La Fan Friday 2/24/17 #29

How come she gets a say?

Vale cannot resist Lucas’ kisses, but Lucía appears over his shoulder mouthing “no” and shaking her finger at Vale.

Yeah. Lucía.

Vale tells Lucas what she just saw and says they can’t be together.

She goes back to her room to pack and go back home. Lucas thinks this is ridiculous–she’s just feeling guilty. Vale agrees that she is, but she saw what she saw. She even re-enacts it for him. Lucía doesn’t want her to be with Lucas and she must have some reason.

Vale has no plan for getting home, but she can’t stay in this house another night. Gabe comes in and asks what’s going on–he gets the short version of the story that leaves out Lucía’s apparition. And wouldn’t you just know, he’s gotta leave tonight, too! He can take Vale home. Lucas glares at him.

Casa Adriana

Adriana tells Diego he looks weird with that tux on. Benicio shows up and suddenly it’s the Wild West in Adriana’s living room, with the two of them brushing back their tuxes to get to their nonexistent guns for the shootout.

Benicio laughs at the idea of Diego going to the opera, much less with them. They only have two tickets, sorry. Diego says he’ll go salsa dancing with his girlfriend instead. Adriana agrees, there will be plenty of other opportunities for the three of them to hang out, now that she and Diego are going to be practically related.

Carlos drama

Carlos has Ignacio meet him at the office, since it’s somewhere he feels comfortable. Ignacio warns him that Felicitas is going to accuse him of adultery and there’s a hefty penalty specified in their pre-nup. Carlos doesn’t care. What he’s worried about is losing Eloisa forever.

Felicitas comes over to the café to talk to Eloisa. Eloisa doesn’t want to talk to her. If she has questions, she should talk to Carlos.

Miguel comes in and Felicitas gets ready to leave. She tells Eloisa she’s going to give Carlos the divorce, but it’s going to be expensive and some…secrets…might be revealed. She calls Miguel handsome and winks at him on her way out.

Miguel asks what she meant by that. “That you’re handsome, Handsome.” Eloisa sarcastically imitates Felicitas’ wink, but when she turns her face away from Miguel again, she looks nervous.

Late night

Vale gets home and thanks Gabe for the ride (or the flight or whatever) and he invites himself to stay for coffee and talk about what happened. Vale’s fine with the coffee part, but she doesn’t want to talk. She tells Miriam she can go home, but Miriam can’t. because Jess is there. With Diego.

Diego gets to Jess and Miriam’s with the tux still on and minus the tie and with the hair a little less gelled than earlier. He says he rented the tux for her. I glare.

Jess is into the tux, but not into his plan to take her to the opera. She’d prefer a different kind of party–just the two of them. Frantic snogging ensues.

Benicio and Adriana get back to her house after the opera. She enjoyed it. He was hoping they were going to go back to his place and have sex. Dude, what part of “slow it down” do you not understand? He moves in to attempt a kiss that ends up looking more like a sniff…or maybe it was a sniff to begin with? In the spirit of slowing down, he informs her he’s sure they’re going to end up getting married.

Salma heard that Vale went home, so she stopped by Lucas’ room. What are they, anyway? Coworkers? Friends? Exes? Never mind, she doesn’t care–she just doesn’t want to sleep alone tonight.

Vale gets another visit from Lucía. She explains that as soon as she found out about her and Lucas, she distanced himself from him. Ghost!Lucía approves. Vale can never be with Lucas again.

Vale wakes up and echoes Lucía’s “never again.”


Lucas gets up in the morning with Bad/Guilty Sex Face. Yeah, it was incredible. Uh huh. He’s learned his lesson and he’s only going to be with Vale during the novela. Even though she’s an amazing person and an excellent mother and a fabulous assistant, he totally doesn’t have feelings for her. He’s just such a good actor that he started believing in the character, you know?

But he admits, sometimes he’s a little egocéntrico (self-centered), vanidoso (vain), presumido (arrogant)–Salma adds engreído (conceited) and arrogante (arrogant)–and so he liked how he felt around Vale, being worshipped. And then Gabriel came along and he was interested in her and Lucas didn’t like it. He’s always beat Gabriel, ever since he got the role of Martincito in Alguien a Quien Amar. Salma says he’s the best and that’s why he’ll always win.

They shoot their scene later, in which Jose Gerardo tells Ana Cristina he’s not afraid of confronting Agustín’s character when they leave their beach vacation and go home. But wait! Agustín’s character interrupts them, finding them in bed together. Well, ok, on the bed. He knew it! He punches Jose Gerardo and oops…Agustín actually punched Lucas. Yeah, I’m sure that was totally an accident.

Wardrobe change and another scene. Salma and Lucas have had this conversation a million times, it seems, but not with her in this dress. Anyway, he and Vale are broken up, but they’ve got to look like they’re together to the press. How could Vale possibly break up with him? He just doesn’t like Gabe moving in on his fan, it’s not that he’s really interested. Vale would never go for Gabe.


Diego’s another one with Bad/Guilty Sex Face. And Jessica’s suuuuuuuper chirpy. She wants to spend the day together, but he has to go to work.

At the café, Miguel can’t believe Diego slept with Jessica. And there’s no point trying to shush him, because as soon as Jessica gets here, she’s going to be broadcasting it to the whole world. In Miguel’s opinion, Diego screwed up. He’s in love with someone else, Jessica’s his friend, and she’s their mom’s friend. He should have controlled himself, just like Miguel does every time Miriam comes looking for him.

Diego whines that Jessica makes him feel good, feel less alone, and his relationship with Adriana is impossible. (Ouch.)


Adriana comes outside for breakfast and Felicitas attempts to draw her into a conversation about last night’s date. Adriana finds it disconcerting that Felicitas is so interested in her relationship with Benicio–or does she want him too? Felicitas assures her Benito is NOT her type. “Well, thank you! At least you’re leaving me ONE!”

Felicitas tells her not to be rude. Oh, she doesn’t even know the stuff Adriana’s NOT saying. Does she think it’s no big deal, what happened with Oscar? With Diego? “And what if I told you nothing happened between Diego and I?”

Well, aside from Adriana not appearing to believe it, what’s the point of telling her? She’s with Benicio now. “Because you like him, or to forget Castro?” Adriana scoffs and walks off and Felicitas guesses the answer is “to forget Castro.”

Casa Vale

Vale catches Miriam up on all the chisme. She found out that Tomás’ dad is dead and she doesn’t know how to tell him. And did Lucía really never mention that Santiago guy at all? Vale says she never did–and she never mentioned Lucas either. Miriam apologizes, because she knows how much Vale loves Lucía, but she sure did have a lot of secrets.

As for Lucas, they’re still broken up, but they kissed last night. And then Lucía showed up, telling Vale “no,” and she dreamed that Lucía told her she could never be with Lucas. Miriam doesn’t approve of Vale making decisions on the word of…vague hand gesture.

Vale’s main concern is how she’s going to tell Tomás the truth.

Gabe meets the PI and gets a file of fake info on Santiago Whatsisface. And no, he and the PI are not even. Sounds like the PI is going to be at Gabe’s beck and call indefinitely.

Gabe hands the fake file over to Vale and once Tomás comes in, they break the news to him that his father is dead. Gabe reassures him that he still has Vale and he’s got Gabe and they’re here for him. He’s kind of stealing Vale’s thunder in the reassurance department and her face is not happy about it. She keeps yanking Tomás back from him to make her points and Gabe yanks him right back. Eventually Tomás hugs them both, but Vale’s still annoyed that Gabe’s head is in the way and she can’t put her head on top of Tomás’.

Casa Salma

Salma’s home and she wants to hear how everything when while she was away. Rod tells her about Nicolas going to his fútbol match before he turned himself in to the cops. The one thing he didn’t explain was why he left Rod in the first place. Salma says it’s grownup stuff. Rod doesn’t ask any more questions, but he would like to visit his dad in prison.

Salma calls Agustín, who was hoping she wanted to get back together, but no. She tells him about Rod’s insistence on a visit with his dad and Agustín says he’ll figure out how to get permission for him.

So is she back with Lucas? Salma says not yet. Blah blah blah, ratings.

It’s a living

Lucas comes over to Gabe’s. He wants to know everything about the guy Lucía left him for. Of course he doesn’t trust Gabe! Not since Gabe told him he’s interested in Vale. And Lucas doesn’t believe that’s true–he thinks Gabe is just trying to one-up him like he’s been trying to do ever since Lucas got cast as Martincito.

Ok, fine, Gabe admits Lucas always wins. But that’s over! This time Gabe is determined to win!

Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of one Estefanía Miller, the owner of a cosmetics company. She’s launching a new product and she’d like Lucas to be the face of this innovative new product…for dandruff. It’s a spray. Well, that’s innovative, I guess.

Lucas balks. He doesn’t think it would be good for his image. And he doesn’t have dandruff. Gabe reminds him of the time he tried that anti-dandruff shampoo that made his hair fall out. “I don’t have a hair loss problem!” Lucas screeches as he yanks on his hair and dislodges a few strands.

Estefanía and Gabe (and the money) talk him into it. He starts asking about his co-star for the commercial, but Estefanía has her all picked out. She wants to cast his fan and that’s non-negotiable.

Lucas tries to bargain for input on the script, but Gabe and Estefanía talk him out of that. Estefanía promises it’s going to be a script worthy of a star like Lucas.

Hello? Lucía?

Jessica brags to Vale about the fabulous night she had and how Diego was looking at her this morning. She’s sure he’s forgotten all about Adriana. He didn’t even want to go to work. Vale just sadly folds laundry.

When Jess finally notices, Vale tells her about the apparitions of Lucía. Well, Jess knows just how to deal with this!

She calls that estuche de monerías, Bob, over to do a séance. That’s right, Bob’s a hairstylist, a hypnotist, a medium, and he can cut through a tomato as easily as a tin can. Bob has excellent contact with el más allá (the beyond) and he can bring anyone to el más acá (the here…it’s a joke). Bob gets his crystals and his candles situated and his blue cape on and it’s time to séance.

Once again, Bob has a hard time concentrating because Jess and Vale are trying to have a conversation. Bob asks Lucía for a sign and hears crickets. He figures they’ll give her a minute. Maybe she’s busy.

Vale’s getting impatient. Suddenly, Bob sees her! He sees Lucía! No, not Vale’s Lucía, his cousin Lucía who died after a piano fell on her head. How’s it going prima?! Oh! And there’s Hugo! He’s…um…an old friend. Bob had no idea he’d died. Vale asks if he could possibly stop communing with his people and find Lucía already.

Bob just doesn’t understand why this isn’t working. It NEVER fails. He once contacted a cousin’s ex-boyfriend who was lost in the jungles of Africa. Vale’s sure that Lucía is just not showing up because she’s angry. Bob agrees–that must be it. Because no dead person ever ignores Bob’s calls!

Vale says they’ve got to go to work anyway. The director moved up some scenes.

Carlos and Carlos

Carlos Z comes over to the café and Miguel tries to act like his mom’s bouncer. Carlos insists Miguel doesn’t understand the depth of his relationship with Eloisa, blah blah blah.

Well, Miguel needs Carlos to understand that–Eloisa interrupts. Carlos Lopez is gone! Carlos Z couldn’t be happier, but Eloisa is worried after his previous suicide attempt. She insists they need to go out looking for him.

There’s no sign of Carlos Lopez anywhere. She can’t help worrying about him because he’s so alone. Carlos Z says he’s alone too.

Um, no, he has a wife. And she came to visit earlier, BTW. “What did she do? Did she insult you? Attack you? Put a spell on you? Bring you one of her paintings?!” She just said she was going to give him the divorce and there were going to be surprises.

Miguel comes out from behind the counter with two letters from Carlos Lopez. One for her and one for Carlos Z.


Adriana can’t stop thinking about Diego and her mom both insisting “nothing happened” (besides nudity, roaming hands, and sexual coercion). Diego lurks in the lobby, waiting for Adriana so he can ask how the opera was last night. He’s never really gotten into that kind of thing. Right, because according to his life philosophy he’s a burrito. He likes horror movies. Adriana doesn’t. Well, there you go–they’re from different worlds!

Adriana reminds him their parents don’t seem to think so. Diego is sure her dad will realize they are, eventually.

Benicio greets Miriam and he’s surprised she isn’t smiling at him. Miriam says it’s nothing–she just didn’t know he had a girlfriend. He can’t go around playing with the feelings of a young single woman like her who has such bad luck in love.

Benicio laughs. She’s so delightful! It’s too bad he didn’t meet her before he met Adriana.

Diego gets into the Elevator of Lust. So does Adriana. But she’s not following him. They both brag about their sleepless nights. The elevator jerks to a stop and the lights dim. Diego finds it romantic. I’m not sure Adriana does.


Estefanía gives Lucas a massage in his dressing room. She must really want to sell that anti-dandruff spray.

Vale comes in with Lucas’ juice and not-apologizes for interrupting. Lucas jumps up from the table and introduces Estefanía to Vale, his fan.

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3 years ago

Good call, Kat: “elevator of lust”. I really liked how they perked up the “Vale cannot be with Lucas because Lucía was her best friend ever plot” with the supernatural messages from Lucía. Very nice complication!