Amar es Primavera Thursday 3/09/17 #23

Casa Meral

Cem wants his dad to stay. Meral’s ok with that, but she doesn’t know what Öykü’s going to say.

Kemal listens from where he’s sleeping on the couch. He shuts his eyes and looks like he’s trying not to cry.

Stalked again

Ayaz takes the puppy to the vet. Someone takes pictures.


Oh, no…Monika’s caught the “surprise” bug! She summons the gang to Ilker’s to get their help throwing a surprise birthday party for Öykü to cheer her up. Sibel suggests projected photos. Burcu suggests Monika pull strings and get Öykü’s favorite artist Aydilge to sing. Monika thinks that’s do-able.

The do have a problem, though–Ayaz. He told Monika he’s out of town for business, but somehow they’ve got to get him to the party.

Monika tells Öykü she needs her at the brand launch tonight and Öykü has to be the most elegant woman in the room. Monika picked out a dress for her from the Sessa line.

Aydilge’s manager says she won’t sing for the amount of money they’re offering. And there’s still the problem of getting Ayaz to show up–Burcu calls, but he says they have to take this out of town meeting. The office desperately needs the cash flow.

Burcu checks out Öykü’s dress and gives Öykü a birthday present–a silver angel candle holder. She’s sure it will pale in comparison to Ayaz’s gift. Except he doesn’t know it’s her birthday…unless Burcu told him? Burcu swears she didn’t.

Meral and Cem come over to Burcu’s with presents for Öykü. Meral gives her a piece of expensive red satin her mother gave to her. She never got up the guts to use it, but she thinks Öykü has shown what she’s capable of.

Cem photoshopped Öykü into the picture of him with their parents and put the picture in a frame. She says she likes it, but she looks troubled.

Öykü calls Ayaz and he congratulates her about the launch tonight. He’s sorry he can’t be there. She hangs up the phone and grouches that he doesn’t know it’s her birthday and she knows his zodiac sign.

Burcu’s still working on getting Aydilge to come to the party when she should be washing dishes. Lots of dishes. A never ending stack of dishes.

Then she takes an order from a customer who’s very picky about his tea. Dude calls her an idiot and asks to speak to her manager. Burcu flips out and squirts him with ketchup. From the kitchen, Ilker screams her name….

Bulent “fixes” things

Bulent apologizes to Seyma for the way he talked to her before. He wants her to get back together with Mete, if that’s what she really wants. He gets her to admit that they were never disrespectful to her and says he’ll always be on her side from now on.

Seyma brings up Burcu, but Bulent says she’s not an issue. She’s on her own now because she wants to be. So if Seyma wants to be with Mete, she can come home any time. And she should think about them resuming their engagement.

He didn’t mention any of this to Mete.

Seyma moves back in. Mete’s happy. He wants to plan a special night together…but Seyma says they’ve got this company launch party….


New store. Lights. Pretty dresses. Blurry drinks. Monika has someone bring in a projection screen. The first slide says “Happy Birthday Öykü!” and all the non-fashion people start pouring in. It’s a toss-up who’s angrier: Seyma or Onem. Even Olcay doesn’t seem to mind much. Or he’s better at hiding it.

As soon as the slideshow is over, Mete goes over to hug Öykü while Seyma scowls.

Meral, Kemal, and Cem are on their way to the party, but Kemal is nervous that Öykü won’t accept his present.

Onem complains to Monika that Monika didn’t tell her this was a party for Öykü. Of course she wouldn’t have come if she’d known! Monika just seems to find it funny.

Seyma complains to Mete and he brushes off her complaints and says they’re going to leave soon anyway.

Öykü’s thanking everybody, but Monika says the night’s not over yet.

It’s time for tonight’s Special Musical Guest, Aydilge, singing Haberin yok. And it’s a duet with Ayaz! Everybody gets a kick out of that, except Onem.

When the song’s over, he wishes Öykü a happy birthday and says she makes them smile. Aw, how sweet! (Not Onem. Onem is definitely NOT smiling.) Aydilge agreed to do this because Ayaz said Öykü was very special, and now that she’s here she can see that everyone else thinks so.

Ayaz actually knew it was her birthday all along. He’s been faking everyone out all day…except Emre. Someone had to help him with the singing!

And now, because something always has to go wrong, her family arrives. Kemal stumbles when they get out of the cab.

It’s cake time. Öykü wants a selfie first. She blows out the candles and everyone applauds.

When she looks up and sees her father, she gets tense. He says this is the last time he’ll see her. He’ll never bother her again after this. He hands her his present and walks out. It’s what her mom has been working on…a little tulle dress with a silver bodice and a big pink heart on the front. There’s a crayon drawing and a note from her dad. This was the first thing she ever designed. He took the drawing with him. She’s right to be angry at him, but she’s the best part of him.

Öykü goes running out to find her dad and Ayaz follows her.

Oh good, he’s not dead yet. (You were thinking it.) Öykü catches up to him and calls him “Dad.” He smiles…and then he collapses. (This damn show.) Ayaz arrives just in time to help get him into a cab.

All fixed

Mete randomly has an injured hand. He thanks his dad for getting him and Seyma back together.

Also, he’s had an idea that since Seyma left because of a home décor dispute, she should now be allowed to redecorate the house any way she wants to make her feel like she’s really a part of the family. (*death glare*) Bulent says she can decorate her room any way she wants, but Mete makes it sound like she can give the whole house a re-do. And why is she looking all grumpy about this?

Some birthday

The doctor says there’s nothing they can do. And now Meral has to admit that she knew he was sick. Öykü figures out that’s why she let him stay. And she’s angry her mom “let” her insult him.

In the hallway, Öykü yells at her mom some more for not telling her. “All he wanted was to hear you call him ‘dad’ and not feel sorry for him so he could die happy. How was I supposed to tell you it was his dying wish?”

Öykü goes in to talk to her dad, but he’s sleeping. When she was little he used to say that if she asked him for something and opened her eyes wide, he could never say “no.” So now she’s asking him not to leave her.

She’s asleep in the chair by his bed when he wakes up in the morning. She wakes up and calls him “dad” again and he gets all weepy.


After what happened with Öykü and her dad, he’s been thinking. He’s happy to have Sibel and he loves her and the baby. He’s been awful, but he’s nothing without her so…he begs her not to ever leave him. He says he could never leave her.


Ayaz and Mete are bummed because of Öykü’s dad. Mete’s not SO bummed he doesn’t turn the suggestion that Ayaz should stick close to Öykü into an attempt to get them back together again. Ayaz is like, “Dude, no. We fight.”

Mete just can’t help thinking about mortality and taking advantage of every minute and not wasting time on pointless resentments. Mete’s trying to let things go more and he thinks it feels good. He and Seyma are back together, for now anyway. He thinks Ayaz should try it.


Öykü and her dad are fighting over which one was worse to the other. She begs him to ask her to do something, something dads ask their daughters to do. He says all he wanted was for her to go to school, be successful…after what he saw yesterday, that’s good enough for him. Well, he also wanted to see his daughter get married to a worthy man, but it’s a little late for that.

Öykü says it’s not too late. There’s still time. He agrees, but I’m thinking not.

Burcu gets Öykü to go outside for a little while. She complains again about her mom not telling her and how awful she was to her dad. She thinks she’s becoming a terrible person and ignoring all her friends, on top of hurting her dad. She wishes there was something she could do…she gets an idea and takes off.

Evil Queens

Seyma’s been behind the latest stalking incidents. She has incriminating-looking photos of Ayaz and the vet. Onem wants more proof, to make Öykü suffer. She knew Seyma was the right person for this job. She can see the hate in her eyes. Whoever has that always wins. (You both suck. Heartless creeps!)

Big gesture

Öykü goes to Ayaz’s office…

(Do not propose marriage! Do not propose marriage! Do not propose marriage!)

And proposes. He thinks they should talk.

They go out to a café. At least Öykü’s honest about why she wants to get married? Ayaz agrees. (He is the best not-boyfriend ever. And this is a terrible, terrible idea.) It takes her a minute to figure out that he said yes…then they start making plans. No one can know why they’re doing it. They’ll probably all think it’s perfectly normal.

She tells Sibel, Ilker, and Burcu. At first they’re surprised. And then she says it’s happening in a couple of days. And they’re REALLY surprised. And she’s not answering any questions.

Kemal is back at home. Öykü’s bugging him about getting second opinions, but he just wants to hang out and play with her hair. He’s missed so much. She thinks she can get him caught up! While she runs upstairs Kemal tells Meral Öykü’s like her–she learned how to be strong. Öykü comes back downstairs with a box of pictures and mementos.

Mete tells his dad and Seyma about the upcoming wedding at dinner. Has he learned NOTHING?! He even TELLS her not to tell Onem. Seriously?! She immediately runs off to call her.

Öykü and Ayaz get together for dessert and planning. It’ll end up happening on New Year’s Day. He figures she should tell her family already, but Öykü wants them to see Ayaz hanging around more before they say anything.

His mom calls. Öykü says it’s all over now, but Ayaz says it’s happening no matter what. He answers the phone and she screeches at him about the wedding. He puts her off. He can’t talk right now. They’ll talk tomorrow.

Öykü warns him they can’t tell Mete why they’re getting married because he’ll tell Seyma. Oh, he knows. And no one will find out. “Ayaz, you’re always saving me.” (No comment.)

Seyma and Mete are in bed and she’s fishing for information. She thinks he’s keeping things from her. Mete says he’s not even questioning it–he’s just happy for his friends. Maybe they were just tired of being angry.

He steps out of the room for a second and her phone rings. She ignores a call from Riza. It’s been so long I had to look him up…the married guy? Why is he calling her again?! She tells Mete it was one of those sales messages.

More surprises

Kemal tells Öykü he’s leaving today. He doesn’t want them to see him dying. Before she can argue with him, Ayaz calls and says he has a surprise for her, but he won’t tell her what it is or it won’t be a surprise.

Öykü tells her dad he can’t leave–she has a surprise for him in a few days. No, she can’t tell him what it is or it won’t be a surprise! He doesn’t agree not to leave, but he can’t exactly go now. She runs off.

Meral says that’s his daughter! Nope, she has no idea what the surprise is. He’s really stressing about not wanting to die in front of them. Well, Meral says he can’t take off. She’d never be able to explain it.

Ayaz bought a house. It has a big yard! For the puppy! He wanted to be able to show her dad where they’re living. She’s bummed because she doesn’t know how long this is going to last. Ayaz tells her to be positive–some people get better when they’re happy. They just need to give him moral support.

He shows her the kitchen, where he expects her to have his dinner ready at 8 every night. Yeah, nice try. There’s only one bedroom. She hopes he likes sleeping on the couch.

Onem calls. She’s yelling at him about their meeting and he says he’s on the way. He still tells Öykü there won’t be a problem.

Fashion House

Öykü, Ayaz, Seyma, and Mete all get there at the same time. Öykü says she’s already late and needs to get inside. Seyma mentions Öykü’s dad and hopes he gets better. Ayaz tells Mete he’s not going to meet him at work yet–he has to go deal with his mother. SOMEONE told her about the wedding. *pointed glance at Seyma* Mete’s all “Oh, Burcu must have told her.” Seriously?

Seyma congratulates Ayaz and goes inside after Öykü. She laughs at Olcay having a temper tantrum about Öykü thinking she’s in charge and how he hopes Allah punishes her with twice whatever she’s wishing on him. (Paranoid much?)

In Onem’s office, Ayaz mostly handles his mother by forcing her to ask him direct questions instead of giving her information. When he does answer, he dances around things. Like, saying a proposal isn’t the same thing as getting married. She asks him if he’s marrying Öykü or not. We don’t get to hear the answer.

When he comes out of the office, Öykü’s waiting. He plays a similar game with her, ignoring most of the babbling and the questions that make no sense. He asks when she’s going to learn to trust him. He achieved something astonishing. “She’s ok with it?!” He said astonishing, not impossible! He confused her enough to buy them some time–but not much. He tells Öykü to come over tonight and they can make plans.

Öykü goes into Monika’s office. She’s already heard about the wedding and they have to design a spectacular dress. Öykü says there’s no time. She has to shop today. Monika’s shocked. Öykü’s one of the most talented designers she knows and she’s just going to buy a dress? What’s the hurry?

Ugh, fine, Monika won’t push. But she needs that winter collection and time is running out. If Onem wins, that puts Öykü’s authority at risk. Öykü says the wedding isn’t going to interfere–it will be on her desk tomorrow.

Onem summons Öykü to her office to accuse her of trying to ruin Ayaz’s life. How could she propose to him after everything she’s done! This wedding is not going to happen without her approval and even if she gives it, it won’t be easy.

Seyma calls and makes dinner plans with Mete…at Ilker’s restaurant. She’s pre-emptively gloating about him seeing Burcu working there–he has no idea. Öykü comes in to grab her stuff and Seyma does a good impression of someone who’s calling her name because she’s concerned rather than because she wants in on the chisme. Olcay assumes Onem put a stop to the wedding.

Team Evil meets to look over the winter collection designs and continue plotting Öykü’s downfall. Seyma brings up Öykü’s dad coming back, but either she doesn’t know he’s dying or doesn’t tell Onem. We know she knows he’s sick.


Bulent watches Burcu serve drinks and grins proudly. She thinks he’s just there to try to control her. Nah, he comes here all the time–he’s not going to stop just because she works here!

Burcu gets back to work and Bulent asks Ilker if she’s still going to school. And how much is she making? Can they slip her some extra without her knowing? Ilker must have some of that dad wisdom kicking in–he says they can’t do that. If Burcu finds out, it will drive her away.

Bulent talks to Emre about going into business together as Burcu hovers near them, trying to listen in. Bulent can tell Burcu has gotten a lot of her new taste for independence from Emre and that makes him trust Emre more. If Emre had the chance to work with someone he knew would always be honest with him, wouldn’t he want that? Well, Bulent thinks that’s what he can expect from Emre. He asks him to at least consider it.


Öykü asks Mete to meet her. She doesn’t want to bother Ayaz with this, but the things Onem said to her earlier hurt. Mete thinks it’s just a test of their love and she should stick with Ayaz. Öykü thinks all she does is upset him.

Well, Mete doesn’t think you should ever tell a man “I’m letting you go so you can be happy without me” because it’s too confusing…uh huh. She should just keep loving him unconditionally. “Like you love Seyma.” (Uh, I wouldn’t call the way he loves Seyma very healthy.)

Great, more stalky photographer action. This time they’re taking pictures of Öykü thanking Mete and reaching across the table for his hand.

At Ayaz’s house later, she says she doesn’t know how she can possibly face Onem. Ayaz thinks that’s easy–don’t. She should skip work and focus on the wedding and taking care of her dad. And if she wants to convince him it’s “real” she needs to be more confident and stop looking so down. He got her something to cheer her up. It’s their wedding invitation, with a cute drawing of a bride and groom and a little house.

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