a relationship with Lucía.

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Visita/ Guest

Kat, very astute comments about what could be the future of “organics.”

I wonder what other surprise(s)the private detective might have that Salma didn’t give him a chance to elaborate on.

I also wonder exactly what was included in the “everything” that Gabriel told Vale. Guess we find out tonight . .

Visita/ Guest

Thanks Kat! As usual we seem to have zeroed in on the same costume detail…. “Every time they show the back, you can see it’s not actually cut to be worn off the shoulder and it just looks sloppy.” I’ve been distracted by that too. So, maybe I’m in denial but I still feel like Gabe is still possibly the father. I don’t know. I just got a hinky feeling when he saw the results. Has Salma actually seen them? Did PI get fake results without even seeing the real ones? OK I know. Gabe is not a good guy,… Read more »