La Fan Wednesday 3/08/17 #37

Casa Vale

The confusion gets cleared up quickly. Yes, they were just rehearsing a scene. Everybody fusses over Gabe and Tomás is rude to Lucas, as usual.

In the kitchen, while Gabe ices his face, everybody but Vale argues about what just happened and what Vale should do now. Lucas thinks she needs years of training and some good teachers. OK, sure, he learned from a correspondence course–but it was three and a half months! And it was intensive! After listening to Lucas complaining about how HE doesn’t want her to take the role, Vale decides she’s definitely taking it.

Casa Salma

Agustín is pretty sure Vale’s going to accept the role. Salma’s incensed and Auggie thinks she’s jealous. Jealous? Ha! One does not simply become a great actress! It’s a hard road…and Salma’s going to make sure it’s as hard as possible.

Diego drama

Adriana doesn’t know who did mess with the boiler, because she can’t make out his face in the video. But it wasn’t Diego and now she feels awful that he was unjustly accused. She’s going down to the police station right now to get him out, and she’s going alone.

Diego can’t understand how Jess got pregnant. She says things happen…and they were reeeeeally drunk that one time. One thing’s “sure” and it’s that she’s manufacturing his offspring right now in her belly that expands with an audible elastic sound.

Carlos has just left Adriana a message when she comes home. Diego’s already out. “He escaped?!” No (and excuse you!), someone paid his bail. Carlos encourages her to think of this situation as over and forget about Diego. (I just got a bad feeling…Felicitas?)

Diego comes down to the café. Miguel’s swigging beer and feeling sorry for himself because Miriam cancelled their date. Diego thinks she’s playing hard to get. Or maybe their mom was wrong about seeing her? Anyway, he’s got his own problems–Jess is pregnant.


They’re having Thai food. Miriam’s never had it before, but she’s done her research. And she chose an excellent wine because she read that with Thai food you want something dry, but fruity. Benicio proposes a toast–to them and to Miriam never ceasing to surprise him.

Miriam wants to know what happened with Adriana, because it looked like they were pretty serious. Benicio says she’s too cold, didn’t want a family, and is incapable of making any man happy. (He wasn’t that abrupt, but still…isn’t that kind of talk about an ex just a little bit suspicious?)

In the car, Benicio says he thinks he spent all night talking about himself. What about Miriam? What’s her secret? Why is she still single? She says she has bad luck with men. He tries to compound that bad luck by leaning over to kiss her while he’s driving. Safety first, dude!

He invites her back to his place for coffee and Miriam tells her she’s not one of those women who has sex on the first date. He asks how many she needs. “Three at least.” In that case, can they go out again tomorrow? (Ha ha, very cute…but seriously, can we stop with the slut-shaming? Every time Miriam and/or Jess harp on about being a “good girl” I want to throw something!)


Miguel’s stressing because Miriam’s not picking up her phone this morning. He’s convinced she was out late with the guy with the nice car and he regrets taking Diego’s advice. Diego tells him to chill until he talks to her.

As for Diego, he’s stressing about the baby. Miguel says Jessica’s “cuckoo” but she wouldn’t lie about something like that. And now he’s leaving because Diego has a visitor.

Casa Jess and Miriam

Miguel comes over to find out about last night and Miriam makes it sound like she only went out with Benicio because he’s her boss and it wouldn’t look good if she said “no.” But no, she can’t go out with Miguel tonight because she’s going out with Benicio again.


Adriana came by to apologize. Diego doesn’t care. She tells him about the surveillance video and now he’s certainly not accepting her apology because she needed proof before she’d believe him.

Still she tries, following him around the café while he pretends to mop and begging him to let her make this up to him. He can have his job back. He needs a job, right? Especially now that his family is growing. “That’s not confirmed!”

Eloisa comes in and starts hassling Adriana for having Diego thrown in jail. Adriana tries to apologize, but Eloisa isn’t any more receptive than Diego was. And now, here comes Felicitas, patting herself on the back for being the one who posted bail. (Nooooooo!)

Feli reminds them it’s not the first time she’s given Diego a lot of money. Eloisa jumps in and says that was for the café. A noble cause! And so was this–she couldn’t leave him in jail when she knew he was innocent. And really, she doesn’t know how Adriana could possibly have had him thrown in there in the first place!

Eloisa tells Felicitas they’re going to pay back every cent. Riiiiiight and how are they going to do that? She supposes they could just give her the café. “My mother’s kidding,” Adriana chimes in.

Carlos repeats what his mother said–they’re going to pay her back for everything. Feli suggests they try borrowing it from Carlos, but he’s such a cheapskate. Well, anyway, any time Diego wants to stop by her studio….

Adriana’s leaving too, but she really wants Diego to consider coming back to work. He can’t be unemployed, especially now. Eloisa doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. “Well, you know. Because you’re going to be a grandmother.”

Hold up! Is Adriana pregnant? “No, not me…I think her name is Jessica?” And with that bomb dropped, she leaves so Eloisa can confront Diego in relative peace.


Carlos stops by and pulls Benicio into Adriana’s office to tell him about the surveillance video. And Diego making bail. And now Carlos thinks they need to find out who paid his bail and who really sabotaged the boiler.

Benicio admits he sabotaged the boiler. (I’m infuriated. I mean, I knew it was him, but I didn’t know, you know? And now I’m really pissed because he did it himself, he knows jack about boilers, he could have gotten people killed, HE’S the “dangerous” person he accused Diego of being, and now I’m betting Carlos won’t even care.)

Nope. Doesn’t care. Would’ve done the same thing. He congratulates Benicio. Unfortunately Adriana will probably go apologize and try to get Diego to come back to work.


Lucas finds a hot redhead in his dressing room. Surprise! It’s Vale! In fishnets, leather, and animal print…and it looks like she’s moved in–unless Lucas’ costume for Amor, Amor, Amor now involves hot pink sequins?

Vale gets a kick out of Lucas not recognizing her. She’s just trying on her costume for the web novela–they’ve gotta start filming today and get the episodes out as quickly as possible. It’s about a singer from “un mundo muy abajo” (A literal underworld? Is this a zombie thing?) who falls in love with a rock star. And stuff. There’s lots of kissing.

Oh! Lucas’ face is back to normal! That’s good because we’ve already got one red in Vale’s hair and a different one in her lipstick and jacket, and I don’t think I could’ve handled a third.

Anyway, kissing, huh? Lucas offers to share his expertise in the art of telenovela kissing with Vale. She’s flattered, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. (So true. It’s a terrible idea. Let me get some popcorn first.) In fact, she thinks it’s time they talked about breaking up. They had agreed to do it after the Galán del Año awards, remember?

Right, right…but now she’s launching her career and she should focus all her attention on that. They can deal with the breakup later. (Oh, that Lucas. He’s all heart.)

Gabe shows up in Lucas’ dressing room and ohhhhhh hell no! Vale’s costume is fine, but Gabe looks like a wannabe punk rocker, emphasis on “wannabe.” The eyeliner! Dear sweet goddess of Sephora, THE EYELINER! (Gimme a minute, I need to decide whether I’m being sexist or ageist, but I’m almost positive it’s one of the two. I’m leaning towards ageist.)

In the hallway, Salma mocks Vale’s look and smarms about her not having any sponsors. Gabe swoops in to say that once Vale’s character goes from humble nobody to international star, she’ll have tons of them. Oh, now Salma really gets a kick out of Gabe’s outfit!

Agustín tells them both they look good. Because Agustín is a supportive coworker. Unlike Salma who says the web novela is going to fail.

Lucas wanders by, in his terrible hospital gown and bandages, whining about how no one can see his face like this. Justin gleefully tells him he got hit by a train–he won’t be out of bandages for three months. “My fans won’t be able to see my face!” Lucas wails and shuffles off down the hallway. Aw, poor cupcake.

Seriously, Jessica?! She’s taking the pregnancy test in Lucas’ dressing room.

Jessica’s shakes that pregnancy test like a Polaroid, begging it to develop a second line. Lucas comes in, still bandaged, complaining about how it’s going to be at least three more episodes like this and he doesn’t even have any lines! Yeah, Jess remembers that time he was in a coma for a month.

Riiiiight. That. He, um, took his girlfriend on vacation in the Caribbean without telling the production and they got kind of pissed off. They used a still shot of him the whole time. Jess doesn’t look like she appreciates this bit of behind-the-scenes info.

Lucas wants Vale to go talk to the writer for him, but he forgot she was busy doing the shoot. He goes down to the studio to try to get his assistant back while Jess keeps shaking that stick.

Yes, Jessica, your pregnancy test is negative. Everyone knew it would be but you. Now please own up to your mistake and don’t turn this into a thing.

Salma comes in, looking for Jessica to give her a touch-up, but Jess says she’s gotta run…to the pharmacy. Salma’s confused…then she looks over at the rack of Vale’s costumes and shuts the door. She picks up one of Vale’s shoes and gets inspired.

Everybody else’s afternoon

Ignacio stops by Feli’s for yet another “But why?” chat.

You know those little satin straps they put on clothes to help them stay on the hanger (yes, really, they have a purpose besides sneaking out of your clothes so you look goofy)? Well, Felicitas has one sticking out of her clothes and tangled in her necklace. It’s just so human!

Anyway, uh, yes, she’s tormenting everyone as her revenge on Carlos and she does seem aware that she’s got no shot with Diego.

At the cafe, Eloisa recaps the morning: Adriana offering Diego his job back, Felicitas paying his bail, Jessica being pregnant. Diego is NOT admitting to that last one. At least not without a test.

Miguel comes in and Eloisa asks for his help convincing Diego to marry Jessica. I’m not even going to dignify the rest of this conversation because, like Miguel says, they need to get a test.

Benicio’s flirting with Miriam when Adriana arrives and summons him to her office. She tells him they made a mistake and Diego’s not the one who damaged the boiler. Benicio hopes she’s not going to try to give him his job back. Adriana doesn’t see what difference it makes–even if he comes back, she and Diego are never getting back together.

Carlos comes by the café to beg Eloisa’s forgiveness. He gets down on one knee and the customers applaud. Eloisa is hurt that Carlos thought badly of Diego. Both her sons are great guys, even if she hasn’t always been the best mom. Carlos disagrees–he knows she lives for them. “Yes, but I lied to them about something very important.” (Dun, dun, dun!)

Jess made Diego come down to the studio so she could tell him she took the pregnancy test. He’s annoyed she did it without him, but…is she pregnant or not? Jessica gives him a dramatic hug.

Adriana calls Benicio in again later to tell him she’s thought about it and she’ll marry him.

Web novela

There’s some terrible writing on this web novela.

“Who’s she?”

“That’s Rosarito Jimenez, the queen of this place. And who are you?”

“Martin Robles and I’m back for good.”

I’m starting to agree with Salma–this thing’s going to tank!

The rehearsal take isn’t going well. Vale doesn’t even act like she wants to be here and Gabe keeps insisting she’ll be fine and the director doesn’t even seem to care that she clearly doesn’t know her song, he’s just ready to move on to an actual take.

We’re simultaneously watching the page for the web novela, with its tens of thousands of views per video, and watching Vale and Gabe on set. And apparently now it’s called “Rosarito y Martincito”?

“We’re from two different worlds.”

“Yes. Pop and rock are two different worlds.”

(Gaaaaaaaah! Spare me!) Gabe’s about to kiss Vale and Lucas comes in, calling “CUT!”

He’s got a copy of Gabe’s contract, where he’s allegedly forbidden to act again. (OK, that sounds completely bogus, but…could it be legit? That Gabe, as his manager, can’t compete with him?) Gabe doesn’t dispute the clause. Instead, he quits.

Lucas is glad Gabe realizes the best thing he can do is keep being Lucas’ manager.

Oh, no, he meant he quits being Lucas’ manager. Like he said, “Martincito” is back for good.

Lucas goes back to his dressing room, complaining about how everyone leaves him. Oh, but not Salma. Salma loves him. He should announce he’s broken up with Vale already. Lucas says he still doesn’t think it’s time…because ratings. But Salma wants to be able to kiss him whenever she wants to. Like right now.

Vale walks in on them kissing and apologizes. Lucas begs her to stay–he wants to talk. There’s no time, though, she needs to change for another scene. “In here?!” Well, yeah, they didn’t assign her a dressing room. What’s she supposed to do? Change in the hallway? She grabs her stuff and goes into the bathroom.

Salma whines that they wanted to put Vale in her dressing room but she wouldn’t let them. She doesn’t share with noobs!

In her dressing room, Salma calls someone to give someone exclusive chisme. She wants it published today….

Agustín chats with Gabe about his big comeback. I like that typically no one makes a fuss about Agustín’s stuttering. And I liked the gag where Lucas was able to tell what he wanted to say. But Gabe slapping him so he gets out the rest of the word? Did not like that one bit.

Vale comes in and Agustín gives her a casual “Hey, Pizza.” They get ready to shoot while Lucas lurks. Vale and Gabe sing a duet. I dislike it more than I like it. And then Vale does a twirl, her heel breaks, and she grabs the curtain on her fake stage and brings down the whole thing.

Justin comes in, applauding. Was that in the script? Because it’s one of the best set-wreckings he’s ever seen in his career. I thought he was just being a sarcastic jerk, but the web novela director nods. Justin says it was brilliant! And the two of them have such great chemistry together!

And now Justin’s taking over. He’s sick of Lucas and his aires de divo. He climbs up into the middle of the wreckage to caress Gabe’s chest and tell him he’s the best.

Salma’s waiting for them to come beg her to be in the web novela. But she’s going to say “no.” She needs some Salma Time. Auggie knows she did something. What was it? Salma giggles and says it was just a little naughty. Maybe she’d do better as a villain than a heroine!

Lucas comes in announcing that he and Salma are toast! The web novela‘s going to be a huge hit and Justin just decided to direct it. Gabe and Vale’s chemistry jumps off the screen and they’re going to be bigger than Lucas and Salma. Salma’s not so sure.

Justin is typing into his phone while Vale laments the wreck of the set. Gabe and Justin both assure her she’s fabulous. Salma comes in to gloat, with Lucas in tow. She blames this on Vale’s lack of training. Lucas says she never should have agreed to work with his ex-manager.

Justin interrupts them all to say there’s some late-breaking news. The original web novela director pulls out his phone to check. He and Salma gasp. Justin starts cracking up so hard he can barely get the words out. He finally says the big news is that Vale left Lucas for Gabriel. Everybody but Lucas, Vale, and Gabriel seems to find this hilarious.

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I really wanted to see more if the web novela especially Vale and Gabriel’s music performance. There is just so much to like about “La fan”.