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Monday 11/28/16

No episode – Gran Final of Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraiso

Tuesday 11/29/16 #89

Lucha doesn’t like how drunk Andres sounded on the phone. She gets Jorge to call from his cell, but it’s the bartender who picks up. Andres is at the Hotel Madison–Manuel jokes that even when they get drunk rich people don’t lose their glamour. Lucha borrows the truck to go find him.

Trini hangs out at Benito’s, chugging beers since he’s somehow all out of whiskey. They talk about the wedding, of course, and agree that Majo probably called it off because she’s got a thing for Vicente. Trini hopes AJ doesn’t find out or there’s going to be a hecatombe (catastrophe). Benito proposes he distract her by taking her out to dance tango later.

No, AJ knows nothing about Majo and Vicente and Majo isn’t eager for him to find out. She has no idea what to do at this point, except that she’s sure she’s never going to see Andres again. Angie has bought AJ’s act and thinks Majo should get it over with and tell him about Vicente because look how “cool” he’s being about Jorge! She’s sure AJ will end up supporting Majo.

Alejandra comes over and Vicente finally ends their “special friendship.” He says he’s in love with someone else. Ale tells him not to call her when “the neighbor” rejects him–she’s nobody’s backup plan.

Trini leaves Benito a message accepting his invitation and gives Sara a very expensive dress to iron. And tells her it’s for a date with Benito. Anybody think that very expensive dress is going to survive the ironing?

Sara makes sure to rush down to Benito’s to try and flirt with him. When that doesn’t get her anywhere, she sarcastically wishes him luck with his date. Juanito’s impressed with Benito’s, erm, success? He wants to know the secret to having women fight over him. “Sex appeal.” Sure, Benito, you keep telling yourself that.

Angie and Jorge hang out at his house. They both make each other promise if they ever start having feelings for someone else, they’ll say something. And suddenly Jorge wonders if AJ knows about Majo and Vicente. Nope. He jokes that the tablero (board, game board) sure did change while AJ was away–from Majo to Lupita. Angie includes her mom and Trini.

Dom’s been reading human parenting books and he’s bored. Poncho comes home and Stella ignores him. He asks about “renting” the house so he can have Génesis over and have some privacy. Now he’s got her attention–no way does Stella want him shagging Génesis in her house!

Poncho claims it’s just dinner and then he’s taking her home early. Gosh, Stella acts like they’re married. That gets Stella to back off. She agrees she, Dom, and Javito will leave the house, but only until seven. And when she gets back she’d better not find any evidence of hanky panky!

I find it hard to believe that with her wedding scheduled for earlier today Majo has any stray brows to pluck. Maybe she’s just bored. She interrupts her tweezing to send cute texts back and forth with Vicente. He calls and she tells him to warn her first! She’s adamant her dad can’t know about them.

So of course, he walks into her room and she rushes to hang up the phone. He thinks she’s going to need to call Andres soon, but Majo’s worried he’ll be really angry, especially after all the other crap she pulled. Oops, that’s right, AJ missed most of that. The only part she can get away with telling him is that she lied to Andres about still living in Coral Gables when they first moved. AJ doesn’t think that’s so bad. Anyway, he suggests she stay away from her friends for a while so they won’t talk about her so much, and also out of respect for Andres. Uh huh.

So much for Poncho’s big romantic afternoon. He’s got the house lit up with candles, but Génesis won’t let go of her giant purse and she brought over a movie about El Supremo that she really wants to watch. When she finally notices Poncho’s not interested in the movie, he admits he was hoping they could…do stuff. And once he promises no one’s going to interrupt them and they can come back and watch the rest of the movie after, she’s on board.

AJ does that thing again where he prays before dinner, but it’s really about pressuring Chivis into staying together. He continues the “togetherness” talk during dinner and he’s got Majo and Lupita on his side. Even Sara joins in.

She also mentions the dress and Angie has noticed that Trini’s wearing perfume and makeup. Angie and Lupita tease Trini about who she’s going out with, because it sure doesn’t seem like it’s an “amiga.”

Lucha gets to the Hotel Madison bar where Andres is so drunk he can’t even stand. He’s been there all day drinking, but he swears he ate…his wedding ring. Yeah, that’s not going to cut it. Lucha suggests they order some food because the bartender’s looking at him like he’s not going to pay his bill.

Andres flips out and starts screaming and sobbing that he IS going to pay, because he’s HONEST and he’s RICH. And yeah, there was that one time he stole some gum when he was a kid…but he gave it back the next day because he felt so awful about it. He’s such a coward. Is that why Majo didn’t marry him? Because he’s a coward?

Lucha says that’s not it. She gets the bartender to bring him water instead of another tequila. Andres cries about how much he loved Majo and asks why the people you love the most are the people who hurt you the most. Lucha would love to know the answer to that. But she’s glad Majo didn’t marry Andres, because she doesn’t love him and he deserves better.

He’s angry she waited so long to tell him. He wants to know the truth about something–did Majo leave him because she’s in love with Vicente?

Wednesday 11/30/16 #90

Andres is really stuck on wanting to “know” what happened. Like that’s going to change anything. He’s sure all his friends feel sorry for him. He cries on Lucía’s shoulder while she keeps comforting him and he falls asleep. Lucha says Majo not marrying him is the best thing Majo’s ever done. And then she tells God she owes him one.

Lucha lets Andres nap for a while, then wakes him up with a glass of water to the face. She struggles to hold him upright while she gets the check. And it’s quite a check. Lucía apologizes to the bartender, but she only has enough to pay the bill–she’ll have to owe him a tip.

She gets Andres out to the truck, where he promptly falls asleep again. Lucha texts Manuel to tell him she’s not coming home tonight. She doesn’t want to leave Andres alone and he can’t go home like this. Manuel is worried that Lucha’s going to get hurt. She promises she’ll be fine. And yes, she’ll take care of his truck.

We already saw last episode that Sara turned the iron up on high and just left it sitting on Trini’s dress. Now she finally presents it to her, claiming that AJ asked for a coffee and when she turned back around…oops! She didn’t even settle for just burning it, she let the iron burn straight through it, leaving a huge hole.

Trini’s screams bring AJ and Chivis running, thinking something serious had happened. Instead it’s just Trini whining that Sara has it in for her on account of Benito and Sara feigning innocence. AJ’s enjoying the entertainment and teasing Trini that she really IS going out with Benito, huh? Chivis sends Sara to get back to work and tries to get Trini to back off. Instead Trini says Chivis is going to have to choose between them.

Angie and Lupita hear all the fuss and come over as Trini’s flouncing off to her room. Angie agrees she’s got it bad for Don Beni. Lupita casually says they’re all going to end up with novios from the barrio and Chivis looks over at AJ’s angry face.

The production continues, as Trini still needs a dress to wear. She refuses to admit she has a thing for Benito and she won’t shut up about Sara.

Lupita scandalizes her mom, asking if Trini and Benito are “friends with benefits.” When Trini comes in and shows off the outfit she picked, Lupita asks if she’s planning on coming home tonight. Ah, these kids grow up so fast.

Poncho. Génesis. Bedroom. He puts so much pressure on her for sex, and in the end he’s the one unable to perform.

Dom and Stella get back to the house and find Poncho and Génesis asleep in his room. Stella and Dom starts interrogating Génesis about why they needed to come upstairs in the first place. Poncho just snores through the conversation. They all walk out so Stella can drive Génesis home. Poncho keeps on sleeping.

Stella gives Génesis some “friendly” advice about avoiding any hint of, erm, impropriety with Poncho. She wouldn’t want her dad to find out they were alone in his room. And also they have a house rule about how often they can have guests and Poncho’s way over. And Poncho’s already married with three kids.

Manuel interrupts Angie and Jorge kissing on his couch and updates them on Lucha. She’s dealing with a very drunk Andres. Jorge hopes he doesn’t find out about Majo showing up at their house in her wedding dress. Angie shushes him–her dad can’t find out either! Manuel asks why her dad can’t know about Vicente. Angie awkwardly explains it’s one thing for Majo to call off the wedding because she doesn’t love Andres and another for her to call it off because she’s in love with Vicente and she was seeing him while she was engaged. Manuel thanks her for the explanation, but he doesn’t seem convinced.

Jorge walks Angie home and AJ starts in on his stupid non-jokes about how they’re never apart and Angie’s behaving herself, right? Angie asks where everyone is and AJ says Lupita and Majo are upstairs, Trini’s out with Benito, and Chivis went over to Andres’ because his parents can’t find him.

Thinking he’s being helpful, Jorge says his sister’s with Andres and she’s going to keep an eye on him tonight. Because they’re friends. AJ’s confused–his daughter’s ex-fiancée is with Jorge’s sister? What is he missing here?

Angie tries to say they’ve “all” become friends since they moved there. And Lucha just wasn’t at the wedding because Majo doesn’t like her that much. And besides, she doesn’t like going out. And they probably shouldn’t mention to Majo that Andres isn’t doing so well. No reason to make her feel guilty.

AJ agrees and pretends he’s going off to the kitchen, but he hides behind the fridge to eavesdrop. Angie scolds Jorge for not being more careful around her dad. He needs to remember that AJ has no idea how much happened while he was gone. Jorge pouts and begs her to forgive him.

Tango bar. I would’ve been happy to just watch the dancing. I know Trini’s going to screw this up somehow. Benito’s a regular, so he’s got a favorite table and someone brings them glasses of wine on the house. She alllllmost starts complaining about Sara ruining the dress she wanted to wear…I can feel it coming…but she backs off.

Benito asks her to dance and Trini is an enthusiastic tango-er, if nothing else. Benito even convinces her to show him how to dance “cheek to cheek” like they did at her coming out party.

I’ll have to give it to Trini–this time it wasn’t her who screwed up a nice moment. Instead it’s Sara who ruins it by invading the tango bar and screaming at the two of them like she busted them cheating on her.

Thursday 12/01/16 #91

She may not have started the fight, but Trini continues arguing with Sara and ends up running out of the bar while Benito tries to hold Sara back. He turns around before he leaves and you can tell by the look on his face that he knows he can never come back to this bar.

Trini gets home with her dress ripped and Angie has to get her to calm down enough to explain what happened. Yes, dear, bring your grandmother a whiskey–you know water’s not going to cut it.

Poncho doesn’t want to tell Stella whether he kept his promise not to have sex with Genesis under her roof. And he’s definitely not going to tell her once gets the text from Génesis asking why he didn’t tell her he was married with three kids.

Stella blames Jennifer. And besides, she thinks Poncho is better off staying away from Génesis. Plus, Génesis was really rude to her in the car. She said if Poncho didn’t marry her she was going to do everything possible to make sure Poncho spends the rest of his life alone. All she’s interested in is getting married. He’d better not say later that she didn’t warn him!

Stella goes upstairs and Dom whispers to Poncho that Stella is totally jealous.

Balcony time. The topic of the day is the wedding that wasn’t. Manuel thinks it’s good they broke it off before Majo got stuck in a loveless marriage. And who does that anymore? Plus, Andres should have noticed something wasn’t right. He adores Majo? Well, that’s definitely not a good sign. It’s too idealized.

See, that’s why he loves Chivis and finds her delightful, but he knows she’s not perfect. Her imperfections include: her husband, her social class, and she never wears miniskirts.

Chivis wonders if the problems are ever going to end. Manuel says he and the moon are both rooting for her, telling her to just keep going and they’ll be there for her. And then AJ comes outside and ruins the moment.

He makes a snide insinuation about Lucha consoling Andres and Manuel says they’re friends and Andres had a few too many drinks. It’s called “solidarity” and it doesn’t cost anything.

Chivis gets rid of AJ and rushes back out to the balcony to wish Manuel a good night and blow him a kiss. She comes back in, basking in the glow of Manuel’s mushiness.

Once again someone screws up her chill vibe–this time it’s Trini with her story about the tango bar incident. Trini wants Sara fired. Chivis is willing to do that, but she doesn’t want to go to the police. Trini complains that her relationship with Benito is only friendship! (Oh, whatever, Trini.)

Vicente wakes Majo up with a text. She gets dressed and runs downstairs to sneak out and meet him.

Somehow Majo snuck past Trini, still awake, in the bathroom, fussing over all the alleged damage Sara did to her delicate person. Or maybe Majo didn’t have to sneak because Trini’s being so LOUD. She talks to Benito and complains about Sara while I tune her out.

Majo meets Vicente in the van, but she’s not sure if she wants to go anywhere. Having her dad in the house makes it harder for her to get away like this. Vicente says it’s her decision not to tell him, but if he accepted Jorge, why wouldn’t he accept him?

OK, Majo just snuck out five minutes ago and the entire downstairs was dark, but upstairs not only is Trini still awake, so is AJ. And every light upstairs is on. So how exactly did Majo get past them? Chivis is still awake too and AJ wants her to have wine with him in Trini’s room. She turns down the wine and listens to AJ verbally pat himself on the back for saving the day.

Majo explains she can’t very well introduce her boyfriend to her dad the day after she didn’t get married. Not that Vicente ever asked her to be his girlfriend. He gets a text from Alejandra, talking about how they can slow things down if he wants. From his shifty attitude Majo can tell that text wasn’t “nothing.” He admits it’s from someone he met when she got back together with Andres, but, um, he’s not going to sleep with her again. Which means he did before.

AJ wants to be “up front” with Chivis and tell her he’s working on a deal that will set them up for life. Not that he wants to give her details until it’s closer to being done. But when it goes through, he’ll be able to get them all out of here forever. Once they’re back to their old economic status she’s not going to want to keep living there, much less with the girls…right?

Look, if AJ comes into some money, Chivis thinks he’d best spend it on a lawyer. Whether she leaves here or not, that’s going to be HER decision. She’s not leaving just because he says so.

Vicente won’t really say whether he slept with Ale or not. Majo doesn’t think she can take this attitude from him. If he wants to be with her, he’d better not so much as look at another woman as of yesterday! Vicente swears he only has eyes for her. His over-the-top assurances get Majo laughing.

AJ tries to make this about the girls, about the life they deserve and about how he thinks he has the right to make that decision. Chivis says right now, this IS where they belong, thanks to his mistakes. So far his big “deal” doesn’t even exist yet, so he’d better not go blabbing about it to the girls because she doesn’t want him disappointing them again. And his deal had better be legit, because getting himself thrown in jail for the rest of his life would destroy them. She begs him not to play with their lives again.

Majo takes Vicente’s cell phone and writes a breakup text to Alejandra. He’s with the love of his life now and he never wants to see her again and her hair always smelled a little funny. And now that she’s crushed Ale’s hopes, she thinks she’d better head back inside. (Uh, not while everyone’s awake!) He begs her to stay a little longer and lures her in with kisses.

Majo sneaks back in and gets busted by AJ. He doesn’t push too hard about her saying she was out getting some air and this neighborhood is completely safe with zero crime (except for those guys who broke into the bakery that one time). Instead he moves on to his feeling that something is missing from the story of Majo and Andres. Was there, perhaps…a third party? Majo denies it vehemently and says she’s going upstairs so the bags under her eyes don’t get halfway down her face.

Andres and Lucha spent the night in the truck. She tries to convince him he got frisky in the middle of the night, but no, he just slept like a rock. She invites him out for breakfast, her treat.

In between cleaning Javito’s cage and feeding him, Poncho tells Stella he’s doing his own investigating into the matter of who told Génesis he was married. Stella again tries to convince him he’s better off without Génesis.

AJ comes into Benito’s looking for some whole wheat bread. Marge thinks a guava pastry might help the embarrassment go down easier. You know, the embarrassment of having Majo leave Andres at the altar and come running to see Vicente in her wedding dress. Oh, did he not know Majo left Andres for Vicente? She traded in caviar for chicken. Marge clucks like a chicken, waiting for AJ to process this chisme.

Friday 12/02/16 #92

Hey, Marge is just trying to be nice, you know, and not let people go gossiping about his daughter behind his back. AJ tries to intimidate her into shutting up, but Marge doesn’t care. Should she put the bread on the account like she does for the rest of the family or is he actually going to pay? AJ imitates her, telling her to put it on the account. Marge quips that he’s sooooo nice–she can see where the others get it from.

Chivis rushes into Manuel’s office and grabs him. She’s freaking out over AJ and this alleged business deal that’s going to give him the money to drag them all back into their old life. Plus, this being AJ, she’s worried about what else he’s planning. As much as she doesn’t want to go, she thinks the girls will. She gets lots of reassuring hugs and smooches from Manuel.

He thinks Chivis is going to have to just tell AJ they’re in love. And if she won’t do it, then he volunteers. No, no, Chivis will tell him.

They get onto a tangent about Manuel being kind of a jerk not to want to think about Chivis with anyone else when he’s probably had tons of girlfriends. The point being for him to say Chivis is the woman he’s had the best night of his life with.

Now they’re back to talking about how Chivis is afraid to tell AJ the truth and she doesn’t want Manuel to let her leave. He promises he won’t–his heart would stop beating without her.

Trini and Angie are worried about AJ finding out that Majo left Andres at the altar for Vicente. Trini tries to make it sound like it’s only all the OTHER women in this house who are into the guys from the barrio, but Angie calls her on it.

AJ sits Majo down for a talk. Once her pre-emptive attempts to convince him she’s just too distraught to talk about the non-wedding are out of the way he asks her if Vicente had anything to do with the wedding not taking place. Because he heard she went over to Vicente’s in her wedding dress.

Majo has a fabulous story to explain that. See, there were no pockets in her wedding dress, right? So she couldn’t get into the house when she got home. So she went over to the neighbors’ and they were sooooo nice–they let her jump their fence. Yep, in the wedding dress.

But when they got home from the church she wasn’t there.

Riiiiiight…because after she sat around for a while she thought she should go over and thank them for their help. Which she did. But she took her keys this time.

AJ keeps asking if that’s the whole story and Majo throws a tantrum about how no one believes her and she’s tired of this gossipy barrio! AJ reminds her she still needs to give Andres an explanation. And she doesn’t need to worry about the barrio–he’ll have them out of here soon enough.

Pedrito practices giving a presentation about the solar system in front of Lupita. According to his presentation, “old people” think Pluto is a planet. (What can I say, stopping at Neptune is never going to look right to me. Old people, represent!)

Lupita applauds him for not getting nervous and reminds him other people in the class probably have way bigger stuff going on, like Majo. They review the theories about why Majo didn’t get married: Andres is already married and has another family, or Majo was in love with someone else. Anyway, they both warn each other not to pull a fast one when it’s their turn. And also they’re going to Paris for the honeymoon.

Benito comes over with fresh pastries for Trini. He told Sara he never wants to see her again. He’d like them to forget this whole incident and be friends again. Trini agrees. Friends. (Riiiiight.)

Poncho gets Génesis to at least listen for five minutes while he swears he doesn’t have a wife and kids. She admits Stella’s the one who told her, but she accepts Poncho’s explanation that Stella’s in love with him and doesn’t want them to be together. The problem now is that Don Jonas saw Génesis crying and heard the story and he’s not going to be as forgiving.

Roberto has had his lawyers review the contract and AJ’s plans and it all looks good to them. In gratitude, Roberto’s going to loan AJ a car and Esteban.

Majo and Vicente are having a steamy snog in his kitchen. Majo warns him that the gossip about them has gotten to her dad and they might have to be more careful about seeing each other…or maybe even cool it for a while. They don’t really agree on anything because Vicente’s too busy flirting and Majo’s too busy thinking he’s cute.

Lucha teases him later about all the cheesy stuff he said. Oh yeah, she heard. For all their picking on each other’s choice of partner, they do have to admit that it’s good for them that Majo and Andres didn’t get married.

Benji shows up at the panaderia to remind Marge she owes him and he plans to collect. Last I remember, he wanted her to tell Angie she tricked him into leaving the incriminating message, but like Marge says–it’s way too late for that to get him anywhere. He warns her to be careful or something might happen to Don Benito.

Andres calls Lucha. He’s drunk again. And bitter. This time it’s not just about Majo–it’s about how he always studied so much when he could have been having a good time and how he was so young when he started university and how there are a ton of doctors in his family already. He wants Lucha to come join him, but she hasn’t given up on studying yet and she can’t handle another all-nighter. She offers to send him an Uber if he texts her the address.

Poncho goes home and tells Stella and Dom he found out Stella’s the one who fed Génesis the story about him being married. He’s refusing to have anything more than a landlord-renter relationship with Stella anymore. Before he can go upstairs to sulk, there’s a knock at the door and he’s completely confused when he opens it and AJ is standing there. He came to take Stella up on her invitation to talk, since she had so many things to tell him.

Stella throws Dom and Poncho out so she can talk to AJ alone. He doesn’t even have to ask anything before she’s volunteering information. As soon as he says he had a family situation yesterday Stella says she heard, and it’s too bad about the non-wedding, but Majo was always in love with Vicente.

Right. Well. That’s not what he came here to talk about so…. Stella takes a long time to get to her point, which is that Manuel broke up with her because he’s in love with Chivis. But why is AJ looking confused?

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