Silvana sin Lana Week of 12/26/16 #107-110

Monday 12/26/16 #107

Manuel’s done refereeing fights between Chivis and Stella and he’s done talking to Chivis about his personal life. Chivis decides he can be done with her entirely–she’s not working at the market anymore.

Manuel says there’s no need for her to quit on his account. He can separate the personal from the professional. “Except for Stella,” she gripes. Yeah, well, Chivis is much more reasonable than Stella, right?

He starts criticizing the way she broke up with him last night, saying she was so logical and so cold and she reminded him of the woman who hit his truck. A total stranger. So no, she doesn’t have to leave the market, unless it upsets her as much to have him around as it upsets him to have her around.

Jorge explains to Angie how he found Benji attacking Marge in the panadería the other night and that’s how they made up. But Marge made him promise not to tell anyone. Angie’s still angry because she’s not just “anyone” she’s his girlfriend! Jorge promises he’s never going to hide things from her again.

Andres comes over to Lucha’s to have some goodbye wine and appetizers since that’s their thing. He brought her a present–some women’s handkerchiefs. Because she gave him such a hard time about using handkerchiefs. She has a present for him too, something to take to Mexico with him–a kiss.

Andres complains that now he’s going to want more kisses. Lucha says she didn’t kiss him to make him change his plans…it just felt like it was now or never. He can carry her kiss around in his pocket. She was going to say “in his heart” but she didn’t want to sound cheesy. Well, Andres doesn’t care how cheesy this sounds, but he wants to shrink her down to miniature and put her in his heart and take her with him.

Manuel comes home and says goodbye to Andres. He’s definitely pitching for Andres not to go, but it’s a done deal. Lucha walks Andres to the door and she and Manuel console each other, saying as long as there’s life there’s still hope.

Vicente had asked Majo earlier in the day about coming over to visit, but she didn’t want a problem with her dad. He comes over anyway and she tries to get him to leave, but AJ comes home. While Majo flees into the house, Vicente has to deal with Esteban and AJ on his own.

Inside, Majo’s worried because AJ still hasn’t come inside. Chivis tells her to let Vicente handle him, since she knows Majo doesn’t have the guts to stand up to him like Angie did. Majo says it’s because she feels sorry for AJ–she feels like they all ganged up on him.

Angie and Chivis deny it. They told him the truth and he didn’t like it, that’s all. Really? So Chivis told him about Manuel? Chivis says that’s between her and AJ. But as of right now, Chivis’ priority is protecting them and to do that she needs to be alone. No more Manuel. She’s sure AJ is only giving them a hard time about Jorge and Vicente because he’s jealous of Manuel and once he realizes they’ve broken up, he’ll stop bothering the girls. (Seriously, Chivis? You know him better than that.)

Outside, it’s nothing but trash talk and Vicente does not admit to having a relationship with Majo. He claims he was just dropping of paperwork for Chivis, but he was left waiting too long and he has places to be. After he leaves, AJ tells Esteban to follow him and give him a “scare” so he won’t come back.

When AJ finally comes inside, Majo’s panicking. He wants to confront Majo, but he keeps getting interrupted–first by Trini coming to greet him, then by Lupita calling from her Girl Scout trip. He ends up alone in the living room with the phone.

This gives Majo time to call Vicente and ask what happened, but he lies to her and says if AJ’s not saying anything, then he must not have seen him.

Chivis confronts AJ about telling Angie she has to choose between him and Jorge. She warns him he’s going to drive Angie away and Angie isn’t going to forgive him this time.

He keeps insisting she’s only defending Jorge because he’s Manuel’s son. Chivis informs him that not only does that have nothing to do with it–she and Manuel aren’t together anymore. So AJ can quit dragging his name into every fight. All Chivis wants right now is to be alone and put her life back together.

As for work, it’s none of his business but, no, she’s not quitting. She’s never going to depend on a man again, much less him. He can continue supporting his daughters just like any divorced parent would, but she’s not his responsibility and neither is her mother.

AJ gets this all twisted around the wrong way and thinks it’s his chance to get Chivis back. He tries to kiss her and she slaps him. He blames it on the room and the memories and says he won’t do it again, but she can’t forbid him from having hope. Chivis agrees, she can’t–just like he can’t forbid his daughters from choosing their boyfriends.

“Daughters?” He thought it was only Angie dating Jorge. Majo’s not dating anyone, is she? Chivis warns him not to hurt her daughters again or she won’t forgive him and she won’t lift a finger to convince them to forgive him either.

Dom’s giving Stella a hot stone massage when Poncho comes home and announces that he talked to Don Jonas and got him to agree that Dom will be his best man. Dom is excited, but he’s also noticing the looks between Stella and Poncho as she congratulates him and says he’s marrying the person he should be with and he tells her she’ll finally be with Manuel. He tells Poncho he feels the sexual tension! But Poncho shouldn’t trust it. Stella’s in deep denial.

Trini takes over at the panadería so Benito will rest like he’s supposed to. She annoys Juanito with her lecturing about cleanliness and her arbitrary raising of prices.

Marge’s mom finally responds to her friend request. For a minute there I had the horrible feeling she had accepted, but didn’t actually remember Marge was her daughter. But no, she appears to. And she wants to get together. (I had to look it up because I couldn’t remember if there was more to the story, but all I could find was that Marge’s mom took of with her boyfriend and left Marge with Benito.)

Esteban follows Vicente home and tries to start a fight with him in front of his house. THIS is his idea of a “scare”?

Tuesday 12/27/16 #108

Manuel comes out of the house and it’s two on one. Not so fun when you’re the “one” eh, Esteban? He gets run off, even though he’s calling after them that they’re “cowards.”

Poncho and Dom have a suit fitting at Poncho’s so they don’t have to deal with Stella. Dom still wishes it were Stella and Poncho getting married, but Poncho says he can’t wait forever for her.

Marge finally answers her mom and tells her she can come visit.

Trini insists on coming over to help Benito even though he says he’s feeling better. They also have their relationship drama to resolve, but Trini doesn’t want to do that in the middle of the bakery. She reminds him he still hasn’t asked for her hand.

Steve is still sitting in front of Manuel’s house. Angie calls for a ride. He says he can’t–he’s too far away. Majo calls for a ride and tells him not to get snippy with her. He tells her he’s too far away. She calls back to yell at him for hanging up on her. He tells her to take it up with her dad. Trini comes down the sidewalk and asks him to drive her home. AJ calls and tells him to get back to the house so he can spy on Chivis.

Steve cracks! He destroys his phone, gives Trini the keys, and tells her he quits! And she can tell AJ he’s not following his wife around, or any of the rest of this filthy family! All Trini focuses on is the possibility that he was following HER around.

Dom and Poncho get back from their errands and find that Javito has run off again. They try next door first, since there’s still a giant hole in the wall. Pedrito swears he’s not here, but he acts like he’s trying to keep Poncho and Dom from coming inside to look themselves. When he hears they’re going out to Chivis’ he asks them to say hi to Lupita for him.

Angie and Jorge are both studying, but Angie can’t concentrate–she calls to flirt with Jorge. She wanted to go to the movies, but Esteban’s off doing who-knows-what. And hey, did he hear their parents broke up? They both say their parents are bummed right now.

Manuel’s not comfortable with Vicente being the one to confront AJ instead of Majo, but he says Majo’s not as mature as Angie. He has to do it for her. Manuel bitterly says he hopes she doesn’t give up like her mom did. Well, that’s why Vicente didn’t tell her about AJ confronting him earlier–if AJ didn’t mention it, then he doesn’t want to scare her. He’s going to have to be smarter than AJ. His dad taught him not to let anyone intimidate him, right?

Dom and Poncho make it to Coral Gables and they’re suuuuuper impressed with the house. “Even the water tastes different!” Dom says inequality sucks, but if he were living like this he’d forget all about it! (Heh, seems like that’s exactly what happens.)

Chivis is glad to see them and surprised that Poncho is getting married again…tomorrow! She’s happy for him and says they’ll all be there. Dom asks for a tour. Before they go upstairs, Poncho pulls Chivis aside to tell her she shouldn’t leave Manuel. He’s never seen two people so much in love and he doesn’t think she should pass up the chance to be with her true love.

Manuel’s kids give him a present to cheer him up–a fancy watch. He likes it, but he says they’re the best present he could have. They call him cheesy, but he means it. And he’ll try to stop being sad.

Chivis puts on the earrings Manuel gave her. She sighs when her phone rings and it’s Trini. My best guess here is that since Esteban left her stranded in the barrio she went back to Benito’s and took over his entire LIFE instead of just the panadería. She’s tying a napkin around his neck and feeding him soup while she tells Chivis that Esteban quit because Trini busted him for spying on them.

Chivis is sure AJ has something to do with this. And STILL Trini defends him. Chivis begs her not to say anything to the girls. Oh, but what Trini was really calling for was to get someone to go get her. She doesn’t drive at night. Chivis tells her to take a taxi and she’ll pay when the taxi gets there.

Benito insists he’s NOT SICK! And he can drive her home.

Majo interrupts Angie’s latest attempt to study for the state exams to come in and ask her about…ovaries. And the cycle. And stuff. Angie knows what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t understand what Majo’s trying to say. Majo keeps babbling about cycles being…28 days…but it can vary right? And hypothetically even if someone’s super regular….

Angie tells her to get to the point! In her Majo-esque way, she says her period is seriously late. Majo is indignant at having to have this discussion and admits that she has no idea whether Vicente uses condoms or not because she doesn’t look. And those are my words because Majo’s not even capable of using the actual words which, IMO, is maybe a sign she’s not ready to be having sex in the first place.

Angie’s having a hard time with this too. Majo’s a grown woman and she has to take responsibility for herself! (When your little sister has to tell you….) Majo whines that she was supposed go to the gynecologist with Chivis, but then all this stuff happened and they never went. Angie asks how many days late she is. “I don’t know.” She was always so regular she never wrote anything down and–

“Yeah, yeah, got it, you know nothing.” But what about an estimate? Majo says somewhere between five and fifteen days?

Stella asked Génesis to come over to give her all Poncho’s care instructions. He likes music in the morning, he’ll be happy all day if she sings to him, he always forgets to buy his shampoo and he only uses this one particular brand, he usually has four meals a day, he’s allergic to nuts…she made a list! Stella can’t get through it without crying. She ends up sobbing on Génesis’ shoulder.

When she pulls herself together enough to go on with the list Génesis asks her if she’s maybe a little in love with Poncho? Stella goes back into denial mode, saying they’re more like siblings, weddings just make her extra-sensitive, she thought she’d be the first one to get married. Génesis is sure there’s someone out there for Stella and he’ll show up when Stella least expects it, like Poncho did for her.

The guys come home and find them there. Dom immediately starts sobbing as if they’d said Javito was dead. Stella says she was just talking about some cartoons from her childhood and she got nostalgic. She asked Génesis over for a little woman-to-woman talk before the wedding, that’s all. And she let her borrow a bottle of Poncho’s shampoo because her dad uses the same kind.

Poncho takes Génesis home and Stella admits to Dom that she doesn’t want Poncho to get married. She’s not ready for him to move out. And it’s not just that she’s worried about being single. She thinks…she might be in love with Poncho. Dom asks if that’s why she had Génesis over, to tell her and ruin the wedding. Stella says she was trying to give her tips on how to make Poncho happy. Dom thinks she’s just being spoiled and she’s going to get over this. She’d better get used to the idea that it’s just her and Dom from now on. And Javito. As Stella goes upstairs, Dom says she probably doesn’t even have Javito anymore.

Wednesday 12/28/16 #109

Poor Angie. She should have been the eldest. She has to take Majo in hand and explain they’re going to take it one step at a time, get a pregnancy test, and then deal with the rest. She’ll even go buy the pregnancy test herself since Majo’s too chicken. And she’s sure Majo’s just late so she needs to calm down.

Poncho and Dom try to figure out what to do about Stella. Dom’s worried about her finding out that Javito’s missing. Poncho’s worried she won’t stop the wedding. They both independently come to the same conclusion–the only way they’ll survive tomorrow is to get Stella drunk.

A noise wakes Pedro. He tries to get his brothers to get out of bed and investigate, but they tell him to go back to sleep…until they hear it too. The three of them head downstairs, Pedro in the lead with a baseball bat, expecting to find Esteban…or AJ himself, come to kill them all. They track the noise to the kitchen and leap in to find…Javito eating out of the trash can he spilled all over the floor.

Unaware of all the drama going on inside their respective houses, Manuel and Chivis both go out to their balconies and think about each other.

It’s wedding time. Dom begs Poncho to call this off and not dump Génesis at the altar like Majo did to Andres! Poncho says he’s obviously missed out on “true love” so he hopes he’ll come to love Génesis with time.

Stella has the guys go on without her–she decided she needs to fix something….

Everyone but Lupita (who’s apparently still out on her camping trip) gets dressed in Chivis’ room. Majo messes up her nail polish and Trini makes a crack about her being like a widow with a late period, which is supposed to be one of her husband’s jokes, only nobody thinks it’s funny. Majo uses the nails as an excuse to stay behind and asks Angie to send Vicente a text asking him to come over.

Lucha’s in no mood for a wedding, but it’s Poncho. She helps Jorge get ready, complaining that he’s taking forever. Andres shows up and asks for a ride to the airport. She makes a joke about the fee being a dozen cloth handkerchiefs, a daily report, and a notarized copy of his return ticket. But yes, she’ll take him.

Dom and Poncho get to the wedding venue. Don Jonas is wearing his shoulder holster under his jacket.

After a while, Poncho starts to worry because Stella hasn’t arrived yet and Dom lets slip that she didn’t want him to get married.

Stella invades Manuel’s room. He doesn’t want to fall for another one of her tricks, but she says she’s really sad about Poncho getting married.

Manuel is sure once Stella sees Poncho happy, she’ll feel better. Stella still wants some comforting. Manuel doesn’t trust her enough to actually get near her.

When he’s ready, Manuel calls out to Stella if she needs a ride, she’d better hurry up. Stella comes running in from her place and begs him to just help her figure things out. She grabs him, kisses him…and nothing. She didn’t feel a thing.

Manuel’s looking at her like he’s trying to figure out what the catch is. She says it was like kissing a wall. She’s finally over him!

Manuel still doesn’t trust her. Stella says she’s so happy to find this out that she’d kiss him to thank him, but…she doesn’t want to! But now she doesn’t know what to do about Poncho. She thinks she’s in love with him.

Manuel thinks this is another trick. Stella explains it’s been coming on for a while, but she kissed Poncho the other day and she got goosebumps and she felt things and so she needed to kiss Manuel to be sure.

In that case, Manuel thinks she’d better do something, because Poncho loves her. Everybody knows he’s just getting married to forget Stella. And with all the other “crazy” things she’s done, what’s one more? Why not go for it instead of letting happiness get away?

Stella agrees. She apologizes for all the things she put Manuel through. She really did love him. Manuel says he did too and they did have a good time together. She gives him a completely innocent hug…and then remembers they have to go get Poncho!

Pedrito hangs out in his room with Javito. He’s been waiting for someone to be home next door so he can take Javito back. (I guess no one told him about the wedding and it doesn’t seem like he was invited.)

Pedrito checks social media and sees a picture Lupita posted from camp…and a picture of a lost dog named “Fluffy” that looks an awful lot like Javito. He even has five toes like Fluffy’s supposed to have.

Pedrito calls Fluffy’s owners, trying to pretend to be older and being vague about whether he knows where the dog is or not, bringing up the reward, saying they’ll have their dog back if all goes well. The owner thinks he’s a pet kidnapper and starts screaming about calling the police.

Pedrito tells Fluffy he’s going to have to go home. It’s too bad. He didn’t get to meet Lupita. Pedrito keeps feeling like he’s losing everyone he loves. Lupita calls him from camp, but she only gets to talk for a few minutes before it’s time for her to get on to the next activity.

Marge messages her mom. She wants her to get there as soon as she can, so Marge can hear the entire truth directly from her. And then she has something she wants to propose–in person. Rocio says she can be there tomorrow.

Benito, Marge, and Juanito get to the wedding. Marge stops to stare at Jorge and Angie snogging outside. They assume she came to start trouble. She insists she’s just…looking at them. All in love and stuff. That’s all. She knows she lost–because yes, to her this was a war. But she’s a good loser, believe it or not. And yes, she did lose something. She lost Jorge and it hurts. Doesn’t she have the right to say so?

Vicente comes to pick up Majo and she tells him she might be pregnant. She assumed he was going to get upset and want nothing to do with her, but he likes the idea of having kids with her. Whatever happens, they’ll figure it out.

They joke about what the baby would look like and how Trini would react. Vicente says he’s here for her and however many kids they have.

Majo finally decides they should stop talking about kids since they don’t even know if she’s pregnant and when you talk about things you attract them. Yes, she wants to be a mom, but not necessarily right now. He says he loves her and she kisses him…and her dad shows up.

He demands an explanation and Majo asks him please not to talk to her like that. She doesn’t like it when he sounds so angry. He says he’s angry because she hasn’t told him anything. So she tells him–she and Vicente…for a while, they’ve been…. AJ screams at Vicente to let go of Majo’s hand.

Majo tries to suggest she and AJ go inside and talk alone and Vicente hints that maybe she should tell him…. She says she’s not ready. AJ barks at Vicente to let her talk. She changes her mind–Vicente’s right and she might as well tell him everything all at once. She and Vicente are novios.

AJ unloads on her like he did with Angie, only he gets to throw in some extra “never expected this from you” and “so disappointed.” He insults Vicente and that gets Majo fighting back–he doesn’t even know Vicente! Vicente takes exception to AJ repeating that Majo’s the last person he expected this from and says they might as well put all their cards on the table. AJ already knew.

He accuses Esteban of spying on them for AJ. AJ doesn’t deny it, he’s just outraged that he should have to give explanations in his own house (well, his own driveway). Majo begs Vicente to go on without her and she’ll deal with her dad alone.

Inside, Majo confronts AJ. If he already knew, then why not tell her? Why have someone spy on her? Why not just ASK her? Why does everything have to be so underhanded with him. AJ says that’s his way, just like it’s her way to lie.

Majo objects to that. She was going to tell him, she was just waiting for the right time because she didn’t want to hurt him. Vicente is a good man. He’s studying business administration. “Oh, and does he have a business or am I supposed to give him one?” Majo says he doesn’t have to–they do very well at the market and they like having a simpler life. “And is that the kind of life you want? Did you ditch Andres for that guy?”

Thursday 12/29/16 #110

Majo finally admits that she did and AJ’s furious because he’s the one who convinced her not to get married. And for that, Majo is always going to be grateful. But she realized that she was never going to be happy with Andres and that had nothing to do with Vicente. She just didn’t love him.

AJ accuses her and all the girls of trying to give him a heart attack and says he has to get out of this house. He needs air. And he doesn’t recognize any of his daughters–least of all Majo.

Majo calls Vicente, who’s still waiting outside. She tells him to go ahead and leave–she doesn’t know what her dad will do if he finds him there. Vicente thinks the worst is over, but Majo says with her dad you never know. She’s going to hang up now–she doesn’t want him to catch her talking to Vicente. It could make things worse.

Lucha and Andres try to talk about anything but Andres leaving while they wait for his flight to be called. And then Lucha tries to just let him go without a lot of drama…but she cracks and calls out his name. He runs over to kiss him and says she loves him and she’s going to wait for him.

Marge continues insisting she’s not fighting with Angie and Jorge. She wishes them the best. She hopes it all works out. Blah blah blah. She goes inside and Angie and Jorge have no idea what just happened. They look over at Chivis trying not to look like she’s looking for Manuel.

Wedding guests are still arriving. Dom and Poncho still haven’t seen Stella and Dom’s starting to worry about what she’s going to do. Don Jonas is still hovering menacingly.

Trini and Benito are outside when the bride arrives. They have…a difference of opinion…about whether she looks good or not. Guess who thinks what.

Dom calls out that the bride has arrived. He tells Poncho to get a smile on his face and drags him inside. Don Jonas offers his arm to Génesis and walks her inside.

Lucha goes home instead of going to the wedding. She remembers what happened at the airport and pulls out a cloth handkerchief to wipe her eyes with…then she hears a dog barking and goes upstairs.

At Pedrito’s door, she hears him talking about being thrown in jail for kidnapping and bursts in to find him hanging out with Paco Javo…er, Fluffy. Pedrito tells her the whole story.

Lucha convinces Pedrito he’s not going to get arrested and they can’t keep the dog. She agrees with his plan to give the dog back to Poncho and Dom and let them call the owner.

The wedding gets underway and Don Jonas starts talking about a man who left a message of love, who preached with such poetry and love. At the first “¡Alabado!” the Catholics start looking uncomfortable. Don Jonas suddenly can’t remember who he’s talking about and asks a guy in the front row who was the one who sang “Light My Fire”? Oh, right, Jim Morrison! He gets sidetracked and Génesis reminds him it’s her wedding.

Don Jonas continues, but now Génesis is the one distracted by Poncho’s stare and checks to make sure he’s ok. Don Jonas chastises them for talking and jokes that it’s not easy to get married by your father-in-law!

Don Jonas continues his speech and Dom motions to Poncho to change the look on his face already!

Suddenly (well, for them…we’ve all been waiting) Stella bursts in and announces she’s stopping this wedding!

Don Jonas tells her to behave herself. Dom tries to get her to leave. Manuel tells Dom to just leave her be–she’s doing the “craziest” thing she’s ever done in her life. Poncho asks Stella what’s going on and she tells him he can’t marry Génesis. She knows Poncho is in love with her. Well, right, but she made it clear how she feels. Génesis is sobbing and telling her dad to make this stop.

Poncho tells Stella to just let him be happy, but she says he won’t be–he loves her and she….

Looooong pause and then all the guests start shouting “Say it!”

Finally she says “And I love you too, Poncho.” Even Trini smiles. Stella apologizes for taking so long to figure it out, but she’s not in love with Manuel, she’s in love with him!

Oh…right…Poncho’s in the middle of his wedding. He says he’s sorry, but he can’t marry Génesis. Stella’s right–he’s in love with her. Stella grabs his hand and they run out of the hall while most of the guests applaud. Chivis and her crew look over at Génesis crying.

Poncho and Stella go on the run and hide from Don Jonas and his crew in a playground fort in a park. Don Jonas is packing and he’s vowing revenge, but Poncho is happier than ever because he’s finally with the woman he loves. Now’s not the best time, but they sneak some smoochies in anyway.

Trini complains that nobody ever gets married around here! And those guys with Don Jonas looked more like criminals than churchgoing men. She’s alarmed at Juanito saying Don Jonas loves his daughter and he’s just going to give Poncho a scare.

Well, Chivis figures Manuel has finally gotten rid of Stella. Manuel says he hopes she’s going to stop being his neighbor as well. “Hopefully the next one won’t break your wall.” “Hopefully the next one won’t break my HEART.” Chivis asks him to stop making this so difficult.

Manuel argues that it always has been difficult, but being apart will be worse. If he’s not going to fall apart, he’ll have to be angry–he’s got his kids too and he has to be around for them. He hugs Chivis and kisses her on the forehead and tells her she’d better get going before he carries her off.

Stella and Poncho make it back to the house. They think they might be safe here–it’s private property after all. They start getting cozy on the couch and Poncho asks how Stella figured out that she was in love with him. He’s not happy that she kissed Manuel, but he’s happy to be with Stella. Dom knocks on the door and comes in with a sheet thrown over him, moaning like a ghost.

Dom tells them Don Jonas’ people tried to interrogate him. Génesis cried. Stella feels bad for her. So does Poncho, but Dom tells him he’d better stay away or Don Jonas will kill him.

Which is exactly what Don Jonas says he’ll do when he knocks on the door. He and his guys are talking about breaking windows to get inside. Stella threatens to call the cops. Don Jonas doesn’t care. Dom calls him a hypocrite. So Stella calls the cops…and gets put on hold.

Don Jonas and his guys are about to resort to throwing their shoes through the windows when the cops get there. They take off running.

Vicente gets back to the house and tells Lucha there wasn’t a wedding–Stella stopped the whole thing. She’s in love with Poncho. Manuel went to buy some stuff.

And why is Lucha all dressed up when she didn’t go to the wedding? She tells him Andres showed up and asked for a ride to the airport. And she kissed him. Vicente tells her not to get her hopes up.

He tells Lucha about getting busted by AJ. He doesn’t care that AJ was rude to him, but he’s worried about Majo. She’s scared of her dad, but she did defend him.

And that’s not all…Majo’s late. Vicente says he did use condoms but…things happen. Really, he doesn’t think she’s pregnant. But if she is, he’s happy. He’d marry her now if he could, but she’s still not sure. Lucha’s afraid Majo’s going to do what her dad wants and break up with him. He’s sure it’s all going to turn out ok.

Chivis and Angie get home from the wedding and Majo tells them AJ saw her with Vicente. Chivis thinks it’s good that AJ knows now. Majo says he didn’t just see them leaving…he saw them kissing. Chivis’ face: “Oh, that’s different.”

Friday 12/30/16

No episode – movie marathon

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