Amar es Primavera Tuesday 2/28/17 #16

Shoot prep

Surprisingly, Onem tells Monika that neither Derin nor Öykü will let her down. After the call, she has Ezra get the details about the shoot for Monika’s catalog.

Öykü and Ayaz are supposed to be scouting locations, but she’s mostly taking a trip down memory lane. Yes, she was a nerd and a classroom monitor. She momentarily questions what all that studying got her, but she shrugs it off, saying those were good times…except graduation day. Is this story going to involve Seyma? The bell rings and she doesn’t tell him.

They go into a classroom and start goofing off. Ayaz is the teacher and Öykü is the bored student. He throws chalk at her as Derin gets there. Ayaz tries to draw him in by asking a history question, which Derin answers correctly. He still wants to know what Ayaz is doing there. Ayaz explains the deal with the principal and Derin’s face never changes. Öykü suggests they give Derin a tour of the school.

Ayaz is cramping Derin’s style, insisting Derin has to get his permission for any sets. Öykü tries to distract them by taking them to the indoor basketball court. Derin challenges him to some 1-on-1, loser leaves. Considering they both need to be here, this is stupid, but at least Derin’s showing a little personality instead of just staring?

They play to 10 and Ayaz gets their first. There is an ugly look on Derin’s face. He angrily picks up his stuff to leave and tells Öykü he’ll see her tomorrow early–the models will be there around mid-day. Öykü scolds Ayaz for making his last shot so difficult instead of shooting from closer like a “normal” person.

Öykü and Ayaz hang out on the basketball court and he asks what happened on graduation day. She tells him she didn’t go to the graduation ceremony. They were on their way, but her mom was acting weird and Öykü insisted on knowing why. She’d heard Öykü’s dad was getting re-married that day. They ended up staying home and Öykü cried all night. (OK, I was wrong. It wasn’t Seyma. For once.)


Mete calls Seyma from the car. She listens to his worried voice and gives him the address.

When he gets there, the desk clerk definitely thinks he’s Seyma’s client. He snickers as he tells him how to get to Seyma’s room.

Mete tries to beg Seyma to come back with him, but she’s hell-bent on pushing him away. She accuses him of only being there because he’s afraid she’ll kill herself and he doesn’t want that on his conscience. She throws him out, telling him she’s the one who feels sorry for him.

Gizem catches Mete to beg him not to take the “boyfriend” thing too seriously–she already told Mete about him, about how much he cheated on her and then wouldn’t let her leave. He’s known her since university, he knows she’s not like that.

Mete’s all “whatever.” I guess it’s only Seyma he gives the benefit of the doubt.


Öykü and Ayaz arrive to find Derin already waiting, with the models, makeup artists, and the principal. She pointedly tells Ayaz that he’d better keep an eye on things…this after Derin had already complained about him being there. Öykü goes to start setting up, taking the models with her. Ayaz tells grumpy Derin he has stuff to do so, behave, he trusts him. (Much like Seyma, I assume any kindness is only going to piss Derin off further. Although, Ayaz was being a bit of a smartass.)

One of the stylists talks to somebody on the phone and says she’s ready to spring into action. This apparently consists of nodding along when Öykü complains the designs are boring and asks for scissors. (Excuse you! This is not how things work! And you were not hired as a designer!)

Ayaz has Ilker and Emre come to the school. Emre’s not happy about being back here since he barely made it out in the first place. (Thank you for the counterpoint!) The writers are getting sloppy–suddenly Emre and Ilker are talking like they went to school together and Emre was there for the saga of Ilker and his geometry teacher and the note he wrote professing his love that got some other guy sent to the principal’s office.

Emre wonders if they’re here to decorate something again. “You should really hire a company to do that.” (Guys! You ARE the company! Don’t mess up my business plans here!) Yep, Ayaz needs some decorating done. Emre’s supposed to call all of Öykü’s friends and her teachers.

Those dresses don’t in any way resemble what Monika designed and Derin doesn’t say a word about it, just takes the shots Öykü sets up. Afterwards he heaps praise on her for setting everything up.

Out in the hallway the stylist calls…Onem. She brags that all she had to do was hand Öykü the scissors and she sabotaged herself. Onem can’t believe she changed the dresses–how ignorant!


The doors in that hotel don’t lock. The manager come in, wanting Seyma to pay up already. She’s stalling and kicks him out of her room.

Seyma calls every contact she has to ask for either money or a place to stay. No one’s coming through…but she hears about the thing at school tonight that she isn’t invited to.

Mete’s moping and not talking to Burcu.He accidentally dials Seyma and when she picks up she feels awful enough to admit it. Mete’s on his way over.

The hotel manager comes back, asking if her client from the other day didn’t pay up. He’s willing to take his payment out in trade–whether she agrees or not. Mete arrives in time to pull him away from Seyma and beat him.

They end up walking out in the rain. Mete offers to go stay at Ayaz’s or someplace else and she can stay in his house and get her life back together. Seyma complains that nobody she called today even seemed to remember her. They’re all getting on with their lives and she doesn’t know what to do with her life. She wonders if anyone would even show up for her funeral if she died.

He tells her just because they’re not together doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her. She just keeps whining that she doesn’t have single friend. Öykü was her only friend, but she’s lost her. Mete is sure she’ll forgive Seyma once she finds out everything she’s done. She just needs to go apologize.

Gizem complains to Burcu that Mete thinks the worst of her. Burcu’s not going to let things continue like this (or so she thinks).


The boys have everything set up and Ayaz hands Öykü a garment bag and tells her to put on what’s inside and do her hair and makeup.

Seyma shows up at the school while Öykü’s getting ready and tries to make small talk. Then she tries to apologize again. Öykü won’t accept–Seyma messed with her family. There’s no going back now. She’s sure Seyma’s working some angle. If she wants to prove she isn’t, then she needs to go away.

Seyma gives her a malicious smile and says it’s Öykü’s choice. She calls Mete and leaves a message saying she tried.

Derin gets an email from Ayaz–he’s throwing a party for Öykü at the school and it would make her happy if Derin were there.

She meets Ayaz at the basketball court once she’s wearing her long sparkly gown. He’s in a tux. She’s surprised to see her old school friends, plus Ilker and Sibel and Burcu and Emre…and Professor Tarik. Professor Tarik is the one who announces this is her graduation.

He talks about what a great person Öykü is and how much the world needs people like her.

They move on to dancing afterwards and Derin leaves in a huff after seeing Öykü kissing Ayaz in the middle of the gym.

Legal action

Öykü meets with three lawyers who all talk at the same time. Other than broken laws and “trademark” I don’t understand what’s going on and neither does she. Monika Sessa shows up to explain–she’s going to destroy Öykü for altering her designs and thinking she could get away with it.

Well, ok, she’s going to spend two days with her and THEN she’ll decide whether she wants to destroy Öykü or…she’ll find out later. Monika shushes her to stop the babbling and throws Öykü out of her hotel suite. They’ll meet downstairs in fifteen minutes.

In the hallway, Öykü talks to herself about how stupid she is and how she never should have done it. She meets Ayaz and Derin, who both got tired of waiting and were coming up to see what was going on. They argue and neither is letting her talk, not that she’s trying. All she gets out is “Lawyers everywhere. Talking their language. Monika is going to destroy me…but first she wants to get to know me. She’s probably getting her weapons ready to hunt me.”

Derin heads off to Monika’s room to talk to her. Öykü decides she wants to spend her last few minutes with Ayaz–they should get downstairs so she’s not late for her execution.

Monika tells Derin she liked the changes and that’s what’s upsetting her. She likes people who are bold. In a few days, she’ll decide whether Öykü deserves to face the consequences of her actions or…hey, look at the time. She’s gotta go meet Öykü.

Öykü starts verbally making her will. Ayaz gets Mehmet the Bunny and Señor Pompón. Burcu gets her makeup. And if Ayaz meets someone…Öykü will come back and kill her, so he’d better be faithful to her memory.

Suddenly Öykü decides Ayaz is coming with her. He’s wearing a tie. They can say he’s a lawyer. Derin comes downstairs with Monika and tells her to be herself–Monika will like her.

A white stretch limo arrives and Ayaz tells her to enjoy the ride. He’s got work to do. Öykü won’t let him back out and shoves him into the back of the limo.

Monika is just starting to get the idea that this is going to be a LONG two days. Öykü does not stop with the nervous babbling. Monika finally tells her they’re going to a fair and Öykü will be her assistant at an auction. And since her boyfriend Ayaz-with-no-last-name is here, she wants to get to know him too. And she wants to talk to Öykü’s friends.


Seyma’s back in the house. Mete wasn’t supposed to be there, but he made breakfast. Seyma turns it down–she has to be somewhere.

She meets with Onem, who offers to give her classes in fashion. Well…it’s more like orders than an offer, but whatever. It starts with a quiz that Seyma is utterly failing. Onem’s not even going to stick around to continue–she leaves Seyma in Olcay’s hands. And whatever’s going on between them, they’d better straighten it out.

Seyma manages to apologize to him and they’ve made up in two seconds. Then it’s on to her crash course for the day. Olcay gives her a gold star. He has Onem’s credit card and he’s supposed to give her a makeover.

They go to the same exclusive boutique where Onem shops. I don’t know who these clothes are meant for, but it’s not Seyma. The outfits go from bad to worse as Olcay tries to contain his laughter. He claims it was just a little revenge, but now here’s an outfit he actually picked out for her. He says it will be perfect once she gets her hair and makeup done.

At the fair

It’s a Turkish cultural fair. Ilker’s there with his “pizzas.” Or rather, lahmacun. Sibel gets the text that Öykü needs their help.

When they arrive Öykü’s only being herself in the sense that she’s always this fake and babbly when she’s nervous. She leaves Monika with Sibel, Burcu, Emre, and Ilker to let them try to charm her on Öykü’s behalf.

It doesn’t appear to be working. But at least it lets Öykü angst from across the room instead of from up close. Ayaz does some bad lip-reading to cheer her up. An artist watches them from across the room and gets inspired.

Basically, everyone but Ilker is desperately trying to prove they’re the ones who know Öykü best, but they end up saying unflattering things–Burcu tells Monika that Öykü needs her bunny to sleep and Emre talks about the time she cried because she only got a 9 in class instead of a 10. Ilker tries to get them back on track.

The artist comes over with his sketch of the two of them together. He named it “Two Hearts.” He won’t take payment, he just wants to see them smiling.

It’s finally time for the auction. It’s a charity auction and the auctioneer encourages everyone not to be stingy with their bids. First up is a diamond-encrusted elephant pin. Öykü declares it old-fashioned and Monika makes a face and starts bidding on it. Öykü changes her mind–she loves brooches. Only brooches. Monika tries to explain that it’s the kind of piece that could put the finishing touches on an evening gown–like a touch of ginger. Öykü’s babbling distracts Monika from the auction and she loses the elephant pin.

Monika has her eye on some curtains. Ilker bids on them in his sleep. He tries begging someone to bid on them. Öykü tells Monika he just wants them for his pizza place and tells her to bid. Monika wins and tells Öykü to collect the curtain and Monika will meet her after she pays for it.

You had one job, Öykü…she stands around with her friends talking, completely forgets about the $10.5K curtain hanging off her arm, and ends up dipping the end of it in a bunch of candles. And then she blames her own lack of attention on “bad luck.”

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Kat- Lord have mercy. I don’t know how you are watching this every day. I see this about once a week, and yesterday was one of those days. Oyku is driving me batty! There’s goofy and clumsy, and then there are walking/talking disasters. That’s Oyku. I also don’t like that she ALWAYS needs Ayaz and the other amigos to get out of trouble, freaking out until someone else takes control and gets her out of a mess. I don’t think I like the message that’s sending to young women.