La Fan Tuesday 2/21/17 #26

Lucía: gone from our lives, but not from our hearts

Lucas did tell Vale that he met Lucía, but he didn’t tell her they had a relationship. So now she wants confirmation. She says it’s a nightmare that he had a relationship with her best friend.

Salma gloats about the possibility of a breakup. Gabe assures her that Vale is too integra (upstanding) to want to be with Lucas after she finds out. Now they both can’t wait for the novela to be over.

Vale needs to hear the whole story. Lucas says they met at the hotel in Cancun while he was filming. “Enamorándote Otra Vez,” Vale remembers. He says he fell in love with her. “¿Te enamoraste?”

“¿Te enamoraste?” Salma asks Gabriel. “EW!” Gabe says he’s starting to feel something for her.

Lucas says Lucía was beautiful. She had something that made her different from others. He knows he should have said something when he saw her picture at Vale’s, but he couldn’t.

Gabe says he’s going to make it happen–sooner or later Vale will be with him.

He fell in love with Lucía almost right away. They had a brief, but intense relationship. She left him for another man. Vale thinks that’s hilarious, and not true. Lucas says she told him she’d met someone else and he always assumed it was Tomás’ father. She never told him who, but she made it clear it was over. She never got in touch with him again.

Vale wonders why she always feels like he’s hiding things. “Maybe it’s because I’m an actor and actors act all the time?” (*roll eyes*) Except he’s being honest right now. He thinks Vale deserves the best of him. She has real feelings and she acts without thinking about the consequences. He’s never known anyone like that, not even Lucía.

Vale doesn’t know if she can deal with this. Lucía was like a sister to her–they grew up in the orphanage together. They shared everything…but she doesn’t know if she can share Lucas. (Ooh, ouch.)

He wants to know if Gabe told her, but she says it doesn’t matter. It matters that she knows and it hurts too much to go on. Lucas knows this is going to sound harsh but Lucía is dead. Vale doesn’t think she’s dead for Lucas. He tries to say that’s not true, but Vale says she’s alive for her. In her memories, in her son. She could fight for Lucas’ love against any woman…but not Lucía. So it’s over. It’s impossible.

She can’t stand the idea that he was with Lucía and it doesn’t matter that it was a long time ago. She knew that Lucía loved him. He was her idol and she was–Vale’s voice breaks–his fan. (*sob*) She never imagined they had a relationship.

He begs her to forgive him, but it’s not about that. She can even understand why he didn’t tell her. Lucas is sure it was Gabriel who told. Vale doesn’t answer, she just wishes she didn’t know. Now that she does, looking at him makes her think of Lucía, know that they kissed, that they made love. There can never be anything between them. The way she loves him…with all this hurt…she has to leave him because she loves him and she can’t do this. “My best friend and you! I can’t!”

Vale walks out. “She left me.” (*rips heart out, stomps on it, sets it on fire*)

Casa Carlos

Benicio understands that Adriana just wants a fake boyfriend without her even telling him. Adriana thought that would make Diego stay away from her…but it’s a stupid idea. Benicio disagrees. He thinks it will work and he’s willing to be her fake boyfriend.

Adriana thinks it sounds so juvenile. Benicio tells her not to worry about it. He just hopes one day she gives him a chance to make it real. Carlos, seeing Benicio kiss her hand, thinks it already is. He thinks Benicio’s the perfect man for his daughter. Adriana glares at him.

Adriana would like Carlos to quit trying to find her a boyfriend, and she says so in front of Benicio.

Felicitas comes home and Carlos supposes she’s been out frolicking with one of her models. Hm, yes, Felicitas is just sorry she’s lost her favorite one. And speaking of favorites, Felicitas wonders if Carlos told Adriana yet that her favorite employee is the son of the woman Carlos is leaving her for?

Dang. We’re puttin’ all the cards out on the table. Felicitas thinks that Carlos knew that Diego Castro was Eloisa’s son and that’s why he didn’t want him dating Adriana. Carlos thinks that Felicitas knew that Diego Castro was Eloisa’s son and that’s why she hired him as a model. Nope, Felicitas didn’t know that until after he started posing for her.

Adriana is confused–Diego said his mom was going out with Carlos’ chauffeur. Felicitas gleefully says her dad luuuuuurves to pretend he’s poor when he’s going after women. Adriana puts that together and asks if that means he’s going out with Diego’s mother…and lying to her?!

Benicio thinks he should go. In tandem, Felicitas and Carlos snap “You stay! You’re part of the family, we have nothing to hide.”

Carlos explains that he knew Eloisa years ago, she met him under another name, and he wanted her to keep thinking that was his name. Felicitas gloats that now Adriana can see she’s not the only liar in this house.

Casa Jess

Jess takes Diego home, but he’s ready to leave almost as soon as they’ve gotten there. Telling him Miriam’s not coming home tonight doesn’t help. Jessica keeps insisting he’s better off without Adriana, he should trust her on that–being here with her is the best thing that could have happened to him.

Diego and Jess drink beer. They talk about going out dancing once and she fell and he had to take her to the ER. She says she’s learned to dance. They should go sometime. Or go see a movie. She wants to do everything with him. She says this as she’s leaning over him and he’s drinking his beer and looking uncomfortable. “You don’t say.”

They dance in the living room. Jess doesn’t want to let him leave. She wants him to just “forget everything” and spend the night. She shoves him down on the couch, jumps (literally) into his lap, and eats his face.

She’s shirtless and talking about how long she’s wanted to be with him before he calls a halt to it. I think it was the talking. Suddenly he can’t. She’s his friend, she’s his mom’s friend, and he doesn’t want to hurt her. He shouldn’t even be here. He walks out. (Damn. Hurt was three exits back.)


Carlos Lopez tells Miguel he doesn’t trust the other Carlos. He’s convinced something’s not right about him. Not the he has any proof, but he’s going to get some. So he can save Eloisa from his clutches. (dun, dun, dun!)


Lucas calls Gabe over to his house to confront him about “playing dirty” and telling Vale about Lucía. Gabe claims she asked him (not how I remember it). Besides, Lucas knows he’s interested in Vale.

“Well, what if I’m interested too?” Gabe thinks he’s been “eaten” by his role: the galán in love with la fan. Gabe reminds him he (Lucas) knows how this started and he knows how it’s going to end, too. Lucas says Vale left him. Gabe looks surprised. (At what? How quickly it happened?)

Eloisa comes over to Vale’s and Vale explains she broke up with Lucas. Eloisa doesn’t even ask when Vale says she broke up with him because he fell in love with Lucía. She just holds Vale while Vale cries.


Lucas is trying to learn his lines when Vale gets to Lucas’ dressing room. She’s determined not to go over last night again. They’ve already discussed it and it’s over. But she can keep pretending for the press, so the ratings don’t tank. Not that she thinks she’s the reason the ratings are good. She’s going to need his help, though, keeping as much distance between them as possible.

Lucas doesn’t answer. Instead, Gabe walks in and announces the beach shoot has been moved up. They leave tonight. (Excuse me a minute while I die from laughing too hard.)

Gabe goes to give Salma the good news–Vale dumped Lucas last night. Now they just need to keep her from going on this trip so they get some distance between her and Lucas. Salma says she’ll take care of it.

Vale already doesn’t want to go. She just asked him for distance! Lucas says they’re not going alone and besides, she’s his assistant! She can’t not go! They both beg each other not to do this.

I need you, Vale. You know that without me…you can’t live. And I can’t live without you. You know I’m a disaster without you. I need you. Even if it’s the last time, please. Don’t leave me alone. Come with me. Come with me. Please, I beg you.

I’m waiting to find out what novela that’s from, but he may be ad-libbing. He’s whispering in her hair by the time she’s done and Vale’s desperately trying not to swoon.

Salma won’t say how she’s going to get rid of Vale, but Gabe warns her not to hurt Vale. Ooh, Salma’s so scared! He screams at her to cut it out already. Now it’s Salma’s turn to roll her eyes. Has he looked at Vale? Because he’s dated a lot of beautiful women, and he’s suffering over la fan? La Pizza? Now she can see why Lucas always beats him at everything. She hands off her glass of wine and goes off to do nefarious things.

Vale tells Jess about Lucas and Lucía. Jess went simple with the hair today–a purple hairpiece to match her outfit and a wrapped ponytail. Anyway, she hates to be cold, but Lucía’s dead. They both quickly cross themselves and mutter “que en paz descanse.” And if Lucía broke up with him, she couldn’t have been that in love with him, but Lucas is Vale’s big love.

There are things Vale still doesn’t understand. Why didn’t Lucía tell her about Lucas? Why did she break up with him? Jess says she must not have been that love with him–she met someone else and ¡Pum! ¡Pas! she fell in love. But she was glued to the TV every night! Jess says she was his fan, not his love. ¡Pum! ¡Pas!

Salma and Lucas are running lines for Justin. Ana Cristina asks Jose Gerardo if there’s a chance for them. Jose Gerardo replies that she’s the love of his life, he loves her like no one else, there’s no one like her–Vale.

Whoooooooa, dude! He could have called out her name during sex and it would have been less awkward. Or at least he only would have pissed off one person instead of two. Justin abandons them to go check the monitors and tells Lucas to study his lines.

Lucas whines that he’s going through a tough time right now! Vale broke up with him! With Lucas Duarte! He indicates his face like that’s all there is to Lucas Duarte. (That’s deep, man.) Salma mocks him, asking what’s going to happen to him now, with all those fans who loved him? “Eso no está cool.”

Jess brings Vale a cup of tea, which she sets down for a minute to cool. Jess is excited about the trip to the beach. Vale insists she’s not going, but Jess says it’s her job! If worse comes to worst, Jess will sacrifice herself and drink a margarita with her.

Salma comes in looking for Jess–Lucas is on set and he’s shiny. Salma notices the cup of tea and asks if it’s Vale’s. She tells Vale Lucas just called Salma by her name. Gosh, she’s thirsty–could she get a water?

While Vale goes to get one, Salma puts some drops of something in Vale’s tea. Salma thanks Vale for the water and, hey, she’s going to the beach, right? Because Lucas is lost without her. “Hey, I’m a good loser, even if it doesn’t seem like it. See ya!”

Salma saunters out as Jess comes rushing in to tell Vale it’s awful out there. He can’t remember any of his lines, he can’t concentrate, and Justin’s going to kill him. Vale goes to check on him without drinking any of her tea.

Salma tells Gabe it’s done. Vale won’t be traveling with them.

Lucas rushes back to his dressing room with Justin chasing him. This can’t go on! Shooting with him has become a hell! He’s never prepared!

Lucas whines about his problems. Justin says EVERYONE has problems! He had a tooth whitening appointment that got cancelled! That’s a problem. But Lucas is so selfish, thinking of himself first, second, and third. He picks up the tea.

Lucas insists he’s not selfish…and then takes the tea away from Justin and tells him to go get his own. And he drinks the tea.

Vale comes in as Justin is stomping out. What was that about? Lucas tells her it’s nothing. Vale starts lecturing him about needing to be more professional. Everyone could tell he was distracted–he confused the villain for the protagonista’s brother and he hit an extra!

Lucas blames it on her. “I need you. You know I can’t concentrate without you. Please, Vale. I need you.”

Vale starts to swoon, but collects herself. “To be a better actor?!”

“No…to be a better person.” (Ooh, good line!) He downs the rest of the tea and hands her the cup.


Benicio calls Diego to his office to tell him to leave Adriana alone because now she’s his girlfriend. Adriana comes in and apologizes for interrupting their conversation. Diego says it wasn’t a conversation, Benicio was just marking his territory. He says they’re dating? Adriana confirms it while I roll my eyes and nearly get them stuck facing backwards.

Diego finds Adriana in the hallway later to ask if she’s dating Benicio to get revenge on him. He doesn’t buy it. She’s got nothing going on with that monigote (puppet), and he had nothing to do with her mother and the only thing he’s sure of is that she’s crazy about him. Which he demonstrates by smushing her into the wall and kissing her.

*sigh* She returns his kisses, but it doesn’t last. She knees him in the groin and tells him not to do that again. Next time he’s getting fired. Diego says she wouldn’t do that. Well…Diego gasps and chokes out that she wouldn’t do that. She’s upset because of her mom, but he did what he did for his mom–so she wouldn’t lose the café. Her mom offered him a modeling job, but that’s it–he was ONLY a model. He doesn’t care what her mother thinks happened, they weren’t involved.

Adriana says she doesn’t care about his excuses anymore. She’s way too much woman for him. “I’m the president of this company and you’re just a maintenance guy.” In the midst of his pain, Diego watches her walk away and grins “She wants me!” And then “ayyyyyy!”

Benicio checks on Miriam. Diego comes over to ask if Benicio shouldn’t be over with his girlfriend. He didn’t realize that was going to ruin Miriam’s day.

Benicio tells Adriana her plan is working. She’s glad. She’s even more determined to stay away from him now that she knows her dad is seeing his mom. Benicio doesn’t get it, but he wouldn’t worry about it–once Eloisa finds out Carlos is lying to her, she’s going to leave him. Adriana isn’t sure, but she is sure her dad is very interested in Diego’s mom. Benicio sees Diego over Adriana’s shoulder and kisses her.

Adriana’s upset about the kiss, but Benicio says it was for Diego’s benefit. She whines that she has to forget about him. Benicio says her dad being with his mom isn’t going to help. Adriana can’t stand the lies–she’s been through that and her dad can’t keep doing that to Eloisa! Benicio asks if she’s planning on telling her.


Carlos Z brings Eloisa flowers. He’s still playing the chauffeur. His divorce is in progress, but she shouldn’t worry–his marriage has been over for a long time. She’s just giving him extra motivation, because once it’s final it’s their moment!

He’s grinning at her like a fool when Felicitas arrives and wipes the smile off his face. And here I was wondering if he was going to tell her the truth before family dinners got awkward–I guess we’re ripping the Band Aid right off.

Ah, spoke too soon. Felicitas plays along and treats CarloZ like her husband’s chauffeur. Eloisa recognizes her from her last visit and Felicitas explains she’s an artist, specializing in painting beautiful bodies. “Like your son’s.” Doesn’t look like Eloisa’s taking this as a Proud Mama Moment. Carlos Lopez looks over with interest.

After CarloZ and Felicitas leave, Eloisa fusses at Miguel that this is all getting very complicated. That woman who was in here was Carlos Zubizarreta’s wife. And Diego was posing for her. Can he imagine? A Castro, posing?

Miguel admits he knew. Diego did it to keep them from losing the café. There’s nothing wrong with it. But what Eloisa’s worried about is “that woman.”

En el auto

Felicitas had a good time pretending with Carlos. She bugs him about losing his sense of humor. Carlos says he doesn’t find it funny when she messes with Adriana. He throws Oscar in her face. “That was complicated and you can’t possibly understand.”

And besides, the important thing now is Diego Castro–HIS Eloisa’s son. So he’d better keep Adriana away from him or Felicitas will tell Eloisa who Carlos is.

Carlos tells her not to worry–he doesn’t want Diego for Adriana either. Felicitas thinks that’s odd, because he thinks Eloisa’s sooooo perfect, but her son is trash? Carlos says Adriana’s got her whole life ahead of her and she needs someone “at her level.” Well, getting rid of Diego is the one thing he and Felicitas can agree on. As for whether Felicitas is interested in Diego, that’s her business.

Fútbol field

Nicolas shows up and Rod says he knows Nicolas is his dad now. Nicolas gets a little misty. He says he made some mistakes and missed a lot of Rodrigo’s life. He’s really good at screwing up, but he does love him. He hugs Rodrigo.

Trip prep

Salma is nearly done packing. Agustín is looking forward to hanging out with her…but Salma breaks up with him. She’s going to try to get Lucas back. Vale’s not going to get between them again. Agustín gets on his knees and says he loves her. Well, Salma doesn’t. And she’s sure this trip is going to be a “before and after” point in her life…and Lucas’.

Agustín insists he’s the only man who can make her happy. Salma gives him hand signals this time…THIS is OVER. She’s going to get Lucas back.

Vale tells Lucía she loves Lucas, but she loves her too, even though she’s not here. She can’t let her down. Lucía’s her friend, her sister. She can’t betray her.

Lucas is trying to pack and complaining that he needs Vale’s help when he suddenly gets hit with some major gastrointestinal distress.

Vale wishes Lucía were there, to tell her how things really happened. But she can’t and Vale doesn’t know what to do.

Lucas searches for his phone so he can call Vale. Those noises…they sound painful.

Gabe comes over to Vale’s to find out how she’s doing after the breakup. Vale feels awful that she and Lucía “shared” a man. They never even liked the same guy in all the years they knew each other! She asks Gabe to tell her the truth–did Lucía really leave Lucas for someone else?

Gabe says it’s true. She got disappointed when she realized Lucas wasn’t the same person at home as he was in front of the camera.

Vale’s phone starts ringing. Lucas tells her he feels awful…literally. “What’s wrong?” Lucas can’t answer before he gets hit by another wave of pain and falls out of sight behind the bed.

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3 years ago

Disparate comments:
I actually started feeling sorry for Lucas shallow as he may be.
It seems like Gabriel has no intention of giving up Tomás even if he isn’t his kid.
I was glad that Vale didn’t end up getting sick by the booby trapped cup of tea.
Diego needs to give Adriana a real wide berth and not take her back easily whenever she comes back all apologetic wanting their relationship back.
Jessica needs to get a life beyond Diego. How pathetic!
Can’t wait for tonight!