La Fan Tuesday 2/28/17 #31

Casa Lucas

Salma’s the one making the biggest fuss over Estefanía. Vale just stands there looking sad and disappointed.

Estefanía is confused–if Vale’s his girlfriend, why is Salma the one getting upset? Vale says she’s sorry, she didn’t think anyone was here. All she wanted was to tell Lucas she didn’t like the way things were going…and now she likes them even less. She pouts and walks out.

Estefanía gets dressed, tells Lucas they’ll continue this later, but he should straighten things out with his girlfriend, and says she’ll see them both tomorrow for the commercial. Salma volunteers to take Vale’s place if she won’t do it. Um, no because Estefanía declares her too “fat.” (Seriously? Are y’all twelve?) She leaves.

Lucas blames his nudity on Estefanía. Besides, Salma doesn’t have grounds to complain. Really? Because she wants them to be together like they were before–no Vale, no Agustín. Lucas turns her down.

Casa Jess

What does Jess mean, she and Diego have talked about the wedding? Oh…nonverbally.

Nope. Because Diego doesn’t believe in marriage. It’s just a piece of paper.

So now Jess agrees. They should just live together.

Casa Adriana

Adriana can’t believe Benicio’s keeping tabs on her, scouring surveillance footage. He whines that he’s just insecure (no kidding) but Adriana says that’s no reason for him to be controlling. (¡Así se habla!)

Still, she explains that they got stuck in the elevator, she got hot, she certainly wasn’t naked, and if he doesn’t believe her that’s not her problem. No, no, he believes her, but he wants to know if she’s only with him to make Diego jealous or does she have some feelings for him. Adriana bluffs that it’s not because of Diego. OK, then, Benicio wants proof. (Will he accept a pointy-toed shoe to the shin?)


Miguel and Carlos both want “the truth” and Eloisa isn’t comfortable sharing. She caves and says she was dating Carlos when she was separated from Miguel’s dad. No, Miguel hadn’t been born yet. Carlos frowns.

Casa Vale

Tomás beats Gabe at chess. Vale gets home and says everything is fine. Tomás doesn’t believe her and blames everything on Lucas, as usual. She sends him to put on his pjs.

Vale tells Gabe everything is definitely over between her and Lucas.

In the morning, Vale gets caught up on Eloisa’s drama from last night. Vale thinks it’s great that Carlos wants to get together with her again, but Eloisa is hesitant to tell either Miguel or Carlos the truth. She’s starting to wonder if it was Felicitas who got the letter she sent him. Vale tells her to clear that up before it’s too late.

Eloisa warns Vale that Vale also has some things to clear up.

Casa Lucas

Gabe gets a kick out of hearing what happened last night, especially since it means the chances of a Vale-Lucas reconciliation just got even smaller.

Casa Jess and Miriam

Miriam’s disappointed she spent the night somewhere else for no reason. Jess tries to pretend the little time she and Diego spent together was just soooo perfect.

And the ripped up wedding magazine? Jess says they both decided they don’t believe in marriage, so they’re just going to live together. Miriam looks suspicious.


Miguel fills Diego in on what he learned last night. So now he’s convinced his mom didn’t cheat on his dad, but he still doesn’t like Carlos.

Diego fills Miguel in on his night and Miguel thinks he should tell Jess the truth and break up with her. Diego refuses because the truth will hurt–he’s still thinking about Adriana.

Miguel follows Eloisa around the café, dropping off pastries and asking for more information. According to Eloisa, his dad knew all about the not-really-affair and didn’t hold it against her. Miguel still thinks there’s something that doesn’t add up.


Adriana has not forgiven Benicio. And boy is he whiny about it. She begs him to quit being insecure–she’s trying to have a normal relationship with him. He decides that means spending the night together tonight.

Benicio pretends to call the Royal Hotel to make a reservation for a suite with flowers, champagne, and chocolates right in front of Diego. Is Diego familiar with the hotel? Oh, not as a guest, but maybe he’s done some maintenance there? No? He sends Diego to go fix a busted heater somewhere.

Diego bursts into Adriana’s office. She demands to know how he dare burst into her office. He demands to know how she dare go to a hotel with Benicio. Adriana tells him to stay out of her life! Yes, she’s having sex with Benicio tonight. She suggests Diego take Jess somewhere nice and do the same. She can even get him a salary advance. Diego grunts and grumbles and stomps out of her office without answering. (But, please, she’s SO not having sex with Benicio!)

Diego finds Jess sitting on the receptionist’s desk waiting for him. She brought him lunch. She’s not staying. She doesn’t see why she should have to call him before she comes over. Oh, he’s going back to work? He’s so responsible! He’s going to be the greatest dad! There’s no way to interpret the look on his face as anything other than annoyed. Jess brags to the receptionist that Diego’s sooo into her.

Miriam tells Benicio the hotel and spa reservations are all set. His assistant went home sick, so she was just filling in. Sounds like things are getting serious with him and Adriana…she says…as she stares at him with open hostility. Benicio says you never know.

Jess is taking her time leaving. She runs into Adriana and brags about her awesome relationship with Diego. And hey, just so Adriana knows, she’s toooootally not jealous of their little fling. But Adriana should stay away from Diego anyway. It’s what’s best. (Wow, Jess, what’s next? Are you going to tell him how to dress? Check his cell phone history? Start accusing him of having affairs with every woman who looks at him?)

Diego comes to Benicio’s office to tell him he’s fixed that heater. He steals Benicio’s cell phone while they argue about whether Diego needs to check the entire heating system.


Salma has the reporter and crew from TV Romance come to her dressing room so she can accuse Tu Cosmética’s Algae Shampoo of making her hair fall out. Her fans shouldn’t buy it. And all of Tu Cosmética’s products should be banned!

Well, ok then. She dismisses the TVR guys as Agustín walks in. He’s decided to go with Salma and Rod to visit Nicolas. He makes sure to point out that Lucas would never have done that. Salma knows and she thanks him for being such a good friend. But that’s all they’re going to be. Friends.

She starts getting anxious about what the prison is going to be like and how she wants everything to be very private. Auggie says he’ll make sure it’s as easy as possible for her.

Rodrigo arrives and Salma gives him the news. He thanks her for doing this for him. Agustín gets in on the hug action.


Vale’s not answering Lucas’ calls and he’s freaking out about it. Estefanía tells him she got there already and she’s in makeup.

Vale appears in a hot pink dress and a gold sequinned Lucas jacket. Yes, I said gold. Sequinned. Lucas. Jacket. The back patch with his giant face on it is…a sight to behold. Estefanía wants to rehearse it once before they shoot.

Lucas struts down a blue carpet in a red suit as he talks about how his fans are always hugging him. Vale appears, calling his name and hugging him. He plugs Tu Cosmética’s Anti-Caspa Spray and Vale pulls off the cap. He sprays some on and says now he can hug his fans with no danger. Vale hugs him and smiles.

Estefanía loved the rehearsal–she wants it just like that.

On the first official take, Vale trips on her entrance. Estefanía acts like she did it on purpose.

On the second take, Vale doesn’t trip. Lucas adds a bit of dialogue at the end about how if you use Tu Cosmética Anti-Caspa Spray, you to can turn your fan into your novia. They’re about to kiss, but Vale sees Lucía floating by behind Estefanía and Gabe and telling Vale “No!”

Vale balks. She says she’s sorry, but she can’t kiss Lucas! In the background Estefanía’s all “WTF?!” to Gabe and Gabe’s all “Chill, I’ll handle this” to Estefanía.

Except, he doesn’t, because he tries to convince Estefanía they don’t need the kiss and Estefanía’s creative team have already decreed that they do, y punto! Vale pulls Lucas away to explain that Lucía was there! And she did the thing! Vale imitates Lucía’s “no.”

Lucas tells Vale to think about the money…think about all these people who are going to lose a day of work…think about all those guys with dandruff she could help. This is Man vs. Dandruff! Vale reluctantly agrees and Estefanía tells everyone to get the shot set up again.

While they get rolling on the third take, Estefanía sees the video of Salma’s accusations on her phone.

Take three and Vale does a quick check for Lucía before she kisses Lucas. They ignore the multiple calls to cut.

Lucas hopes Vale can see now how ridiculous it was for them to be separated. Vale disagrees–that was their last kiss. She doesn’t want to keep pretending to date. She wants to tell the press and everyone else that they broke up.

Gabe comes over to tell them Estefanía loves the way the commercial turned out. Vale tells him she just told Lucas they’re done with their fake relationship. Lucas angrily agrees with her. The public needs to know the truth, right? Vale looks guilty while Gabe looks mildly concerned.


Ignacio has the divorce papers all ready to sign. Carlos signs and presents the papers to Felicitas. She approves of the terms, but Carlos adds one more condition–she has to leave the house today.

Carlos talks Felicitas into it and she agrees to the deal. She warns him she’s not done with him yet. Carlos acts faux-scared behind her back as she goes upstairs to pack.

Carlos goes to the café, looking all goofy, to tell Eloisa once again that he’s sorry he lied about who he was and he’s divorced now. The “bruja” is leaving the house tonight!

Adriana gets home and Natalia starts to break the news to her, but she’s too slow. Felicitas comes in and asks Natalia to leave them alone. She tells Adriana she and Carlos are divorced and she’s leaving the house tonight. She hopes Adriana enjoys being alone in the house with her dad. Adriana looks concerned.

Tonight? Wow! Eloisa had no idea this was going to happen so quickly! She chokes down a forkful of pastry in her nervousness and ends up with some on her teeth. Carlos is distracted. But he wants her to move in tonight. And he wants to kiss her…but he hands her his hankie so she can deal with the tooth situation. And then he kisses her anyway and mmm’s appreciatively. And then he stops, gets a taste of the chocolate that migrated into his mouth and mmm’s appreciatively for that. And then kisses her some more.


Lucas and Gabe get back to the studio and shut themselves in Lucas’ dressing room so he can finally tell Gabe that he’s ready to break it off with Vale officially because he thinks it’s ridiculous that a galán of his caliber should need to be dating La Fan to get people to watch his show. He’s got two Best Actor awards from the TV Critics association. Gabe reminds him those were bought.

“Well, nobody has to know that!” Maybe the ratings will dip temporarily, but they’ll come back up. Gabe agrees to go along with it, if this is what Lucas wants. They can set Vale free. “For who? For you?”

Gabe gives us his best single eyebrow raise and says he hopes so.

Salma, Agustín, and Rod are heading out to go see Nicolas. She sends them to get the car and finds herself facing Estefanía. Estefanía is going to make Salma pay for talking smack about her products! (Bring it, Steffi!)

Lucas and Gabe are waiting for Vale to show up to get this thing over with. Lucas is getting himself all worked up about showing everybody who he is!

Vale arrives and Gabe says they need to decide on a story. Lucas says they should say he left Vale. Vale agrees to go along with that–everybody leaves her anyway. Gabe gives Lucas a look. Lucas doubles down–it’s only logical that the idol should leave the fan.

Gabe overrides him. The public will hate him for breaking this poor woman’s heart. Remember, she’s the one they like right now. Lucas refuses to say that Vale broke up with him.

Vale figures she can’t tell the truth–that Lucía’s been appearing to her. And she can’t talk about all of Lucas’ women because there would be backlash from that.

Gabe says they’ll find a way everyone comes out looking good. Like, they gave it a try and they finally realized it just wasn’t working out. Lucas and Vale sadly agree and clueless Gabe goes to summon the press. (By the time he does that I have a feeling this breakup will be over.)

Date night

Adriana’s all set to go out with Benicio, but she gets a call from Diego pretending to be Benicio’s assistant. He won’t be able to pick her up and he wants her to meet him at the Hotel…he consults his hand…Paradise. Yes, the Royal Hotel is falling apart.


Salma, Rodrigo, and Agustín get out of the car and start walking in. Agustín swears no one inside the prison will mention Salma. Estefania and her cell phone make no such promises.

Press conference

Lucas practices his speech in front of the mirror, making sure to emphasize the decision to break up was mutual. Vale comes in, surprised, and shows him that he’s up for a Galán of the Year award. The Hallelujah Chorus plays as Lucas stares at the screen. He tells Vale they can’t break up!

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3 years ago

You got it all. Jessica refuses to get it as far as Diego is concerned. She must have a hearing problem. I could not believe her bringing Diego lunch or her conversations with Miriam and then Adriana. Someone needs to wake her up.

Hmmmm . . . Now Vale cannot “break up” with Lucas because of the “Galán of the Year” award. I wonder what will be the next excuse . . . or if they will break up. Love it!