Silvana sin Lana Monday 1/02/17 #111

Manuel runs into Padre Sanchez at the panadería. They have coffee and Manuel shares his love woes. Padre Sanchez warns him if Chivis and her husband get back together he’ll have to step aside.

It’s an “if” though, because Padre S thinks Manuel shouldn’t just keep hope alive, he should risk it all for Chivis and her family.


Majo was so scared when AJ busted them she thought she was going to pull a Trini and faint! She was surprised by how furious AJ was. She’s never seen him like that. Chivis says he’s changed. They can love and respect him, but that doesn’t mean he has to run their lives.

Majo still has more news, though–they didn’t realize Esteban wasn’t their chauffeur, so much as AJ’s spy. After hearing that, Chivis wants them all to take a break from seeing AJ. She plans to ask him to stay away from the house. But Majo thinks that’s going to be difficult because…she might be pregnant.

Chivis says the same thing Angie did–Majo needs to take a pregnancy test and then they need to go to the doctor to get it confirmed and figure out how far along she is. Majo didn’t even consider that medical professionals might be involved in this whole process and she whines about it (SMH). All three of them go to the pharmacy while Angie jokes about baby names.

In front of the very fancy pharmacy, they argue about who’s going in. Majo doesn’t want to go, but she doesn’t want Chivis going with her, but she doesn’t want Chivis going alone, and Chivis doesn’t want Angie going in alone. Majo puts on some sunglasses and a scarf over her hair for a “disguise” that’s fooling no one. Angie laughs, “See why they think fresas are stupid?!”

Manuel gets home from his shopping trip and mentions he saw Padre Sanchez. Vicente wonders if Padre S would be up for baptizing a little Gallardo…because Manuel might be a grandpa soon. Manuel’s shocked but Vicente promises if Majo IS pregnant it was an accident. And as far as Vicente’s concerned, if she wants to get married, he’s in.

But still, it’s not definite yet. The contemplate how AJ’s going to react. And Trini! And joke about baby names…Manuela, Silvano, Shark III.


Benito takes Trini back to his place for a snack after the non-wedding. Marge has decided she no longer hates Trini after seeing how much she cares about Benito. So are they going to be novios now, or what? Neither of them is comfortable with the question and Marge’s bluntness–telling them they’re not getting any younger–rubs Trini the wrong way.

But the point is, if they want to do it, Marge is going to support them. She talks about leaving them a clear path, but she spies from the top of the stairs as Trini leaves. Trini complains that she’s not into all this “free” stuff, “freelance” or whatever–she likes things in writing. Benito has no idea what she means.


When the younger generations of Villaseñoras get home, Trini’s back. Majo and Angie go upstairs while Chivis stops to tease Trini about being “neighborly” and checking on Benito. Trini teases her right back about being with Manuel every time she sees her and offers her some whiskey.

In the bathroom, Majo can’t even handle reading the instructions without Angie’s help. And she won’t let Angie leave.

The come back to the office looking downcast and Angie makes Majo tell Chivis…it was a false alarm. She goes to call Vicente while Chivis tells Angie to please learn from her sister’s experience and use protection!


Stella, Dom, and Poncho give the police the details about Don Jonas. Once they’ve gone and Dom is left with the lovebirds, he realizes Stella intends them to move BACK to the original house. Yep, all FOUR of them.

Dom braces himself and tells Stella Javito ran off again. She’s in such a good mood, even that can’t bother her–she’s sure he’ll come back on his own.

When Vicente got home earlier, he and Lucha both “helped” Pedrito find Javito/Fluffy’s owner…and it’s Cata. What? How?! She assumed Manuel called her on purpose about the dog to get her over here and suctions herself to his face in gratitude.

Catalina gets her dog back, but she gets increasingly angry as Manuel, Vicente, and Pedrito all agree Manuel didn’t kidnap her dog. She’s back to threatening to press charges…unless Manuel goes out to dinner with her. He tells her to get out and take her little rat with her. (How exactly did he end up in the shelter in the first place…?)


Poncho and Stella are celebrating the non-wedding with champagne and onion rings. And since Stella’s so sure that she’s over Manuel and her heart beats only for Poncho, he whips off his shoe, pulls out the ring from their fake wedding, and proposes.

Stella’s not sure about this. They haven’t even dated yet. But ok…she’s in! She’s just worried about the bad mojo from both of them being involved in two failed weddings and wants to make sure they do it right this time.

Dom’s excited when they tell him and they promise he can be the padrino of the wedding, their babies, and everything else!


Majo calls Vicente to tell him she’s not pregnant. He’s disappointed, but she’s glad they don’t have to deal with this, what with her dad being so upset. She hasn’t seen or heard from him since he left and she’s a little worried.

Manuel is relieved. They have enough trouble already.

AJ finally puts in an appearance. Chivis thinks the four of them–Chivis, AJ, Angie, and Majo–need to talk. AJ agrees.

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