Amar es Primavera Thursday 2/23/17 #13


Berk doesn’t find Öykü and Ayaz…but he does lock them in. When he gets back downstairs, Emre says “they” must be on their best behavior and Berk and Begum should move out before it gets worse. He keeps insisting on it as Berk leads him and Burcu to the door to get rid of them.

Begum’s definitely convinced they need to go.

Öykü and Ayaz are apparently going to be stuck in her old room for the night. He finds it funny, since he did promise her she’d be back. He convinces her to let him sleep in the bed with her. He’s definitely looking on the bright side, while Öykü is worried about letting her mom know where she is and how they’re going to get these new people out of the house.

Öykü and Ayaz can’t get comfortable on her tiny bed. He accuses her of having a giant ass and taking up all the room. Oh, there may be a giant ass in the bed, but I’m not sure it’s where he thinks it is. Öykü finally spoons him and magically now they fit.


Olcay finally finished cleaning up his living room. He asks about Seyma’s day and she complains that nobody cares about her and she’s sooooo alone. Whatever. Olcay says he’s lived in this house for years and no one has been to see it. When he went to get her a clean towel, he realized he hadn’t ever used those towels.

So, yeah, he’s alone, but he’s learned to be happy with his loneliness. His family gave up on him. His dad used to make him go hunting, but he shot a deer in front of him once and Olcay cried for a week. He wasn’t the son his father wanted. He hasn’t called him since he came to Istanbul. Does she get what loneliness is now?

He thinks Seyma is only trying to be alone. She pushes people away from her when what she needs to do is learn to value the people who love her. Öykü is actually a good friend, but if Seyma doesn’t respect that, she’ll end up alone.

Seyma thinks there’s no way to fix things with Öykü this time. Olcay tells her to try, but only If she wants to. If not, then leave it alone.

Seyma doesn’t understand why he’s giving her all this advice even though he knows she’s awful. “Because you’re my only friend.”


Mete drinks a blurry glass of water with lemon at a bar. Gizem, an old friend he hasn’t seen in years, runs into him at the bar. They sit and talk for a while and she invites him over to her place–she’s having a few people over. He decides to go home instead.

Casa Onem

Meral apologizes to Onem for the way she reacted when Onem offered her a job. And she also hopes Onem will give Öykü another chance. I wish she wouldn’t put this in terms of how much it means to Öykü. She offers to have Öykü make a public apology and Onem says she’ll think about it.

Onem calls Ezra and tells her to call a press conference for tomorrow.


Öykü and Ayaz wake up, seemingly alone in the house, but still locked in. She has a text on her phone about meeting Onem…in an hour. Ayaz forces her bedroom door open and they sneak downstairs, but so far Berk and Begum are gone. Öykü feels guilty again about tricking them into leaving, but Ayaz says they’ll find another place. Right now, she needs to get to the office!

Just as Ayaz’s convertible drives off, a taxi drops off Seyma. The landlady arrived, upset that someone scared off her tenants, and Seyma suggests they go inside. The landlady complains about needing the money and Meral hadn’t paid in months…not that she ever had any other problems with them. Seyma offers her engagement ring, but she asks the landlady not to say anything.

Press conference

Dude, seriously? The Ayazmobile is having technical difficulties. Öykü catches a taxi and runs right into the middle of the press conference she had no idea about. Late. Onem sits her down and tells the press that Öykü’s a hard worker and these things happen, but she’s totally qualified to put on an event.

Ayaz does some fiddling under the hood and gets the convertible going again.

Derin shows up just as Onem is turning this into “Let’s all feel sorry for Öykü.” She’s going through such a tough time. Her mother washes dishes at a café. Isn’t that just horrible. It’s their mission to help her. Even Olcay looks embarrassed for her, and Öykü looks like she’s trying not to throttle Onem.

Onem announces she’s giving Öykü a little gift now, on behalf of the company. She got her and her family a new house. Öykü just stares at the keys. She finally takes them, but stands up and says this is not ok. She slams the keys down and says she doesn’t want the house and she quits.

Derin catches her on the way out to tell her he would have done the same thing. Öykü starts venting to him about how it made her look like a beggar. Ayaz arrives just as Derin hands Öykü his business card and says she can come to work for him.

Howdy, neighbor!

Seyma gets back to Olcay’s building and hears Mete talking to Gizem, who happens to be Olcay’s upstairs neighbor, because Istanbul is such a tiny, tiny town. He almost sounds like he’s thanking her for a night of sex, but it’s so ambiguous that, knowing Mete, he’s probably just thanking her for inviting him to come hang out with her friends last night.

Gizem looks uncomfortable as she’s closing the door. Seyma goes into Olcay’s and starts to cry.

Back at home, Olcay begs her to tell him what’s wrong. She’s baking a cake and if she bakes angry it’s not going to go well. (True.) She says Mete is cheating on her with Olcay’s neighbor. Seyma’s baking the cake to try to make friends with her. Oh! Olcay loves it when she’s bad.

She takes the cake over and tells Gizem that her name is “Melek.” Gizem is a wedding planner. “Melek” brings up her fiancé, “Birol.” They’ve been looking for a place to have their wedding, but the planning is just soooooo difficult! Gizem offers her help. “Melek” asks if there’s anyone special in Gizem’s life…she saw her at the door with a guy.

“Oh! Mete. We were just talking about his fiancée.” Gizem says she really didn’t understand whether his fiancée a good person or not. There was nothing romantic about it…they just talked.

Press conference fallout

Meral and the family are moved back in and they have Ayaz, Mete, Burcu, Emre, Ilker, Sibel, and Bulent over for dinner to celebrate. The landlady just called Meral, said she cancelled her debt, and apologized.

Öykü pulls Ayaz into the kitchen to accuse him of paying off the debt. He admits that he talked to her, but she wouldn’t listen to him.

They get back to the dining area and the gossip show on the TV starts playing the press conference. Everyone stares…at the TV and at Öykü. Ayaz ignores a call from his mother and asks everyone’s forgiveness on her behalf. Meral gives a tight smile when Öykü slams the keys down in front of Onem.

Öykü shuts off the TV and tells everyone this isn’t her fault, so they should quit looking at her like that. It’s over, she’ll find another job, and she doesn’t want to hear anything about Onem or her business.

At Gizem’s apartment, Seyma sees the broadcast and excuses herself to call Olcay. He says Onem was trying to fix what happened at the show, but she made it worse. Seyma blames herself for causing all this and Olcay sadly agrees with her.

Seyma ends her visit and seems completely confused when Gizem invites her to come back some other time.

She gets to the apartment just as Mete’s leaving. He tells her Öykü’s family is moved back in and snarks about how that might not make everyone happy. Seyma doesn’t get defensive and says she really is happy for them. He notices her missing engagement ring and jumps to conclusions. She wants to say something, but he starts scolding her for not wanting to apologize to Öykü. He figures it’s over.

Seyma drops it and goes upstairs.

Öykü has just finished telling Meral about the job offer from Derin when Seyma gets to the door.

From the car, Mete calls Gizem and invites her out to dinner later.

Öykü doesn’t want to hear Seyma’s apologies and she doesn’t believe her intentions are good. She tells her to go cry to someone who still believes her. Meral backs her up and tells Seyma to stay away from them.

Öykü calls Ayaz to tell him she wants to accept Derin’s job offer. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to get another job in fashion. He says she has to call him all the time! And she can’t have her phone off! And if things get the least bit weird, she should call!


Öykü meets Derin in the woods, or tries to, but he told her to meet him by the roble albar (sessile oak) and she has no idea what they look like. Derin shows up as Öykü is complaining about how she always ends up with the weird ones. He has no patience for the nervous babbling she does when she’s trying to cover something up and retaliates by pointing out the “weird” snake behind her. When she’s done clinging to him in fright, he says they’re even, hangs a camera around her neck and tells her it’s time to get to work.

In their office, Ayaz complains to Mete that he just doesn’t like Derin. He doesn’t think he’s a good person. Mete responds by looking him up online. He’s famous, he’s known for not going after money, and he isn’t interested in any sort of technological artifacts because he’s a man of love. (Ew! That sounds pretentious as all get-out!)

Ayaz scoffs. What’s that supposed to mean. Mete mockingly says he’s a really good guy who loves all living things. Ok, that’s enough now, Mete needs to pick a side. Mete, of course, sides with his BFF. Derin is an “idiot” and “stupid.” Happy now? Mete thinks Ayaz is going “crazy.”

Öykü and Derin are walking along through the woods and he frowns at her ringing phone and says now isn’t a good time to answer. Öykü insists, but besides saying she’s at work and they’re in the woods, he doesn’t get much information because her phone cuts out. Derin says there’s never reception here and she doesn’t need the phone anyway. (Excuse you, but we’ve known you for five minutes and your idea of a first day at work is “Let’s go for a walk alone in the woods where there’s no cell reception.” That’s not exactly reassuring.)

He stops her suddenly because there’s a small falcon up in a tree. He’s all Mr. Mystical Photographer with his “sometimes I like to just live the moment without distraction,” when he’s really just using his schtick as an excuse to look deeply into her eyes and try to sound all profound. (And hey, aren’t cameras a technological artifact? Just saying.)

Ayaz is still desperately trying to get Öykü back on the phone when Onem walks in. Mete suddenly has somewhere else to be. Ayaz is furious with her and angry that she can’t even understand what it is she did wrong. He says she ruined Öykü’s life just to save her own career and she doesn’t care about anyone–not even him. Ouch.


Ayaz drives out to the forest, parks his car at the side of the road and starts hiking in.

Derin wants to hire Öykü to be his art director. I’m not entirely clear on what that means or why he’d need one, but he says he felt like she created an entire look for the show and he liked it. He felt like he was in a war movie there at the end. Was that a joke?

She trips on something and twists her ankle. I really hope it’s just her shoe that’s twisted around like that. He insists on checking out her ankle.

Ayaz hears her scream and finds them. And he asks what’s going on. (Because it’s not obvious?) Derin makes a disgusted face as Öykü literally answers his question, talking about walking around, seeing the bird, tripping. He’s absolutely delighted when she starts asking Ayaz what he’s doing there. Exercising? In his suit?

The guys end up fighting over which one of them is going to painfully manipulate her foot. Ayaz does something VERY noisy to her ankle.

At the hospital, the doctor wants her to keep the ankle wrapped until tomorrow. Öykü doesn’t seem very happy with either of the guys, but she definitely blames Ayaz.

Ayaz is quick to get rid of Derin as soon as they’re out of the exam room. He whines to Öykü that he’s not jealous, he was just worried because he couldn’t get her on the phone and he doesn’t trust that guy. He insists on coming home with her to take care of her, but they go to his place first.

He makes her soup, but after “grandma’s secret cold cure” she doesn’t trust him.


Burcu and Emre sit down at Ilker’s restaurant. She’s glad Öykü got her house back and it’s nice that Seyma helped and all, but they all know what she’s like. She gives Emre a pointed look as she says it doesn’t matter what Seyma did, they ALL KNOW. Emre looks guilty and says he needs to tell Burcu something important.

Emre finishes up his admission that he went over to see her at Olcay’s place by saying he didn’t know she had lied to everyone and he thought she had serious problems. He didn’t tell Burcu before because there just wasn’t an opportunity and he didn’t want her to yell at him, but now he’s telling her because he doesn’t want to lie.

Burcu says he could have ignored Seyma, but Emre really thinks he got through to her. He feels sorry for her. He yells this out and people turn to look at him. Burcu picks up her stuff and leaves the restaurant.

Ilker and Sibel join him later. He complains to Sibel that he really doesn’t like fighting with Burcu. Sibel suggests he come up with a surprise for Burcu. She’ll forgive him because he made an effort.


Olcay can’t understand why Seyma didn’t tell everybody she’d used her ring to get Öykü’s house back. Seyma didn’t think they would believe her intentions were good.

Olcay says you reap what you sow and she’s been sowing hate and anger. But now she’s sowing generosity, so she’s sure to get Mete back.

Mete, meanwhile is at dinner with Gizem, telling her there’s no way he can reconcile with Seyma. He tried, but she just can’t be a good person. He tried ignoring what she was doing, but she hurts the people who love her. Even her best friend.

Gizem gives a sympathetic sigh. She had a relationship like that. Her boyfriend cheated on her and she tried to look the other way because she loved him and thought she couldn’t live without him. But now here she is. Nothing is written. Maybe tomorrow he’ll find his true love. He shouldn’t give up.

Olcay insists Seyma has to surprise Mete tomorrow and tell him what she did to get him back.

Mete agrees, “the show must go on.” But it’s difficult. Gizem says she was able to break it off when she realized there were other people who loved her and she wasn’t alone.

Seyma agrees she’ll try, but it seems to be mostly to get Olcay to back off.

Casa Onem

Onem can’t stop thinking about Ayaz yelling at her earlier. Bulent comes over. They had plans, but she’d forgotten. He came over to break up with her. He thinks she’s changed, for the worse. Onem has the maid walk him to the door.

Casa Ayaz

Öykü is starting to fall asleep leaning against Ayaz on his couch while they watch TV. He’s annoyed that she’s letting her foot slip off the pillow so it’s not elevated.

She starts dreaming about Ayaz as a boxer. Her dream is interrupted by her ringing cell phone.

Öykü says she has to get home. There’s still a lot to do at the house. He says he’ll come with her and do her stuff. She starts to tell him about the dream, but changes her mind. He wants to re-wrap her ankle before they go. That and try some alternative treatment. He kisses her ankle, but she’s got a few more pains…her shoulder, her neck, her mouth.

He apologizes for going out to the woods. There’s something about that guy he just doesn’t like. Öykü doesn’t want to work with someone who makes him feel insecure, but right now she doesn’t have other options. She has to help her family.


Burcu comes over to help Öykü unpack while they gossip. Öykü doesn’t know what to do about the job. Burcu thinks if Emre didn’t like her boss, she’d quit…but right now she’s angry at Emre so maybe it’s best not to mention him.

He’s…done things she can’t stand. She makes Öykü promise not to tell Emre about this conversation….

Emre and Ilker tried, but they couldn’t come up with a single idea for a surprise for Burcu. Ayaz was busy with Öykü. Ilker finally remembers that time he taught Sibel’s pet parrot to say “I love you” while she was off on a trip. Except that wasn’t her.

Öykü thinks Burcu is overreacting. Seyma took advantage of Emre’s good intentions. Burcu says she’s right. This is Seyma’s fault! Burcu wants to go confront her or she’s not going to leave any of them alone.

In the middle of this highly important conversation about their personal drama, Öykü’s phone rings and she gets a job offer from Cemal Ozer from the fashion house “99”. He doesn’t care about the rumors–he saw the show and he’s interested in her designs. Their designer quit yesterday and they need someone to replace him.

In the middle of their celebration, Öykü starts doubting and wonders if Ayaz got her this job. She calls to tell him the news and asks him if he was involved. Once he says he had nothing to do with it she’s happy again.

He’s telling her this from Cemal Ozer’s office. He swears Cemal to secrecy.

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