La Fan Thursday 3/09/17 #38

Studio chisme

Lucas and Vale are both offended by the “news” that Vale dumped Lucas for Gabe and how quickly it’s spreading. At first Vale suspects Gabe, but wait a minute….

All eyes turn to Salma. She protests her innocence, but Lucas vows to find out who started this rumor. Vale channels her costume and threatens to find the person who thought they were being sooooo funny and make them not want to be so funny anymore.

In the hallway…OK, OK, Jess admits the test was negative…but it was a cheap test. She’s convinced if she waits and takes another one later it’ll back her up–she’s pregnant. (Yes, Diego, we all know she’s not. You’re just going to have to wait this one out.)

Back in Lucas’ dressing room, Lucas whines. Vale is sure he’ll be fine. “Lo que no mata, fortalece.” (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.) Ugh, he wishes she wouldn’t talk in refranes.

But they’re helpful! Doesn’t he remember Mirtha, the protagonista‘s mom in No Me Mates A Palabras? She always talked in refranes and Vale wrote them all down and she even learned some of them!

He begs her to stop. OK, fine…but how is this supposed to make her look? Dumping her boyfriend for his best friend? She’s got a reputation too! Can’t he think about someone else for once?! “You’re asking a lot.”

Gabe comes to report that everyone is talking about them. He looks pretty happy about it, but seeing that Vale’s upset, he asks if she wants them to kill the story. Lucas does…or wait, maybe not…maybe they won’t have to. Who would believe it?

Everyone, according to Gabe. They all think Lucas is a rat and he must have done something to upset Vale. Like maybe he wasn’t enough for her…like maybe he wasn’t treating her the way she deserves. Subtext: Like maybe in bed.

Agustín figures out it was Salma. She admits it. She no longer cares about the ratings–some things are more important. Like Lucas’ love. “I thought you were going to say your son.” Oh, right. But that’s different. She’s sorry, Auggie’s a sweetie, but she loves Lucas and she’s not going to stop until she gets him back.

Diego’s ready to go look for a job. No, not to support their baby because SHE’S NOT PREGNANT! Jess does the suction thing again before she lets him go.

Salma thinks she should go to the press (publicly this time) and tell them Vale’s the one who left Lucas. He refuses–doesn’t she understand that people LIKE Vale? They’ll destroy him!

Gabe asks Salma to give him a moment alone with Lucas. He talked to Carrizo (the TV Romance guy)–Vale comes in, anxious to know what filthy rat started the rumor. Well…Carrizo says it was Vale. Vale’s furious! She would never call someone just to tell them a lie! How can they even think that?! That’s it, she’s off to go make Carrizo say it to her face!

Lucas bought it for a second there, but now he’s not so sure. Gabe sticks to “That’s what Carrizo said.” OK, right, but…are they going to believe Carrizo over Vale? And why isn’t Gabe defending her? He doesn’t think Gabe’s theory that maybe Vale just wanted a way to break up with him sounds right either.

Salma floats in. She saw Hurricane Vale passing by. What’s the news? Lucas says Vale’s the one who talked to the press. Could Salma’s shock and disbelief be any more fake?

Salma finds Vale in the hallway and starts an argument…you know what, I just finished watching that scene and it’s already flown right out of my head because it’s a bunch of lies anyway. Bottom line, Vale’s not in a mood to be messed with today, she’s the one who broke up with Lucas, and at the end of the conversation Salma can’t even remember why she came down this hallway in the first place.

Jess runs into Gabe (back to his normal look) and asks if the rumors are true. He says it’s all lies.

What a relief! Jess keeps trying to explain that it’s no offense to Gabe at all, he’s totally hot and she’d take him to the dance, if you know what she means, but Lucas is…incomparable. Gabe turns her around to face the closest poster and says she can have him. He leaves Jess caressing the face of Gladiator Lucas.

I don’t know who’s having a worse day, Lucas or Salma. He’s so jittery he can barely drink his bottled water and somebody’s going to have to undo the damage he’s doing to his hair. And yet…he still won’t agree to throw Vale under the bus and say he broke up with her, or tell the press he’s back together with Salma.

Studio Feli

Ignacio comes over with a dossier on Miguel that he thinks is VERY interesting. From the brief flash when Feli pulls it out of the envelope it looks like a slightly beefed-up character description. I’m not sure what Ignacio thinks is so very interesting…the fact that Miguel is a master of cake décor?

Felicitas is thrilled with what Ignacio found. That Miguel is full of surprises–this is better than she could have imagined! I guess she got to the part where he always gives the Lucas Locas love advice?

Ignacio’s such a good friend to her…but that’s how it’s going to stay. Ignacio gives up on anything more. For now.


Elo tells Carlos her big lie is that she never told the boys she was still married when she met Carlos. Her husband knew and he forgave her. He loved her. Carlos understands–he loves Elo too. They ask the customers to hang on for a sec while they take a snog break.

Carlos wishes Eloisa could stop worrying about the things she can’t change–like the past and what’s going on with Diego. She says so many things keep going wrong with them…and Carlos admits that Adriana has threatened to move back to Europe if Eloisa moves in. Yep, that’s what she’s talking about. Maybe their love is impossible.

Carlos refuses to give up or let the kids manipulate them. Too bad, because it doesn’t matter if they’re grown, she’s still going to put her sons first. Maybe it’ll work out later, after things have calmed down. Yep, that’s her final word.

Carlos walks out of the café and Miguel comes over to ask what’s wrong. She says it just doesn’t seem like she’s allowed to be happy. He begs Eloisa to tell him what it is she’s punishing herself for.


Adriana and Benicio. Getting married. Won’t that be fun.

Wedding planning. Adriana wants it small and quiet. Benicio wants to keep it quiet at the office (creep!).

And since he’s planning on being a married man with a mistress, Benicio’s gotta work that angle too. He entices Miriam with the promise of Vietnamese food tonight.

Diego shows up for his final paycheck and he’s rude to the receptionist. Adriana can’t figure out why he’s so bitter. She apologized–what more does he want. Does she really want to know? Too bad, he’s not telling her.

Adriana asks if he’s getting married…because of the baby. Well, no, he’s not getting married and there is no baby.

At the offices of TV Romance

Vale, back in her regular duds, interrupts a meeting to yell at Carrizo. He dismisses his staff and asks Vale if she’s “La Fan” like he hasn’t met her several times before. Either he’s pretending or he has no idea what she’s talking about when she confronts him about naming her as the source of the chisme. She’s not even touching him as he calls out for a photographer to get in there–La Fan is attacking him.

And Vale steps right into his trap–she’ll show him agrediendo! She picks up a video camera and hovers over him as she tells him he’d better take the story back or he’ll never write again!

When we return from the commercial break, Vale’s got him by the tie and they’re arguing about who the confused woman who comes into the room should call. He want s a photographer. She wants his boss. He wants the police!

Vale dares him to say to her face that she called him. He won’t…but he says he can’t reveal his source. She’d better let him go before she ends up in jail and causes an even bigger scandal. Vale doesn’t believe that but he’d still better take the story back OR ELSE! And he’d better not say she was there, either.

Carrizo’s response to all this is to watch her walk away and muse, “What a temper. What a woman!”

Why? Why? Why?

Diego stops Adriana at her car. He had to see her one last time…and ask her what happened with them? He wants to get away from this company, but she just keeps drawing him back, like a magnet.

“I’m marrying Benicio.”

Benicio, meanwhile, is accidentally snippy with Miriam about coming into his office without knocking and has to walk it back by snogging her in the office. He borrows Jess’ face-sucking sound effect.

Diego hates the idea of anyone else even touching Adriana. He gets all poetic about her permeating every fiber of his being or whatever and she’s all “And the fling you had with my mom? And the baby on the way?” (Which…yeah, your undying love didn’t stop you from having sex with Jess. Just saying.)

Somewhat less poetically, he says she’ll always be his Presi and he’ll always miss her. (OK, that was better than the double-standard possessive stuff.)

And still he won’t let her go. Now he’s chatting her up about the wedding and whether he’s invited and the words just come out of her mouth before she can stop them…

“Ay, Castro, I could never get married if you were there.”

He’s not letting her take it back. He opens her car door and pulls her out so he can kiss her. Which accidentally sets off the car alarm. Good grief, these two! First they can’t shut the alarm off, then they argue about whose fault it was. But, no worries, because Diego is NEVER going to kiss her again. (*snort*)

And still, Adriana asks him again to come back to work. Or is he really going to let everyone think he blew up the boiler? Where’s his pride? (Hm. That might do it.)

His deep, dark secret

Feli welcomes a towering brunette into her studio to talk about someone she knows very well…Miguel Castro.

That would be the Miguel Castro who, at this very moment, is decorating cupcakes with frosting and strawberries. And whose mother is pestering him about Miriam. And who is telling his mother Miriam’s apparent affection for him evaporated once a rich guy came along (damn, that sounded bitter!). And who would NOT like his mother to go talk to her, thank you very much! And who has no idea when he’ll be bringing home a girlfriend. (Is there some kind of rush? Chill, Eloisa!)

Últimas noticias

A gaggle of reporters catch Vale somewhere outside and do their thing. Vale maintains that the story is a lie, she never called their colleague, she has nothing going on with Gabe…but she’s also not Lucas’ novia.

Lucas is frantic. No one knows where Vale is and she’s not answering her phone. He and Gabe start arguing about…well, about how high-maintenance Lucas is. Gabe complains he had to cancel HIS shoot for today to deal with Lucas’ problems. (So that whole “I quit” thing from yesterday? Didn’t stick, huh?) Lucas tells him to complain to his protagonista for shooting her mouth off.

Ay, Salma, what do you want now?! She got them an interview with Novelas Hoy and he should completely unload on the fan and end it with her permanently. Suddenly he’s way less enthusiastic about it.

Vale gets back and tells Lucas it’s taken care of. She told the press the truth–she’s not with either Gabe or Lucas. Salma sneers that it’s better that way, but Lucas looks scared and he’s biting his nails again.

Second date

Damn, Benicio, way to come off like a creeper! First, when Miriam mentions she didn’t know what to wear and she doesn’t have a huge wardrobe, he offers to take her shopping and pay for everything. Then he tells her they should keep it a secret at the office that they’re going out. Then he says it’s their second date…just one more until….

Bros and beers

At the café, Diego complains to Miguel that he’s gotta pay Feli all that money but he doesn’t want to go talk to her about it because she’ll just hit on him. Miguel gets it–some women just get something in their head and they will NOT let up.

Diego and I both: SPILL!

Her name is Patricia, and she needs to stay in the past. That’s all we’re getting

Casa Carlos

Nati inquires about the place settings for dinner. She messes up Eloisa’s name…but, hey, he went from a Felicitas to an Eloisa so quickly! Couldn’t he date a Maria or a Carmen?

“No.” And he’s having dinner alone, and for now Eloisa’s not moving in. Oh, good. Nati thinks a mourning period is a good idea after such a long marriage.

The doorbell rings and oops…looks like there will be two for dinner! Except it’s Feli at the door so probably not. She plops on the couch and encourages him to tell her how sexy she is so she can tell him why she came here. Carlos’ face: How about I don’t?

Trouble, stirred

Miguel and Eloisa are alone at the café. He says he heard she’s not moving in with Carlos and Eloisa confirms it. Miguel thinks it’s best that way…they can let time pass. Elo gets up for another mug of tea and the infamous Patricia walks in. Damn, Miguel looks terrified.

Adriana tries calling Benicio, but she has to leave a message. Diego walks into her office to say he’s coming back to work. And he’ll be here tomorrow as an employee, but tonight he’s here to say goodbye as a lover. With that, they get horizontal on the desk. (Oh, you two.)


Salma’s annoyed to find that the interview with Carrizo is only for Lucas. She pretends not to care and he pretends it matters to him that she’s there for moral support.

Carrizo starts the interview, in which Lucas is supposed to be telling “the whole truth.”

Gabe comes over to Vale’s with cinnamon rolls. He mentions Lucas is giving an interview right now and Vale turns on the TV to watch while they start dinner.

Carrizo brings up the “novela behind the novela” and the alleged love triangle between Lucas, Vale, and Gabe. Lucas gets hung up on Gabe’s return to the screen only being a WEB novela.

So, about that “truth” he’s supposed to be here to tell…Salma crashes the interview and says Lucas left La Fan for her and that’s the whole truth. Lucas gives an uncomfortable looking smile.

At home, Vale looks hurt and Gabe’s face says “I told you so.”

Nobody watching this interview could possibly look at Lucas’ face and think Salma’s telling the truth about their love never really being over and La Fan just being a mistake. (Well, I guess stranger things have happened….) Salma keeps answering Carrizo’s questions, saying what Lucas had with Vale was just a fling.

Vale’s starting to lose her temper. It’s not true! He didn’t leave her! Tomás chirps that they’re not going out anymore–what luck! (That’s it, I’m sending Tomás to his room.) Gabe’s just loving this because it makes Lucas look like a heartless creep. Tomás starts in on Salma–he likes Rod, but she’s a lousy mom. Gabe says she and Lucas are perfect for each other. (Can I send them both to their rooms, please?)

That’s it, Vale knows just what she’s going to do to them and she’s not telling Gabe.

Presumably the interview goes on forever because Vale had time to resume dinner and get down to the studio in plenty of time to interrupt the interview and announce that there IS someone who came between her and Lucas but it’s NOT Gabriel and it’s NOT Salma…

It’s a ghost!

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3 years ago

I loved Vale heading right over to the studio to set the record straight and with the “ghost” story yet.

Jessica used to be funny but the pregnancy thing is getting tedious.

3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

She is sick: in the head! Sorry but I could not resist.