La Fan Monday 3/06/17 #35


Instead of doing anything useful, Adriana snarks on Felicitas and Diego for being there together. He tries to shove Felicitas at her and get Adriana to take her home, but Adriana shoves right back. And Felicitas is more liquid than solid at the moment, so Diego can’t even leave her sitting at the counter and go after Adriana.

For all Benicio’s ambition, he admits to his dad that he’s interested in another woman. Ignacio, being the classy guy he is, thinks Benicio can have Adriana AND the other woman. Har, har. The Elevator of Lust rejects them and they have to take the stairs.

Adriana gets home, in no mood to talk about where she’s been. She’s even more convinced that she needs to go back to Europe, that she never should have left.

She gets a call from Benicio and she and Carlos go running out to the office. A boiler exploded. Benicio smirks as he tells her this was something Diego was in charge of. Even Adriana agrees that’s his area. Benicio says he’s sooooo good at his job it seems odd that this slipped by him–the insinuation being that he sabotaged the boiler on purpose. Adriana doesn’t believe he’s capable of that. Either way, Carlos wants a peritaje (an expert review).


I’m with Tomás, just say the name already! I hope the tympani player’s getting paid by the roll. The amount of stalling is ridiculous. Finally, Raúl makes the announcement…it’s Lucas. He goes down like a fútbol player, a giant bouquet of roses is handed over, the crowd cheers.

The Lucas Locas can’t believe he finally won, Luisa’s going to be his sister-in-law, and he’s dating Vale. They’ve gone from “fans” to “family.”

Raúl makes Franco stand there and wait for the applause to die down before he says a few words. Franco poutily thanks his fans, wipes the tears off his face, and says they’ll win again next year. No, he’s not going to congratulate Lucas.

Lucas brings Vale up on stage to give her all the credit for the award and say he’s a better man because of her. (This is true.) Lucas sits in his giant throne and accepts his ridiculously huge statue while Franco throws his flowers at Estefanía and pulls her out of the auditorium.

After party

Awww…Miguel has the café decorated with gold and black decorations.

Lucas whines that they’re not in some expensive hotel suite. (*sigh*) He tries to take it back and say he doesn’t want to be a bother. Tomás agrees, Lucas definitely bothers him. (*sigh*) And Gabe complains he rented a suite last year and Lucas never paid him back.

People start to scatter to grab drinks while Lucas thanks Vale again and asks where they go from here.

Auggie brings Salma home. Aw, Salma’s dress matches the café decorations. Auggie can’t believe she’d go to all that trouble and still not tell the truth. “I love him too much!” Agustín asks how much more she’s going to take. Well, Salma’s on board as far as Lucas not deserving her love, but what does she have in mind…?

Vale suggests they just enjoy the party for now. Tomás is wiped. He’d rather go to bed. She nags him to congratulate Lucas and he does it with zero enthusiasm. Lucas makes a tiny bit more effort and says he knows Tomás doesn’t like him, but he likes Tomás. “Yeah? I doubt it.”

Tomás says goodnight to Gabe and tells him Lucas doesn’t deserve the award, especially not after what Gabe told him. Hopefully one day Martincito will be back. (Referring to the role Gabe “lost” to Lucas. Dragging the kid into old drama, eh Gabe? Classy.)

Jess brings Diego downstairs. Miriam asks Miguel why he called earlier, but he’d rather talk about it tomorrow.

Eloisa passes out glasses of champagne and stops to chat with Gabe. Jess propositions Diego for sex.

Vale tells Lucas their fake relationship is over now. Lucas proposes they get their real relationship going again. With a kiss! Vale sadly tells him she can’t be his girlfriend again. That kiss was a goodbye. Lucas says they can break up in a couple of weeks, when he finishes up with a few interviews and a web series…unless she wants him to just ditch has career…? (Lucas, martyr does not look good on you.)

Vale doesn’t, of course. Gabe comes over to ask if he should be congratulating them and doesn’t bother to hide his smile when Vale says they’re through for good (*cough* forthenextfiveminutes *cough*).

Hey, Justin came to the party! He brought a date he’s calling his cousin.

After-after party

The party’s over and Miguel and Miriam end up cleaning up alone. Now she’s the one who would rather not have their conversation tonight. He invites her out to dinner tomorrow.

Diego takes Jess home, where she’d like to have a private celebration…. He turns her down. He’s tired. She makes a big deal out of pretending it’s not a big deal. He leaves without a kiss goodbye.

Lucas gets home to find Salma waiting for him. She’s whining about being sorry, but I’m distracted at the side profile shot of her with the black robe going all the way to the floor–she looks about ten feet tall and I’m finding it disconcerting.

She shows him the swag bag the awards committee sent over, full of fancy creams. He’s not sharing. She runs upstairs and tells him to chase her if he wants his stuff.

Vale breaks it to Eloisa that she and Lucas are done while Eloisa does a face mask that makes her look like a luchador. Elo can’t understand why, especially after he asked her to be his girlfriend for real. She thinks Vale won’t try to be happy.

Vale says there are things Eloisa doesn’t know and if Lucas wasn’t meant for Lucía, he’s not meant for Vale. She still loves him, but it’s not meant to be.

Eloisa tries to make a comparison about never thinking she’d be with Carlos. As Vale points out, Carlos wasn’t the love of Elo’s BFF’s life. Besides, they’re talking about Elo and not Vale. Well, Elo has decided she’s going to take Carlos up on his offer and move in with him.


Jessica’s cat tank top is cute. Her cranky face, less so. Miriam’s excited about Miguel’s dinner invitation, but she’s not sure if she should be. She doesn’t know if she’s interested in Miguel or Benicio or maybe both. No, Jess, that does not make her a slut.

Jess is in a hurry to get to her own news–she’s pregnant.


Oh, Jess had a dream that she was pregnant and that’s apparently proof. Also she felt pukey and it can’t possibly have anything to do with drinking last night. Miriam just doesn’t understand because she’s not a mother. Jess can feel baby Diego kicking in there.

Casa Lucas

Salma spent the night. *BARF* Lucas doesn’t want to get out of bed and Salma wants him to hurry up and get up and try the fancy face creams before his magazine shoot, because he’s got dark circles and bags under his eyes.

Lucas relaxes while his face mask works. Salma would join him, but she’s in a hurry to get to work. Laters!

Casa Vale

A delivery guy brings Vale a swag bag and takes a selfie with her. And Lucas…? Tomás says he doesn’t live here. Vale mistakes the “tip” signal for “fancy handshake” and shuts the door on the guy. Meh, beauty stuff–she’ll give it to Jess later.

Tomás complains that she’s the only reason Lucas won. Vale tells him to chill–soon this will be over. They’ll only see him on TV…and he’d better not expect her to give that up!

Gabe comes over to pick up Vale. She doesn’t want to do the magazine cover shoot, but she doesn’t want to mess things up for Lucas either.


Diego comes into Adriana’s office and faces the accusations that somehow his negligence caused the boiler in the cafeteria to blow up. Adriana fires him.

He thinks they blew up the boiler to have an excuse to fire him. Benicio insists there’s proof. Adriana scoffs at him for thinking he’s so important. He’s just a mediocre employee. If he thinks he’s so great, he should go show off his talent at some other company.

Eloisa comes over, ready to tell Carlos she wants to move in…but first, Carlos wants to tell her that Diego nearly blew up the building last night.

Diego comes into Adriana’s office. He’s no longer working there, so he’s just here to leave his work uniform. Adriana jumps up to shut her blinds as a crowd gathers outside with cell phones. She accuses him of trying to destroy her company and of screwing around with her mom on purpose. Diego warns her she’s the one who’s losing here…and then he struts out to the lobby in nothing but his boxers.

Eloisa objects. Diego couldn’t have made a mistake like that! He’s a professional! And he’s a good man. He didn’t do it on purpose, either. Carlos disputes that–what he did earlier with Adriana wasn’t a good thing either.

In that case, Eloisa’s out of here. She slams the door nearly in his face.

Benicio tells Miriam he’s sorry about Diego. He tried to talk Adriana out of firing him. But anyway, what’s she doing tonight? He invites her out to dinner and Miriam accepts.

Diego gets back to the café and tells Miguel he just got fired for negligence.

Carlos definitely thinks Diego did it. Ignacio…I think he knows better. He’s too blasé about this. Carlos feels stuck, and just when he thought he could be happy! Ignacio says happiness doesn’t exist.

Carlos agrees and that’s why he’s made a decision.

Benicio brings Adriana the news that the inspection is complete and it was definitely sabotage. Adriana says she’s more disappointed in Diego every day. She tells him about finding her mom at the café yesterday, drunk, hanging off Diego. Benicio says he’s going to make Diego pay for making her suffer.

Miguel is incensed that Adriana called Diego “mediocre.” Diego changes the subject to Miguel’s date tonight. Miguel is thinking…pizzeria? He can’t afford much more, between the food and the taxi–and he knows Miriam actually eats so he figures the only way to save some cash is bringing her back to the café for dessert. Diego vetoes that–it’s not romantic. He can’t be telling Miriam what she can and can’t have. He’ll lend Miguel some money.

A pair of cops walk in looking for Diego.


Vale and Gabe get to the studio, but Lucas hasn’t arrived. Vale freaks out when a guy in a full face mask approaches her. She starts screaming…but it’s just Lucas, with a serious chemical burn to his face. Gabe smirks.

Lucas says it was the creams from the awards swag bag that did this. Vale says she got them too, but she doesn’t like putting stuff on her face. Gabe’s confused–there weren’t any sponsors who make face creams. And Jess says they’re hypoallergenic. Well, she says they’re hypoallergesic (low allergic-reaction-fighting) and Gabe corrects her.

Gabe gleefully says Lucas might end up with zits…pustules…pus! “!Cancelado! !Cancelado! !Cancelado!” And the magazine forbids photoshopping.

Yeah, Salma did it. The pharmacy told her what she was using was only temporary. She’s thrilled that the lovebirds are losing their magazine cover. Agustín just looks disappointed.

Vale gets ready for the shoot while Lucas complains about not getting his cover. Gabe has a solution and it’s not Photoshop.

It’s Lucas’ cardboard cutout. Which is kind of a funny concept, but yeah, sucks to be him. Lucas gets in on the directing a little, bugging Vale about covering up his face with the award. Gabe tells him to back off. He scolds Lucas for putting those creams on his face in the first place (I’ve gotta say, he’s right about that–today was not the day to try a new product). Lucas is scratching his face and chewing his nails and just generally being nervous.

Justin enjoyed seeing Lucas’ face and he agrees with Gabe that this was “one for justice.” But it is screwing up his shoot. They joke about putting a mask on him. Jess comes running up to say the people from the web novela are here.

Lucas is pouty about not actually being in the picture, but he shifts the conversation to him and Vale. Again. And she tells him they’re not getting back together. Again. She’ll still be his fan, though.

Gabe comes in to thank Lucas! He just talked to the producer of the web novela! “They’re going to wait for me?!”

No. They hired Gabe instead. “Martincito is back!”

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3 years ago

Diego needs to get as far away as he can from Felícitas, Adriana and ditzy Jessica ASAP. If he ends up in the “big house”, I guess that will be taken care of for him!

Does the Adriana character have more than one facial expression?

3 years ago
Reply to  Jarifa

I want to see what their “proof” is that Diego’s responsible for the boiler. I’m also curious to see who’s going to provide a lawyer. Gabe? Lucas? Will Carlos come through?

3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

The so-called proof will be interesting.Carlos could be kissing Eloísa goodbye if he goes ahead with a prosecution. I wonder if Carlos’ big decision will be to go back to running his own company.