La Fan Thursday 3/02/17 #33


We start off with Lucas, in a sea of supporters, just after Vale finished her song. Someone pinched his butt. (*sigh* did we have to go there?) Vale tells everyone to pull out their cell phones annnnnnnnd VOTE!

And now they want to hear some words from Lucas. Good thing he just happens to have a few written down. First, mad props to Vale. Second, to his Lucas Locas, without whom he would be nothing. And now, he will sign autographs.

Vale has those fans trained. One whistle to line up, one to whip out pens. Lucas missed his cue to start signing, but that’s ok, he has time to learn. She beats back the press with her Lucas mask on a stick. The besties +Natalia get a selfie. Jess brings up his eye and Lucas complains about his competitor, without naming names. Vale assures him he’s going to win and he’s going to do it fairly. More gushy thanks from Lucas and then Vale hauls him inside to get some work done (won’t Justin be thrilled).

We return to Salma’s dressing room. I’ll just let Gabe explain this one: “They’re fighting over Lucas! Insólito!” (Unheard of! Unprecedented!) Thanks for having my back, bro. As neither is willing to budge, Estefanía says she’ll find out who Salma’s visiting in prison. And then she demonstrates the flexibility of her neck with some head slides. Gabe offers Salma wine.

Justin is frantically voting for Franco when Vale and Lucas get to the set. Of course, he claims he was voting for Lucas and WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FACE? (Is it just me? I can’t really see anything.) Jose Gerardo will just have to wear shades again today. Good thing Justin likes that look.

Miriam’s headed off to work. Jess wishes she could come along–she can’t wait to tell Diego she found them a sweet apartment. She mistakes Miriam’s hesitation for not being ready to lose her roomie, and that may be some of it, but Miriam’s more worried about Jess moving so fast. She asks her not to tell Diego yet. Give it some time. “Like, an hour?” Um, more than that.

Vale’s ready to work on lines, but Lucas is worried about emoting with sunglasses on. He confesses he always uses drops when he has to cry. All that emotional memory stuff never worked for him. They’re interrupted by Estefanía, who seems to be under the impression that she’s entitled to Lucas’ time and attention anytime she wants them. He reminds her he has a job to do here and calls Vale so they can get back to work.

Estefanía retaliates by calling her daddy, yep her daddy, and sobbing that she needs him. She warns Gabe she’s going to bring Lucas down. Hey, Gabe has no intention of getting in the way.

Lucas finishes his scene and wants to know how he’s doing with the voting. Salma listens in as Vale breaks it to him that Franco’s at 42% and Lucas is at 41%. That’s really close, though. Estefanía saunters over to tell them she found out Salma’s ex-husband and the father of her son is in prison. And guess what? He’s not the only one who’s been in jail…she shows them a picture of Lucas in an orange jumpsuit.

After much hesitation, he confesses to Vale that he hit a photographer. Estefanía chimes in that the photographer ended up in the hospital and Lucas paid a bunch of money to have it all covered up. But she paid more. So now, he can kiss his one chance at winning Galán of the Year goodbye.

In Lucas’ dressing room he tells Gabe what Estefanía uncovered…and there’s a picture of him in orange and he looks terrible. Gabe doesn’t see what the big deal is–his fans always forgive him. Vale comes in announcing that Lucas is up to 44%…but Franco is at 45%.

Salma comes in, asking about the voting and Lucas asks why she never told him about Nicolas–he heard from Estefanía. “You would have cared?” Vale defends Lucas, saying he’s a generous person with a good heart. Gabe’s face: “???” Salma tells him to stay out of it.

Lucas vows to do whatever he can to keep the info (about him, I presume) from getting out.


Miguel doesn’t want to tell his mom what to do, but he’s sure that Carlos is bad news! Eloisa says it’s all very complicated, what with Diego being in love with his daughter. Yep, Miguel knows all about that. She’s also stressing over what’s going on with Diego and Jessica. Miguel tells her to stay calm and give it time.

And here comes Carlos to say he’s not letting go of Eloisa.

Benicio comes into Adriana’s office, scolding her for leaving him hanging yesterday and demanding an explanation. “I was with Diego.”

Miguel’s not going to stick around for their luuuuuurve talk. *meaningful glare at Carlos* Eloisa waves a bottle of bleach spray around in Carlos’ general direction while he nervously explains that he’s not the kind of guy who sends guys to beat guys up. And he fired those guys. And he’s sorry. He takes away the spray bottle and begs her to have what they should have had years ago and move in with him right away. Eloisa gets sniffly.

Benicio keeps screaming at Adriana and she apologizes. He’s such a great guy and she doesn’t deserve him. They’ll have to break up. (If that’s a strategy, I applaud it!)

Benicio finds Diego and attacks him. Just because Adriana broke up with him doesn’t mean Diego has a chance! (Well, no, but now that you’ve TOLD HIM….)

Miriam gets to work, goes to Benicio’s office, and he kisses her. Así nomás.

Diego heads for Adriana’s office, where she’s thinking about the hotel. He asks if she really left Benicio for him. Adriana says she certainly did not. The relationship had no future, is all. Just like her relationship with Diego.

Miriam’s a little flustered. And wants it clear that she’s not “that kind of girl” who just kisses any guy who crosses her path. She’s a “good girl.” (*barf*) Benicio just couldn’t help himself because she’s so pretty (again, *barf*). And he’s not with Adriana anymore.

Diego gets back to the café, upset that Eloisa still wants to date Carlos and she’s thinking of moving in with him.

Carlos, who seemingly has nothing better to do than hover around all day in the vicinity of the café, arrives to pick up Eloisa. Miguel and Diego stand on either side of her, looking menacing. Miguel flipping his rolling pin and Diego brandishing…a cake server. So, um, Miguel’s going to flatten him and Diego’s going to cut him into eight equal pieces?

Eloisa leaves with Carlos and the guys ponder what to do. Neither of them likes this, but Miguel thinks they have to let her make her own decisions.

Jess comes in, all bubbly, plops herself down in Diego’s lap and announces that she’s found their love nest! The look of confusion on his face is less “What are you talking about?” and more “Do I know you?”

Casa Salma

Salma frets to Agustín, who doesn’t see what the big deal is. Having an ex in prison isn’t anything bad. Oh, but Salma always plays “perfect” women with “perfect” pasts. Virgins who only have eyes for the good galán and who are deceived by the villains…wait, that’s it! She’ll be the deceived woman! This can’t fail!

Casa Jess and Miriam

Diego stares while Jess explains her exhaustive research and how she narrowed their options down to three apartments. She goes into fast forward while Diego just stares at her. Dude, that’s insulting. In the end, he says they’re not getting married and they’re not moving in together.

Diego tries to break up with her, but Jess insists on misunderstanding him…he’s just trying to say that he likes things the way they are now! She suctions herself to his face while he looks pathetic.

Casa Feli

Adriana comes over to visit. Feli’s new story is that Diego and his mom are both gold diggers, Feli lied to spare Adriana’s feelings and she DID have a fling with Diego, and he did it for the money.

More blah, blah, blah about how Feli gave Diego all the money he wanted and he was so good in the sack, but she totally got him out of her life once she found out he was seeing Adriana.

Casa Lucas

Estefanía comes over and Lucas tells her he can’t have the news that he hit a photographer and spent time in prison get out, so he wants to make a deal. He tells her to name her price.

I guess she wanted sex? Lucas is ok with kissing her, because she’s hot, but it feels wrong to have sex in exchange for keeping things quiet. He’s just had such a HARD LIFE! No one UNDERSTANDS him! He punctuates this by beating on a squeaky Lucas throw pillow. All he wants is to get some recognition for once.

Estefanía is won over. She’s going to make that happen for him!

Yeah, they totally had sex. And now Estefania, in her artfully draped bed sheet, sneaks out of bed to snap a few selfies. She calls someone and tells him the award is all his.

Casa Vale

Vale and Miriam vote while Miriam tells her about Benicio kissing her. Vale doesn’t think mixing work and pleasure is a good idea. “Look who’s talking!” Miriam’s just not cut out for this being torn between two men thing.

Gabe comes over. Tomás is out at a friend’s house. Vale can’t help thinking about how sad it is that his parents are both dead. And she can’t understand how Lucía left Lucas for that guy! Gabe says she didn’t–and it’s about time he told Vale the truth about the relationship between Lucía and Lucas. (Because the last fifty times you told her “the truth” it wasn’t really the truth? And so now she should trust you?)

I’m still waiting for the “truth” but so far all we get is “Lucas isn’t who you think he is and he’s with Estefanía right now to try to protect his image.”

So, basically, “the truth” is that Lucas is a big liar, Lucía found out, she left him for that other guy, and that other guy dumped her. Of course Lucas never did anything to get Lucía back because he would never lift a finger for anyone. Hopefully Vale will someday find someone who appreciates her and won’t ever leave her. He says. As he very obviously puts his hand over hers.

OK, well…tomorrow’s going to be a long day, so…. Besides, she’s been neglecting her voting duties. Gabe can’t believe she’s still going to do this for Lucas. Vale’s his fan–she’s always followed his work and admired him from afar and she fell in love with him.

But she’s not getting back together with him. Gabe tells her she deserves a great guy and Lucas isn’t it. And also she’s very beautiful. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Vale goes in to yell at her portrait of Lucía. Why didn’t she tell Vale what was happening?! Vale would have supported her! Vale was so sure Lucía loved Lucas. Lucía must have been trying to help Vale avoid the same fate. It’s too late, though, she loves Lucas.

Casa Carloisa

Eloisa’s still not ready to rush into anything, especially when the boys aren’t in agreement. Especially Diego. Oh, she doesn’t think he’s really into Adriana–he’s dating a friend of hers who he’s known his whole life. Carlos is relieved to hear it. Not that he has anything against Diego, not on account of his SES…but he and Adriana are just too different. Eloisa looks a little suspicious.

Carlos introduces her to Natalia and Eloisa reminds him again that she hasn’t made up her mind. Natalia keeps making remarks about how quickly Carlos is moving on. He tries to get her to shut up, but Eloisa backs her up–they’re both confused. Explain.

Well, Carlos is sure he’s going to convince Eloisa to move in. In that case, Natalia welcomes Eloisa as soon as she decides and she’s there for whatever Eloisa needs. Oh, no need, Eloisa knows how to do everything around the house. Oh, how funny, because Felicitas sure didn’t! But at least she was the same size as Natalia, so Natalia could borrow her clothes sometimes and Eloisa is way too tall. Well, Eloisa’s up for sharing anyway.

Carlos interrupts the love-fest and shoos Natalia out.


Lucas is trying a strawberry mask to get rid of the bruise on his face. Vale goes through his itinerary with him, but she wasn’t expecting to actually go to the ceremony. Lucas, of course, wants her to come with him.

Adriana summons Diego to her office so she can slap him and tell him she hates him. She believed Felicitas. And not just about Diego, but about his mom.

Vale declares that the strawberry mask did the trick. A little powder and the bruises will be all covered up. As for tonight, she doesn’t think she should go. But Lucas neeeeeds her!

Oh! Gabe has a therapist! He complains to her that everything always goes right for Lucas. Vale’s awesome and he can’t believe she likes Lucas! He doesn’t deserve her! “Do you?” Gabe says he deserves Lucas’ life.


Diego confronts Feli about whatever she told Adriana. Hey, she’s just trying to keep Diego and Adriana apart, that’s all. She doesn’t even seem to care that she’s hurting her own daughter, she just whines that she was hurt too! Diego’s surprised at the way she’s talking. It’s almost as if Adriana isn’t her daughter.

Uh oh. The music agrees that might be the case.

Adriana gets home. No, she wasn’t with Diego, she was doing work stuff. Also, she’s been thinking about Diego and his mom and she’s decided that if Eloisa moves in she’s going to Europe and never coming back.

Awards show

Vale’s ready to go. Her look is more “date night” than “red carpet,” but it’s not like Lucas cares. He thinks she looks great and he’s glad she’s going with him. Vale hopes he wins–he’s a great actor, even if he’s a lousy boyfriend. Lucas doesn’t understand why everyone keeps insisting he’s selfish and egotistical!

Gabe arrives and tells Lucas it’s over…he shows them the selfie Estefanía took.

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“She suctions herself to his face” Exactly! . It was so funny watching Diego trying to extricate himself from that kiss.

That liar Gabriel sure didn’t miss a beat telling Vale his version of Lucía and Lucas’ relationship.

So, Adriana might not be Felícitas’ daughter. I wonder where that will lead us and when . . .?