Silvana sin Lana Week of 12/19/16 #103-106

Monday 12/19/16 #103

Well, the good news is Vicente and Majo make it out of Poncho’s house relatively unscathed. Except for emotionally, on Majo’s part. Someone mentions pecado, but Vicente knows nothing about that…he sells pescado.

Trini tries to come by to see Benito, but Marge won’t let her in. Does Trini not speak Spanish anymore or something? Fine, Marge will explain it in English: “Go home. Game over.” She ends up sobbing as she reminds Trini of how great Benito has been to her and how awful she was to him. She chases her out.

Benito comes in, wondering what all the fuss was about and Marge and Juanito team up and say it was just a “crazy” neighbor who was trying to attack Marge.

Angie tells Jorge she stood up to her dad. She doesn’t want him thinking he can interfere in their relationship and other things he has no business interfering in. In fact, they should go over to the house right now. She calls Esteban to come pick them up while Jorge tries to convince himself he can do this.

Chivis comes over to confront Manuel about sleeping with Stella last night. There was a picture! On her cell phone! Well, maybe she snuck into bed with him and took the picture to separate them. He’s a very heavy sleeper. Chivis scoffs at that–did she jump the balcony? Does she have keys to his house?

“Ummm…no…she knocked a hole in the wall between our bedrooms and put up a curtain.” She doesn’t believe him, but she doesn’t go up and check, either. (Come on, Chivis…go check. Get into Stella’s room. Wreck her stuff.)

Manuel asks why he would try to screw things up now after she told AJ they’re in love? And he knows she told AJ because AJ showed up and confronted him and he told AJ it’s true and they don’t have to answer to anybody.

Chivis is tired of this. It seems like she’s giving up. She says goodbye to Manuel, but doesn’t explain what she means.

Angie, Jorge, Trini, and Lupita are at the new…old…house. They talk about Lupita’s school, how she misses Pedrito. Trini makes the visit to the panadería not sound as bad as it was. And then AJ comes home.

A predictable argument ensues and then…he makes Lupita cry because he’s throwing THEIR friend Jorge out of the house. And AJ sends her to her room. He blames Angie for “making” him yell at Lupita. He insults Jorge’s family and mocks him for asking politely for AJ to stop doing that. He screams at Jorge to get out and Jorge decides he’s going.

“Wait outside for me. I’m coming with you,” Angie says, then turns to AJ and tells him she’s never going to forgive him for this. And Trini just lets AJ blame this all on Silvana. (VENDIDA!)

Angie comes back in with her backpack and says she’s going back to her old neighborhood. If she can’t be in her house with her boyfriend then she doesn’t want to be here. AJ grabs her by the arm in a way that makes even Trini gasp. She tells him to let go of her granddaughter.

She tries to talk Angie into staying. AJ tries to make this about “respect” but Angie won’t take that from him after he disrespected his family by walking out on them without saying anything. He tries to ORDER her to come back as she’s marching out the door and Angie just keeps going.

Trini blames it on the school. AJ says Angie’s copying her mother’s “loose” behavior and for THAT Trini finally tells him not to talk about her daughter that way.

Outside, Majo and Vicente are just arriving when Angie and Jorge come out and tell them what just happened. Majo tries to get Angie to stay, but she’s not staying somewhere her boyfriend isn’t welcome. Vicente and Jorge say she can absolutely stay at their house. They all pile in the van with Majo feebly calling out that maybe this was all a misunderstanding…and she tells Vicente to drive safely.

After the prayer meeting breaks up, Don Jonas and Génesis tell Poncho the wedding is this Saturday and he panics.

Lucha asks Manuel about the money he’s been saving for her since she was little…if she could possibly have some of it…for a trip…to Mexico…it’s a school thing…Andres will be there. Manuel tells her she can’t chase after Andres. He just got dumped, he’s going away, and it sounds like what he needs is to be alone. If he wants to be with Lucha, he’ll come back for her. Later. After his wounds have healed.

Lucha sighs and asks him why, of all the things he taught her, he never told her love hurts this much. “That’s not something that can be taught. You have to find out on your own.” (Aw, Manuel. You’re not wrong.)

AJ, still fuming about Angie, finally talks to Esteban and hears about Majo’s trip to the salsódromo with Chivis the other night, plus Majo and Vicente snogging outside the house. He quickly hangs up when Majo comes in. She asks what’s up with Angie and he says nobody in this house respects him anymore. Majo’s the only one who’s still the girl he raised–because she’s not lying to him about anything. Right? Majo gives him a weak smile.

AJ and Majo do the dance of manipulation. He whines about how their family is falling apart. She whines that she hates seeing him so upset. He whines that you do one little thing wrong and everybody judges you forever. Majo pouts that she never judged him and always supported him…but he does have to have just a teensy bit of understanding of how horrible it was for them. The things they went through! She didn’t have a car! And she had to clean bathrooms!

Since AJ doesn’t want to concede that point, he says her mom cheated on him. Majo says she hates seeing him like this. AJ says he doesn’t like her seeing him like this either. Oh, poor AJ just doesn’t know what to do anymore. He hopes Majo doesn’t surprise him.

Dom tells Stella he saw Chivis leaving Manuel’s earlier, looking upset. She shows him the picture on her phone and he thinks it’s brilliant…until he finds out it’s not photoshopped. Then he worries that she’s going to drive Manuel “crazy” and leave his kids without a father. Stella brags that she’s going back in tonight.

Poncho comes home and tells Dom and Stella he’s getting married this Saturday. Dom freaks–it’s too soon! He’s not done with his suit yet! He hasn’t got a present! Well, too bad, Poncho’s getting married Saturday come rain, thunder, lightning, or Martian invasion.

Stella goes up for a shower, leaving Dom to tell Poncho he hopes Poncho gets married and forgets Stella. Poncho says he’s going to take Dom’s advice and be the star of his own life.

Stella gets ready for her shower while she has a chat with Javito about Poncho marrying Genesis. She’s jealous because she feels like Javito is defending Genesis.

Trini tortures herself, remembering how she treated Benito when he came over. She calls and begs him to forgive her. He’s still hurting and it seems like he might forgive her if she admits her feelings, but she can only get as far as saying she likes him a lot. Trini tells him she came over to the panadería. He didn’t know about that. But he understands Marge trying to stick up for him. OK, fine, he forgives her, but she’d better not break his heart ever again. She says she won’t because she loves him. “Wait, did I say that?!” She says it again. (About damn time!)

Chivis comes home and finds out Angie left.

Tuesday 12/20/16 #104

AJ and Chivis argue about him not allowing Jorge in the house. He tries to bring Manuel into it, but Chivis cuts him off because Majo’s there. Majo leaves before she has to hear any more of this. AJ goes so far as to argue that Chivis lets the girls run wild and they’ll turn the house into a strip club. Chivis has had enough of his crap and says Angie’s coming home and she’s dating whoever she wants to.

Meanwhile, back at Manuel’s house, he’s dealing with stubborn Stella who won’t ever leave him alone. He says he’s going to stop playing nice if she doesn’t call Chivis and tell her what happened. The problem is, while they’re trying to call her, she’s trying to call Angie.

When she sees Manuel’s name come up, she decides she’s not answering. AJ makes a crack about how everyone has cell phones now and poor people charge everything on their credit cards so they can pretend to be something they’re not. (Uh, as opposed to rich people who rip other people off so they can pretend to have money when they don’t?) He mocks her for not answering and Chivis tells him to get out of her house. She’s changing the locks tomorrow and he’s never coming in without ringing the doorbell again.

She’s realizes that bringing them back to this house was about trying to treat them all like he’s the boss and they’re his employees. From now on SHE sets the rules in this house and if he doesn’t like it, she’ll move.

Lupita comes running in for hugs and kisses because fighting with AJ is just too anxiety-provoking for her. AJ talks about them spending an afternoon together one of these days…if Chivis says it’s ok, because she’s in charge around here. Chivis rolls her eyes. AJ leaves and Lupita whines about not getting to visit her dad’s place and how lonely he must be.

Manuel finally gets through and gets Stella to leave a voicemail for Chivis. Stella says it was all a joke and Chivis shouldn’t be angry at Manuel.

Vicente and Jorge get Angie back to the house. She’s having a tough time. She never ran away, even when she was a kid…but Majo did. She laughs about how she used to make it all the way to the door and then come back.

Angie’s worried about how Manuel’s going to react to all this, but they figure she can stay in Lucha’s room for tonight and they’ll just figure out what happens after that later.

Benito and Marge have dinner and he asks her about Trini’s visit. Marge admits she was there. She doesn’t want Trini to make Benito suffer. “Don’t you think I’m old enough to take care of myself?” Marge says it doesn’t matter to her how old he is, she’s always going to be there to protect him. Aw…how do you argue with that?

Angie and Jorge get ready to do some grilling for dinner. They like that they get to be together, even if they don’t like the reason. Lucha catches them kissing and teases them about not counting money in front of the poor!

They ask her if Angie can stay in her room tonight. When Lucha hears the whole story she agrees, of course. She congratulates them for fighting for their love.

And now it’s time to break the news to Manuel. This is awkward for him because it’s not like he’s not going to let Angie stay, but at the same time he doesn’t want any more trouble with her parents. Angie’s sure this will all be over with as soon as she talks to her mom. As for her dad, he knows where she is–she told him. Lucha calls it “creepy” since AJ was there earlier.

Angie wants to know about the conversation. She can guess that he told Manuel to stay away from her mother, but what else? Manuel’s not comfortable talking about this with her. He will say that AJ was way out of line. The important thing right now is to work out Angie’s problem and he’ll deal with his own.

Trini cracks jokes with Silvana to try to cheer her up. She claims she’s just trying to humor her so Chivis keeps taking care of her in her old age. Then she worries about AJ no longer supporting them–they never expected him to take off like he did and look what happened! Chivis reminds her that they managed to survive and if she has to start from scratch again, she can.

She asks for a little privacy to listen to Stella’s message, which does cheer her up. Trini is listening in and Chivis scolds her for it. She’s going to go get Angie. Trini invites herself along so she can pick up some bread. Uh huh.

Vicente calls Majo and they get into an argument about whether she’s ever going to tell her dad about him. She says she is going to tell him, but she knows she’s a coward. If he treats her the way he treated Angie when he found out about Jorge, Majo doesn’t think she can stand up to him.

Vicente’s already upset when he hears the maid announce that Andres is there to see her. And Majo’s going to let him in–she left him at the altar already, she can’t very well leave him in front of her house! She gets Vicente to calm down about it before she goes to see what Andres wants.

He came by to say goodbye before he goes to Mexico. He talks about how he needs to figure out what he really wants to do with his life. Majo blames this on Lucía. He says he’s going alone. But why is his decision bothering her so much?

She says it’s not, but this is so different from what he wanted before. He talks about how they were kind of living a really sheltered life before. This Majo can understand and she agrees with him.

They get to have the nice, civilized breakup talk they never had before and acknowledge the good stuff and wish each other luck. And Andres advises her to go back to school and start over. They hug.

Poncho upsets Dom by saying he’s going to ask Manuel to be his best man. Even Stella thinks it’s an awful thing for Poncho to do. He’s just trying to impress Génesis and Don Jonas by having a best man “with money.” Stella calls him a wimp and a bad friend.

Jorge gives Angie a pair of earrings. He’d bought them earlier, but he thought this was a good time to give them to her to cheer her up a little and show her how much he appreciates her showing him that their love can handle anything.

Lucha, Angie, and Jorge are setting the table for dinner when Chivis comes over.

Wednesday 12/21/16 #105

Like Angie expected, Chivis is on her side. She wants Angie to come home and she tells Jorge he’s always welcome in her home. She knows AJ’s being overbearing, but they’re going to stick together like a family. Like they did when he left.

Angie goes out to wait in the car while Chivis makes that possible breakup with Manuel a definite breakup. Not because of Stella and all her drama, but because it’s all just too difficult and she doesn’t want to have to keep lying and sneaking around.

As long as she’s with Manuel, AJ’s not going to respect her boundaries (he was never going to do that anyway) and he’s going to keep using their relationship against her (true). She goes on so long about how AJ didn’t always used to be so terrible that Manuel asks if she’s thinking of reconciling with him.

She doesn’t say she is or isn’t, but she talks about being “confused” and needing time to figure things out now that they’re back in their old house. It’s important to her that the girls get to maintain their relationships with his sons, but right now she needs to be alone. Manuel angrily tells her to go right ahead, and he won’t be waiting for her.

Poncho changes his mind and asks Dom to be his best man. Dom’s so excited…and he’s going to quit working on his “Pendejo Poncho” embroidery.

Poncho gives Stella the good news and whines again about still wishing he was marrying her instead of Génesis. Stella’s still holding out for Manuel. Poncho doesn’t think Manuel ever really saw her–if he did he would have married her already.

Poncho talks about how wonderful Stella is and she gets so moved she spontaneously kisses him. And then they both wonder what just happened. She tries to pretend it was nothing and insists she only loves Manuel.

Poncho knows better and the more he talks about it, the more she wants to give in…until Dom interrupts them. Stella goes up to bed and Dom tells Poncho they’re not fooling him. He knows something’s going on here…spill it!

Poncho tells Dom about the kiss, but Dom warns him Stella has used him before. He shouldn’t trust her–he should stick to the plan and marry Génesis. In fact Dom demands that he marry Genesis and he doesn’t want to hear another word about it!

Trini visits Benito’s, still feeling guilty about the way she treated him. He forgives her and offers her his love. Trini kisses him and he passes out. She panics. After much screaming, Marge arrives. They fuss over Benito, but Marge can’t figure out why Trini wants an ambulance when her driver is right outside. Or his car is anyway.

Marge comes back with Esteban, Angie, and Jorge. Esteban claims he’s a paramedic, but he seems fairly useless. Angie decides she should go get her mom. She and Jorge get there right after Chivis and Manuel’s conversation is over and drag her out to deal with Don Benito.

Esteban thinks Benito’s fully recovered, but Trini didn’t ask for his opinion. Why is he even here? Esteban claims AJ sent him to see if Angie needed anything. He decides he’d rather go for help than wait around there, which works out fine for everyone.

Marge is dispatched to go make an herbal drink for Benito and pour Trini a whiskey. And Benito decides what he really needs is to hug Trini. Repeatedly.

An actual paramedic arrives and does an actual medical exam. For all of Marge’s complaining that Trini’s messing with her grandpa’s feelings has been affecting him lately, the paramedic says his vital signs are completely normal now. He can wait for tomorrow to let a doctor check him out and run tests. Chivis dismisses Esteban.

Benito lets slip that it was Trini’s kiss that got him all discombobulated and Trini tries to pretend he’s talking nonsense. Marge is grossed out, but she’s also annoyed that she can’t tell who’s telling the truth and who’s lying. Benito takes pity on Trini and says gentlemen have no memory.

Back in Coral Gables at last, Majo gets an update on Trini’s little incident at Don Benito’s and Chivis assures the girls she’s going to fight for their right to date Gallardos. And the locks are getting changed tomorrow because this is not AJ’s house.

Marge was so scared about what happened with Benito that she even though about calling her mom. He warns her that Rocio took off without looking back, so she probably wouldn’t have cared. After he goes up to bed, Marge finds her on social media and sends her a friend request.

The older three kids invade Manuel’s bedroom and hear that he and Chivis have broken up. Pedrito listens from the hallway…and Stella listens from her room and celebrates.

Thursday 12/22/16 #106

Lucha tries to console Manuel. She knows how he feels because Andres is going to Mexico. Vicente is relieved to hear that, since Andres was over visiting Majo earlier.

Majo tells Angie about Andres’ visit to tell her goodbye. It got her feeling nostalgic. Sometimes she wishes Andres and Vicente were one person–he’d be the perfect man. Even Angie knows what it amounts to is that Andres has all the social respectability and Vicente’s the one Majo actually loves. She can’t believe Majo’s being so superficial.

Lucha fights with herself about contacting Andres. Pedrito comes in to ask if she’s upset that Andres visited Majo. She scolds him for spying, but he’s just here to offer her comfort. And if she doesn’t need it, he sure does. He’s never seen their dad so sad and he doesn’t think Manuel is going to get over it. He never wanted his dad to have a girlfriend, but Chivis is ok.

Stella comes downstairs, celebrating Manuel and Chivis’ breakup. Dom tells Poncho “I told you so.”

Manuel reminisces about Chivis on his balcony. He hurries back inside when he hears Stella looking for him.

Trini was going to have a Jacuzzi bath in Chivis’ room, but she ends up consoling Chivis about the breakup. Chivis makes sure to tell her that she’s doing this for herself, to get some peace–not to get back together with AJ. Trini sighs that the barrio men really got to all of them.

Right, so what happened with the kiss with Don Benito? OK, OK, Trini admits it. And now she’s worried because her dead husband, who she normally talks to all the time, hasn’t spoken to her since it happened!

Manuel catches Vicente and Jorge talking about him in the kitchen. He tells them he’s going to be fine and he didn’t share things with them so they’d feel sorry for him.

Stella sneaks into Manuel’s bedroom and ends up putting her hands all over…Vicente. Everyone from both houses comes over to gawk while Manuel tells Stella he’s not going to sleep in his bed again until that hole is patched up. So she’d better not try to get into his bed again. This time it was only Vicente, but next time it could be a snake or a spider.

Vicente wouldn’t mind making this a permanent change–his dad’s bed has way more room than his.

Lupita is all dressed up in her Girl Scout uniform and Majo made sure she’s wearing plenty of sunscreen and bug spray for their trip today. AJ’s waiting outside to say goodbye to Lupita. After he and Angie have watched Lupita and Chivis drive away, AJ says he wants to talk to Angie.

Majo had been talking to Vicente on the phone and told him she was worried about what would happen when Angie and AJ came face to face again. She was right to be worried. AJ’s idea of a talk is to apologize for being so harsh with her yesterday, but continue insisting on his right to tell her how to live her life. She’s going to have to pick–Jorge or him.

Angie’s furious that he doesn’t love her enough to let her make her own decisions. AJ insists he has to keep her from making stupid ones like her mother is doing. He denies that he’s just taking his anger with Chivis out on Angie instead.

Angie says he’s just being this way because he’s afraid of losing Chivis, afraid of losing his family, and afraid of ending up alone. And if he does, at this point it’s his own fault.

AJ says Chivis is going to come back to him. Angie hopes that if she does it’s because she wants to and not because he’s forcing her like he’s trying to force Angie right now. “That’s different.” Yeah, whatever. Angie hates to have to say this to him, but her mom’s in love with Manuel. Everybody knows it. She’s sorry, she knows that hurts him, but there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Trini comes over to check on Benito and Marge apologizes for the things she said the other day. Benito’s happier this morning than she’s seen him in a long time. She’s ok with Trini coming in to see him, but she begs her to be careful with him!

Trini’s back to her usual “Let’s pretend nothing happened here.” Benito proposes they have a secret relationship instead. Hm…Trini’s intrigued. But then she tells him to figure out how he’s properly going to ask for her hand. She kisses him on the cheek before she leaves and at least this time he doesn’t pass out.

At school, Angie tells Jorge about AJ’s ultimatum. No matter what happens she refuses to break up with him. Marge interrupts them kissing to thank them for helping with Benito the other day. Turns out he had an inflamed eardrum, but he’s fine now.

She walks off and Angie worries that Benito’s worse than she’s saying, since Marge wasn’t rude or anything. Jorge explains that he and Marge made peace the other day and she’s not going to mess with Angie anymore. Angie’s angry that he didn’t tell her about it–she wants all the details now.

At the market, Vicente teases Stella about last night. She pretty quickly changes the subject to Poncho’s wedding. For which there will be no bachelor party and apparently no dancing or drinking at the reception. Stella and Manuel start bickering and she tells him to admit he’s bitter because he got dumped.

Right in front of Chivis. Chivis tells her to mind her own damn business. Even Manuel ends up yelling at Stella. Actually he yells at Chivis and Stella both for causing a scene at work.

Chivis goes into his office later to get some work done, trying to pretend she didn’t know he was going to be in there. But he knows she knows his work schedule. She tries to complain about Stella causing drama and Manuel washes his hands of it. Whatever problems she and Stella have, they have to work them out alone. It’s not his problem anymore.

Friday 12/23/16

No episode – movie marathon

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