La Piloto Thursday 3/09/17 #3


Yolanda and Zuli are on the run, with about fifty thousand cop cars following the Escarabajo Rojo. DEAlbert wants John alive, so at least there won’t be any shooting on this chase. Yoli and Zuli try to hide their faces when his car pulls up alongside, but come on–Zuli’s car with two women in flight attendant uniforms?

A convenient civilian gets in the way of DEAlbert’s car and temporarily stalls the chase.

It’s day. They’re in the country. The road is winding. John’s not dead yet and feeling well enough to start shooting out the back window. DEAlbert shoots out one of their tires and the Escarabajo Rojo goes right off a cliff.

Albert starts screaming for rope while Ortega tells him to wait for the fire department at least. Ah, Dave’s his name. DEA Dave lowers himself down the cliff face while Ortega calls for backup. The car blows up. Awwww, adios Escarabajo Rojo!

Ortega flips out and keeps screaming for Dave. He got knocked out by the blast, but he wakes up and she begs him to get away from the fire. Instead he tries to open the door. They’re not in the car.

Ortega calls for more backup to hunt for two women in heels and a guy who should be half-dead from a gunshot wound stumbling through the woods.

John’s not sure exactly where they are, but he knows if they follow the river they should get near a road and then they can get to the ranch and lie low for a while. Yoli thinks she hears cars up ahead. Zuli complains she’s peeing her pants. (I’d be surprised if she weren’t.)

They finally make it to the road and flag down a truck with a load of hay in the back. John doesn’t even wait for the guy to voluntarily drive them. He waves the gun in his face and tells his wife to get in the back of the truck with them. Any funny business and, well, you know.

Dave and crew make it to the road, but John, Yoli, and Zuli are long gone in one of the slowest trucks known to man.


I guess Amanda and the copilot got to have their tryst after all. After she walks him out of her apartment, there’s a knock at her door. She thinks he’s coming back, but instead someone points a gun in her face.

Lizbeth is having her morning tea when the news announces there’s finally a picture of the elusive narco John Lucio. She gapes at the familiar face.

Olivia’s out for a jog when she notices an SUV following her. She speeds up and thinks she’s left them behind, but she gets grabbed by two men.

Someone knocks on Lizbeth’s door.

At the ranch, Oscar ostentatiously cracks his neck while Zuli, Yoli, and Zequi watch the same news report that was on Lizbeth’s TV. John Lucio’s body was found in a river and the two women who were with him are presumed dead.

Oscar knows who he’s blaming, even if Yolanda insists he’s not pinning this on her and Zulima. They busted their asses getting John back to him and all he’s worried about is his missing money. Oscar tells his guys to do their thing. Each one grabs an arm and they drag Yolanda out of the house. The rest of Team Sobrecargo are tied up and gagged in the back of a truck in the driveway.

The only deal Oscar is willing to make is that he’ll spare all their lives if he gets his $5M back first thing tomorrow morning. If not, then we’re off to the execution site, minus Zulima.

Yoli takes off everyone’s gags and says they have to do something. The guys driving the truck tell them to shut up back there.

Zuli makes a run for it, busting into John’s room and begging him to wake up and keep his brother from killing her friends. She ends up with a gun pointed at the back of her head, courtesy of Mauricio Aspe.

DEA headquarters

Dave and Monica Skype with their boss. It was her idea to put out the news that John was dead. Hopefully, his people will let their guard down and they’ll have more time to collect evidence. Even with everything that happened and the way they got him from Colombia to México, Dave doesn’t think it’s enough to convince a US court of the connection between the Lucio brothers and Centro América Air.

He shows their boss a picture of Zulima and Zequi, but the boss doesn’t want them. Only John can lead them to the heads of the Cartel de las Sombras. For now, Dave’s plan is to work on Zequi–he knows where the Lucios’ safehouses are.

The boss asks about the other stewardesses (*cough* flight attendants *cough*) and Dave cuts Monica off before she can answer. He says they’re still investigating. The boss reminds him they have to hurry before the case gets taken away from them.

Dave ends the call and Monica gives him a “You just lied to our boss!” look.


Oscar and his crew walk Team Sobrecargo into the woods, near the river. He wants them kneeling, but Yoli elbows Amanda and won’t let her. If he wants to shoot them he can do it looking them in the eyes. Amanda sobs, but Yoli and Lizbeth glare at him.

John pulls up where he can see them across the river and starts hoofing it over. Oscar’s ridiculously insistent on making Yolanda kneel and she’s equally adamant that she won’t, even when one of his guys tries to shove her down.

John gets there just in time and tells Oscar to cut this out. Not everything has to be settled by shooting people. He ORDERS Oscar to put the gun down and tells the other guys to take Team Sobrecargo back to the ranch.


Dave and Monica talk wiretaps. She’s thinking Zequi, Zulima, and Centro América Air. Dave says not Zulima. In all the time he’s been undercover, he could never find a connection between the flight attendants and Lucio. “Seriously? And what about John and Yolanda at the hotel? And last night’s chase?”

Exactly–he wants Yolanda’s phone tapped. She’s the one who’s closest to John right now. Monica gives him an approving smile.

Dave starts to walk out, but he turns back to tell Monica that next time he gives an order he doesn’t want to be questioned. She’d better remember who she works for. (Ooh, I feel you sister. You can kick him in the shins. I won’t mind.)


Suddenly we’re back at the ranch, it’s evening, and Team Sobrecargo is doing the slow-mo fashion shoot walk across the courtyard so John can scoff at Oscar for having even wanted to shoot them. “It would be a waste.”

John and Oscar are dressed up, too. And they all sit down to dinner together. John toasts to Team Sobrecargo for saving his bacon, especially Yoli and Zuli. Ain’t life funny? All that time working for him and this is how he finally meets Zuli, huh? Zuli’s feeling gracious–she calls it a splendid coincidence. John likes that word, splendid. He wants her not to worry–he’s already given orders to get her another nave más perrona (a badass new car). Zuli ooohs and aahs.

Yoli’s had enough with the niceties and wants to know why they’re here. Does he have a deal for them? John praises her directness. He does have a proposal-he wants them to officially join the business. Amanda and Olivia are as excited now as they were scared this morning. And Yolanda and Lizbeth are both stone-faced. Not that Oscar is liking this much either.

Back at home, Zuli tries to apologize to Yolanda. She feels awful for dragging her into this, but she was so scared! She didn’t want them to kill her! “Oh, so you figured they could kill me instead?!” Yoli’s realizing that they’re not friends like she thought they were. Zuli just hopes Yolanda will forgive her someday.

From the way Yoli’s landlady asks “Where were we?” I already know I’m not going to like her. She wants to know why Yolanda didn’t come home last night. And her aunt’s been calling all day to find out how her new job went. And Yoli didn’t tell her she had a new job. What’s she doing now, dressed like that? She hopes Yoli’s not…heading down a bad road….

Yolanda sighs internally and says she’s a flight attendant for Centro América Air. And now maybe Doña Dolores should go back inside so she doesn’t catch her death of cold from being chismosa. “I was worried!” Ay, aja.

Inside, Yolanda starts remembering things…her uncle telling her she’d never have the money for flight school…the receptionist talking about fees going up…the call saying her fees hadn’t been paid. She starts crying.

And then the last couple of days…Alberto saying it’s good she knows what she wants to do…seeing the inside of the cockpit…John giving his MLM pitch…

You can make so much money your life will change forever. There won’t be any dream that’s impossible for you.

She smiles. As she gets into her jammies, she remembers her dad. And her James-Bond-esque theme song about nobody being able to catch her in the sky insists she’ll be happy in her plane.

Centro América Air

Team Sobrecargo finally gets a chance to process in the lounge. Amanda can’t believe Yolanda confronted Oscar like that. Yolanda says she doesn’t scare easily anymore. She’s dealt with worse assholes than Oscar.

Well, Lizbeth does scare–and she doesn’t want to take the deal. Olivia’s seriously considering it. Amanda didn’t think it was a genuine choice. More like volunteering by force.

Outside, without Lizbeth, the other three agree it doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Zequi and Zuli are waiting out by Zuli’s new car. It’s cute. Red. I’m not a car person so I have no idea. But it’s not just the car–John also got her a certificate saying the other car was stolen, so she’s completely off the hook. “John’s a REAL man,” she smirks. Subtext: “Not like Zequi who was going to ditch me and save his own ass.”

Zuli, Olivia, and Amanda take a selfie while Yolanda asks Zequi about the job. He says you just bring stuff from Europe to the US and makes the international hand sign for “money.”

As Zequi explains the operation, we get a montage. The planes are all equipped with secret compartments for the cash they need to hand over in Central and South America. They’ve got personnel in every area, from mechanics to pilots, baggage agents, customs agents, immigration agents, and a LOT of cops who get paid to either wave them through or look the other way. Most importantly, they can’t ever steal a single bill or Oscar’s in charge of making sure they pay–with their lives.

Private Airport

John sure does love that jacket he was photographed wearing. Just saying. He meets Oscar and some of the guys as they’re unloading a little plane. The pilot loves their new Colombia to Mexico route, but they only loaded him up with a kilo this time. Oscar says they’re still pissed about Gamba. Eh, John’s sure a phone call will clear things up.

He reminds the pilot to fly low, just like John taught him. Just get the merchandise there–he’ll worry about the money. They wait to watch the plane take off as John and Oscar comment that Zequi’s got things running smoothly on his end.


Lizbeth comes into the locker room, in tears. They’re foreclosing on her house. The others tell her to quit being stubborn and take the deal! They haven’t had any problems at all.

“I knew you were going to say that! That’s why I didn’t want to tell you.”

In the truck, Oscar complains to John that he doesn’t really like working with these viejas (women, not respectfully). John tells him to chill–since they’ve been working with the morras (chicks) everything’s been going so much better. Oscar accuses him of only thinking with Little John.

John brushes it off. He’s got no complaints about Yolanda. And Olivia and Amanda are also doing well. Lizbeth is the only one who worries him. She hasn’t wanted to work for them since they got back from Colombia. He can tell she doesn’t want to.

In the locker room, Lizbeth angrily says this is the last time she’s going to tell them and walks out. Yolanda feels bad for Lizbeth. Olivia says they’re giving her a choice–what’s to feel bad about? Yolanda thinks if she’s not interested, they should respect her decision.

At the ranch, Zequi brings John and Oscar a load of money hidden in the bottom of trash barrels. He’s already taken his cut and paid the messengers, so the rest is theirs. There’s still some bitterness/disagreement about whether the percentages are fair, but John dares Zequi to trade jobs if he thinks so.

The walk into the empty stables and now I definitely recognize this house as the one that was used for Las Animas on La Sombra del Pasado–the exterior at least. Oscar mentions going to take care of “the stewardess” and John reminds him to make sure it doesn’t look like it was them–he doesn’t want to spook the others. Zequi asks what they’re talking about and John says today it’s one’s turn to “bailar con la más fea” (dance with the ugliest one, i.e. Death).

Yolanda says she remembers a time when she was jodida (fucked, screwed) like Lizbeth is now. It would have meant a lot to her if someone had helped her out with money. She doesn’t know if she has enough, but she’s going to loan Lizbeth some money.

Zequi objects to them wanting to kill off Lizbeth just for not wanting to work for them. Oscar mocks him for defending her and Zequi says if it were a male messenger, Oscar would be drooling over him. ¡PUM! Oscar friggin’ shoots his gun over Zequi’s head. Damn. When someone insinuating you’re gay makes you need to fire a gun that is some toxic masculinity right there.

John has the guys take Oscar back to the house and turns on Zequi. He knows what Oscar’s like–why’d he have to go toreando (provoking) him? Oscar’s right, this is what’s best for the organization. If Lizbeth talks, Zequi’s the first one going down.

Zequi just doesn’t like innocent people dying like this. John shrugs it off. He knew what he was getting into when he got into this business. (Yeah, but Lizbeth didn’t and she never agreed.) He invites Zequi into the house for a tequila to calm his nerves and tell him what he’s found out about Yolanda.

Yolanda’s rushing out of the CAA building when Alberto stops her to try to get her to go out. She knows she owes him a dinner, but there’s a problem over at Lizbeth’s and she needs to go over there. Rain check? Alberto calls after her to let him know if she or Lizbeth needs anything.


Outside, Yolanda just misses Lizbeth’s bus. John pulls up in a taxi, offering her a ride. She’s not going anywhere with him! He tells her pretty girls shouldn’t be so rude. I mentally flip him the bird. “I’m not rude, I’m just not getting in your taxi.” He points out she’s calling him “tu.” Friendships have to start somewhere, right? Now, seriously, she needs to get into the taxi so they can talk about that $5M she owes him.

John really needs to ditch that jacket! Someone spotted him outside CAA in a taxi and Monica broadcasts the plate number and tells her people to be on the lookout for him.

Out by the side of the road somewhere, John and Yoli talk about her debt. Has she realized yet that at her current salary it’s going to take her ten years to pay him off? And that’s fine with him–he’s got plenty of money and that’ll give him time to see her. They could even renegotiate the debt if she’s good to him. Yolanda’s face: “Oh yeah, that’s original. FU.” He tells her to quit making that face. Look, she’ll pay what she can and he promises not to bring it up again, OK?

Yes, fine, can she go now? Nope. “Why not?” He tells her not to ask so many questions–just let herself be surprised.

“More than I’ve already been? Shootings, chases, jumps…what’s left?”

“Trust me.”

Ha! Good one. She says all they have in common are the packages, but nooooo, he’s trying to be all seductive and she’s just not having it. He wants to be friends? Fine. She shakes his hand and says he’s her friend. Now can they go? “I want to show you something.” She calls him stubborn and he says that makes two of them. She gets back into the taxi.

They switch taxis. Three identical grey taxis with yellow markings all roll out of the same little park.


The guys outside Lizbeth’s call Oscar to report she hasn’t left. How long are they supposed to stay there? Uh, until she comes out or he tells them to leave. (Good hench is so hard to find.)


Yeah, he’s taking her flying, the creep. He shows her his “baby.” A Cessna 180. They recite the specs in unison while I roll my eyes. But Yolanda’s not pleased someone’s been talking to him about her. He says he can make sure her dream comes true.

In exchange for what?

He smirks.

Up in the air, he lets Yoli take the controls. It’s the happiest moment of her life. She’s crying. (And I’m happy for her and all, but damn.  This guy. Untrustworthy and smart is a bad combination.)


Alberto lurks in the front office, waiting for the receptionist to leave so he can do fancy things with her computer and a cell phone. At least we’re going wireless here with the hacking and the tapping.

Zequi busts him at the desk, but all he does is tell him that’s a restricted area and to get out and he keeps on walking. He turns around one more time and repeats that Alberto needs to get out of there. And the whole time Alberto’s asking “Did you get that?” and telling Zequi he’s sorry, it’s an important phone call. (All the high-tech computer security in the world won’t save you from lazy humans.)


For some unknown reason, Zuli’s calling Zequi at home–which she knows he doesn’t like–to ask him if he’s going to double-cross her and throw her over for the other flight attendants. Where is this even coming from? To prove she can trust him, he tells her John gave the order for Lizbeth to be killed tonight. Zulima has time to save her.

He hangs up and Zulima starts to dial her phone, then stops, makes a kind of “Meh, whatever,” face, and starts walking out of frame. (In her defense, she’s only wearing a towel, so I’m just going to hold on to hope that she decided to dress before mounting a rescue operation.)

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