La Piloto Friday 3/10/17 #4

Everybody but Yolanda wants John

The dramatic music plays as Monica and her team find the taxi. Which is of course not the right one.

John and Yolanda get back to terra firma. Her high wears off pretty quickly when he starts making offers again. He wants to teach her to fly. But in exchange for what?

“You’re going to say this sounds cheesy, but I’d be good with a smile.”

“Yeah. That’s cheesy.” Look, it’s not that she’s generally untrusting, but she’s learned that men don’t offer things to women for nothing. So what does he want?

John tries to reframe it as a way to thank her for saving his life. In that case–she would have done it for anyone and he doesn’t need to thank her. She’s not cut out for this life–bullets, chases. She doesn’t like it. She asks him to take her home.

Dave’s frustrated that they didn’t get John. They can’t afford another screwup. Monica says he’s obviously being more careful.

She gets a message that Zequi told someone John ordered Lizbeth killed. The fastest way Dave can think of to find out where she lives is breaking into the CAA offices.

No! Not Lizbeth!

Lizbeth gets home and Yoli gets out of the taxi (not John’s) where she was waiting for her. Lizbeth didn’t get the bank loan.

Before they make another move, the two guys outside call to report in to Oscar that Lizbeth came home and she’s not alone. They describe the woman she’s with and Oscar realizes it’s Yoli. He gives us another demonstration of the awesome flexibility of his neck, minus the sound effects, and tells them to kill her too. Creep.

In the women’s locker room, Dave picks the lock on Lizbeth’s locker and looks through her stuff. The security guard watches him.

Lizbeth turns down Yolanda’s offer of a loan. Yolanda doesn’t even care if she pays it back. And so what if it’s dirty money? At least she could use it for something good.

When Oscar’s henches start coming in Lizbeth and Yolanda try to make it over the back wall, but they’re not fast enough. The two guys drag them back inside and one decides they should rape them first. (Die.) Yolanda tries to get away again. She has flashbacks of her uncle.

Monica has one of her guys bust the door in. Immediately, the creep in the living room with Lizbeth comes into the hallway and Monica shoots him. The other one tries going out there with Yolanda as a shield/hostage. Monica does not mess around. She shoots him in the head, y ya. I like her for that.


Zuli offers Papa Elegua some honey, cigar smoke, and rum to bring Zequi back to her. (Which explains who I thought I heard her praying to in the airplane bathroom.)

And it works. Zequi showed up at her house for sex. As for her weird phone call, she says she just gets insecure sometimes.

She’s not the only one–Zequi thinks she’s been making eyes at John. It’s not enough for her to tell him she’s not interested. He starts choking her to illustrate what he’ll do if she cheats on him with John.

Moral ambiguity

Monica takes Yoli and Lizbeth back to what looks like a conference room and tells them this didn’t seem like a random attack–do they have any enemies? Have they had any trouble lately? Yolanda cuts Lizbeth off and says they try to stay out of trouble. So why’s Monica asking them about enemies? Do they need to sign something before they can go?

Monica says they just have to sign their statements. She’ll be right back with them.

Alone in the room, Lizbeth fumes that on top of everything else going on, now she has to hide from assholes trying to kill her. She’ll have to call her grandmother and tell her not to come back. Or file charges against Zequi. Yoli says she’d be signing her death warrant for sure if she did that.

She’s sure the cops are all working for Lucio, taking a little piece of the pie. They know everything. The damn president’s probably in on it. Lizbeth wouldn’t be a protected witness, they’d just get killed by one of John’s people on their way out.

Oscar interrupts John’s reading to tell him two of their guys were just killed by the cops. “What were they doing?” Um, killing “the stewardesses.” The stewardessES? Yeah, one of the other messengers was with her. He doesn’t know which one. (LIAR!)

John tells him he’d better find out. And if it turns out it was Yolanda and anything happened to her, they’re going to have a problem. Oscar’s annoyed with John’s attitude. He doesn’t think he’s doing things right. Whatever. John tells him to go find out, come back, and tell him–do as he’s told!

Lizbeth’s furious that they have all the power and they’re controlling everything. Yoli says it’s too late. They’re already in this. And the cops aren’t the good guys and John’s people aren’t the bad guys. They can’t even be sure those guys were sent by the Lucios.

Monica calls Dave…who takes the call in the locker room at CAA. (Seriously?) He thinks Yolanda was the target, but he can’t understand why they would want to kill Lizbeth. Monica says that’s the way it goes with these organizations. One day you’re in and the next day you’re dead. Anyway, what does she do with them? Dave tells her to let them go and have them escorted home.

Yoli turns down the offer of a ride home in a patrol car. And she’s got some questions. How is it that two men tried to rape them inside Lizbeth’s house and suddenly the police found out…by magic? Monica claims a neighbor saw two men trying to open the door. Yolanda asks which neighbor–so they can thank them.

Monica doesn’t have that information, but she suggests they stay away from Lizbeth’s house for a few days. In case it was a premeditated murder attempt. Yoli thanks her for the help and says they’ll keep her warnings in mind.

Yoli didn’t believe a word. The police aren’t exactly known for being efficient.


The security guard finds “Alberto” skulking around in the HR office. He’ll keep his mouth shut if Alberto goes to get him some cigarettes.

In the security office, the guy lights up and tells Alberto he’ll look the other way if Alberto gives him half of whatever he stole from the women’s locker room.

Alberto doesn’t get it. Security guy could do that on his own. Security guy says when things go missing, the “poli” is always the first one blamed. If he has an accomplice, he can keep his hands clean. (That…makes no sense.) Alberto wants more.

Security guy shows him the key card that opens every door in the place. Alberto shakes on it. They have a deal.


Lizbeth spends the night at Yoli’s. Not that she can sleep. She feels stupid for not taking the deal in the first place. Now she’s reconsidering.

Yoli says she’ll call John in the morning, if that’s what Liz really wants. Because once she’s in, there’s no getting out. (Yeah, I think she’s got that.) Lizbeth says she’s sure.

And what’s up with Yoli and John anyway? Yoli tells her to go to sleep already.


Yoli and Lizbeth have Zequi call John from his office while Zulima either keeps watch outside or fumes that she’s not in on the meeting. Zequi hands Yolanda the phone and she tells John she needs an honest answer.

Did he try to have Lizbeth killed for not joining the organization? Because two guys broke into her house last night and tried to kill her, rape her, and do the same to Yolanda.

John can’t believe she would even ask him that! Hey, she knows how Oscar gets sometimes. But it totally wasn’t him. He’ll look into it.

So, supposing that Lizbeth has changed her mind and wants to become a messenger–would she get a second chance? If that’s what Yoli wants, sure! And of course he’ll tell Oscar–there won’t be any problems. As long as it’s clear Yoli’s the reason he’s doing this. (Really? Trying to score points off this? Aren’t you a prize!)

Yoli tells Lizbeth she’s in. Zequi congratulates her and tells them both he had nothing to do with last night. And if he’d known, he never would have let it happen. (Shut up, Zequi.)

John emerges from his bedroom (I hope he bandaged that infected-looking wound back up) and goes to greet Oscar. Oscar tells him Lizbeth is still alive. So…should he kill her now?

Nope. “But we lost two guys because of her!” John says they were useless. From now on, Lizbeth is in the club.


Yolanda checks with a couple of flight schools, but even with what she’s making, there’s some sticker shock. They don’t even bother showing us the figures. The first school shows her a frightening amount and then says that’s just for the class portion. The 200 hours of flight time is triple that.

Yoli calls to ask her aunt if she’s already spent all the money Yolanda’s been sending. Her tía says she’s had to put a lot of money into the house to keep it from falling apart. And how’s flight school going?

Yoli says she’s working on it, but she’s starting to wonder if this is a sign. Maybe she needs to pack it in and accept that she’s never going to be a pilot. Her aunt doesn’t want to hear her talking like that.


In the locker room, Lizbeth tells the others (minus Yoli) what happened last night. And that Yolanda got John to let her in on the business. As the adulation flows for Yolanda, Zulima starts turning green. The others talk about Yolanda maybe ending up with John…or Alberto.

Alberto goes into the HR office IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY to copy the company files onto a thumb drive. And steal a watch. And nearly get busted when the security guy and Inés come in and start getting busy. Well…it was gonna take a while to copy all those files anyway. I hope it’s comfortable behind that chair, Al.

He meets Monica in her car and hands over the drive with all the files. “How did you get this?” He says he made a strategic partnership and sat through a very disagreeable sex show.

“The Organization”

John’s got issues. John’s got a bullet wound taking a long ass time to heal because he won’t rest and he keeps flying. Plus there’s talk that Gamba wants to spill the frijoles to the authorities in the US. If he does that, they’ll lose their entire Colombian operation, plus the runways in Miami.

Oscar, being the thoughtful bro he is, has already dispatched some guys to take care of Gamba.

Gamba hasn’t had a change of shirt since we last saw him. He’s in the back of a police SUV and they start getting boxed in by a bunch of guys on motorcycles. They shoot out one of the SUV’s tires and bring it screeching to a halt under a bridge.

Mauricio Aspe’s the lead hench, so you know Gamba’s a dead man. But first, he tries to sow some discord, screaming out the back window that MA’s character should come work for him. He offers info that will help him climb the ladder of the organization. There’s a DEA mole in the airline. He doesn’t get to tell them who it is before the SUV blows up.

Aw, hell

Yoli’s heading back to her apartment with her flight school brochures when John calls to ask if she’s reconsidered his offer.

John starts with the basics, but Yolanda’s been studying up on her own for years. What she needs is flight experience. In that case, he’ll take her up. (Mr. 5ft objects to them not doing pre-flight checks first.)

Yolanda very sensibly turns down John’s offer to land the plane. She had a great time, as usual, and asks if he’s seriously going to give her lessons. Like maybe they could have another one next week? She thanks him and he starts leaning in to kiss her…and she might have been ok with that, but his phone rings.

John gets out of the plane to take the call from Oscar. He’s mocking John for being so “mature” as to go flying. John whines that he’s fine as he lifts his shirt so we can see his bloody bandages. What does Oscar want, anyway?

Without naming names, Oscar tells John his guys got Gamba.

Meanwhile Superhench Arley (aka, Mauricio Aspe) is out at a strip club/brothel looking for a couple of guys whose pictures are on his phone. One is upstairs with two sex workers. Arley shoots him in one knee and asks where the money is. After an obligatory “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he shoots him in the other knee. The guys says it’s out in his car and Arley shoots him in the head, shushes the sex workers, and throws them some cash.

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