La Fan Friday 3/03/17 #34


That’s it, it’s over, Lucas is never going to win. His fans will never forgive him for sleeping with someone other than Vale. Vale: “Neither will I.” Lucas whines that they’re not really together. Vale suggests they tell the public, but Gabe nixes that idea.

OK, then, Vale knows how she’s going to fix this.

Jess and Miriam get ready to head out to the awards show in their full Lucas Locas regalia. Miriam’s glad Jess is backing off on moving in with Diego. Eloisa arrives. She’s got a bad feeling about something and they have to do a lot of “¡Cancelado! ¡Cancelado! ¡Cancelado!

Suddenly Eloisa’s inspired and makes up a cheer: Oro, plata y estaño, Lucas para el Galán del Año. Miriam and Jess are not impressed.

Vale can’t even get Lucas out the door. He’s convinced he’s going to lose for the third time. “Fourth,” Gabe reminds him. So not helpful.

Tomás is all suited up and ready to go, but he’s complaining about it. Until Lucas says he’s going to lose anyway. Then Tomás is excited. (That was mean. I laughed.)

Agustín is also contemplating Lucas’ impending loss. He thinks Salma should dump Lucas already and date him instead. Salma insists she can’t because she really loves him. (I really want those distracting wine glasses!)


Felicitas is awfully determined to have Diego away from Adriana and awfully insistent that she’s got some major dirt on Eloisa. (Delusions or just lies?) Diego’s tired of listening to her talk smack about his mom and leaves.

Adriana has no problem admitting that she’s threatening her dad. His decisions have consequences–it’s Eloisa or her. She’s just warning him that if he picks Eloisa the best thing for her is to go back to Europe.

Diego goes to complain to Miguel that Felicitas lied to Adriana about them being together. He thinks she hates Adriana. Miguel thinks this is more about not letting Diego get away. The only thing Diego is sure of is that they have to get their mom away from Carlos.

Natalia hasn’t forgotten Carlos’ (fake) chest pain from before and she’s worried about his drinking. Not that she won’t pour him a drink, but she’s got the number to the ambulance ready. She opens the door for Benicio and hangs around long enough to hear that Carlos called him because Adriana’s threatening to go to Europe. “Nobody told me!” Carlos sends her to the kitchen.

I guess it’s back to Plan A for Benicio. He’s pushing Carlos to let her go. Adriana’s way more stuck on Diego than even she admits. Carlos can always get someone else to manage the company for him…but if he insists it has to be a family member then yes, Carlos is going to have to come out of retirement. Carlos moans that he was hoping Benicio would marry Adriana and take on the job.

Wait, he was just waiting for them to get married to take the presidency away from Adriana and put this clown in her place?! What a jerk!

Carlos begs Benicio to talk to Adriana for him and convince her to stay. Exactly how many drinks has he had?

Diego has resigned himself to not ever being with Adriana. Where is Miguel coming from, saying Diego should date Jess because Jess likes him the way he is and Adriana wants to change him? What show is he watching?

Adriana comes downstairs and Benicio begs her to stay. He says he’ll do anything…he can fire Diego! Nah, she’d just see him at the dinner table if his mom moves in. In that case, Benicio offers to let her move in with him. (Ew! Don’t do it!)

Enough about Diego’s messy love life, what about Miguel. Miguel’s taking a hiatus after his last bad relationship. He doesn’t like to talk about it. Diego encourages him to go for Miriam. Why should they sit around suffering for these “great loves”? (Are you even listening to yourself?)

Adriana doesn’t understand how Benicio can ask her to move in with him after how terribly she’s treated him. So he asks her to marry him. That doesn’t even make sense! Adriana doesn’t accept, but he’s not deterred. He knows they’ll be married one day and he’s going to do everything he can to make that happen.

Ignacio goes over to Feli’s studio to ask why she’d lie to her daughter like that. Is this about protecting Adriana or is this because she wants Diego? Feli says it’s both.

Adriana promises to think about Benicio’s proposal. He leaves and Carlos comes in. She confronts him about sending Benicio and he whines that he’d do anything for her…uh, but not give up Eloisa. He thinks he has a right to be happy too. Adriana grabs her purse and heads out of the house.

Benicio asks Ignacio to meet him at the office. Things with Adriana aren’t going as planned. She’s threatening to go back to Europe and Carlos has made it clear he won’t put Benicio in charge. Ignacio thinks it’s best to go get another job somewhere. Nope, Benicio would rather get rid of Diego and he wants Ignacio’s help.

Red Carpet

Lucas whines, Tomás whines. Lucas even offers to take Tomás home, not that Tomás would go anywhere with him. Vale has to deliver the same pep talk twice and Gabe has to promise to handle the press before Lucas will start walking.

Gabe tells the press Lucas won’t give a statement until after the ceremony.

He has no control over Vale, though, and once the guy from TV Romance asks why she puts up with Lucas cheating on her it’s ON! Nobody cheated on anyone and if they’re going to talk about her they’d better have some respect. Those pictures were faked. Would she be here with her son if Lucas had cheated on her? Tomás even does The Face, which is very generous of him. And if Lucas isn’t talking it’s because Vale’s the one they’re focusing on as being the one who was cheated on, but she and Lucas are doing fine and they don’t care about any stupid photo!

They should go ask Franco how it feels to be cheated on, because Vale’s sure about what HER boyfriend is up to, but she’s not sure if Franco knows what his girlfriend is up to. Yep, Estefanía is Franco’s girlfriend, Vale can guarantee it, and she wasn’t with Lucas last night because last night Lucas was with Vale. Lucas nods. Vale says Estefanía faked that photo. It’s up to the press to decide…do they believe Estefanía or her?

Lucas finally gets up the confidence to speak when someone asks how it feels to have Vale defend him. He says he’s grateful to her for defending him and for exposing these lies. The Lucas Locas start cheering for him. Gabe thinks they’ve talked enough.

It’s a rumble on the red carpet: Lucas Locas vs. Franco Fans. Make it a dance-off and I’m in.

There’s another rumble inside the auditorium. Estefanía talks smack about Vale, Vale gives it back…did Vale just call her “exploded potato face”? I don’t even know what that means but it sounds hilarious. The guys have to pull Vale and Estefanía apart before they come to blows. (Please, Vale would totally win.)

Gabe brings Lucas over to talk to Don King…uh, Don Giovanni. The man who rigged Lucas’ last two awards. And it may not be too late to do something about this one. Vale comes over, looking curiously at Don Giovanni, to tell Lucas it’s time for the show. Lucas has to settle for a vague “May the best man win,” to Don Giovanni.

Gabe has to break up another impending fight between Team Vale and Team Estefanía before things get ugly. Not quickly enough…there’s still plenty of trash talk and Estefanía tells them she purposely didn’t have Franco on the dandruff spray ad because she’s saving him for perfumes. Yeah, that got Lucas right where it hurt.

El Show

Salma’s moping because Lucas is at the awards show without her. Rod offers to distract her–they could have something to eat, or play a game. Nah, Salma would rather watch the show and be sad. In that case, Rod says they can be sad together.

They munch on popcorn. Salma’s sure he’s going to lose again. Suddenly she grabs a big handful of popcorn and runs upstairs, telling Rod to trust her.

How long can this show be considering it’s only one award and three candidates? The emcee calls Lucas up, joking that he’s been doing telenovelas since they were in black and white. *groan*

Next up, Guillermo Uribe. The emcee mentions how young he is.

And finally, Franco Villar.

They go to commercial as the crowd cheers.

Back from commercial and the emcee is ready to announce the galán in third place…the tympani player gets a workout…Guillermo Uribe. He thanks everyone who voted for him and says they’ll have another chance next year…because he’s young.

The phone lines are opened again for more voting. Franco gets a chance to come up and beg for more votes. Blah, blah, blah, more to do, this will be a great motivation.

And then it’s Lucas’ turn. He tells everybody not to vote for him…to vote for Vale to make up for the trick those creeps played on them. He calls her up on stage and says he owes her everything and it sucks that people were jealously trying to separate them.

Vale and Estefanía whip up the fans while Lucas and Franco smile big and practice their ventriloquism.

Tomás decides to go sit with the besties. Miguel, at Diego’s urging, chooses this moment to call Miriam. Uh, did he not remember tonight is the awards show? No, she cannot come see him after! There is nothing more important than this!

Miguel’s so annoyed that she’d rather be there that he doesn’t think he’s going to call her tomorrow.

The show continues, the voting continues, the screaming continues and then…

Salma interrupts the whole shindig to announce that Lucas is a fake. And she does it with her purse hanging off her shoulder which irrationally bothers me. Vale, on the other hand, leaves her purse in her seat when she gets up to tell Salma to leave her boyfriend alone if she doesn’t want to end up bald.

Salma can’t talk fast enough and who can compete with Vale? Vale keeps the mic away long enough for security to come drag Salma away.

Seriously, Raúl, just announce the winner already and end this! No, no, first he congratulates Vale for being the little fan that could. Lucas takes advantage and kisses her.

Gabe meets Salma outside in the lobby and says that was a great act. She says it wasn’t an act! She’s tired of his lies. She loves Lucas..and she hates him at the same time. Gabe tells her not to worry–Lucas and Vale are separated and they’re going to stay that way.


Drunk!Felicitas shows up, wanting to look into Diego’s eyes and whining that she did what she had to do and he has to keep seeing her because he still owes her a lot of money. Feli can’t stay upright on her own, but Diego’s trying to get her to leave. Felicitas says he and his mother both cheated on her, so he’d better forget about Adriana. Feli is never going to leave them alone.

“Don’t you like me even a little?”

Adriana walks in and Felicitas drunkenly giggles. (Mr. 5ft and I agree it’s time for Diego to say “I give up. She’s your mother, you deal with her.”)

The envelope please

It’s quite a feat, but Tomás manages to glare at Vale and look super serious and annoyed even when he’s wearing fake glasses made of glow in the dark rope. Just as Raúl is about to announce the winner Salma comes in AGAIN.

Every single person in that auditorium facepalms.

This time she apologizes to everyone, and especially to Vale…and Lucas. She gets a standing ovation.

The tympani player gets to do his thing again…

Twice, because Raúl stalls…

And we won’t find out until Monday. *facepalm*

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ITA with you guys: the time has come for Gabriel to make Adriana and Felicitas deal with each other and get him out of the monkey in the middle position. If only he did not owe Felicitas money. In the real world that could be solved with a mailed check each week for however long it took. Yes, I have to remind myself: this is not the real world. My favorite scene was the universal face palm in response to Salma’s return appearance. I loved Vale taking the initiative and taking on anybody who was a threat to Lucas. She… Read more »

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Whoopsie : should have been: the time has come for Diego to make . .