La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 12/23/16 #28


Alessandro’s just wandering through the lobby barefoot and munching on an apple when Nestor tells him he’s been given orders to arrest him. Or detain him. Whatever. Because daddy’s pissed. Alessandro dares Nestor to cuff him, but no, he’ll go willingly to the security office.

Cris is upset that all the staff knew what Luciano was going to do. (What were they supposed to do about it?)

At least someone brings Alessandro his boots and socks. Nestor calls Luciano to tell him he’s got Alessandro in his office and that creep is GLOATING.

The vindictive gloating continues as he comes down to Nestor’s office, dismisses Nestor and Cristian, and starts in on Alessandro for his supposed crimes. Alessandro’s surprised to hear his dad thinks HE stole the necklace.

His theory is that Alessandro and Marcela traveled on the same flight…but they didn’t sit together and they didn’t stay in the same place, to throw off suspicion. They pretended to meet each other, went back to the beach house for sex, and she took off the net day with the necklace. He also finds it suspicious Alessandro couldn’t even describe her face after they allegedly made love.

Alessandro has an explanation for everything. Not the flight–he didn’t know they were on the same one–but it was his mom who asked him to go. He wasn’t even going to go to that wedding! And there was a Carnaval party at the hotel where everyone was wearing masks.

Luciano scoffs at that–it took that much for Alessandro to get a woman into bed? At his age he could do it with just a look. (What a creep!) He laughs his ass off at the thought of Al and Mar walking along, talking for hours, with masks on “Like Batman and Robin.”

I hate that Alessandro’s telling this love story and his dad keeps making fun of him. It just cheapens it! Also it’s kind of weird to be giving his dad a detailed account of his one night stand.

Cristian goes up to Silvana’s suite to rat daddy out. Heh heh heh! It’s on now!

Ooh, Alessandro gets to daddy. He asks if he’s never had that sensation when he’s just met someone, but he feels like he’s know them his whole life. And Luciano thinks about Valeria. Of course, Al thinks he’s thinking of his mom.

Nestor joins them. Alessandro doesn’t care if Luciano believes him or not, it happened the way he said. He dares Luciano to go ahead and throw him in jail, but he thinks of Marcela getting arrested and he changes his mind.

Silvana bursts in to protect her sweet baby boy from his big bad daddy. She reminds him it’s HER family’s necklace and he doesn’t have the right to do this. If she wants to, she can say she gave it to Alessandro as a gift.

Luciano keeps complaining about Alessandro “betraying” the family and Silvana reminds him that he wouldn’t be the first. Luciano knows that forgiveness exists, so he’d better give his son the benefit of the doubt. If he doesn’t back off, Silvana’s going to call the cops herself…to accuse Luciano of kidnapping.

Wait, what?!

No explanation, but Luciano snottily tells Alessandro he can go. Alessandro’s disappointed that his dad doubts him. He, Cristian and Nestor leave Luciano to get a final scolding from Silvana. She’d nearly forgotten that thing she forgave him, but now he’s made her remember it again. She walks out.

Now Luciano’s asking himself WTF he’s doing. A little late for that, no?

El Vendaval

Huracán is recovering nicely and grumpy about having to keep resting instead of going on rounds with Marcela.

BIG HAIRY SPIDER! BIG HAIRY SPIDER! BIG HAIRY SPIDER! ON NISA’S BED! She’s Maria Laura’s pet. Her name is Carlota. Maria Laura puts her outside and tells Nisa about their plans for today, including introducing her to cuter guys than Camilo. I’m still stuck on BIG HAIRY SPIDER!

While Nisa’s in the shower Maria Laura talks to herself in the mirror. She still wants Camilo with Marcela so Maria Laura can snag Alessandro. Camilo comes to the window complaining about needing to get Marcela back from that rich guy. Yep, he knows. Maria Laura swears him to secrecy and claims she just found out from his sister.

Octavia thinks they should check with Marcela directly and make sure Don Timo’s not lying about her not selling the ranch. She uses the hotel phone and gets Sagrario, who is more than happy to tell her the ranch is no longer for sale. She can call later if she wants to discuss it with Marcela.

Marcela comes back to the house, glad Sagrario answered for her. She’s planning to go back to the bank and try to re-negotiate the debt. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Maria Laura comes in with the remains of Nisa’s breakfast tray, complaining that she drinks tea instead of coffee and there’s no tea in this house and of course she didn’t sleep well, who can sleep well in this house?! And they’re going down to the hot springs to see if she can relax and hey, by the way, did Marcela know her mom hit her? Sagrario: “I didn’t want to.”

Marcela and Alba make plans to go into town together. Alba wants to check her email and see if there’s news about her job interview. Marcela’s thinking a new dress…and not for Huracán. She tells Alba about her hot hot kisses with Alessandro and the way she can’t help having feelings about him. He said he didn’t care about the contract, he wanted to stay for her. She doesn’t know if she can believe him when even her father lied to her…but he always looks at her directly and maybe that’s a sign that he’s the man for her.

Field Trip

Maria Laura drives Nisa out to the hot springs. Nisa’s still trying to pretend she’s not rich. Maria Laura asks about borrowing something she saw in Nisa’s suitcase. Nisa thinks she’s talking about The Necklace, but no, there was a dress Maria Laura saw. Maria Laura vocab: bubona = busty. Yeah, I’m sure that’s in the RAE dictionary.

San Bartolo

Octavio and Mauro are practically fleeing town, but they run right into Don Timo. Mauro tries to say they have a major emergency, but Timo insists they can’t go until he’s awarded Octavia with the Order of Yeya Quiñonez.

Yeya was Don Timo’s grandmother and the first woman in the town who could give painless injections. Yep, she’d swat you on the butt a few times and then when you least expect it, ¡Pum!

Anyway, there’s a scroll. Octavia looks horrified.

Camilo hangs out with Lencho, babbling poetically about Marcela. Lencho accuses him of only being after her inheritance, but didn’t Camile hear? It was, like, three pesos. Severo’s the one who ended up with all the money.

Marcela borrows the phone at the boutique to ask the bank for more time. Sounds like she just needs to bring them a letter. The boutique owner encourages Marcela to try on some dresses she might like.

Amadeo moons over Alba while he packs up some candies. He hasn’t given up on Alba falling for “Chopin.” And then he’ll tell her it’s him. I would think the bit in the email about “You never notice me” would be a dead giveaway that “Chopin” isn’t Cristian.

Hm, green tie-dye. Is it really Marcela? Alba thinks so. Marcela takes the dress.

Alba tells Marcela about her secret Internet lovah…who she thinks is Cristian. *facepalm*


Octavia gets back to the hotel and gets confronted almost immediately by Luciano. He wants to talk to her in his office. (Dude, if you’re going to fire her, just do it here and save yourself the walk.)

Al’s room

Alessandro explains to Cristian how his mom saved his bacon. He also admits when his dad was talking jail, he had this horrible fear that maybe Marcela did steal the necklace. Cristian thinks Alessandro’s worried that he’s fallen in love with someone he hardly knows.

El Vendaval kitchen

Sagrario’s grumpy that Mateo went into town and took too long and didn’t tell her he was going.

HE WAS BUYING AN ENGAGEMENT RING! Don’t give him that look, Sagrario. He just wants to be able to stop hiding their relationship. Sagrario turns him down. WHY?!

She wants to marry him, but it’s “impossible” because she married that worthless creep Severo in the Church.

She’s already fighting with Maria Laura–what if Maria Laura found out Sagrario and Mateo have a relationship? She’s being nastier than ever since her dad came back. Sagrario’s upset with herself for slapping Maria Laura. Mateo’s surprised she did it, but he understands. And he thinks it’s about time Maria Laura got slapped. (On principle, I don’t want to agree with him, but…gah!)

Anyway, Sagrario would hate herself if she broke her vows. (I really hate this trope. It’s always the person who gets stepped on who cares about the vows, while the step-ee just does whateverthehell they want to without a care.)

Sagrario keeps crying about Maria Laura slipping away from her. Like she’s not even her daughter. She doesn’t even blame Maria Laura for being angry at her, but she doesn’t want to lose her. Mateo starts comforting her and Severo comes in, smarming about them having an affair. (Dude…don’t even!)

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thanks Diva Oh that spider *shudder* I loved though, that when Nisa was protesting about letting a venomous thing run around free, Maria laura was all well we let Marcela run around free and she’s way more venomous, it was funny but in my mind I was thinking the rest of the family probably think the same thing but substitute Maria Laura’s name for Marcela’s. And also how appropriate is it that Maria Laura has a spider for a pet, the only thing more on the nose would be a pet boa constrictor “that creep is GLOATING.” IKR! he really… Read more »

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I keep old phone books just for the purpose of throwing them at centipedes! I understand your fear totally! Just….so many legs! Ughhh

I like Mateo. The scenes with the parrot are funny. It’s an odd presentation…seems like more of a pirate thing to have a pet parrot!