La Fan Wednesday 2/22/17 #27


Vale can’t get Lucas to answer his phone and she’s worried. He sounded like he was dying! Gabe scoffs at that and says he’s just trying to manipulate Vale. Vale can’t just ignore it, she’s going to his house to see what happened.

Lucas thinks he’s dying. He finds a comfortable position and then…there it goes again. He runs for the bathroom. (I know this is supposed to be played for laughs, but all I can think of are the times I’ve had food poisoning, so I’m basically hating Salma right now.)

Agustín tells Salma to give up on Lucas already. He’s with Vale and he’s not going to leave her. Salma tells him the relationship is fake. It’s all for the ratings.

Agustín can’t believe they would do something like that to poor Vale. Salma says you do what you’ve gotta do and reminds him a lot of people make their livings off the novela.

Agustín stares at her. I think his lower lip is quivering. Salma tells him to cut it out–it’s not like they killed anyone! She heads out the door and tells him to hurry up. Oh, yeah, Auggie’s crying, the big softie.

Lucas struggles to the door to let Vale and Gabe in. They agree Gabe should call the doctor. He says he’s got a stabbing pain in his stomach. Vale thinks he’s running a fever, too. Lucas is upset at Gabe being there with Vale, but when he starts yelling at Gabe, his guts start twisting again. He shuffles his way to the nearest bathroom while Gabe laughs and says he’s not dying.

Vale and Gabe help Lucas up to his room. He doesn’t remember eating anything unusual and he swears he didn’t drink last night. Maybe it’s a virus. Gabe says the doctor is on his way over, but in this traffic….

Justin calls. Gabe tells Lucas it doesn’t matter how he’s feeling, he’s gotta go now. Vale refuses just as much as Lucas does–there’s no way he can go anywhere like this. Gabe reminds Lucas about the production costs and how pissed off everyone’s going to be if they waste a day of beach time. He says they’ll get a porta-potty for him.

He still refuses, and so does Vale. She insists on staying with Lucas. When the doctor decides whether Lucas can work like this, Vale will decide whether she’s going or not. Gabe leaves them.

Vale tells Lucas she’s not here as a girlfriend. This is just a humanitarian gesture. She’s only holding his hand in gratitude for everything he’s given in his telenovelas. Poor miserable Lucas nods in agreement, but I’m not sure he either believes her or cares.

Father-son time

Nicolas tells Rodrigo that he and Salma are both very picky, which is why Rod hasn’t met him before. Now that Rod knows who he is, they can start from scratch. He apologizes for not being around before. I guess it’s good that he’s not blaming everything on Salma? He’s not taking responsibility either…”we’re both very picky…we both made mistakes.” Nicolas promises even if the cops catch him and he goes back to jail, he’ll always be there for Rod.

They hear a short siren and Rodrigo begs Nicolas to go before he gets caught. Nicolas refuses–he hasn’t done anything wrong (besides break out of prison). Rod begs him not to leave him without a father again and hide.

The police car stops near Rod and the officer asks if he’s alone. Has he seen this man. Rod goes over, looks at the picture and says it’s his dad. But he hasn’t seen him in a long time…does the officer know where he is? He hasn’t seen his Papito in so long. *pout*

Well played, kid. Nicolas is so proud. But now he’s gotta go. He can’t take Rod with him–he’s got no money and no place to stay. Rod says he needs him and Nicolas agrees, he needs Rod too. He promises when this is all over, Rod can live with him.

Rod accuses him of lying, just like his mom said. Nicolas promises he’s not. He knows he’s not the father Rod needs, but he’s going to try. He’ll do everything he can for them to be together. He loves Rod and wants to be in his life…as soon as he gets out of this mess.


Carlos Lopez tries to warn Eloisa that her Carlos “Lopez” isn’t really Carlos Lopez. The problem is, he doesn’t know who he is. Just that he’s not a chauffeur. He can’t let Eloisa be taken in by him. Diego tells him to back off, he’ll check into Carlos “Lopez” and protect his mom if necessary.

Adriana wishes she hadn’t found out about her dad having an affair with Diego’s mom. Benicio wonders if she doesn’t like that he’s having an affair or who it’s with. Because, ew, how can she and her dad both like people who are so…different? Adriana says you don’t choose who you fall in love with. “You’re telling me.”

Benicio stops by Adriana’s office later to announce after only 2 days of fake-noviazgo that he wants the real thing. Adriana doesn’t say “yes” or “no” she just asks for time.

Diego goes to the Zubizarreta house looking for Carlos Lopez, the chauffeur. Natalia says that Mr. Zubizarreta has been driving himself lately, and the chauffeur’s name wasn’t Carlos. Before she can remember what it was, Carlos Z asks who’s at the door. Diego shimmies past Natalia and says that’s the guy he’s looking for.

Carlos dismisses Natalia and it only takes, what, ten tries? Diego asks who he is and what he wants with Diego’s mom. And he wants the truth.

At the café, Carlos Lopez is still babbling on about how other Carlos isn’t a chauffeur. Eloisa just keeps getting angrier and angrier. Miguel says Diego is out at the Zubizarreta house finding out what’s going on right now. Eloisa and Carlos L both want to go out there, but Miguel orders them to stay.

CarloZ starts out by offering Diego a drink. He asks if Eloisa sent him. Diego says she didn’t–he’s just here to defend her. Carlos says he loves Eloisa and he’s been waiting for her for years.

Right, but he told her he was a chauffeur–Carlos Lopez–and then this woman (Natalia) says there is no “Carlos Lopez” and then here comes CarloZ like he owns the place. “I do. I’m Carlos Zubizarreta.”

Diego is furious that CarloZ lied to his mother–then and now. How dare he think he can screw around with them just because he has money! Carlos insists she’s the love of his life and he’s not lying about that. Diego thinks lying is a great way to show his love. Carlos is all calm and acting hurt because Diego’s not listening to him. Well, too bad, Diego can’t calm down! Either Carlos tells his mother, or he will.

Adriana gets home and wonders what Diego is doing there. Carlos goes over to greet her and says Diego knows he’s her dad.

Diego accuses Adriana of being in on the plot to make a fool of his mother. Adriana denies being in on anything, or that there was a plot. She only found out the truth recently and she didn’t want to get involved.

Carlos insists again that he loves Eloisa and he’s going to tell her everything. Diego wants Carlos to talk to his mother tomorrow and tell her everything or Carlos will have to deal with him. Nobody’s going to make a fool out of his mother. Adriana picks on him for how he’s demanding the truth. Diego says he never lies. Didn’t he hide things from her? “That’s not the same thing and you know it.” Carlos says he’s already agreed, but it seems like they have some things to discuss, so he’ll leave them to it.

It’s not much of a discussion. Adriana says there’s not going to be anything between them even if their parents end up getting together and they’re step-siblings.

Casa Amigas

Jess does Miriam’s nails while she complains about her total strikeout with Diego. Miriam agrees they’ve got the worst luck. That guy she liked at the company turned out to be dating the president. Jess is thrilled–it means Diego is available.

Miriam stares at her. “You seriously have hope? After what he did to you? You’re crazy!” Jess insists Diego can’t be happy with that pipirisnais. Jess is the woman for him. And Miriam can file her own nails!

Casa Gabriel

Gabe has Agustín come over to tell him they’re going on ahead to the beach with Salma, and Vale and Lucas can catch up to them later. That way they can get his and Salma’s scenes out of the way first. They really don’t have any other choice.

Agustín asks if it’s true that the Vale-Lucas relationship is a lie. Salma told him before she *sob* broke up with him to go back to Lucas *sob*. Gabe tells him to forget what Salma said. Lucas and Vale are going to stay together until the novela is over. It’s what’s best.

Agustín refuses to be a party to this canallada (dirty trick, low blow, rat bastard thing to do). With much getting up in his personal space and turning on his aura of menace, Gabe says he will whether he likes it or not. Got it?

Casa Lucas

The doctor has come and gone and we don’t get to hear a final diagnosis other than “not dying.” So that’s good.

Lucas decides he’d rather be downstairs, sitting up on the couch, except that as soon as Vale sits next to him, he curls up and puts his head in her lap. He’s shivering–with fever, she says–and he wants her to scratch his head. Vale laughs–Tomás is the same way when he’s sick (musical cue of “isn’t that interesting”) he likes his head scratched just like that and he curls up the same way too.

Vale’s been trying to get Lucas to drink some tea, and she wants to go fill the prescriptions the doctor left, but Lucas begs her for cheese on toast instead. Um…yes to the toast, no to the cheese. Vale gets up to work on toast and the doorbell rings. Lucas says he’ll get it.

It’s Salma. And she hasn’t noticed that he is seriously not ok. She’s babbling about the trip and wrestles his body upright so she can snog him. Vale interrupts, after a shocked glance. Can’t Salma see he’s sick?! The doctor said he either ate something that didn’t agree with him or it’s a virus.

Even though Lucas is stumbling around the two of them, in obvious pain, involuntarily passing gas, Salma doesn’t think it’s that serious. And she scoffs at the idea that he isn’t going to film. “He can’t even leave the bathroom!” Oh. But is Vale feeling ok? Vale says she feels fine. Yes, they broke up, but Lucas was sick, so that’s why she’s here. Why is Salma here?

Salma says Salma is here because Salma wants to win Lucas back. (Well, here’s a thought…don’t poison him.) Vale wonders what about Agustín. Oh, he was there for her at a difficult time. Salma won’t back off of Vale’s alleged breakup with Lucas and wants repeated assurances that Vale isn’t going to stand in her way. Vale says from here on out, it’s all for the benefit of the press.

Lucas comes crawling out of the bathroom and moans that he’s dying. Vale and Salma both rush to help him, they both refuse to leave, they each grab an arm to help him…. Lucas finally has to say that being yanked around like that makes him feel worse. His guts start rebelling again and neither one of them is easing up on him.

Salma got a call from Gabe about leaving for the shoot, but she refuses to go. While she and Vale keep arguing, Lucas’ guts keep clamoring for attention. He screams at both of them to stop and gets a particularly bad pain that leaves him looking shocked and Vale and Salma checking to see whether…pues, ya tu sabes.

Funny how Salma changes her mind about leaving all of a sudden. What Lucas can’t figure out is what Vale’s still doing here if she doesn’t even want to be with him anymore? Vale says she hasn’t stopped loving him, she just can’t date someone who loved Lucía.

Vale gets Lucas up to bed and encourages him to rest so he can go to the beach tomorrow. She agrees to stay and take care of him. Lucas says even if she’s not his girlfriend, she’s still going to be his fan, right? “Always.” He jokes that you can’t leave an idol alone, especially when he’s sick. He jerks with another cramp. He lets Vale go so she can get his medicine and then seems to fall asleep right away.

Vale remembers…Vale and a pregnant Lucía break open a chocolate bar and prepare to watch the novela. Vale asks about the father of the baby and Lucía says it hurts to talk about it. He’s out of her life and he won’t ever be again.

Vale suddenly wonders if it could be Lucas. She wakes him up to announce that he IS Tomás’ father. Lucas says he can’t possibly be. Lucía would have told him. And she never would have left him. Vale agrees. Lucas is sure Tomás’ father is the man she left him for. If she wouldn’t even tell Vale who that was they may never know.

Casa Vale

Miguel brought Tomás chocolate cake so maaaaybe he’d stop complaining about Vale not being there. Tomás whines that Lucas always has an excuse to take her away from him. Vale loves Lucas, but Lucas doesn’t love her. There’s something about him that Tomás just doesn’t like–and he’s not being jealous! He’d rather she dated Gabe.

Miriam comes over and accepts Miguel’s offer of a slice of cake. Tomás gives her a sly look. (Yeah, he knows she’s not here for the cake.)


Jess visits. I liked that dress better as a base layer for her work uniform. The top half reminds me of a bathing suit that doesn’t fit well and as soon as you start swimming the straps start going all over the place. She even fixed one that was slipping.

I’m not even listening as she tries to talk to Diego about…dating her? Forgetting Adriana? Whatever.


Miguel comes over to Vale’s with breakfast and tells Miriam he’ll take Tomás to school. After last night, it got her thinking about how they would be as a couple. She’s sure they’ll be together one day. Miguel smiles awkwardly.

Diego tries to get out of the café without facing his mother, but Eloisa needs to talk to him about the stuff he’s hiding from her. Like the fact that he’s posing nude. And that he went over to the Zubizarreta’s house. Diego says she should talk to Carlos “Lopez” and let him explain it.

Salma whines about her plan not going the way she wanted. Gabe tells her not to worry about it–Vale wants nothing to do with Lucas now that she knows about Lucía.

But maybe Salma should thinking about NOT broadcasting all their nefarious plans to the entire world. He knows she told Agustín. And if Vale finds out this is all going to blow up in their faces. Salma thinks that’s the best thing that could happen.

Again, Gabe’s back to Vale never going back to Lucas after he’s been with her best friend. Salma says she can’t be sure Lucas doesn’t feel something for Vale. “But Lucas only loves himself, right?” Salma agrees, but she looks doubtful.

Lucas comes downstairs looking for Vale. She went home to pack and check on Tomás.

Lucas is glad she stayed last night. He whines that he looks awful and hasn’t even put on his face cream. But hey, it’s their first trip to the beach together. Vale reminds him yet again that she’s only there as his assistant. Besides, Salma’s waiting for him.


Adriana reminisces about yacht sex with Diego. Benicio comes in with sushi. She tells him to slow it way down! She’s not ready for anything serious. “It’s sushi.”

She starts fixing his tie and says she just needs him to back off on the pressure.

Diego comes in to ask if her dad’s going to clear things up with his mom. Adriana’s sure he will, she just doesn’t know when. Benicio gripes that they’re trying to eat sushi here! He’d offer some to Diego, but he probably eats tacos and things like that. Street food. (note to self: research sushi taco trucks)

Diego agrees. Raw food eaten with sticks isn’t really his thing.

Jess visits Miriam. She complained that she got bumped from the trip in favor of Inés, who she’s sure is doing “favors” for the director. She and Miriam agree they’re “good girls” and don’t do stuff like that. Anyway, Jess is here to visit Diego and “mark her territory.” (Damnit, Jess, don’t make me hate you! And Miriam, you’re cutting it close.)

Diego isn’t happy to see her, but he’s happy to use her to try to make Adriana jealous. He grabs her hand and declares them “burritos” while other people are “sushi.” (*glare*)


Lucas and Vale make it to the hotel. Agustín goes to show Vale where she can put her stuff and Lucas’ while Salma goes to makeup and Lucas is left alone with Gabe.

He freaks Gabe out by saying he’s going to need to take a DNA test to find out if Tomás is his son. He wants to do it to put Vale at ease and for his own peace of mind. He still doesn’t think he’s Tomás’ father. Lucía would have told him.

Gabe whines that he can’t! He’s a public figure! What if it gets out! See, this is why he has Gabe to take care of things for him.

Riiiiight…except Gabe also has a stake in this and he wouldn’t like it if Lucas turned out to be Tomás’ dad. Gabe swears they’re bros. He would never screw around with something like that. Lucas agrees to let Gabe take care of things.

Salma tells Lucas she wants to get back together. He keeps using the ratings as an excuse not to and he won’t kiss her in public.

Vale finds Gabe alone in the kitchen, upset. He needs to tell her the truth…he knows who Tomás’ dad is.

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