La Fan Tuesday 3/07/17 #36


Aren’t we all so excited about Gabe scoring an acting gig? Lucas is WAY happy. He’s, like, bright red with happiness. Or green with envy. Whichever.

Salma gets to the set and Justin announces that there’s been a tragedy. But it’s a funny tragedy. It’s Lucas doing his best impression of a tomato. Props to Salma for acting confused, shocked, and saying it’s no laughing matter. Obviously, Lucas can’t shoot like this, so they’re waiting for new scripts.

Salma gloats to Agustín that her plan is working out perfectly! Although…why isn’t La Fan all irritated too? Hm. She’s going to go check on her little cupcake.

Jess works on Lucas’ face and gets him from, like, tomato to…slightly pale tomato? Yeah, it’s not good. She encourages him to sue the company for sending bad product.

Salma comes in, dripping with fake sympathy. Lucas is determined to find out where those creams came from. Salma claims a messenger brought them over saying they were from the awards show. Ah, but Lucas knows the awards show didn’t send him anything. So who did? Salma quickly blames Franco and Estefanía.

Gabe babbles happily to Vale about whether he’s really ready to act again. Oh, I know, it sounds like he’s stressing, but he’s totally happy. Vale agrees with Gabe’s old teacher who said if you learn something well, you never forget it. Gabe thinks Lucas is a little scared of the competition. Well, if he is, welcome to the world of acting! Vale offers Gabe a hug and he welcomes Vale too.

Jess tried, but there’s only so much she can do. She got Lucas’ face down to a weird purply-pink. Yeah, he can’t shoot like this.

Salma’s no help, talking to him about the wrinkles around his eyes and how her dermatologist could fix him right up. Gabe comes in and Lucas tells her about Gabe getting HIS web novela. Salma congratulates Gabe–and hey, they’ll probably want her to be his co-star! Of course she wouldn’t turn it down!

Jess tells Vale she did what she could, but she’s not a miracle-worker! Anyway, uh, she hates to be chismosa, but she heard Salma was at his house when the creams were delivered. “And then?” Oh, come on! Vale knows what happened then!

Yes, she does, but Lucas is a free man. In a few days, what they had will be over. Jessica pouts that Vale can’t give up on “their” Lucas! She can’t let him go off with *sneer* her. Vale pouts and rubs her nose on one of his posters in the hallway.

Lucas is hiding in his bathroom and he won’t come out and let Vale see him. But who cares about that? Can we talk about her shoes for a minute! With the bows! And the stiletto heel! SO CUTE! VERY PINUP! With the polka dot outfit? Lose the nametag, put some victory rolls in that hair and bring it home, mama!

Anyway. Lucas. Bandaged face. Terrible accident. Hey, does he remember in Te Llevo en la Sangre? When the protagonista wore that leather mask?

Gabe comes in with great news! The web novela is titled Mi Único Y Verdadero Amor. Yeah, you know Lucas doesn’t care. But they gave Gabe permission to choose his co-star. Of course he wouldn’t ask Salma! He would never do that to Lucas. No, he wants everyone to talk about this novela. “WEB novela,” Lucas corrects. Right, right, web novela…so Gabe picked a new actress: VALE!

Lucas and Vale both agree Vale’s not ready for this. Gabe disagrees–she did great with her guest role! He has a feeling they would be great together. And doesn’t Lucas keep saying it’s just a web novela? He tells Vale to think about it.

Zubizarreta business

Yep, Diego’s being picked up on suspicion of sabotage at the company. They’d better have some damn good evidence.

Benito tells Adriana he’s arranged for the boiler repair. It’s all taken care of. Because he thinks of Adriana’s company as his own (*snort*)

He saunters over to Miriam’s desk to flirt and remind her about dinner tonight.

Carlos asked Eloisa to come over to his house just to tell her that not only does he NOT apologize for what he said about Diego, it’s been confirmed. Diego hates him and will do anything to separate them. (You couldn’t have destroyed your relationship over the phone and saved some gas money? Think of the planet!)

The cops haul Diego in to the station and place him in a holding cell. Miguel followed them down there and he gets five minutes to stand in the hallway. He assures Diego he’ll get a lawyer–he’s not letting this injustice happen!

Eloisa is SO out of there. How’s she supposed to be with a man who thinks her son is a criminal? “I didn’t say he was a criminal!” “Then what do you call someone who’s committed a crime.” “A criminal.” For the second time in as many days, she slams his own front door in his face.

In the wise words of Natalia, “¡Que gacho!”

Miguel goes to Zubizarreta, gets up to the executive floor, fights with the receptionist, sees Miriam, and she points out Adriana. “Why did you have my brother arrested?”

Adriana brings Miguel and Miriam into her office and asks them to explain what’s going on. She figures Legal must have filed charges. And no, the boiler wasn’t “fixed wrong” it was sabotage. Miriam and Miguel both insist he couldn’t have done it and Miguel challenges her–if she wants to prove this isn’t about revenge–to get Diego out of jail.

Did nobody ever tell Diego not to talk without his lawyer present? OK, people, I’ve been on two juries and here is my PSA: I don’t care if you’re guilty or innocent, DON’T TALK TO THE POLICE WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT! You have rights! Use them! Diego’s just babbling to the two cops who picked him up about how he was never with Feli and Adriana wants revenge on him and he didn’t sabotage that boiler and he’s an honorable guy who doesn’t just go sleeping around with anyone! “Don’t you believe me?”

Adriana calls Benicio into her office. He doesn’t see what the big deal is–the cops were there, the fire department. He couldn’t NOT file charges! Diego is a dangerous guy. He doesn’t deserve for Adriana to lift a finger to help him, if that’s what she was about to ask.

Miriam’s sorry, but she can’t leave work. Miguel understands. He figures Adriana’s not going to do anything to help Diego so he’s off to find a lawyer. About tonight–he’s sorry, but he can’t think about anything but Diego right now.

Felicitas comes over and lets herself in to Carlo’s house. She ignores his annoyance and says she’s here to talk about Adriana. She doesn’t want her anywhere near Diego Castro. Hey, they’ve found something they can agree on! She already told Adriana she slept with him.

“What’s new about that? You sleep with all your models.” Feli breaks it to him she didn’t sleep with Diego. She only told Adri she did because she knows Diego is after everything and “everything” includes Adriana. (Uh, is she back on the “he’s a gold digger” thing?)

Jess shows up at the police station, interrupting another round of “The boiler was working when I left it.” The cops give her five minutes, though apparently he’s not supposed to have visitors? Jess cries about how unfair it is he’s locked up! Oh, and by the way, “I’m pregnant!” Adriana shows up in time to hear this ridiculous pronouncement.

She pulls herself together, amid Jess’ babbling, and congratulates him. Jess turns on Adriana and accuses her of having Diego locked up por despecho (out of spite). Adriana says she can’t ignore the law.

At the desk, the shorter of the two officers who arrested Diego, the one with the glasses, tells Jess and Adriana that Diego’s not allowed visitors. (Which is why we’ve now seen three people go in there and talk to him, right?) Jess will not shut up about him being the father of her child, how unfair this is, that the officer better not refer to him as “prisoner,” blah blah blah. He asks Jessica to please calm down or he’ll have her arrested for desacato (contempt). Jess tells him not to use those altisonantes (highfalutin’) words with her!

Feli is finding that ya no manda in Casa Carlos. Nati only takes Carlos’ orders and she’s no longer stocking those teas for Feli’s hangovers. She gives a flip of her hair before leaving so Carlos and Feli can resume their discussion.

Anyway, Carlos gives Feli props for her lie. After all, she does have a history with Adriana’s boyfriends. He warns her this isn’t going to keep Eloisa away from him. He still plans to get her back and nobody’s getting in the way of that.

Eloisa gets back from her trek to Carlos’ and finds out Diego got arrested for the boiler explosion. Miguel’s got somebody’s son who’s a lawyer to take on the case. She blames Adriana. Miguel’s not letting Carlos off the hook for this either.

Adriana goes back to the holding area for her five minutes of not really being a visitor because Diego’s not supposed to have visitors. All the other crap going on and the thing she wants to talk about is Jessi being fake-pregnant?

To act or not to act

Vale tells Jess about Gabe’s offer, but she’s definitely going to turn it down. She’s not an actress. Jess reminds her they did that two-day acting workshop with the club. And that improv class. And she bets if it were Lucas, Vale would be jumping at the chance. Vale says it’s not that. Gabe doesn’t bother her. Well, ok, but if it were Jess, she’d be all over this.

Vale wants a change of subject and Jess is about to tell her about her imaginary baby when she gets the call from Miriam about Diego.

Yeah, Lucas is furious about Gabe asking Vale to be in the web novela. Vale is his assistant and HIS FAN! Gabe accuses him of being afraid Gabe will be more famous than him. Salma comes to tell Lucas she’s ready to shoot and cracks up laughing at his bandages.

Lucas is out of wardrobe and if the giant head bandages were bad, his hospital gown is an abomination. That there is a pattern to make screens dance. He begs Vale not to work with Gabe. He gives her this big speech about how long Gabe has been waiting for this break and now that he’s got it…doesn’t she think he should at least be working with professional actors? Vale’s in complete agreement.

Gabe, however, threatens to give up his dream and turn down the role if Vale won’t accept. (I can’t even decide which one I dislike more at the moment–Gabe or Lucas.) He keeps yammering about how this isn’t just a whim, he knows talent when he sees it, he really wants to do this with Vale, and finishes up with “Wait until you see the contract! There are a lot of 0’s!” He walks off, seemingly confident that money will do the trick. Vale deadpans to Lucas “There are a lot of 0’s.” But, no.

In her dressing room, Salma complains about Gabe trying to get Vale, a total equis (x; a nobody), to do the web novela with him. She complains about how unfair it is. Agustín isn’t terribly concerned. That’s the biz, right? He thinks what’s really going on is that Gabe’s interested in Vale. Salma says what Gabe’s interested in is beating Lucas at everything he can.

Lucas whines that no one can understand him with the bandages on. What’s that? Vale couldn’t understand him. They’ll get the bandages off in a sec. He’s still complaining about Gabe and yeah, sure, he wants Gabe to fulfill all his dreams…but not with Vale! Lucas wants Vale to be his! Only his! He doesn’t want her to be an actress or a model, just his fan. Vale sadly says she likes being his fan…but today he’s taking the bandages off by himself. She walks out.

And good thing, too, because Salma’s walking down the hall with Agustín, laughing about how much fun it was to film with Lucas the Mummy today. Agustín thinks Salma has gone too far. Salma disagrees, obviously, Lucas deserves it! Vale hears enough to realize Salma’s the one who wrecked Lucas’ pretty pretty face.

Salma doesn’t even bother to deny it, once Agustín gets her to turn around. She says Vale and Lucas needed to be taught to have some humility instead of walking around being so happy (that right there sums up sooooo many jealous people’s thinking). She calls Vale a trepadora (climber) and says she’s probably going to rat her out. No, Vale says she won’t (why?) and she’s going to show Salma what kind of person she is.

As Vale walks off, Agustín (who’s been trying to get them both to shush) calls out “Bye, Pizza,” and Vale turns back so they can kiss each other on the cheek. “I hate her!” Salma whines. “Really? I hadn’t noticed.”


Diego is out, but no one knows who paid his bail.

Adriana sits in the security room, reviewing footage. She sees someone in a maintenance uniform awkwardly keeping their face away from the camera. They grab a doohickey and do something to a thimgamabob.

Jess does Miriam’s makeup while scolding her about not wanting her to go out with Benicio. Miriam accuses her of only caring about Diego and Adriana getting back together. “Can’t you think about me for once!”

Jess is outraged Miriam would think such a thing! Besides, she’s growing Diego Jr. Something, something, you’ll understand when you’re pregnant. Miriam hopes she’s not blabbing about this pregnancy to everyone until she gets some CONFIRMATION. (Uh huh.)

Diego comes in and Miriam takes off. He wants to know about this pregnancy thing. “You’re going to be a daddy!” (I don’t think that’s what he meant.)

Adriana comes home and tells her dad something happened that’s made her very happy–Diego is innocent!

She checked the security cameras and the guy who messed with the boiler wasn’t Diego. Well, no, he didn’t show his face, but she knows Diego’s body perfectly…uh, she knows him and that wasn’t him. She’s not just “defending” him, she knows it wasn’t him. She checked the time and he was with her and Feli when it happened. It wasn’t him.

Casa Salma

Gabe totally knew Salma was behind the bad creams. He congratulates her on her brilliance.

Salma smarms that as much as she loves Lucas he’s just sooooo annoying when his ego gets inflated. Gabe thinks that’s ALL the time.

Anyway, he must be happy about his new acting job. Oh yeah, Gabe feels like he’s out of Lucas’ shadow at last. Getting Vale to act with him is all part of his plan. He wants Lucas’ career, his son, and his fan. Salma toasts to that.


Miriam and Benicio get to the restaurant. She’s impressed.

Miguel gets ready to go pick Miriam up for their date, but Eloisa says she just saw her getting into a late-model car. She was all dressed up.

Miguel calls Miriam and…um…she thought their date was cancelled because of Diego. She hurriedly tells him they’ll have to leave it for some other day and hangs up before Benicio can turn around from the bar with two glasses of white wine for them.

Casa Vale

Tomás sees Vale tossing out all the evil creams so she doesn’t wind up like Lucas. He says that’s not going to happen when she acts with Gabe. Suddenly he’s very invested in Vale doing this web novela. He’d just love to have a famous mom. Vale’s still doubtful, but she says she’ll think about it.

Vale and Tomás are negotiating dinner when Gabe shows up with a pizza and Vale’s contract. That she still hasn’t decided whether she’s interested in!

Lucas shows up. Tomás gets a kick out of his face. No, he will not call his mom. She’s busy. And he can’t come in, either. She’s in her room with Gabriel. Lucas shoves Tomás onto the couch to rush past him.

Vale and Gabe are lying on her bed (hopefully) rehearsing. That poor fool never imagined they were deeply in love and this was all a trick. Oh, let’s not talk about him! I love you more than anything. Vale starts pulling her head back as Gabe moves in for a kiss.

Lucas comes in, calling Gabe a traitor. He punches him and tells Vale he’ll never forgive her! I can’t take him seriously with that outraged tomato face.

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3 years ago

Thanks, Kat!

ITA: don’t talk about anything unless your lawyer is present. It is like an embedded PSA. 🙂

Poor Lucas is spiraling out of control.