La Fan Monday 2/27/17 #30


Is Estefanía sabotaging her own efforts or what? As far as she knows, Vale’s dating Lucas and she keeps draping herself all over him, she calls Vale “tontica” (a little stupid), she argues that her products are “costly” not “expensive,” and then she wants to talk to Vale about advertising her products.

Vale’s not interested, but Estefanía sure as hell is. She’s done her research and without Vale, Lucas is useless to her. He complains that he has an extensive career! He’s done 25 telenovelas! And movies! Vale though it was just that one where he did the voice of the pig.

Estefanía says sometimes there are more benefits to someone being popular than having a long career. And right now Vale is very popular. He makes a face. (Yeah, this relationship is going nowhere if he’s going to get upset every time someone brings up Vale’s popularity.)

Salma runs into Gabe, all excited that Estefanía Miller is in the studio! She loves her products! Gabe ekes the info out to her one tiny bit at a time. She’s probably in Lucas’ dressing room…finalizing the details about her campaign…she’s already chosen a model…it’s Vale.

Estefanía stops to talk to Gabe on her way out. She’s all set with Lucas, but Vale’s going to take convincing. And yes, it HAS to be Vale. Lucas doesn’t “sell” without her. She’s…intrigued? bothered? by how…different Vale is from the kind of woman she imagines would attract Lucas. It’s too bad he’s with her, because she really likes him. She’s been a fan of his novelas forever. Gabe agrees, it’s too bad–Lucas already has his own personal fan.

Lucas thinks Vale was getting jealous, though she denies it. He wishes he knew what their relationship is now. Vale’s still determined not to date him because it would be a betrayal of Lucía. As far as Lucas is concerned, Lucía’s the one who betrayed him. So now Vale has decided that it must have been because Lucas did something terrible (well, at least she’s on the right track, Gabe did make her think so). She begs him to quit saying that he loved Lucía because that’s just making it worse!

Vale changes the subject to the anti-dandruff spray. How does it work? She starts to spray some on her hair, but Lucas is standing right behind her and the spray goes into his eyes. When he recovers from the initial shock and pain, he can’t see. His eyes are burning, he can’t see, water doesn’t help and now he’s all wet, Vale blowing in his eyes to help dry him off makes the burn worse, then she steps on him, what if he can never see again? She blinded him!

Salma and Gabe come in, hearing the screams (finally) and Lucas blames it all on Vale. Salma feeds his panic, screaming for someone to call a doctor. Gabe’s not budging because he’s sure it will pass. Vale explains what happened and tries to get Lucas to forgive her. He keeps mistaking Vale and Salma for each other. Salma tries to slap Vale, but she gets Lucas by mistake. He’s so messed up he cradles the wrong side of his face. And Gabe just looks at the camera in utter disbelief that he has to work with these people.

On the set, Jess works on Agustín’s makeup while she tells him about the Lucas Locas. She excuses herself to send Diego a text, then continues blabbing to him about Vale and Lucas. Auggie takes this info and calls a friend who works for a magazine. (Damn, he sure does have All The Friends, doesn’t he?)

Lucas is starting to see lights again. No, Salma, not The Light. Lucas whines at everybody to pay attention to HIM. HE’S the PROTAGONISTA in this situation! Gabe looks at the camera and mouths “Again?”

Justin walks into the room and he doesn’t care about Lucas’ somewhat red eyes or his vision problems, they’ve already been waiting half an hour for him and he’s going to get out there and film. Jose Gerardo will be wearing dark glasses today. Justin steers Lucas in front of him and asks Gabe to join the back of the train.

That leaves Salma to accuse Vale of spraying Lucas in the eyes with anti-dandruff spray in retaliation for the hot night of passion Salma and Lucas had at the beach. Vale insists it was an accident. She didn’t even know they were together and she doesn’t care. It’s over with Lucas!

Justin interrupts to fetch Salma and then stares at Vale until she gets going too. He takes a moment to check his look in the mirror.

At last, filming is done for the day. Lucas can’t let Vale leave, though. He needs help picking an outfit for Estefanía’s ad. Vale agrees–if he needs assistance, she’ll assist. But first she wants to know if it’s true he shagged Salma at the beach.

Lucas whips off the sunglasses and admits that it’s true. Did I say “admits”? He BRAGS about it. Although there’s an underlying tone of insecurity as he tells her she keeps rejecting him and hey, women want his bod, so he’s not fixin’ to be celibate. Vale agrees he can sleep with whoever he wants to. Lucas’ face: “But I want youuuuuu!”

Next, she broaches the subject of the press. How do they handle their breakup? It could be disastrous for the novela. Lucas says he doesn’t care. Does she think she’s THAT important? Because he doesn’t. (*facepalm*)

Agustín’s friend got permission for Rodrigo to visit Nicolas in prison. Salma thanks him for that.

Auggie warns her again that Lucas is going to break her heard because he’s far too much of a narcissist to be able to love anyone but himself.

The office where nobody works

In the Elevator of Lust, Adriana does not appear to do well with dark and/or enclosed spaces. Diego tries to get Adriana to calm down. He tries to encourage her to take deep breaths, but nope. And she does not want him near her, so that other thing he might want to try isn’t happening either.

Benicio wants to be “friends” with Miriam, which is code for “Flirt with you and get your hopes up even though I’m dating someone else.” He gets the call about a busted transformer and Miriam suggests calling Diego.

Adriana’s sweaty and anxious and Diego’s enjoying the view. He tries to get her to tell him about her relationship with Benito, but it’s not like the two of them are BFFs, so why would she? The lights snap on at last and she calms down. The doors open…and there’s Felicitas. So much for calm!

In Adriana’s office, Feli insists the three of them need to talk. She’s willing to give up Diego for Adriana. Diego’s all “Excuse you, we don’t have a thing!” Feli keeps getting affronted at him calling her “señora” then she settles for “la señora” instead of “esta señora.” Adriana keeps pretending she doesn’t care. Diego finally declares it all “too much” and walks out.

Diego gets the “hey, babe, missed you” text from Jess. Miriam looks over his shoulder to read his phone before greeting him. And hey, what’s the deal with Benicio and Adriana? Diego says he doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Oh, that’s right, because he’s dating Jess, who is the best ever and he can’t even look at another woman, right?

Adriana has nothing to discuss with her mother. And besides, she’s with Benicio now. Feli warns her it better stay that way. Follow this twisted logic…Eloisa and Carlos’ affair is what made Felicitas the way she is, so since Diego is Eloisa’s son Adriana should never go near him again. Felicitas really thinks she’s the victim in all of this. Much like Adriana, I sigh and close my eyes.

Adriana tries asking Diego for information, but he doesn’t know any more than she does about the past. He stays out of his mother’s life. He knows right now, they’re very enamored of each other. Diego and Adriana literally dance around each other as they discuss it. Diego’s parting shot is that they’re going to be siblings soon. He grins innocently as he walks away.

So the transformer blowout affected the elevator itself, but not the security cameras? Benito’s got a pet security guy who’s been watching Adriana (skeevy!) and brings him in to watch the tape of Adriana and Diego in the elevator. Benito doesn’t want it erased. He has another idea.


Eloisa is stalling about opening the letters from Carlos Lopez. Carlos Z swipes his and starts reading. Carlos Lopez sends him no respects, but asks him to take care of Eloisa not lie to her “blah, blah, blah….” No indication of whether he’s dead or alive.

Eloisa opens her letter and shoots them both a panicked look while the music backs her up with a “DUN DUN DUN!”

When she FINALLY stops catastrophizing and gets around to reading it, it’s just goodbye and be careful with Carlos Z. There’s still no indication of whether he’s dead or alive. I can’t bring myself to be that concerned.

The problem is, Elo’s not going to quit freaking out until she knows for sure. Carlos tried calling a friend in the police, but so far there’s no word on a Carlos Lopez. (Well, that’s a good thing, right?)

Eloisa won’t stop thinking of all the various ways Carlos could have committed suicide. My favorite was drowning and being eaten by fish. I mean favorite in the sense of most ridiculous because fish don’t eat people. Unless he hopped a plane and he’s in the Amazon throwing himself in a river and being eaten by piranhas.

Carlos Z can’t convince Elo to let it go and talk about their relationship. She suggests he deal with his wife, who’s definitely alive and stirring up trouble. Carlos takes back the hankie she’s been using to dab her eyes and blow her nose to dabs at his own eyes and blow his nose.

After Carlos is gone, Miguel is on again about him not being trustworthy. Elo says she loves him. “More than my dad?” She says his father was the big love of her life…was the big love of her life. Eek…so many potential meanings. And if Miguel is this pissed at Carlos for being a liar, I don’t even want to think how he’s going to behave when he finds out Elo lied too.


Lucas and Vale are walking along, mutually disgruntled, when the press approaches. They’ve heard rumors of a breakup. Lucas answers them by kissing Vale. She stands there looking stunned as the questions continue–after all there’s been no more talk about the wedding. Lucas says they’re taking it slow. They want one more kiss and Lucas obliges. At least this time Vale remembers to smile after.

Since Lucas can’t drive, Vale’s driving him–in his car–to the fashion house that’s going to dress him for this ad. Vale wants to talk–she’s uncomfortable with lying and he just kissed her twice. Lucía’s not going to like it. And of course she’s going to find out, because she’s dead and therefore sees all, DUH! Plus, Salma’s going to find out and she definitely won’t be happy.

Lucas offers to call the press tell them it’s all fake and who cares what happens to the novela and his career. No, Vale doesn’t want that either. After all, she is his fan…and she’s driving his car!

Zubizarretas and Castros

Diego gets back to the café, where Miguel shares his theory that maaaaaaaybe their mom cheated on their dad? Nah. Diego doesn’t buy it. He just doesn’t want to be part of that family. “Because of the mother or the daughter?” “Both.” Miguel grabs a couple of beers from the fridge and they toast to that.

Carlos tells Felicitas to stay away from Eloisa. Ha! Good luck with that. He asks what she meant about “surprises” and she tells him to ask Eloisa. He told her the truth, now it’s time for her to tell him her truth.

Carlos Lopez called. He’s not dead–he’s at his aunt’s house and he’s never coming back. Now that she feels better, Miguel would like to hear the whole story of her relationship with Carlos Z. So would Carlos, who just showed up.

Benicio comes over to Adriana’s to be rude to Natalia and whine at Adriana about how she tells him to slow it down, but she undresses for Diego. He shows her the surveillance footage. (Um, no, that was not “undressing” that was at panicked attempt to breathe.)

Diego just had dinner, courtesy of Jess. She wants to ask him a bunch of questions, but she’s not waiting for the answers–long engagement or short? Vacation: beach or mountains? Staying together on the weekends? How many kids?

He sees a wedding magazine on her kitchen table and tells her he doesn’t want to get married.

Casa Vale

Tomás is still thinking about his dad and he’d like to visit his grave and bring some flowers. Vale promises they’ll go to Mexico sometime and do that.

He notices her mood and Vale says she and Lucas broke up. He assumes Lucas did something, but he’s happy about it in any case. Now she can date someone else!

On cue, Gabe arrives with Italian food. Tomás gives him the good news and asks if Gabe’s interested in Vale. Like, totes, dude!

Vale complains to Gabe about the scene outside the studio earlier. Gabe and Tomás both think it’s about time everyone found out she and Lucas broke up so she can stop faking. Vale wouldn’t dream of screwing up the novela or Lucas’ career. She got into this in the first place because she’s his fan.

Gabe says that’s too bad, then, she’ll have to keep lying. But she should be careful–Lucas can hurt her.

Vale decides to head over to his place and resolve this once and for all.

Casa Lucas

The man himself welcomes a champagne-toting Estefanía. She stops him from going upstairs to get out of his robe and put some actual clothes on. While he pours champagne, she asks about his relationship with Vale and Lucas says they’re having a bit of a crisis. Estefanía toasts to that…and the anti-dandruff spray…and love.

They’re mid-snog when BOTH Vale and Salma show up. Vale was hesitating about ringing the doorbell, but Salma has a key and she’s not afraid to use it. They walk in and call for Lucas at the same time.

OK, now I really think Estefanía’s trying to tank her ad campaign–she emerges from behind the giant translucent Lucas image wearing only her underwear and faux-apologizes to Salma and Vale.

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Visita/ Guest

Wow! Kat, you sure have an eye for details: the shared hankie between Eloísa and Carlos. Very funny and sort of disgusting at the same time! I missed that.

So much happens in these episodes. There is too much to like. I think my FAVORITE for this episode was the “blind” Lucas.

(NEUTRAL)At least Diego told Jessica they weren’t getting married.

I DISLIKED Vale discussing terminating her “Lucas noviazgo” with Gabriel (he sure insinuated himself into that household asap). I even disliked it MORE that she discussed it in front of/with Tomás. Boundaries, anybody?

Visita/ Guest

Gracias, Jarifa! Yeah, she’s letting Tomas be pretty rude, not just to Lucas (which doesn’t bother me a ton…though I guess that’s not right either) but to her. She’s made a decision about who she does/doesn’t want to be with and I think he’s approaching the age where he should be able to understand that it’s her choice and not try to tell her what to do. Unless he wants Vale picking out his girlfriends in a few years.