Silvana sin Lana Week of 12/12/16 #98-102

Monday 12/12/16 #98

Majo’s thrilled that Chivis supports her and yes, she definitely wants something serious with Vicente, she just didn’t want to tell AJ so soon after the thing with Andres. She wants to see Vicente tonight, but Chivis whines–she’s lousy at lying! Majo promises she’ll tell her dad soon and Chivis agrees to help her out. As long as it’s a short visit. And Chivis is driving her there and back.

The guys are worried that Stella’s getting her hopes up about Manuel and she’s going to be disappointed again.

Manuel surprises Lucha by telling her he’s in love with Chivis. She hadn’t realized she was just been waiting for him to confirm it. And of course, Chivis is in love with him too, right? Because where is she ever going to find a guy like Manuel! Hey, doesn’t he know Lucha has such a hard time finding boyfriends because she compares them all to him?

Andres finds out he got accepted for some project he applied for months ago. His mom’s worried about it, because of what happened with Majo, but he thinks this will help him get over her. Well, this and his “friend” he wishes he’d met sooner.

Lupita makes a big fuss about being in her room…alone…so she can call Pedrito and invite him over. And his dad’s invited too, since obviously Pedrito can’t get there on his own. Oh, sure, her dad will be ok with it since he’s happy if she’s happy.

Jorge sends Angie a text, finally, and says he was helping his dad with something and he’s not coming over. He’ll see her later. Angie’s suspicious because he’s usually a lot more affectionate.

Manuel comes to check on Jorge, since he’d walked into the house all grumpy. No, he can’t tell Manuel to leave him alone–how many times has Manuel wanted to be left alone and the kids bug him anyway? It takes him a while to get going, but Jorge eventually tells his dad what AJ did when he tried to visit Angie.

Manuel’s upset, but he also can’t believe Jorge’s not going to fight. I kind of agree with Jorge–this doesn’t seem like a “keep fighting” sort of situation, not with a guy like AJ involved. I also agree with Manuel that Jorge needs to tell Angie because this is THEIR relationship.

Stella has realized there’s nothing more than a wall between her new bedroom and Manuel’s and from that freaky look in her eyes I think she’s going to bust through that wall with a sledgehammer and pull a Jack Nicholson “Heeeeeeere’s Stella!” on Manuel.

AJ comes over and Chivis confronts him about teaming up with Stella. AJ counter-confronts her about Stella being right that Chivis and Manuel have something going on that’s more than friendship. Chivis refuses to answer his questions and reminds him he’s supposed to be staying out of her life. And yet, here he is, after saying this is HER house, coming in with his own set of keys. He asks if she’s angry or scared. Chivis denies there’s any reason for her to be scared of him?

And then he tries to move her purse to sit down and spills everything onto the chair…including the framed picture of her and Manuel. She tries to stick to the “friends” story, but not only does AJ not believe it, even if they are “friends” he doesn’t think it’s right. Besides, that day he got home and the bed was already made, he’s sure she spent the night with Manuel and he’s sure it wasn’t the first or the only time.

AJ gets ugly, screaming at Chivis that she changed for the worse and he can’t believe after twenty years she jumped into bed with the first guy who came along. Chivis slaps him. I’m ok with that. She’s starting to crack, though, and she’s about to admit to AJ that yes she’s not “just friends” with Manuel…but Majo walks in and interrupts them. AJ warns Chivis the conversation isn’t over.

Génesis visits Poncho and gets a tour of the new house. Stella busts them kissing and tries to retaliate by releasing Javito to “meet” Génesis before Poncho can warn her. The joke’s on her, because Génesis and her holy aura charm Javito. And now Poncho’s so moved he’s decided he does want to marry Génesis. He even starts talking reception menu–cactus salad and barbacoa.

Génesis decides to ask if Poncho really loves her and if he’s ever loved anyone else. Stella the Stalker sits up at the top of the stairs spying on them as Poncho tells her he did love someone, and they know him really well, and he knows he’ll always be able to count on them, but he’s resigned himself to them only having a friendship.

Benito’s still incredibly down and having Marge talking about state exams isn’t helping. She’s going to go off and go to university and have a career and he’s going to be left all alone. So what did Marge do to cheer him up? Invited Sara over.

Poncho gives Dom the news about his impending marriage. He admits he’s gotta get out of here. It’s humiliating to watch Stella throwing herself at Manuel like this and every time she says his name it’s like a stab to the heart. They both get weepy about not living together and Poncho promises Dom will be the grandfather of his firstborn…or both of them if they’re twins.

Angie disinterestedly supervises Lupita’s homework. Times tables. Ugh. Lupita tells her about inviting Pedrito and Manuel over and Angie warns her to check with their mom about that kind of thing first.

Chivis and Majo are on their way out, but Majo won’t quit pestering Chivis about the conversation she interrupted earlier. She also won’t quit pestering Chivis about “forgiving” AJ already (whatever that means). They get to the kitchen and AJ is there, asking where they’re going.

Tuesday 12/13/16 #99

Chivis tells AJ she’s dropping Majo off at a friend’s house and she wants him out of the house by the time she gets back. AJ gets Steve to follow them.

Poncho asks Stella if he can move into the old house with Génesis after they’re married. He’s thrilled when she says yes, but bursts into tears when she’s more focused on the rent than anything else. Dom tells him to wise up–she’ll never stop chasing after Manuel, so he’d better not pass up the chance he has with Génesis.

Poncho just can’t believe that Stella’s not the least bit upset that they won’t all be living together anymore. Stella claims she just wants him to be happy.

Another day, another conversation with Lupita about how she shouldn’t get her hopes up about her parents getting back together.

Marge is disappointed that Benito told Sara to go home. She thought he liked Sara! Benito says he’s a one woman man and that woman is “Trinidad Altamirano de Rivapalacios,” Marge finishes with him. OK then, if he wants Trini then, so be it. She’s on board. Whatever crazy thing he wants to do to get her back, Marge will help.

AJ finds Angie sulking in his office. He starts trying to convince her she’s better off without Jorge and make her feel guilty for missing the other house. And while he’s at it, just in case there was any doubt about what a manipulative creep he is, he asks Angie if she thinks it’s right that her mother is in love with another man.

Angie refuses to answer. She refuses to get dragged into their relationship problems. AJ begs her not to let anyone replace him and Angie assures him he’s her dad and he always will be. But whatever’s going on between him and her mom is between them and she hopes he’ll respect her decision to stay out of it.

Chivis takes Majo to the salsódromo to see Vicente and goes over to Manuel’s to tell him that AJ found the picture of them and he was a real jerk about it. She thinks in a way she wanted him to find it so she could just get it over with and tell him she’s in love with Manuel. He was so ugly that she snapped and slapped him! Manuel wants details. Heh!

She’s embarrassed that she didn’t have the guts to tell AJ right then and there, and then Majo interrupted. Manuel is sure he’ll ask again.

While they finish up their visit, Stella is outside talking to Steve. She wants him to pass information to her the same as he is toAJ. I think Steve’s laboring under the impression that if he does this he might have a chance with Stella again. Chivis leaves Manuel’s while they’re still talking and Stella runs over to pick on her and keep her from seeing Steve.

AJ’s still trying to work on Angie, telling her her mother has forgotten she has an obligation to set a good example for Lupita and talking about their family’s “values” when Stella sends him the picture of Manuel and Chivis kissing in Manuel’s office earlier. AJ says it’s nothing, but he walks out angrily without saying good night to Angie.

Chivis goes to the salsódromo to pick up Majo, but some helpful guy named Hector tells her Vicente and his “novia” already left. Good thing Steve was right behind her. We’d hate for him to have to do any additional spy work.

Poncho got a call from Vicente earlier in the evening, apparently to ask for the keys to Stella’s so Vicente and Majo could go over and have sex in Poncho’s room. She’s a little stressed that Poncho knows and he’s kind of chismoso.

AJ goes back to his hotel room and calls Esteban for an update. Esteban is still at the salsódromo, trying to talk over all the noise. He tells AJ that Chivis dropped Majo off here and then went to her “ex-neighbor’s” house for a little while. Esteban doesn’t know what happened inside. And then she came back to the salsódromo, but Majo had left with her novio, or that’s what he heard. Steve ends up pissing off AJ who screams at him that they’ll talk tomorrow.

Chivis has been waiting upstairs at the salsódromo and she’s pissed that Majo wasn’t there waiting for her. Majo’s excuse makes no sense–they went somewhere else for dinner and fell asleep. Chivis won’t leave until she gets a better explanation and Majo finally explains about Poncho lending them the keys to Stella’s old house and they weren’t asleep and…she wants to go to a gynecologist and she wants Chivis to come with her.

Wednesday 12/14/16 #100

As much as Majo doesn’t want to talk about it here–or at all, really–Chivis says they might as well since they’re alone. There is a lot of talking around things going on, but it sounds like Chivis is making the assumption that Majo wants to go to a gynecologist to talk about birth control, so she asks if Majo’s clear about what that means. Because didn’t Majo always say she wanted to be a virgin when she got married? Majo says she isn’t anymore. (This is going to be a really long night if she doesn’t just TALK.)

Chivis gives her a look. But yes, she’ll go to the gynecologist with her. Majo babbles a lot about not giving her that look and how she’s a grown woman and she’s terrified of getting pregnant. Chivis is glad she’s being responsible…but maybe she could consider being responsible in other areas too? Like figuring out what to do with her life?

Vicente gets home, bragging about what a great night he had with Majo. Jorge warns him it’s not going to last once AJ finds out–he already forbid Jorge from seeing Angie and he’s going to do the same to Vicente. Vicente refuses to believe him.

Jorge thinks Vicente’s just more optimistic than he is. Vicente shares his philosophy–you can’t fight love. He gets Jorge all pumped up about how they’re going to fight for Majo and Angie.

AJ gets to the house the next day after Chivis as already left for the market. Trini’s up early to get things ready for a brunch at the house I’m sure I don’t want to know anything about.

Angie and Lupita come downstairs and AJ tells Lupita to put on the uniform for her old school. Angie says she’s sorry to butt in, but shouldn’t he have asked Lupita if she wants to go back to her old school? AJ says this is an adult decision. Lupita goes sadly upstairs to change.

Angie’s angry that AJ’s suddenly being so classist, talking about not wanting his daughters around “nacos.” She reminds him this is the US, where there aren’t social classes (officially) and people aren’t worth more just because they have more money (you tell him!). She runs upstairs after Lupita. Trini, that traitor, agrees with AJ that it’s the influence of that barrio. She’s so glad he’s back to impose some order.

Pedrito comes in to wake up Lucha and she whines that it’s the one day she doesn’t have to get up early! Why can’t they ever let her sleep!

Uh, because Andres is downstairs. Lucha bolts out of bed and goes to brush her teeth.

Andres came over because he wanted to tell her about that project he got accepted for. He’d be going to the state of Guerrero in Mexico to provide medical services. He leaves in a week.

Lucía’s so shocked she gets a little selfish–what about his classes? And she thought that since he wasn’t marrying Majo after all they could…. Andres is definitely not ready for another relationship yet. He needs Lucha’s support on this. She sighs and agrees that his FRIEND Lucía Gallardo is telling him to go. Right now. Today. Get his plane ticket and be on his way.

Angie has to be the one to break it to Pedrito that Lupita’s not coming back to school with them. She didn’t say anything because their dad didn’t tell her until this morning. Pedrito pretty much gives up at this point. He says he’s not cut out for love and shuffles off to class. Angie calls after him that Lupita loves him then mutters “Thanks, dad.”

Chivis gets to Manuel’s office and finds Stella behind his desk. She was just talking to AJ about that picture she sent and cuts off the call, pretending he’s a customer. She tries to get under Chivis’ skin asking how she’s doing at her hold house and bragging that she’s Manuel’s new neighbor. Yeah, Chivis heard. She hopes Stella enjoys all the furniture that CHIVIS worked her ass off to buy.

Stella just keeps harping on how Chivis shouldn’t bother working when she’s got a husband to take care of her and hey that house was so filthy and Chivis shouldn’t forget she got married in the Church. (Shut up, Stella.)

Jorge passes up a game of fútbol because he only has so much time to see Angie at school. Because…? (Tell her.) Oh, because her house is really far away. Angie insists that it’s not going to be impossible for them to see each other outside of school, though, right? (Tell her!) Jorge agrees it won’t be impossible.

Angie tells him she’s upset that her dad pulled Lupita out of school without telling them and she’s afraid that he’s going back to his old, classist ways. (TELL HER!) She hates to think that her dad never really changed and just did all this stuff to get them back. And she feels terrible about poor sad Lupita thinking she’ll never see Pedrito again.

Jorge asks why he didn’t pull her out of school too and Angie says it’s because she was so close to graduating that it didn’t make sense. Jorge cracks. AJ’s just working a different angle with her. He lied–he did go to her house yesterday, but AJ wouldn’t let him in and told him to forget about Angie. (Whew! Glad that didn’t go on too long!)

Angie’s one attempt to doubt is to ask if maybe AJ was joking? But no, Jorge knows the difference by now. She’s furious with her dad and neither of them knows what to do, but they’re not breaking up. And there are smoochies, which seems like as good a plan as any.

When Manuel gets to his office, Chivis complains about Stella. Manuel calls Stella a spoiled brat and says he’d rather talk about AJ. Chivis has brought this up before, but she tells him again that she and AJ never really talked much before and she never contradicted him because she could never win an argument with him. So now she really doesn’t know how to confront him.

Change of subject–Manuel got a present for her. It’s three big hanging potted geraniums. Her joy is short-lived. Lupita calls to say everything’s going fine, everyone at her old school welcomed her back. Chivis says they’ll talk about it later and tells Manuel what AJ did this time. Manuel warns her she’s going to have to confront him before he worms his way back into the house. Because Stella might be “crazy” but AJ is evil and he’s smart. Which makes him way more dangerous.

Marge starts noticing that people are laughing when they see her and walking away. She asks one of her “friends” what’s going on and the “friend” says that someone made Marge a fan page like the one she made for Angie, saying that she’s pathetic and her boyfriend left her for someone who’s actually worth it. I’m guessing that this is Benji’s doing? What it don’t get is why the “friend” says it like she’s angry at Marge.

Jorge is sure that AJ loves his daughters (not by my definition) and he’s just going to have to learn that no matter what he does, he can’t control them. They’re not robots! They get ready to head back to class but Marge comes up and shoves Angie. She accuses Angie of setting up that stupid fan page.

Marge messed with Angie on the wrong day! She didn’t set the page up. She knows what it feels like and she forgave Marge for it and she certainly wouldn’t stoop to her level. Not because she’s “good,” but because she’s sick of people lying about her and manipulating her and Marge had better do her research before accusing Angie of anything like this again or she’s going to find out what Angie’s capable of!

Jorge’s sure Marge set up the page herself, just to get everyone to feel sorry for her.

Trini’s brunch is basically Trini x3. And one of Trini is bad enough. Trini has just finished telling her snotty friends that she was so alone at the other house and didn’t meet a single person when Benito shows up. She pretends he’s just some nobody from the other neighborhood who she invited out here to cut her grass so he could earn a few extra dollars. Benito doesn’t tell her friends she’s a lying liar, but he makes it clear from the way he throws down the flowers and pastries that he’s not happy with her.

Marge gets home and Juanito asks how her day went. “Terrible.” Juanito just keeps saying the wrong things. He tells her to get on Facebook to relax. No, he doesn’t know how to erase a Facebook page, but he’s sure Jorge does. Yeah, Benito came home a while ago looking so sad Juanito wouldn’t be surprised if he had a heart attack.

Chivis tries to confront AJ about switching Lupita’s school. First he plays innocent–he thought Chivis would agree it’s the right thing to do. Then he says kids can get over anything and Lupita will thank him later. Then he gets ugly and says his daughter isn’t going to go to a “naco” school or live in a “naco” barrio and if Chivis wants to date a “naco” that’s her business.

Chivis asks how much longer he’s going to keep bringing that up when it’s not even what they’re talking about. AJ shows her the picture Stella sent him and says not until she tells the truth.

Manuel goes up to his room and finds a giant, off-center opening in the wall, half covered by the headboard of his bed, with a red curtain hanging in it, courtesy of Stella.

Thursday 12/15/16 #101

Stella has an excuse, of course. The contractor she hired to hang a painting didn’t realize the wall was sheetrock. Yeah, Manuel’s not buying this. (Also, the guy’s plaster work is utter crap.) Oh, wait, it gets better…the contractor insisted they needed to open the hole that big or it wouldn’t be “structurally sound.”

Marge gets home to a crying Benito and hears the story of his heartbreaking trip to Trini’s. Marge is furious with Trini, but she doesn’t want Benito to cry either.

Angie tells Majo about AJ not letting Jorge into the house. She thinks Jorge must have misinterpreted things. She can’t understand why he would do something like this “all of a sudden” after being sooooo nice. Angie doesn’t think it’s “sudden” at all–she thinks now that he got them back into the old house, he thinks he has the right to tell them what to do.

AJ and Chivis are still arguing about the picture. Her argument is that she wanted a separation because he took off, nothing happened with Manuel before she made the decision to separate, it’s not her fault that he wasn’t around so she could tell him it was over, and she hasn’t cheated on him. AJ’s argument is that it doesn’t matter what he did, she was supposed to be “faithful” forever and besides he already apologized for taking off.

AJ’s argument comes with a side order of a lot of yelling and name-calling and it keeps putting Chivis on the defensive. Plus, she seems to be trying to get him to understand her point of view and of course, he’s not going to because he doesn’t actually see her as a person. She sobs that she’s in love with Manuel and if she needs to apologize she will, but she wants him to stop trying to make her feel guilty. She can’t stay with him, she doesn’t want to point fingers, things just happen.

So now he’s fake-nice, agreeing that it’s “mostly” his fault and he can forgive her and everything can go back to the way it was before. They should talk more. He promises not to say anything to the girls.

Angie and Majo find Trini in the office. Angie keeps insisting her dad’s being heavy-handed and she’s not going to let him keep her away from Jorge. Trini’s toeing the party line, though, and says he’s just protecting them, it’s his job, and they need to understand that the Gallardo’s aren’t “for” them.

Angie calls Trini a vendida (sell-out). Majo tries to see both sides–she can understand where her dad is coming from, BUT he doesn’t have the right to tell them what to do. Trini disagrees–he DOES have the right because they’re both “young.” Majo doesn’t even study! And as for Angie, Jorge isn’t for her. Angie looks furious.

Poncho gives Don Jonas and Génesis a tour of Stella’s house…as if they haven’t seen it already. He’s still a little nervous about the baby talk and picking a wedding date, especially when Genesis says she wants to do it next week.

Manuel needs to nail some plywood over that damn hole. Stella won’t leave him alone. She talks him into letting her come over and use their bathroom…but what she really wants is to try to seduce him. Which just annoys him.

Lupita calls Pedrito to tell him about her great day at school. She doesn’t want to break up, but he doesn’t see how they can keep having a relationship when they never see each other. Lupita thinks if he invited her out someplace…he suggests she come along on a school field trip to a museum. She’s going to ask her parents. That should be interesting.

AJ finally emerges from Chivis’ room but the poor dear is just too tired to talk to his daughters right now. Too damn bad, because Angie’s not going to be put off by him or Trini. Did he tell Jorge he couldn’t see her anymore?

AJ says he did. And so what? It’s his responsibility to protect her and they have nothing in common. Angie demands he explain himself and he agrees it’s because Jorge doesn’t live in Coral Gables and doesn’t go to private school “among other reasons.” Angie says SHE’S the one who picks her boyfriends, not AJ. It’s 2016! AJ loses his temper and screams in Angie’s face that he doesn’t want Jorge to be her boyfriend and that’s that.

He walks out and Angie stares at Majo, in tears, and sarcastically thanks her for her help. Majo says she tried, but she was scared. Angie tells her to “woman up” because this is really about her. And Trini just keeps repeating her classist crap about AJ having every right because they shouldn’t “mix” with the middle class, completely not noticing or caring that Majo’s in tears. (Angie’s right. Vendida.)

Poncho comes home to the duplex and tells Dom he’s getting married next week. The problem is, he can’t stop thinking about Stella. No, according to Dom the problem is he can’t get a suit ready in a week! Poncho needs to forget about Stella, especially after her latest trick–can he believe she opened up a hole in the wall between her bedroom and Manuel’s?

And here Poncho thought Stella would come to her senses and interrupt his wedding. Dom tells him to come down off that cloud, marry Génesis, and have kids.

Jorge and Vicente are getting themselves all pumped up to fight AJ. This involves a lot of chest pounding. Literally.

Juanito and Marge close out the register and close up the bakery for the night. Unfortunately, he leaves before she can lock the door and Benji forces his way in. Yes, it was him who set up the fan page.

Stella sneaks into Manuel’s room to take an incriminating selfie. Of course it would be the one night Pedrito isn’t sleeping with him.

Friday 12/16/16 #102

Stella sneaks back out of Manuel’s bed without him noticing.

Has Chivis not talked to any of her daughters since AJ was there?! Lupita comes in, wanting to sleep in Chivis’ bed again and complaining that it’s weird that adults get to sleep together but kids have to sleep alone. Heh. Good one. Also, she’s missing Pedrito. She asks about that field trip and Chivis says OF COURSE her dad would let her go. Why wouldn’t he?

Benji gets rough with Marge, not caring that her grandfather’s on his way or that she’s threatening to call the police and accuse him of assault. He says she won’t have any proof–except that now Jorge walks in, fights with him, and Marge whacks him on the head with a tray. Jorge puts him in a headlock and tells Marge to call the cops. Looks like proof to me.

Looks like proof to the cops, too. Once Jorge signs the paperwork they take Benji with them. Marge begs Jorge not to tell anyone. She feels bad for the way she talked to him and Angie earlier, and then he helped her anyway. They agree to be friends.

Lucha and Vicente hear about the hole in Manuel’s wall at breakfast. They think it’s hilarious. (That’s an interesting contrast with the first “hole-in-the-wall” incident where everyone recognized it was horrible for the guys to be looking through the wall. But Stella gets access to their entire house and nobody takes it seriously.)

Trini and Esteban get into an argument about him driving her to the barrio.

Chivis gets to Manuel’s office and finds Stella in there. After an endless argument in the office, the market, and a brief stop by the Gazebo of the Perpetually Annoyed Virgen, Stella finally whips out her phone and shows Chivis the selfie from last night. Chivis refuses to respond and Stella keeps goading her, grabbing her, getting in her way so she can’t leave. Chivis calls her an embarrassment to their gender, gets in her van, and takes off.

AJ comes over to tell Manuel that Chivis told him “everything” and he wants Manuel to step aside and stop destroying his family. Manuel says that’s bull–AJ’s the one who destroyed his family. He left! AJ insists Chivis is just throwing a tantrum and trying to punish him. She was just alone and needed a man, and if he’s a decent man he should step aside. AJ’s stymied once again when Manuel won’t take the bait and insists he and Chivis are in love.

Chivis, not “AJ’s wife.” A different woman. A woman AJ doesn’t even know. Not some fresa who did nothing but play golf while her husband made his dirty money. AJ says this “love story” is childish and immoral. He tries to invoke God and says Manuel doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “family.” Well, Manuel’s family trust each other, which AJ certainly can’t say. His conscience is clear. He backs AJ towards the door.

Vicente was listening in from the kitchen. He tells Manuel they’re all in this together–him, Vicente, Jorge…even Pedrito. Manuel’s worried about how Chivis is going to react.

Andres invites Lucha over to his house to show her that he’s already bought his plane ticket. He got all the money back from the wedding (that’s impressive, considering it got cancelled on such short notice). Lucha sighs that he must have saved a lot of money. He could have bought a ticket for her. Hey, she’d never leave him at the airport.

Lucha keeps complaining about Andres leaving. She promises to bully the new professor. And of course they can’t stay in touch online! There’s no Internet where he’s going! He says he’ll send her regular mail, then. Lucha doesn’t know how she’s going to handle not seeing him around school. She’s really proud of him for what he’s doing, but she’s heartbroken all the same.

Andres reminds her she has things to do her, like finishing med school. And he needs to get away from here and find out who he is without Majo.

Fine, Lucha approves of that. But as soon as he’s ready for a girlfriend he should send her a pigeon or something and she’ll send him some first-year med student to be his girlfriend for the summer. Andres says she’d be the first on his list–but it wouldn’t just be a summer love. He just doesn’t think he’s ready. Lucha signs that she’s gotten his handkerchief all dirty. He tells her to keep it until they see each other again.

But now he’s gotta go talk to the dean. He asks her to wish him luck and she jokingly wishes him all the worst luck, that everything gets in his way and he can’t leave the country. But seriously, she wishes him luck.

Vicente and Majo go over to Stella’s/Poncho’s, but Majo’s nervous. I guess now she’s actually looking around and she notices there’s still furniture in here. Is he sure they moved out? And also she’s feeling guilty. She was raised to think having sex without being married was a sin and she can’t stop thinking about that! Vicente says it’s only a sin if they don’t love each other. Majo thinks that’s so cheesy…but it makes her laugh and she agrees to go upstairs with him.

Afterwards they get all mushy. Vicente’s talking about how he’s sooo in love with her. But is she in love with him? Um, does he think she would have snuck in here with him, to her mom’s arch-enemy’s house, if she wasn’t? She cancelled a wedding for him! He says he was just kidding. And besides, she gave him “proof” of her love. Majo starts laughing again–that’s SOOOOO cheesy!

Oh dear…Poncho comes over with Génesis and Don Jonas to bless the house. And they brought their whole prayer group. Poncho’s distractedly thinking about Génesis undressing for him. She elbows him and he sends up an “Alabado!” that they all join in on.

Majo and Vicente hear them upstairs and Vicente goes to investigate.

Don Jonas is talking about how the house is free of all evil and if it’s not then it can come down those stairs!

And here comes Vicente. In just his boxers. Wielding a baseball bat.

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