La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 12/20/16 #25

(Hi! I’m stealth cacophony and I love Mujer del Vendeval. So much that even though I’ve already seen it once I’m watching it again, but I’m going to be very careful and not reveal any spoilers (*concentrates hard and knocks on wood*)  I am going to shorten some of the names, because I’m lazy like that. Also I like Mr Mike. I know he’s helping swindle Marcela but he seems so friendly and good natured. So I’m gonna think that he’s just a nice, easily manipulated guy who’s been led astray by Severo’s, I don’t know, charm? Eyebrows? Promises of money or maybe acting help? Anyway if it seems like I’m being too easy on Mr Mike its because I can’t help it. What’s that? ‘A little less conversation, a little more action please’  You got it)

We are in Huatalco in Luciano’s office where he is throwing a tantrum

This! This marriage certificate is why we should never trust any of our children! (ok he only said Alessandro, but I think he’d be just as upset if he found out Nisa married Cuchi)

Shock! Horror! Oh noes!

Nisa bursts in crying for her mami and Silvana is all  ‘sweetie we’re having an Alessandro based crisis right now, stifle. ‘ Nisa hears her bro is married to the necklace thief and her expression goes from worried to calculating way too fast.  Silvana and Luciano have an argument over who’s fault it is that their kids are irresponsible and pick the wrong ppl to fall in love with. Right in front of Nisa.


Dr. Cris makes Alba all better w/flowers and sympathy and then advises Ale that 1. Nisa isn’t suffering as much as she wants everyone to think and 2. He’d better go tell his mom he got married before his dad finds out on his own.  Yeah but Ale doesn’t want to leave Marcela alone when she’s just had bad news


Luciano now thinks Ale helped Marcela steal the necklace and wants to turn Ale in to the police. To her credit Nisa speaks up, saying that she’s sure Ale didn’t. She does not explain how she knows this, nor does she mention she has the necklace, and when Luciano swears he will turn Ale in if he finds out he had any thing to do with the robbery, she looks really scared. (Luciano yells really loud, I don’t know if I’d tell him bad news like that to his face either. Probably I’d just leave the necklace on his desk with an anonymous note (just found this necklace laying around and thought I’d get it back to you) and hope he never figures out it was me. )


Marcela interrupts Ale and Cris having that same old argument about the investigation into whether or not she stole the necklace, to tell Ale that since there isn’t any money they don’t need to stay married and she’ll settle up and pay him whatever Cris thinks fair, but Ale says he’s not there for the money he’s there for her. He’s not like other men she’s known and hey, why couldn’t he have fallen in love with her. Marcela has been burned by love twice before, first Camilo ditched her on her wedding day and then…

And then what? Who’s the second guy and what did he do?

He showed up at the exact wrong time, and disappeared just as suddenly. Marcela’s done with love though so he can keep it to himself, and she stalks off.

(Alessandro has pretty eyes *sigh* Pretty, conflicted eyes)


(Ok Mike’s Spanish is way hard for me to understand but I did get that he mixed up gazpacho with despacho *snork*)

Cris tells Mike and Severo he needs the acct#s and other info for Marcela to collect her pittance. Severo gets all bristly and Mike gets nervous but assures Cris he can call the New York soup, I mean office and get all the info he wants.


Nisa talks to herself in her room (is it just me or is this rust and black color scheme they have in every room too severe and kinda ugly?) planning her next move. At first she’s going to take the necklace to her parents and bite the bullet and tell them ‘Cuchi took it’ but she can’t bring herself to send Cuchi to jail, he’s just too Cuchi. Marcela though she has no problem sending to jail though, she’ll plant the necklace on Marcela w/o her knowledge and when the police find it and interrogate Marcella, Nisa will be in the clear.

Cuchi calls to grovel and say he’ll stalk her till she forgives him and it seems to be working for her.


Alessandro chases Marcela down to tell her she’s being stupid (I like her hat) Just because all the other guys she’s dated have been idiot jerks doesn’t mean she should give up on love. It’s not her fault things haven’t worked out and nobody ever said she is fated to be alone and miserable.

She responds, every man she’s ever loved leaves her and she’s had it with having her feelings toyed with. When she saw him sleeping next to her last night she could imagine him sleeping there every night and it terrified her because she gives her whole heart when she falls in love, and he’ll disappear leaving her with a huge hole in her chest, empty and bleeding and alone again. She doesn’t want to love him and she doesn’t want to talk about it. But he holds her back from running away and tells her this time give your heart to someone who will care for it.  (*sigh* this scene made my chest ache)

Severo though is a hardened old cynic and interrupts with sarcastic applause. Mike’s applause seems genuine but his smile fades as Severo tells the couple they didn’t have to put on all this show just for them, they only care that the marriage is legal.

Ale stops Severo’s taunts and gets all up in his face, demanding respect of his wife and there’s maybe gonna be a fight, but Mike and Marcela pull them apart and then Mateo runs up and tells Marcela Huracan is sick. Marcela and Ale run off w/Mateo and Mike and Severo give each other ‘who’s Huracan?’ looks.


In the field Camilo is kneeling next to Huracan and tells Marcela he’s dying, but Ale can save him, he just needs some mineral oil and charcoal, like burned tortillas or something, and go get the vet! Marcela and Mateo leave, Camilo and Ale stay and engage in futile macho arguments.


Shallow gossip time with Maria Laura, Severo and Mr Mike. Maria Laura updates them on all the latest stuff we already know about, but really its all leading up to Maria Laura just wants to go to NYC w/daddy, sadly daddy has to travel the world spreading Nazaria’s ashes and sorry baby he has to do it alone.


At the cyber panaderia Amadeo confronts Roman about working for that snake Don Timo, he saw him w/Eulogio, and wants to know what’s up with that. Roman says Amadeo needs a girlfriend so he’ll have something to think about and stay out of his business.


Mateo is driving and lamenting, Marcela demands he stop so she can jump out and wander around rubbing her eyes until she falls to the ground crying that she can’t take it anymore. Mateo has followed and calms her with a fatherly hug, swearing his undying support.


Alba and Sagrario are calling around trying to find the vet when Maria Laura comes in still fuming about her dad. Sagrario is all ‘see I told ya’


Ale is doing his best to keep Huracan alive, he calls Cris and tells him to call a vet who’s a friend of his mom to come and save the horse. Meanwhile Camilo’s being all obnoxious and ‘I’ll unmask this dude’ and not helping at all.


Nisa calls Inez to find out how to use Cris’s GPS to track his location.


Cris is calling around to find the vet and Alba comes out w/lemonade and small talk about the weather. Its hot. (In more ways than one. *waggles eyebrows*)


Marcela’s in town and the vet is not. Mateo goes out to some ranch to find him and Marcela stays just in case he comes back, so she gets to see Don Timo entertaining Octavia w/a musical selection from the local, brass heavy, band. Octavia pretends to appreciate the music and Don T introduces Octavia to Marcela. Octavia is much happier to meet Marcela than Marcela is to meet her, in fact she ignores Octavia’s outstretched hand and blames her unfriendliness on worry about Huracan, though she does shake hands w/Mauro. Upon hearing Marcela’s horse has been poisoned Octavia has some choice names to call the kind of person who would poison an innocent horse. It stings Eulogio a bit.


Ale gets hold of the friendly vet who can’t come but suggests another vet friend who works on a ranch in the area. Camilo hears him promise the vet he’ll pay whatever if he’ll just come and help and muses to himself how he knew this guy was secretly rich. More verbal sparring about Marcela and who will end up with her between Ale and Camilo.  (one assumes that all this time Ale has been administering the charcoal and mineral oil but we don’t see any of that, just kneeling by the horse and stroking his neck. Probably for the horse’s sake, a horse actor wouldn’t really understand why the story required him to eat weird stuff)


Luciano and Silvana can’t get hold of Ale and their fight goes on where they left off. He will never forgive Ale for betraying them, but Silvana reminds him that she forgave him and for something much more serious than stealing a necklace, so he owes her big time and they’ll wait for Ale’s explanation before they do anything or turn anybody in to the police.


We go to Buenos Aires where Valeria and her bro are having a little argument of their own about who mom liked best, Smothers Brothers style. Apparently Emiliano got all the prezzies but also all the punishments, and Valeria just got ignored. Now he’s an ophthalmologist and she’s about to divorce a rich guy. He wants to go home to, guess where, San Bartolo Petaquillas (what are the chances) and see mom. She won’t go back even if she’s dragged there.


Silvana goes looking for Nisa but Nisa’s headed out to find her bro and plant the necklace on Marcela, tra la tra la la la.


Marcela tells the very interested visitors all about her troubles and how much she loves her horse, but Octavia wants to hear more about her ranch, and reveals that she knows a little too much about it already. Marcela says that with all the problems she’s decided to sell it.

Dun dun dunnuunhh.

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4 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I can’t blame you for liking Mike. Goshdarn he’s just so…cheerful. He’s like an eager puppy. His gazpacho/despacho mixup cracked me up.

“tra la tra la la la” is an apt description for the way Nisa goes about pretty much everything. It’s chilling, she’s got no qualms whatsoever about getting Marcela busted. I like your anonymous note idea. Wouldn’t that be simpler than all this running around?

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks. A puppy! That’s a perfect description.
As for Nisa, she really has no sense of right& wrong or consequences. I hate to be one of those ppl who always blame the parents, but I blame her parents.

4 years ago

They do tend to spend all their time either ignoring her or trying to run her life.

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
4 years ago

Gracias Stealth for volunteering to post Vendeval recaps! This is my first time watching this TN. The cast is good and I especially love the outdoor scenes. My Spanish is getting better but I always need help especially when the actors talk fast. I’m looking forward to your recaps!