La Fan Thursday 2/23/17 #28

That’s not going to hold up

Per Gabe, he hired a private investigator to go down to Cancún and look into things after Tomás asked for help finding his father.

Lucas keeps trying to convince Salma it’s all about the ratings…and Gabe’s insistence on competing with him. He’s trying to steal Lucas’ fan! Lucas doesn’t have feelings for her, nooooo, not at all. (Nobody’s buying that story, Lucas. Nobody.)

Gabe tells Vale an improbable-sounding story. There was gossip among the hotel employees…and hey, it could just be gossip…that Lucía left Lucas for some guy named Santiago Rodriguez who worked in Housekeeping at the hotel. They really paid attention to Lucía because she was so pretty and Lucas was famous. Apparently, Lucía and Lucas had a fight and this Santiago guy saw his chance and ended up separating them.

Vale can’t believe Lucía would leave the love of her life for anyone, but Gabe insists that’s what people said. Lucas can’t find out, though. He’d be crushed and the novela would tank. Lucas rushes by on his way to the bathroom.


Carlos Z comes over to the café and gets right to the point. He lied. He’s been lying for 20 years. He’s Carlos, but he’s not Carlos Lopez and he’s not a chauffeur. He’s Carlos Zubizarreta. (Before you freak out, Eloisa, just think…you could be Lucas Duarte’s sister-in-law…think about it….)

Oh, Carlos. You almost had me with your talk of “I only hid one part of my life from you,” and “you know the important thing–that you’re the love of my life.” But you lost me when you started talking about how yes, it’s true that Diego and Adriana had a thing and maybe the universe wants them to be together. I know you don’t believe that for a second!

Eloisa tells him Diego and Adriana CAN’T be together. He doesn’t ask why. All he’s worried about is whether Eloisa forgives him. Nope. There are some lies you can’t forgive.

Carlos’ excuse is that women (including Felicitas) were always after him for his money and pretending to be someone else was the only way to know if Eloisa’s feelings were genuine. By the time he found out they were, he was afraid to tell her the truth and risk losing her.

This is too much for Elo. She’s always been so calm, so steady…some guy across the café asks for his food and she screams at him that she’s busy! Heh. She kicks Carlos out and after that demonstration, he’s too scared not to go. He just wants to know if she means out of the café or out of her life. She’s not sure yet.

He warns her he’s not going to leave again and risk losing her and Eloisa weeps. She rejects his offered hankie at first, then snots it and hands it back.

She starts in again about the lying, but her conscience starts kicking in when Carlos asks if she hasn’t ever told a lie because she was afraid to tell the truth.

Miguel comes in and sees Eloisa sobbing. She pulls herself together and says she’s fine.


So, Diego and Jess are together. That’s nice. Adriana would like them to quit holding hands in the middle of the lobby, though. It’s a workplace. Gotta keep up appearances. Diego agrees–she’d know all about that. I ignore Benicio’s annoying echoing of Adriana.

Jess may have it bad for Diego, but she doesn’t appreciate him using her. So he asks her…well, not to be his novia exactly, he just suggests they give it a try. Jess enthusiastically agrees and smushes her lipstick all over his mouth. *sigh* This isn’t going anywhere good.

Benicio can tell it bothered Adriana to see Diego with Jess. She says she’s not–her face just looks like that because she’s working with numbers. Benicio begs her to let him help her forget Diego.

Diego walks by Adriana in the lobby and asks if she’s happy now that everyone is back in their own worlds. Adriana reminds him they may be spending birthdays and Christmases together. Eh, Diego doesn’t think so–his mom doesn’t forgive lies. And neither does he. Adriana agrees–she doesn’t forgive lies either. Or betrayals.

Carlos stops by the office to tell Adriana he’s talked to Eloisa.

He thinks Adriana is just as lovesick as he is, though she denies it. They’re more alike than she thinks. He couldn’t help falling in love with Eloisa and he’s sure she loves him too–that’s why she won’t forgive him. He was stupid to lie.

Diego comes in. Carlos asked to see him so he could tell him he’s still in love with Eloisa and he’s going to fight for her. Like Diego cares. Carlos can try to make it all sound romantic, but he lied about who he was. And he’s married. “So was she.” Diego really didn’t need the reminder.

Carlos changes the subject. What’s going on with the two of them. Oh, nothing. Adriana’s dating Benicio and Diego is dating Jess. Diego tells him not to worry–nothing can possibly happen between them because Adriana’s sushi and he’s a burrito. Carlos looks confused.

But ok, if everything’s settled, he’ll go. Diego tries to leave too, but Adriana really wants to know what this sushi/burrito thing is about. Diego says she likes the museum, he likes dancing salsa; she likes champagne, he likes beer; they might both go to the beach, but it’s not the same beach; she wears silk pajamas to bed, he sleeps in the nude. So there you have it. Sushi, burrito. (Um…I think I might be a grilled cheese sandwich? Also I’m not entirely sure Adriana’s quite the sushi he thinks she is.)

Oh, Adriana, my dear, my love. Please help me out here, I can’t recap and facepalm at the same time! She’s standing in her office, listening to salsa, shaking her rear in the general direction of her office windows–the internal ones–while eating a burrito.

Benicio interrupts her and turns down a bite of the burrito. But, hey, he likes sports right? “Golf.” She was thinking more like…fútbol? No? Not even World Cup games?! Benicio just keeps repeating “no, no, no.” He thinks it’s boring. And meant to entertain poor people. Maybe rich Europeans follow fútbol, but they’re not in Europe. (Sorry, Adri, I think this goes beyond fake-dumping him. You may have to have him bumped off. It’s ok. I understand.)

Benito got them tickets to the opera. Parsifal. Fifth row. She still likes the opera, right? I think that’s a “yes” smile.

Miriam is so glad Diego is dating Jess now. She’s the “ideal” woman for him. (What is this, an arranged marriage?) Hey, she’s just saying–if she were a woman, she’d date Jess. Jess is awesome and she really loves Diego.

Now if only Miguel would get a move on, now that her other guy ended up dating someone else. He’s a little grossed out when she says she’s talking about Benicio. And then he’s very interested when he hears about the opera tickets


Nicolas comes by Salma’s to tell Rodrigo that he decided to turn himself in to the cops. I’m shocked. He seems serious about it–he thinks it’s the best thing to do and he’ll be out in no time and they’ll live together. He completely avoids the question of just how long it’s going to be and reminds Rodrigo that he’s the most important thing in his life.

He walks out quickly, like he doesn’t want to cave, and leaves the nanny to comfort Rod.

Are we here to work or chismear?

Jess calls Vale to tell her she’s dating Diego now.

Vale’s glad to hear it, after the day she’s had. She tells Jess she knows who Tomás’ dad is now. She notices Salma lurking and says they’ll talk more later. Salma fishes for info, but Vale’s not giving any up.

Lucas is finally feeling well enough to film and he’s got his lines memorized. He reminds Gabe he wants that DNA test as soon as they get back home. Gabe talks about keeping it quiet and how easy it is to just grab some hair or a toothbrush, but he wishes Lucas would forget about it.

He can’t. Not with the timing. Gabe reminds him there was that other guy. Yeah, Lucas doesn’t get that–he was sure Lucía loved him. Gabe: “Not ALL women fall in love with you.” Lucas’ face: “How rude!”

Lucas and Salma get ready to shoot their sex scene. Vale’s alarmed that they’re actually naked under the sheets. Salma ditches her gum and gripes that Lucas better have brushed his teeth. Vale’s further alarmed at the director’s (not Justin) insistence on enough heat to set TVs on fire. The show’s on during the family hour!

They start in on the scene. Vale looks uncomfortable. Agustín hides his eyes. Gabe grins a lecherous grin.

Some unspecified amount of time later and Vale’s really starting to think things are going too far. She fans herself frantically. Gabe reminds her it’s all about the ratings. Vale’s sick of hearing that. How much longer is this going to go on?! She finally cracks and calls “Cut!…CUT! CUT! CUT! CUT!” Lucas smiles soooooo big.

Gabe is completely un-comforting when he tells Vale that sure, it looked real, but hey where there was fire…. Salma calmly blots her de-lipsticked lips and says she’s off to get ready for her next scene. She asks Gabe to come with her.

Vale and Lucas are left alone on set and Lucas says she was jealous. “¡Obvio no!” Oh? Then what was she feeling? Lucas imitates the way she yelled “CUT! CUT! CUT!” Vale says it was just too intense for an all-ages audience. She could never let Tomás watch it. Lucas isn’t fooled. She was jealous…and he liked it. He gives her a tiny peck on the cheek and Vale has the sudden urge to start fanning herself again.

Salma is relieved to hear that Gabe lied to Vale about Tomás’ dad. But why? He reminds her that he wants Vale like Salma wants Lucas, so they’re going to separate them. Just one small problem: Lucas wants a DNA test. But Gabe has a plan.

Agustín confronts Lucas about the fake relationship with Vale. He never thought Lucas could sink this low. Lucas taunts him about throwing himself at other networks to try to book jobs. Hey, at least he’s not sleeping with someone just to get the ratings up–how could he be so stupid? “Call me stupid one more time and your next role is going to be as a statue, on a cable show, at 3am!”

Auggie demands to know how he can do this to Vale…and Vale pops up behind Lucas asking what they’re arguing about. Lucas gives her a big fake smile and Agustín studies the floor. (Yeah, I’m looking at Auggie’s face thinking as much as he doesn’t like Vale being lied to, he doesn’t want to be the one to tell her the truth and break her heart.)

Lucas and Agustín lie and say it’s nothing. They, uh, didn’t agree on how to do a scene, but Auggie’s going to do what Lucas wants. He pats Lucas on the arm and says “Chao, Pizza,” to Vale as he walks off.

Lucas takes this opportunity to tell Vale they should be together. His relationship with Lucía was so long ago. Vale says he doesn’t get it. Well, he’s going to do the DNA test either way. Vale says it’s not necessary…she shouldn’t tell him this, but he’s not Tomás’ father. It was the guy Lucía left him for.

Lucas is upset, like Vale thought he’d be. He still wants to know who the guy was. “A hotel employee.” Lucas doesn’t know what she expected–is he supposed to be happy about this? He asks her to put herself in his shoes, imagine she’s the #1 telenovela galán and her girlfriend leaves her for a…hotel bartender. Or a bellboy. “He was in housekeeping.” Lucas looks sick.

Vale doesn’t tell him who told her. She wants to find the guy, though. Tomás has a right to meet his father.

Nicolas’ lawyer called Agustín to tell him Nicolas turned himself in. Salma looks surprised, and not entirely pleasantly.

Vale ends up in the middle of another argument between Lucas and Gabriel after she tells Lucas she’s going to start looking for Tomás’ dad as soon as they get back. Lucas is angry that Gabe told Vale this information when he’s the one who asked Gabe to look into it. Gabe whines that he didn’t want to hurt Lucas. Blah, blah, blah. Vale tells both of them to shut it! She gives Lucas a pointed look and says that Gabe is a good friend. She tells Gabe she’s going to find Tomás’ father so Tomás can meet him. Well, too bad, because he’s dead. (Isn’t that convenient. *roll eyes*)

Lucas finds Gabe later to go argue with him some more. He can’t believe Gabe told Vale all this and not him. He’s sure Gabe’s just trying to get on Vale’s good side, but he’d better remember that Lucas is her boyfriend until this novela is over. Gabe says he did him a favor–maybe now that Vale knows Lucas wasn’t the love of Lucía’s life and isn’t Tomás’ father, she’ll get back together with him. Lucas knows Gabriel doesn’t want that.

Eh, Gabriel agrees. Vale’s going to be his very soon.

Carlos drama

Ignacio thinks it’s more likely that Miguel is Carlos’ son, which is a relief to Felicitas since it means Adriana’s not screwing around with her half-brother. He knows Carlos is planning to tell Eloisa. Felicitas figures it’s only a matter of time before Eloisa tells him the truth too. About his son. The son he never had with her.

Since she’s lost Carlos, all she wants now is to take Carlos for every cent he’s got. She’s going to accuse him of adultery–with his child as proof. Sure, she’s the one who kept that information from him, but only Felicitas and Ignacio know that. And Ignacio’s not going to tell, right?

Actually, Ignacio doesn’t like this plan. He says it’s because of Adriana–she’ll find out she’s in love with her stepbrother. Felicitas doesn’t care, since they don’t share blood.

Ignacio raises the possibility that Carlos could kill her if she doesn’t back off.

Eloisa tells Miguel that Carlos Lopez was right. Her Carlos is Carlos Zubizarreta. Yep, Adriana’s father. He lied because women were always after his money.

But is she going to forgive him? Miguel doesn’t think she should do it. Carlos lied before and he’d do it again.

Eloisa can’t judge him for a lie. “But you would never lie to someone like that.” Eloisa looks uncomfortable. Miguel isn’t buying Carlos’ “8 o’clock novela.” You just don’t forgive lies. At least, Miguel doesn’t.

Jessica arrives at the café with her news: Vale found out who Tomás’ father is, and Jess is dating Diego. Eloisa celebrates with her. I roll my eyes. Jessica brags that Diego finally noticed her instead of that snob Adriana Zubizarreta.

Eloisa informs her that Adriana is Carlos’ daughter. Her Carlos is Carlos Zubizarreta. “The guy I met on the boat?” Eloisa nods. And eats cake.

Carlos announces to Felicitas that Eloisa knows the truth now. He’s sure she’s going to forgive him. Felicitas thinks maybe she’ll be swayed by the fact that he won’t be such a big liar by the time she’s done accusing him of adultery. Oh yeah, he’ll still be Carlos Zubizarreta, he just won’t have all that pesky money.

Miriam gets ready to head over to Vale’s since Eloisa’s still upset about that Carlos guy. Jess tells her Eloisa’s Carlos is the Carlos they had to come rescue her from on the boat that one time. But whatever, if she can forgive him, then ¡Viva el amor! Viva Vale and Lucas! Viva Eloisa and Carlos the Kidnapper!

Opera. Right.

Diego goes over to Adriana’s house in a tux. (From the look on her face she’d better keep a piece of furniture between them at all times. Just saying.) He says he’s taking his girlfriend to see–he consults his hand–Wagner’s Parsifal. He just, um, came by to get a restaurant recommendation from her. He could’ve called, but then she wouldn’t have gotten a look at him.

Hey, uh, just between them…he circles around and stands behind her…is he not the prettiest guy she’s ever seen in her life? Adriana’s face as she tries to keep herself from turning around and snogging him senseless is hilarious!

Noche en la playa

Vale wanders around by the pool thinking about the time Lucas kissed her to keep from being shot by Quique’s guys. She stops her reminiscing and calls home to check on Tomás. She tells him she’ll be back tomorrow and she’ll bring him a present.

Tomás can tell something’s wrong. What did Lucas do this time? Vale says he didn’t do anything, but she wants him to know that no matter what happens he’s her son and she’ll always be with him.

Lucas finds Vale and uses all the arguments Gabe made earlier. Now she knows he wasn’t the love of Lucía’s life.

Hm, Vale has a hard time believing Lucía wasn’t in love with him.

“Not all women fall in love with me.”

“Almost all.”

Lucas suggests a selfie. For the public. And the press. Y’all, he uploaded that photo real sexy. I did not know it was possibly to do a sexy upload. And then he asks her to please keep being his girlfriend. And he kisses her. (Do it, Vale! Do it!)

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Visita/ Guest

“. . . She’d better keep a piece of furniture between them at all times. . .” So funny but true! Thanks, Kat! Well, we are 28 in and I am not tired of any of the characters or subplots yet. They must be doing something right.

Visita/ Guest

LOL about the sexy upload. Thanks, Kat! I really don’t understand why Adriana is still being so mean and stubborn, and why she refuses to believe Diego is telling the truth.

Now that she knows who Carlos is, why is Eloisa so insistent that Diego and Adriana can’t be together? She already established long ago that Miguel is the love child, so what’s the problem?