Silvana sin Lana Tuesday 1/03/17 #112

AJ has decided he’s never coming back to the house again–the Villaseñoras are free of him. Right…I think that’s code for “feel sorry for me so I can manipulate you some more.”

Majo and Angie think he’s being silly. Just because they don’t want him running their lives doesn’t mean they don’t love him or value his opinions. Angie says if she didn’t care about him, she wouldn’t be upset every time they fight. Whiny AJ says that’s why he made this decision–so they’ll never fight again.

Majo starts feeling sorry for her dad, so Chivis kicks her and Angie out so she can deal with AJ alone–even though earlier, she told them to stay.

He’s already taken off on them once and she’s not going to let him do it again. This is not how a father behaves. How is she supposed to explain this to Lupita? AJ looks like a petulant teenager. Chivis tells him about Lupita sleeping in her room every night after he left. He looks guilty for a moment, then tells Chivis if the kids lose their father it’s her fault.

Downstairs, Majo’s still feeling guilty and feeling sorry for AJ and Angie admits she does too. But she also thinks he’s wrong and he shouldn’t be manipulating them. And this is all lousy timing because she’s supposed to be taking her state exams tomorrow and instead she has to deal with all this drama.


Andres calls Lucha from the baggage claim at the DF airport just to say he missed her. It’s a short call, but she’s psyched.


Manuel’s still feeling morose about his chances with Chivis. He thinks their relationship was just a paréntesis (digression; a fling) to her. Vicente doesn’t think he should give up yet.

Manuel’s saying he and Chivis aren’t a couple of teenagers when Jorge gets home. He joins in with Vicente, mocking Manuel for thinking he’s “old” and chastising him for not practicing what he preaches–isn’t he always telling them to never give up? Manuel says he’s tried everything, but Chivis was clear–she doesn’t want him around.

Although…even Padre Sanchez said he shouldn’t give up. Vicente says it’s a sign that even God wants Manuel and Chivis to be together. But just to be on the safe side, he thinks Manuel should go have a word with the (Perpetually Annoyed) Virgen of the Fish Market.

Pedrito’s missing Fluffy already. But as he explains to Manuel it’s because he feels so alone without Lupita. Kid gets way poetic, talking about her hair being like a cascade of fire. Manuel tries not to laugh. He advises Pedrito to maybe try and find some friends. Maybe he could go to a summer camp.


Benito complains to Marge that Trini wants a declaration in writing, but he hasn’t written a love letter since he was a teenager. Marge pulls out a notebook to try to help him. Tip 1: Go mushy, not professional–this is no time for “Estimada Señora Trini.”

When he’s got the “mushy” part down, Marge thinks it’s time for him to maybe make a proposal.

Marge finally thinks the letter is ready to go. She tells Benito to invite her over tomorrow for some snacks and maybe a drink and give her the letter.

“What would I do without you?” Marge looks guilty. She’s been thinking that after she’s done with her exams she wants to go live with her mom. She breaks it to him that she’s already contacted her mom on Facebook. She’s still living in Los Angeles. It’s not sooooo far if he wants to visit. But she can’t stay here if she’s going to get over Jorge.


At Casa Stella 1.0 Dom busts open a bottle of the good champagne he had stashed. Stella and Poncho are being so affectionate he’s starting to feel like a third wheel.

It gets worse when they get back to the duplex to pack. Stella and Poncho keep smooching on each other and talking about sleeping arrangements. He snaps at them that everyone’s sleeping in their own rooms until after the wedding.

He’s really not sure about all three of them living together, but Poncho and Stella talk him into it. We’ll see if he can take it with them being so mushy all the time. They tickle him so much he ends up ripping his pants.


AJ comes over to Manuel’s to tell him he’s not going to get between Manuel’s sons and his daughters. Majo and Angie made it clear they prefer the Gallardos over AJ. (Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.) Yeah, Manuel’s not taking responsibility for that–if AJ has a problem with his daughters he needs to take care of it himself, not be coming over here trying to get Manuel to feel sorry for him.

AJ just keeps whining about how he’s not going to get in their way anymore because he’s going to leave and everyone can do whatever they want to. And it’s all Manuel and Chivis’ fault. (Rolling my eyes so hard!)


Trini, Chivis, Majo, and Angie go to Church. They get there too late and argue obnoxiously loudly before sitting down in a pew at last. Majo thanks God for not being pregnant. Angie prays for her mom…and that her dad accepts Jorge. Chivis prays to stop loving Manuel.

Well, they’ve survived their first step at getting back to their “old life.” Now it’s time for step two…a friend, Cristina, comes over to visit. Cristina’s a little snooty, seeming to sneer at the idea of Chivis selling fish, but actually she and another friend from “the club” started up an interior design business and they think they could use someone like Chivis.

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