La Fan Wednesday 3/01/17 #32

Galán del Año

Lucas toooooootally wants to win this award! He’s lost three times to that Ezequiel Valdés guy. Vale can’t even remember the name of the show Ezequiel was in. She organized the barrio to vote for Lucas, though! Lucas says it wasn’t enough. He needs Vale to win. No one will vote for her if they break up. He just needs her help this one time. Ohhhhhh she’s wavering….

He turns up the pressure, backing her into the door and pleading that it’ll just be this one time and it’ll be over so quickly and…Gabe comes in and pushes Vale closer to Lucas. Oops.

Did they hear about the Galán del Año award? Lucas says they did and he’s trying to convince Vale to stay with him so he can win. Gabe agrees Lucas isn’t capable of winning on his own. Vale says she’ll think about it. Lucas lays on a guilt trip about how she can’t very well say she’s his fan and she’d do anything for him and blah blah blah and not do this!

Gabe tells him to back off and the two of them scream over each other until Vale screams at them both to CALM DOWN! She’ll think about it. She flees the room.

Lucas whines to Gabe about how much he wants this award. Is there any chance of buying it? Gabe says there’s not. And he can’t believe Lucas is making this much fuss over it. Lucas says it’s this or go off and die like an elephant. Vale comes in and says he doesn’t have to go off and die like an elephant–she’ll help him win that prize or her name’s not Valentina Pérez! Gabe rolls his eyes and bows to the inevitable.

After more whining from Lucas, and more hostility from Gabe, Lucas gets around to asking Vale if she can get Miriam to rig the voting. He declares it indispensable!


They’re barely past the gate and Salma’s already freaking out about what if someone sees. She freaks out worse when Rod talks about his dad getting out soon and coming to look for him. Agustín, for all his supportiveness snaps at Salma that she was a legal adult when she had Rod so she needs to friggin’ act like one now! He’s still promising no one is going to find out about this and Estefanía is still snapping pictures.

Salma hovers while Rodrigo talks to his dad through a phone. There’s a plexiglass wall between them. Nicolas tells Rod to make a list of all the things he wants them to do together so they don’t miss any. He promises he’s going to be on his best behavior so he can get out sooner.

Rod passes Salma the phone so Nicolas can tell her his lawyers are working on getting him temporary leave passes. Salma says he should stay inside–he’s done enough already. “Love you too. Thanks for bringing him.” Salma angrily hands the phone back to Rod so he can say goodbye.


Carlos pleads with Eloisa–he’s worked so hard all these years and now that he has the chance to enjoy it, he wants to do that with the person he loves. Eloisa’s worried about her kids, but hey, they’re grown men–they can live on their own. Eloisa agrees to move in with him and they seal the deal with a kiss across the café table. And without spilling their espressos, either, so I’ve gotta give them points for that!

When it’s time to tell Miguel, Eloisa stalls. She anticipates all his objections, but this is Miguel we’re talking about. He’s never seen her this happy, even with his dad (*cough*). He doesn’t think she owes him any explanations. She’s always worked so hard to take care of him and Diego and this business and now it’s her turn to do something for herself.

Date night?

Benicio gets to Adriana’s and Natalia tells him she’s not there. Maybe he should call her? Wouldn’t you just know it–he lost his cell. Natalia graciously hands him the house phone and then, as is her right guaranteed by the bylaws of the Entrometidas Union, attempts to listen in as he calls.

Adriana gets to the hotel and gets the key to room 404, reserved for one Benicio Torres. She ignores a call from home.

Natalia’s so sorry to hear Adriana didn’t answer. She was looking really dressed-up, too, like an actress going to an awards show. Benito snaps at her to take the phone back. He has no time to waste! Natalia keeps telling him she’s so very, very sorry…until he’s out the door. Then she says she’s LYING! She’s GLAD he got stood up! Her evil cackle makes me cackle evilly.

Miriam tells Jess she has a feeling Benicio has a thing for her. Jess warns her off–Benicio’s dating Adriana. Miriam questions whether Jess is saying this for Miriam’s benefit or her own. Jess insists Diego’s, like, super in love with her…but she still doesn’t want Adriana out there single. So if Miriam could just hold off until they move in together? Oh, yeah, she’s looking at apartments right now. Miriam looks concerned. (So am I! Hello, you’re just going to leave your BFF high and dry to find another roomie or have to pay rent on her own?)

Adriana wanders around the hotel room for under a minute before deciding she needs to leave. Which is right about the time Diego shows up and says he’s going to lock her up in this room if that’s what it takes to keep her from having sex with another man. Um, dude, are you even listening to yourself?

He continues with the stalker talk about how she can’t leave and she’s not calling anyone and he can’t stop thinking about her.

Miriam thinks it’s too soon for Jess and Diego to move in together, especially when he just had that thing with Adriana. Jess tells Miriam not to burst her bubble.

Vale calls asking about hacking the election and she’s relieved that Miriam doesn’t know how. They’ll just do it the old-fashioned way and vote until they get ampollas (blisters).

Blah, blah, blah, you have a girlfriend…stay out of my life…you got into my life!…don’t talk about my executives like that…don’t fall in love with anyone else…I’m jealous!…Get over it!…You’re not the boss of my love life!…Stay away from me if you want to keep your job! Diego snogs Adriana to end their stupid argument.

Adriana breaks off their imminent nookie session and says she’s gotta get out of there. Yes, yes, her body wants him but her brain is in charge. “But I can’t live without you!” She says she’s going to do everything she can to make sure this is the last time they’re together and walks out.


Gabe has some dirt on Franco Villar and Uribe just got into a fight with his ex-wife, so that should help Lucas score the award. Gabe can’t figure out why Lucas cares so much, but Lucas smashes his glass and insists he HAS to win.

“I don’t even know how Vale puts up with you. When I see you like this, I have no desire to help you.”

“Vale is my FAN! Vale LOVES me!” Gabe, on the other hand, acts like Lucas’ enemy. Gabe threatens to leave and Lucas whines and begs him not to. Gabe tells him to start appreciating what he has–Vale adores him and all he does is lie to her. “Learn to love the ones who love you.” That’s odd advice, considering that’s probably the last thing Gabe wants.


The Lucas Locas convene at the café. Mmm, pizza! Eloisa tells everyone the good news–she’s moving in with Carlos! She’s scared, though. She’s been waiting so long for this. Diego doesn’t know yet and she doesn’t know how he’s going to take it. Jess tells Elo to leave Diego to her.

Felicitas gives Ignacio a rough sketch of her plan. She made the divorce easy, she’s going to let Carlos and Eloisa live out their love, and then when he’s so happy he could burst THAT’S when she’s going to strike. Because you don’t leave a woman like her for trash like Eloisa. And Felicitas may be a lot of things, but she’s not a farsante (a fake). (Um, ok, but neither is Eloisa, so where is she going with this?)

When Adriana gets home, Carlos is waiting up for her. He was worried because he thought she was supposed to go out with Benito and Benito called a bunch of times. They were both worried. Adriana says she’s fine. She’s going upstairs. Carlos calls her back to tell her…

Felicitas left the house. Um, ok. She turns around and Carlos calls her back again…

He asked Eloisa to move in.

Diego gets back to the café in a bad mood. Eloisa tells him she’s moving in with Carlos and he yells at her to stop this–Carlos sent guys to beat him up and they nearly killed him!

Casa Salma

Rod gives Salma mad props for taking him to see his dad when he knows it was really difficult for her. Salma knows she’s not the best mom in the world, but she tries. And Rod loves her for it. He goes upstairs for bed.

Estefanía shows up to ask who Salma was visiting in prison. Salma claims it was research for a role. Estefanía doesn’t buy that. Salma tells her to just name her price. Estefanía wants free advertising.

Casa Vale

Tomás is not happy that Vale and Lucas still aren’t going public about their breakup. He doesn’t like that Vale’s trying to help Lucas win an award. If he deserves it, shouldn’t he be able to win it on his own? She always helps him and all he does is take advantage. Vale says it’s good to do good things for people without expecting anything in return. Tomás agrees…but it’s also nice when the other person is grateful.

He wants to know why they fought in the first place. Vale says it’s grown up stuff. She sends him to bed.

Just in time, too, because druuuuuunk Lucas comes over. And still he wants to drink more. Apparently his binge is because he needed to apologize to her because she wanted to break up with him and now she’s helping him instead. She suggests he thank her instead of apologizing.

He’d gladly do both. He’ll never forget what she’s doing for him. Vale struggles to get his hands away from her bare legs in her “turnip the beet” jammies. He drunks about how much he deserves this award and Vale agrees with him about all of it. He talks about how much he’s given to his profession…his public…his fans. Vale’s face: “Dude! Breath! Flammable!”

He did things he regrets. He made so many mistakes with her. She’s so good to him. He needs her! He passes out on her shoulder.

Vale helps Lucas to her bed. He wants to go home. He wants his award. He imagines hearing himself announced as the winner. He falls asleep. (It should be interesting to see how Lucía reacts!)

Casa Gabriel

Gabe is talking to another actor about managing him. He claims Lucas will be taking a sabbatical after this novela and will probably be transitioning to “dad” roles. Someone’s at the door, so they’ll talk more later.

Salma comes over to ask him for help with Estefanía. She’s threatening to tell everyone that Rodrigo’s dad is in prison.

Awards on the brain

Lucas wakes up in Vale’s bed, disoriented. He was dreaming that Franco Villar stole his award. Vale says that won’t happen. He’s going to win.

Lucas stumbles into the dining room and Tomás takes off without eating his breakfast or saying anything to Lucas. Vale tries to distract him from Tomás’ behavior by telling him she and the other Lucas Locas have been voting for him and they’re going to do everything they can to make his dream come true.

Jess and Miriam have promotional stuff all over the table–Lucas masks on sticks, stickers, signs. Miguel comes over with fliers. He mentions Diego’s not happy about Eloisa moving in with Carlos. Miguel doesn’t like it much, but he wants his mom to be happy.

Gabe sits in Lucas’ dressing room and votes for Franco Villar as many times as he can. But he tells Agustín he’s voting for Lucas. Agustín admits he’s voting for Franco so Lucas won’t get a big head.

Justin comes in, complaining that neither of his leads showed up today and nobody bothered to tell him. Gabe says Lucas is busy campaigning. Justin wants to know who the other contestants are and says he’s going to vote now…for Lucas…of course. And the flurry of votes for Franco Villar begins.

Vale tells Lucas to get to the studio and she’ll keep working on his award and see him at the studio later. Lucas tells her, very sincerely, that nobody’s ever helped him so much, despite his hard work and talent. (*snort*) Vale says maybe no one has loved him like she does.

“Maybe I deserve to with the Best Galán award…but I don’t know if I deserve for you to love me.” (Duuuuuude…that’s smooth.) After he wins, he promises he’ll let her go. He kisses her on the cheek, goes to open the door…

And gets punched by some low-rent Lucas clone! This is Franco. He accuses Lucas of spreading a rumor that he dumped his pregnant girlfriend. Lucas swears he didn’t, but Franco is sure he’s doing this to make him look bad. He’s going to make Lucas regret talking about him.

Vale and Lucas both beg him not to hit the face! He’s gotta film today! Vale threatens to call the cops. Franco doesn’t care. Lucas has already lost that award three times and he’s going to lose it again! “Or my name’s not Franco Villar!”

Lucas begs Vale to snap a picture so he has proof of who hit him, but she barely snags one and it’s only his back. They’re not going to convince anyone it was Franco. She begs him not to look in the mirror here–he should go home, have a shower. He’ll look much more handsome in his own mirror.

“Are you kicking me out?!”

Well, no, but she can’t vote for him a million more times if he sticks around. She gives him a tissue for his bloody face and gets back to voting.

Casa Carlos

Carlos tries to encourage Adriana to go visit her mom at her studio. Um…why? (That’s Adriana and I both asking.)

Diego comes over to attack Carlos and asks what he wants with Eloisa. They get rid of Natalia before he continues.

Carlos can talk all he wants to about wanting to live out his love with Eloisa, but Diego doesn’t think she’s going to want to after everything she found out about him. Neither Carlos nor Adriana seems to think the beating was that big a deal and Carlos is sticking to his “I didn’t mean for it to happen, things just got out of hand,” story.

Eloisa arrives and angrily asks Diego what he’s doing there. I guess it’s just that Eloisa wanted to confront Carlos on her own. She can’t believe he would send guys to kill her son! Carlos whines that it wasn’t like that. “Then how was it?!”

Um, well, he just wanted Diego to stay away from his daughter. Diego says he wants Carlos to stay away from his mother, because he feels the same disgust for Carlos that Carlos feels for Diego. And if it wasn’t for that, he’d be with Adriana.

Eloisa reminds him that he’s with Jessica now. “Yes, but I want to be with the presi.” Adriana gives him a sad look over Carlos’ shoulder as Diego walks out.


Salma apologizes on camera to the TV Romance crew for bad-mouthing Tu Cosmetica. She had them mixed up with another brand.

Estefanía is not entirely pacified. She also wants Salma to stay away from Lucas or she’ll end both their careers.


Vale leads a Lucas Locas march and rally. Natalia “escaped” from the Zubizarreta house to join them. Vale reminds everyone to play it cool and show Lucas they’re “good girls” but the minute he shows up outside the studio they completely lose it and start screaming like…well, rabid fans.

Vale planned a surprise for him…a “Lucas deserves to be Galán of the Year” song. With a live band. And choreography.

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Visita/ Guest

Ugh, how dare Diego demand that Adriana not be with Benicio when he’s already sleeping with Jessica?? The double standard is pissing me off!

Visita/ Guest


Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Kat! Poor Lucas getting his nose AND mouth bloodied and literally getting knocked on his butt! I enjoyed the Lucas Locas entertainment.