La Fan Friday 3/10/17 #39

Tonight on Novelas Hoy

Well, Vale’s in the studio and Carrizo thinks she might as well sit down and explain this whole “ghost” thing. Vale says she really can’t, it’s something very personal, but what she can say is that she and Lucas mutually agreed to break up and it had nothing to do with either Salma or Gabe but was about this…situation neither of them wants to talk about.

Lucas has barely looked at anyone else since Vale walked in and I think he tried to take her hand at one point. But when Carrizo asks Lucas what he has to say, he panics and announces that Amor, Amor, Amor is starting in fifteen minutes and they shouldn’t miss it! He’s playing a mummy! Vale nods.

Vale and Salma keep arguing while Lucas keeps trying to get Carrizo to end the show already. Nonononono, he wants “the truth.” Vale’s like “I just TOLD you!” But ok, she’ll say it again…she and Lucas are no longer together, they had a beautiful relationship, but now it’s over forever. Carrizo declares that Lucas and Vale’s relationship was ended by a ghost and finally goes to commercial.


Jess is over at Vale’s with Tomás. He wants to know what this “ghost” thing is about, but Jess sends him to bed instead. I will not repeat the argument–if you’ve ever spent any time around kids in the evening you’ve heard it alllllll already. I will say, though, that PAJAMAS ALL DAY shirt is on the list of things I want from this show, along with Salma’s hypnotically sparkling wine glasses and that shiny headband Vale wore to the awards show.

Jess flips through pictures of her and Diego and decides to call.

Lying on top of Adriana, on top of her desk, she tells him to answer. “I’d rather die!” Amid kisses she protests that this isn’t right, but Diego cheesily declares “I am your destiny!” (Translation courtesy of Mr. 5ft, and aren’t we all so happy that out of all the things he’s learned in Spanish, cheesy romantic declarations are at the top of the list.)

Adriana and Diego are done with their farewell tour and start restoring her desk to its previous state. Is he coming back to work or not? Diego says it’s a bad idea, but he needs the money to pay back Feli. Not for Feli, for himself. He can’t be bought…and nothing happened between them.

Jessica has Bob come over to the apartment for an emergency pregnancy reading. That’s right…Bob does manicures, pedicures, Brazilian waxes, hypnotherapy, séances, and he’s a walking human pregnancy detector. Bob is the only friend you’ll ever need.

Bob’s trying to do a tarot reading, but Jess won’t quit pressuring the cards. There’s something serious in the cards…he can see it clearly…it’s not a baby. It’s two!


Benicio and Miriam’s second date is over and he’s really excited about the third date. Since Miriam had mentioned that trying all these different cuisines made it feel like she’s traveling the world without leaving the city, Benicio proposes they start travelling together. He mumbles the phrase “Paris bien vale una misa” before he kisses her. It’s a reference to Henry IV giving up Calvinism for the French throne…so I guess in this case Miriam is Paris? Or is Paris sex?

The mysterious Patricia

At the café, Eloisa sees that Patricia has arrived. Gosh, they haven’t seen each other since… “they” moved away? Miguel is sure la Señora Patricia is too busy to sit down and have a coffee right now. (LA SEÑORA PATRICIA?! OK I’m giving it to Feli, this is some quality chisme and I’m intrigued.) Patricia accepts the offer, though, and while Eloisa goes to the kitchen, Miguel sits her down and asks what she’s doing here. *innocent look* “Did I do something wrong?”

Patricia’s sooooo happy to see Miguel. Isn’t he happy to see her? He points to his face and asks if he really needs to answer that. She had apparently made a promise never to see him again, but oops!

He’s uncomfortable with her being here especially with his MOM right there. She’s surprised he never told his family.

Forget his family! I want to know! OK, here are our clues. Eloisa brings a cup of coffee and a pastry and brags about what a great cook Miguel is. Patricia knows this because they used to cook together when he came over to the house. Eloisa asks why Miguel stopped doing that–Miguel says work…and stuff. Eloisa asks how Patricia’s husband is doing and she says he’s fine. Eloisa says it’s too bad her son didn’t come with her–he must be so big by now. Patricia says he’s all grown…just like Miguel. (DUDE! He had an affair with his friend’s mom? And wait, affair or abuse? How old was he? And she’s acting kind of creepy.)

Miguel asks Eloisa to give them a minute alone–she was just telling him something about his friend. Patricia goes back to her “Aren’t you glad to see me?” schtick. Um, no, he’s not. He thought she’d become just an uncomfortable memory. It hurts him to even think about her. Patricia says he’s not the past for her, he’s a hope for the future. (Creeeeepy.)

Now that she sees him again, it’s even harder for her to leave him. “What about your husband?” Oh, they’ve been split for the last six months. She’s free! She just told his mom they were fine because Elo only asked as a formality. Eloisa comes to check up on them and Miguel says Patricia was just leaving. She doesn’t argue.

The minute she’s gone, Eloisa demands that Miguel explain what is going on between him and that woman!

Elo doesn’t believe she’s just his old friend’s mom. It’s weird that he wanted to talk to her alone. He’s lying to her, or hiding something. Miguel angrily denies it.

Post interview

Interview’s over, cameras are off, and Salma and Vale are still bickering. Lucas tells them to cut it out and for once Gabe agrees with him–they’ve had enough scandal. Lucas insists on driving Vale home and tells Gabe to take Salma. He and Vale leave before Gabe can object. Salma gripes that she’s getting Lucas back, no matter what it takes. Gabe would like nothing more.

Back at Salma’s place, Salma complains some more about how awful Vale is. Gabe tiredly tells her she’s the only one who hasn’t realized that any man could be happy at Vale’s side. Salma’s perfectly happy to have Vale with Gabe, but she warns him that Vale’s a zorra (fox; schemer; slut) even though she seems like a corderito (little lamb).

Gabe’s surprised that Salma no longer cares what happens to the show and the ratings. Well, what about him? He talks like he hates Lucas. Gabe disagrees–he’s just trying to get back what’s his. What should have always been his. “And does that include La Fan?” “What do you think?”

Rod comes downstairs after Gabe leaves. He saw the interview. He doesn’t like it when Salma attacks Vale. She tells him when he’s older he’ll understand that all’s fair in love and war. This is a war and Salma and Vale are on opposite sides.


Vale and Lucas get back to her place. Vale thinks he still doesn’t believe she’s not the one who started the rumor. No, he believes her. She says sadly that at least they don’t have to pretend anymore. Tomás wanders in. He couldn’t sleep after the show and he wants to know if his mom is the ghost they were talking about.

Since Vale doesn’t want to lie, that means Lucas has to tell him the truth. Yes, they were talking about Lucía. Yes, Lucas knew her. Well.

Vale can’t get away with “They were very good friends.” Tomás knows if his mom came between them, they were more than friends. Lucas sits him down and says he’d like to tell him the truth. He and Lucía weren’t just friends–he loved her.

Tomás insists Lucas must have done something to his mom to make her leave him and that’s why Vale doesn’t want to date him now. Lucas made his mom suffer and now he’s making Vale suffer–he ruins everyone’s lives! Tomás wants Lucas out of his house and out of their lives.

He runs back to his room and Lucas tells Vale to let him go. Vale says maybe they should keep their distance. He’ll never lose her as a fan, but she’ll have to admire him from a distance. Lucas walks out, sad and confused.

Pajama drama party

Jess and Bob come over to Vale’s to announce it’s time to look into her future. Vale would rather not, but Jess tries to convince her by saying she’s pregnant with twins. Wait, what?! Why didn’t she say anything?! Vale would have gone to the ultrasound with her!

Oh, no she didn’t find out by ultrasound, she found out by divination. “That’s not scientific.” Jess says Bob confirmed it. Vale asks Bob exactly what he saw. “Two babies.” So, see, since Bob was soooo accurate, Jess had to bring him over to look into Vale’s future.

And we’re splitting the cards in three piles with the LEFT hand, please. Bob sees death in the cards. Oh, for…one day someone will get the memo that the Death card does not mean literal death. Whatever, Bob’s out of here, Jess is out of here so she can save her “babies.” I wash my hands of them both.


Lucas calls Gabe over. He thinks he’s having an anxiety attack and he doesn’t want to be alone. He says he feels like he’s dying and passes out. Gabe freaks out and calls an ambulance.

And Lucas pops up and asks how he did. He’s got that big death scene tomorrow and he wanted to get it right. Gabe’s furious. Lucas really scared him. There are things you don’t mess with! He tells Lucas to die and storms out of the apartment. “Tomorrow!” Lucas chirps and goes back to studying his lines.

The bros and their messy love lives

Adriana gets home and reminisces about shagging Diego on her desk. She doesn’t bother lying to her dad about staying late to work. She stayed late because of Diego.

Diego’s knocking back tequila shots in the café. Miguel joins him. Diego asks if it’s possible there are women who are impossible to forget. “I’m asking myself the same question,” Miguel says. And it might be–unforgettable women that it hurts to remember for your whole life.

“I was with Adriana.” Diego says.

“I was with the only woman who has ever meant anything to me.” Miguel says. Yep, the love of his life showed up out of nowhere.

Patricia goes to Feli’s studio and says she did her part. She hopes Feli won’t say anything about this to her son. Nope, as long as Patricia keeps doing what Feli tells her to do.

Miguel had an affair with his friend’s mom when he was 18. She was married and, you know, his friend’s mom, and Miguel was too ashamed to tell anyone, including Diego. Although, now Diego’s giving him a “You go, boy!” look.

Adriana’s not going to lie. Carlos spent his whole life lying. He admits it’s true and he paid for it. So is Adriana now going to do the same thing and marry someone she doesn’t love to get away from Diego?

Instead of answering, Carlos asks why she re-hired him. Because it’s going to be difficult, but less difficult than never seeing him again. Carlos thinks this sounds like more than a crush. Adriana agrees–it’s the closest thing she’s felt to love in her entire life.

Now Diego fixates on the “friend’s mom” angle. Gustavo’s mom. Miguel slept with her? Can he imagine if Gustavo slept with their mom?

“WHAT?!” Exactly, that’s the same face Gustavo would be making if he found out.

Miguel says he fell in love, she fell in love, it was intense and that’s why it hurt so much when she left. Neither of them had the guts to tell the truth and take the next step. Well, no, because everybody would have freaked out. Diego agrees this is a hot mess. Miguel says this is why he could never get close to Miriam–he’s never gotten Patricia out of his head.

He has no idea why she’s back, but he’s scared. He never got over her and now that she’s back he feels the same as he did before.

Benicio stops by Adriana’s just to say hi, get an awkward kiss from “the woman he loves,” give her some flowers and chocolates, and try to get her to pick a wedding date. (Hey, a philandering creep’s gotta plan.) Adriana disinterestedly agrees that a month sounds good.


Jess is still having fake morning sickness. She tells Miriam it’s twins. Miriam’s not a believer in the accuracy and reliability of the Bob-o-sound. The threat of not being a godmother to Jess’ fake babies doesn’t sway her.

Jess asks about her night and Miriam says she’s dating someone. Not Miguel. Someone new–and it’s a secret.

Adriana’s trying on her engagement ring when Diego comes into her office. She tells him she’s marrying Benicio in a month. (Yeah, sure you are.)

Oh? Is she en barandales (on the guardrails), uh embarazada (pregnant)? She says that’s his girlfriend. No, Jess isn’t pregnant. Whatever, it’s none of her business anyway.

Right, so, Diego wanted to see if she’d help him get a loan from the bank. She talks him into letting the company make him a loan and take the payments out of his paycheck instead. He agrees, as long as it’s all done properly, with paperwork and interest.

And, um. That’s a nice ring she’s got. Looks expensive. Congratulations.

In his office, Benicio brags to his dad that he’s on the verge of getting the company. Miriam walks in without knocking again and Benicio scolds her, then introduces her to his dad. Miriam shakes his hand and says she’s Benicio’s girlfriend. Ignacio gives Benicio a glare. (My guess, he thinks Benicio’s mistress probably shouldn’t work in the same office as his wife.)


Patricia meets Miguel in a park to tell him she thinks it was a mistake to come over last night. Which totally explains why they end up snogging not five seconds later.


Lucas and Vale are cold to each other. Justin comes in, furious at the ratings news. People are turning off their TVs to protest Vale and Lucas’ breakup. Lucas doesn’t think it can be that bad. One rating point drop? That’s nothing!

No, Justin meant they only GOT one rating point. He sarcastically applauds Lucas and Vale for this achievement. Justin blames them both equally. Lucas swears he can feel his career tanking (or his impending actual anxiety attack, whichever). Justin just keeps talking about this being record-breaking…a record-breaking fail.

Salma comes in, flipping out about the ratings and blaming Vale. Justin corrects her–people are angry about the BREAKUP. Salma starts developing a twitch.

Jess (today the colorful fake hair is a headband) is bopping down the hallway when Vale stops her to tell the sad sad tale of the single rating point. It clicks for Jess that THIS must be what Bob saw in the cards. Didn’t she say they never lie? The death was the death of the novela! Jess is so grateful–not about the show, but because it means Bob was right about the babies. Vale rolls her eyes.

Lucas and Gabe check things out on social media. Lucas wails that he wants to die. He wonders if there’s some other explanation, like the ratings companies themselves are behind it? Gabe says that’s not it–people have turned their backs on them. Lucas can’t believe people would do this to him!

Vale comes in and says this has gone too far, so she’s made a decision. Lucas has had enough of her decisions! Vale says she thinks it’s best if they keep their distance. She’ll stop working as his assistant and just work on the web novela. Lucas accuses her of ruining him and then leaving.

Vale thinks people will get used to the way things were before she came and everything will get back to normal.

Lucas starts having chest pains and Gabe scoffs–he’s just acting again. He did the same thing last night. He pulls Vale out of the room to rehearse for the web novela, against her better judgment.

And Lucas lies on the floor, apparently not faking.

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Miriam looks like she knows that Benicio might not be on the up and up at the appropriate times on their dates, but will she let herself get carried away? Introducing herself as Benicio’s novia was a good touch. Will Benicio scold her for that, too?

Miguel in love with his buddy’s mom. I like that they created a plot line that I never would have expected.