La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 12/24/16 #29


Mateo is comforting Sagrario with sweet kisses, when Severo walks in, throws around some insults, and tries to kick Mateo out, but Sagrario sticks up for Mateo, and tells Severo the only good part of him coming back is now she can divorce him and marry the love of her life, so git yr lawyer ready buster. He gave up his rights as husband and father years ago when he abandoned them  so he can git and live his life however he wants and  so will she!

Severo is incredulous, he gets insulting about Mateo and Mateo’s little house, he’s not gonna take this lying down, he won’t agree to the divorce, just to bug her and because he thinks she’s still hot, I think he even waggled his eyebrows when he said it. Well, that gets Mateo hot under the collar and there’s a shoving fight. Mateo has some choice names to call Severo too, and then Sagrario pitches in, apparently Mateo saved her from drowning herself in the river. Severo acts flattered that she was going to kill her self over him. No! Sagrario insists not over him but just because she was so squicked out to be married to him when she found out he was sleeping with her sister.  Well, he still won’t give her a divorce, exit Severo. (unfortunately only temporarily.)

Sagrario is distraught and Mateo too, to a lesser extent, What could we expect from that monster? Sagrario thinks Maria Laura takes after the monster, but Mateo is a soft hearted sweetie and says ML is rude and a little crazy but not evil. Sagrario tells Mateo she won’t live in sin with him, if they can’t marry, it has to end. Mateo thinks Severo’s abandonment makes her free to do whatever she wants, but Sagrario believes God sees and knows all, and so do her daughters, how could she look them in the face if she’s sinning w/Mateo. She’s tearfully praying, begging God to help her, when, like a bolt from heaven, Mateo gets inspired – he has a plan to use Severo’s greed and avarice to shake him loose.


Mauro is back at the hotel and Inez asks how his trip was and he makes her laugh w/stories of hotel hell in San BP They chat about her kid, school’s good, and oh btw Luciano is fit to be tied, so stay out of his way.

Hotel Room:

Alessandro admits to Cris that Marcela is a bit strange, and Cris says ‘that makes two of you’ but Ale insists Marcela doesn’t seem like a thief, Maria Laura, maybe, he could see that, (no seriously he said that! *snork*) but Marcela just doesn’t look it. Cris is all ‘well caras vemos bro’ (caras vemos, pero corazones no sabemos = you can see a person’s face, but not their heart) and Ale admits he may be right,  but won’t agree when Cris says they should let the police handle it, because what if she’s innocent, and the police will give her the same treatment he just got from his dad, he just can’t do that to her. Even though he still has doubts about her honesty, she’s just too important to him.  Cris fell in love too not too long ago, so he should know what its like. Cris says its different for lawyers.

Silvana enters, Cris leaves.

Luciano’s Office:

Luciano tells Octavia he wants to cut costs… starting with her suite. She’s got 24 hours to move, and he’s not asking. She doesn’t have to leave the hotel, but she has to move to a smaller, and less expensive (and incidentally less prestigious) room. Also he’s gonna cut her pay. (I don’t like Octavia much, but Luciano is making me feel some sympathy for her, he doesn’t know she tried to kill his son, he’s just being a big jerk) Octavia holds it together, for the most part, and accepts gracefully what she can’t change, but tells Luciano she knows this is only the first part of his plan.

Ranch Patio: (which is gorgeous btw)

Nisa and ML get back from wherever and whisper collude to mean girls Marcela. Marcela is unshaken by their rudeness, she dismisses ML and tells Nisa she just wants to get to know Nisa better, starting with, why are she and her bro pretending to be poor?  Yep the jig is up, Marcela may be half feral but she’s not stupid, everything from their names to Nisa’s, well,  everything, to their manners and that fancy schmancy truck Nisa drove which she’s seen Ale driving before, screams that they’re in no way poor and Nisa can make excuses about designer knock-offs and the fake mannerisms of social climbers till the cows come home but Marcela’s not buying it.

So Nisa cooks up one wild story after another and at first Marcela is amused by her tears and melodrama, but it wears quickly and when she realizes Nisa isn’t going to tell the truth, Marcela dismisses her.

Alessandro’s Room

His mom gets out her checkbook, and asks Ale how many zeros does she have to put on the check to make the necklace reappear and Marcela disappear! Ale is insulted and shocked, after standing up for him to his dad she doesn’t even trust him, she thinks he was in on the theft too! Ale just asks for some time and faith on her part he’ll fix this whole thing. Silvana brings up all the strange circumstances of the situation; he took a woman whose name he didn’t even know back to the beach house and the necklace disappears, he couldn’t/wouldn’t give the police a name or description, he marries her in secret, etc. Silvana is his mother and she will always love and protect him even when he disappoints her, but when he brings her explanations for all this craziness then she’ll believe in him again.

Marcela’s Wardrobe

She looks at her new dress and flashes back to Ale, just after the reading of the will, telling her we have to grab hold of love and then he gives her a steaming hot kiss. She wonders why he hasn’t told her the truth.


Don Timo gets a massage from Juli. As she’s massaging and kissing his ear, he’s fantasizing its Octavia. Juli ruins the mood by reminding him if he wants to get frisky he’s gotta take his little blue pill, and he kicks her out, to muse more on Octavia.


Octavia meanwhile is taking her rage and frustration at having to move out on all the staff unlucky enough to cross her path, literally throwing someone away from her in one case. She enters the elevator, clenches her fists and looses a primal scream.


Amadeo asks the virgincita that Alba will figure out Chopin is him and that he loves her, because when she knows she’ll for sure love him back, after all Chopin’s got mad poetry skillz.


Severo, still fuming about Sagrario and Mateo, comes in to the front room and asks Alba to play him something. she suggests a funeral march, and he’s all why can’t you just be nice to your dear ol dad, why can’t we be friends. Alba responds that he’s not even an acquaintance, let alone friend, and she’s expecting a student so could he please get out.  He leaves and Rosa runs in saying the student, Amador, can’t come cause he’s got lots of work.

Octavia’s  Soon-to-be-former Suite

A couple of staff are packing Octavia’s things and she’s still being abusive to them (between her and Luciano I wouldn’t work in this hotel no matter how good the pay/benefits are)  Mauro comes in and hears all about it and offers to let her move in to his place, so she won’t have to suffer the humiliation of whatever room Luciano wants to move her into. Octavia warns Mauro, that she doesn’t want to be grateful to him, and he doesn’t want her grateful to him, she hates being beholden to anyone and that hate transfers to that person, even if, or especially if she’s sleeping with them.(or at least that’s what I got out of it) Mauro looks troubled.

Maria Laura’s Room

ML is trying to get Nisa interested in some muscle man she wants to introduce her to, but Nisa only wants to know about Camilo. They talk about what Marcela wanted, and ML reveals she knows all about the Castelos and their sky high socioeconomic status, after all she’s a person of taste and knowledge, she’s not some wild forest spirit like Marcela who doesn’t know anything about goings on in society.

Then ML changes tactics in mid-stream and tells Nisa that Marcela knew all along that Ale was rich and married him for his money.

Hotel Patio/Restaurant

Luciano, in a good mood now that he’s hurt Octavia, tries to butter up his wife, but she’s not having any. He’s got to apologize to Ale or else she’s got nothing to say to him.

Ranch Front Room/The Plan

Sagrario tells Severo since she’s still his wife she gets part of the inheritance her sister left him (it was better than I’m making it sound, I’m not doing it justice but I’m tired now)

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4 years ago

Gracias, sneaky! I’m with you–I could never work at that hotel! They must be paying really well to have the staff not just up and leave. Hm…maybe if I got free room and board included, I might.

I don’t know why Luciano doesn’t just fire Octavia. I thought he pretty much did, way back in the beginning when he sent that email. I guess it wasn’t official.

Ah, I am looking forward to watching Severo have to decide between his “wife” and his money. Brilliant idea on Mateo’s part.

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

What does Octavia do? I must have missed what her job title is.

I’m afraid Severo will trick her somehow instead of choosing. He has no integrity so even when faced with a cut & dry decision, I fear he’s going to go with option 3, “take the money and run off” without divorcing her. He’s worse than the average asshat.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kitty Sanchez

I want to say she’s the hotel manager? But that feels not right…I think she’s supposed to be higher up on the food chain than that. PR? Regional manager?

Hahaha! Severo is in a class by himself, yes indeed!

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
4 years ago

“I think he even waggled his eyebrows when he said it. ” I think so too! 🙂 The actor who plays Severo has a very still forehead so when he does it, it’s very noticeable. I can’t believe the amount of greed this guy has. Mateo was being way too nice when he was talking about ML. ML is the gold digger, yet she dumps the load of bull on Nisa, saying Marcela is after their money…and Nisa was buying it, too. Seems like Ale’s mom just wants this whole necklace mess to go away. It’s the wrong way to… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  Kitty Sanchez

Thanks Kitty
I’m just surprised that Nisa bought ML’s story about Marcela knowing all about Ale being rich, when just two seconds earlier she was going on and on about how clueless and rustic Marcela is and doesn’t know real class from a hole in the ground.

4 years ago

Does she maybe just believe whatever’s most convenient for her? If Maria Laura’s right, then Marcela’s not just some nobody she’s fixin’ to frame for theft, now she’s a heartless creep who has it coming and she’s saving her brother from Marcela.