La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 12/22/16 #27

The episode also known as ‘Who is this fresa and why has my ex boyfriend brought her to my house?’

Marcela is about to clear everyone out so Ale and Nisa can have some alone time to talk in private but Ale explains that Nisa’s his sister and she’s nice though she doesn’t seem it He sure takes the long way around telling it though, drawing the suspense out as long as humanly possible, I think he likes riling Marcela up.

Don Timo refuses Severo’s invite to have dinner in town w/him and Mike because, as he explains to Lencho when they’re alone, he thinks they’ll try to get him to foot the bill for their dinner.

Severo is gonna teach Mike all about pozole just as soon as he can convince the waitress he’s not a ghost.

Don T asks Lencho what’s up w/Maria Laura which causes Lencho to huff off.

Nisa’s going around the room kissing cheeks and spouting excessive amounts of French (which comes off as even faker and shallower when she does it than it usually does, you can totally tell she’s phoning it in.)  Ale introduces Marcela Morales and if Nisa’s ears could perk up they would. Nisa gets invited to supper, though she looks less than enthused as Sagrario describes the menu (some of which I can’t really blame her for, I mean, pork skin soup?) and she’s invited to stay the night. Maria Laura, sensing money introduces herself and offers to share her bedroom and does the cheek kissing thing though her French isn’t quite up to enchante and she thinks Nisa didn’t catch her name.

The hotel has provided Octavia and Mauro a dusty fan and they’re congratulating each other on their good luck in being able to buy the ranch now. What excites Oct the most is how the Castelos will fume when they learn she has the ranch.

Lencho walks the dark streets of San Bartolo Petaquillas and fumes over his treatment by Maria Laura

On the way to leave her suitcases, (pink w/a butterfly design) in ML’s bedroom, Nisa admires the ranch decor and Maria Laura takes credit for it, she’s got the European style ya know, from going to Europe all those times. Nisa is asking who Camilo is but she’s describing him in such glowing terms that ML can’t figure out who she’s talking about, but when she does she advises Nisa that A. He’s kinda rough and crazy for a delicate city girl like her, and B. Camilo’s heart is given elsewhere.

Don T reveals to his heir his plan to buy El Vendeval to bequeath to Lencho, neither of them seems to realize how much ML hates the place because they seem to think that owning it will bring her running back to Lencho. Don T hears Lencho’s prayers and sends him off to bed so he can let Juli in, she’s been waiting outside for their rendezvous, she’s got new lingerie to show off and Don T needs his pill.

Camilo tells Ale he has figured out Ale’s rich and lists the supporting evidence, he threatens to tell Marcela unless Ale beats it. Ale says go ahead and tell her I can help save the ranch, I’m sure she’ll throw me over for you then. No? Yeah, that’s what I thought, well sleep well cause you’re hitting the road tomorrow.

Camilo’s in the kitchen stuffing his face and Rosa thinks he’s making too free w/other ppls food and he should go back to Mateo’s place and eat there. Camilo thinks how he’s gotta stick around and keep an eye on the city boy.

ML and Nisa bond over/gossip about, their shared disapprobation of Ale & Marcela’s marriage.

Alba finishes a piano recital to applause and Cris is voluble in his praise, much to Amadeo’s discomfort, and offers his card and assistance in her job search in the city (poor Amadeo, this new guy is getting her away from him).

Nisa comes back in and Ale immediately marches her outside so he can ask how she found him and what she thinks she’s doing coming all the way out here on her own. Nisa’s got some questions too, like what’s up with getting married w/o telling his fam? Nunya, he replies and how’d dad find out anyway. Also we’re heading back now-ish and you’ve gotta stop doing crazy things like this. Cris comes out and finds out Nisa used his GPS to track him down. Ale is determined Nisa is going home now because she’s too obviously a rich girl and can’t keep her mouth shut and will blow the whole deal for him, but she swears she’ll never breathe a word of their financial background  and she’ll act like the poorest of the poor, in fact if he wants she’ll even pretend to be crippled. Cris looks like he wants to face palm again as he repeats incredulously ‘crippled’.

Octavia interrupts Don T and Juli’s lingerie fashion show  to ask for info, Don T has no new info on Severo except they don’t like him over at El V, but informs her that Marcela has changed her mind and isn’t selling the ranch any more.

Oct is upset and overheated and wishing she was in Canada, and still determined to get El Vendeval.

Marcela has dug out an old record that her dad used to put on and they’d do little talent shows when the girls were kids. Alba played the piano, of course, ML would recite, and she does, and there was some choreography to this record that they never quite got right but it was a hoot and a half. She puts the record on and the hoedown begins, ML’s dancing doesn’t match the dance the others are doing and she looks pretty silly trying to be sexxy when everyone else is being silly. Fun is had by all and then the vets have to go home.

Ale says its time for his party to leave too but Alba says its too late for Cris to be on the road and he can stay in the guest room since Severo and Mike haven’t come back. Oh and bye Amadeo see ya thanks for stopping by.

Marcela and Sagrario are in the kitchen hoping Severo really doesn’t come back, Marcela’s willing to throw him out if he does, he’s done his job, now its goodbye and good riddance.

Speaking of, Camilo comes in with his best arguments to convince Marcela to break up w/Ale and come back to him, she’s not convinced, and he finishes up with  ‘I know something about him I haven’t told you yet, if you want to know meet me in the stables in the morning’

Alessandro’s plan is for him Cristian and Nisa to all head back tonight buut Nisa waaaahnts to stay pleeeeese  and ML swears she’ll take care of her just like the sister she never had….’

Alba: um I’m your sister
ML: I mean like the younger sister I never had.
Alba: I’m your younger sister!

ML ignores her and makes high-pitched noises w/Nisa who doesn’t even know her new bestie’s name (maybe Nisa has problems remembering other ppls names and that’s why she gives them nicknames, hmmm food for thought)

After too much whining and pleading Ale gives in and he and Cris head out.

ML helps Nisa unpack and sees the necklace!!!

Or um actually she just sees a fabulous blouse she just luuuuvs and Nisa hides the necklace and tries to explain away her designerwear claiming she bought it all used, see the jeans are even ripped see (har har).

Nisa calls her mami to explain where she is and that she’s not coming back yet.

Severo is teaching Mike hard drinking in the town bar, just as soon as he convinces the waiter he’s no ghost. He may have to explain it to the whole bar cause they’re getting some weird looks.

Marcela dreams of kissing Alessandro *sigh*

Ale and Cris are still driving back and Cris complains about; the road, the livestock in the road, and the rain, all the while Ale laughs.

Cris misses Nuria but every time he called she said she didn’t want him to see her like this, he’s worried. Ale thinks she can’t look that bad. The convo is very cryptic.

Meanwhile Nuria is sitting up in a hospital bed wearing a pretty blue and white scarf around her head and she thinks to herself that tomorrow is her last day of chemo.


Next AM Camilo is waiting in the stables and Marcela is telling Alba she’s not going to the stables so as to avoid him. She doesn’t want to know what he has to say, and she also doesn’t know what to do, she doesn’t want to fall in love w/Ale. Alba is all, ‘heads up girl that ship has sailed, you already have something way more important than a contract with him’

aaaand my recording cuts off 2 min before the end. *facepalm*

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4 years ago

Gracias stealth! This “maybe Nisa has problems remembering other ppls names and that’s why she gives them nicknames, hmmm food for thought” has me wondering how many broken-hearted Cuchis are out there, thinking about the fresa who got away! I would have thought Nisa and Maria Laura would get on like a house on fire, but it’s like too much of a bad thing. I agree, her French came off even more fake and pretentious than usual. “Oh and bye Amadeo see ya thanks for stopping by.” So sad 🙁 He’s a nice guy, he just waited too long to… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Yeah Nisa’s parents and Alessandro have all indicated that Cuchi is just the latest “love of her life, she just can’t live without” so I’m sure there are other guys out there pining over Nisa, or her trust fund. I loved the part where Maria Laura was talking about the sister she never had and Alba is all I’m right here!! It was too funny. Now though I’m wondering about Maria Laura, was she always like this or did sending her away to school ruin her, personality and values wise? She said they only had enough money to send one… Read more »

4 years ago

I think Maria Laura’s got a lot of her dad’s personality. She’s just waiting for her very own “Nazaria” to come along and take her away from all this.

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
4 years ago

Gracias again to both Stealth and Diva for this and the prior episode recaps respectively, I am still trying to wrap my head around how ML “turned out” so much differently than her sister and cousin! I agree, ML definitely has more of her dad’s ego and shallow personality. It’s funny how she doesn’t even consider Alba as her sister! It’s like she brainwashed herself into believing she is this high class girl from a completely different life. And Nisa, the actress who plays her is doing a great job of being annoying and hyperactive. I suspect it won’t be… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Kitty Sanchez

Oh, that’s very Maria Laura! She’s just a rich girl trapped in a poor girl’s body!