La Fan Monday 3/13/17 #40


Vale and Gabe are halfway down the hall and she’s still not convinced that Lucas isn’t dying back there. Gabe says he did the same thing last night–he’s obsessed with getting his scene right. Lucas, meanwhile, is done gasping and passes out.

Salma’s still in shock of the ratings…er, lack thereof. She’s worried this could drive Lucas back to Vale. Agustín thinks she might as well get used to that idea.

Gabe and Vale try to rehearse but she can’t even remember his character’s name. Justin scolds her, insisting an actress has to be able to get into character with or without the costume (true). He goes to yell at Consuelo, who he considers responsible for them not being in costume and ready to shoot.

Vale’s still worrying about Lucas, but Gabe tells her to concentrate on rehearsing.

Salma finds Lucas passed out in his dressing room and wrestles him into her lap. Vale leans over to check on him and he’s still breathing. They get him sitting up and Salma claims credit for “saving” him. But what happened?

Lucas remembers starting to have trouble breathing and…his EX-girlfriend and EX-manager walked out on him. Oops. Vale wants to call a doctor, but Salma tells her to take a hike–she’ll take care of Lucas and if he dies, he can die in her arms!

Vale tells Jess how bummed she is over the ratings. She’s never getting back together with Lucas, especially now that Tomás knows he dated Lucía. Unless Lucía were to send her a sign…. Jess looks around and shivers at the thought.

Salma walks the paramedic out of Lucas’ dressing room. His blood pressure was high. She tells him he has to relax as she drapes herself all over him. Lucas is still upset at the way Vale walked out on him. Salma bats her eyelashes and says she’s the only one who really loves him. She hugs him. Lucas’ face: “EW!”

Vale tries to go talk to Lucas. He’s cranky and makes her leave his dressing room and come in again just so he can say he’s not there. Vale begs him to stop being angry at her. She wishes she had listened to her instincts instead of Gabriel! But did they say what was wrong?

Lucas says he’s always had panic attacks like that, even since he was a kid, whenever he gets really stressed out. Vale assumes he’s stressed out about the ratings, but he says it’s the possibility of losing her that’s getting to him. Vale sighs that when he says things like that he makes her forget everything. (You and me both, sister!) He moves in for a kiss…

And sneezes instead. Well, that was unexpected. And now he can’t stop! He says sometimes he sneezes when he has a panic attacks. How can he film like this?! Justin comes in, hoping Lucas is ready for his big death scene and Vale has to explain that our dear Lucas is one of those special people who sneeze when they have panic attacks. Justin just turns around and walks out.

In the hallway Vale and Salma act like they’re in junior high. Salma wants Vale to get out of their lives. Vale warns Salma that even if she did, she’s got her eye on Salma and Salma’s going to have to answer for anything bad that happens to Lucas. Agustín busts them and they swear nothing was going on.

Jess gets Lucas ready for his scene and tries to console him by saying they probably broke a record for worst rating ever. Um, no. He thinks it’s the end of his career. Jess says it can’t be–how will she support her babies?! (*roll eyes*) She’d work for Vale and Gabe, but they’re cheap and they’re not going to want to pay her.

Lucas says he needs Vale and his ratings back. Well…Jess knows a way. All he needs is a sign from Lucía. And she knows how to make it happen. Or rather–Bob does. Or rather–El Gran Bob does. He’s been upgraded. If he gets enough money from Lucas, he will drag Lucía here from the beyond if he has to.

Vale comes in to check on him and Jess says poor Lucas is doing terribly. Look at him! She’s applied so much concealer, but look at those under-eye circles! The wrinkles! The hair falling out from sadness! It’s terrible! Lucas says it’s ok, Vale can go. He’ll go on alone.


Patricia and Miguel wrap up their long kiss and agree it’s just like old times. Did she ever tell his buddy Gustavo about them? Uh, no. (And you think things will be different this time because…?)

They go back to the café so Patricia can chat with Eloisa. This is supposed to somehow help cover up their illicit affair. Patricia says Gustavo’s going to school in Boston. And how’s Eloisa–has she got a boyfriend?

Eloisa’s still suspicious after Patricia leaves. Maybe even more suspicious. Why did Miguel and Gustavo stop hanging out again? “Uh. Guy stuff.”


In front of Miriam, Benicio tells his dad this is the woman he’s told him about. Once Miriam splits, Ignacio’s like “I said you could have both, but not like this! You’ve got your lover working in the company?” Benicio admits she isn’t even his lover yet because they haven’t gotten to that mystical Third Date yet. Ignacio just stares at him like “Who are you?!”

In the reception area Miriam bumps into Adriana and tells her Benicio’s in a meeting with his dad right now. And what a pretty ring Adriana’s wearing! Miriam goes back to work and now Diego pops up. He’s been over to finance and they’ll have his money ready today. Adriana’s happy for him but, uh, he should probably be careful when he’s paying her mom back. She might want to, ahem, celebrate. (May I suggest taking a witness? And getting a receipt?)

Diego exits the Elevator of Lust later, dispensing advice to one of the execs. Hotcakes and flowers and Mrs. Exec will be happy with him again. Benicio can’t believe he’s back. Doesn’t he have any dignity? Sure he does, and he has nothing to be ashamed of because he didn’t wreck the boiler. Benicio says he knows that–he’s the one who did it. (And you’re telling him this why?)

Apparently he told him to make it clear what he’s capable of. If he has to, he’ll kill Diego to keep him away from Adriana. And he’d better not go running to tell her, either, or it’s going to go even worse for him. “Stay away from my girlfriend.” (Which one?)

Carlos stopped by the office to check on Adriana and see how she’s doing after last night. She assures him she’ll be fine. Yes, with Benicio. And still, even though he admits to loving Felicitas for a while and Eloisa forever, he thinks she can learn to love Benicio. I guess money can’t buy you clues.

Miriam goes to Benicio’s office. She hopes it was ok to tell his dad they’re dating. Sometimes she wants to tell the entire office. He says that would ruin everything. And BTW, tonight is Japanese food…at his place.

Carlos sees Diego in the lobby and proposes a truce. Ha! The only truce Diego’s interested in is the one where they each stay out of each other’s way–Carlos gets to be happy with Eloisa and Diego gets to be happy with Adriana. And Carlos should watch out for Benicio too, because he may look nice, but he smells bad. Bad in a way fancy French cologne can’t mask.

To his dismay, Benicio finds out Adriana has made plans for tonight, as a surprise. The orchestra and Japanese food. She’s in the mood for memories of Diego. Uh, I mean…sushi.

Benicio breaks the news to Miriam that he has to cancel tonight because he has a business meeting and she’s thrilled. I mean…disappointed. Yeah. That they’re not having Japanese food. At his house. Benicio smarms that there are seven days in the week.


Gabe meets with his therapist and tells her the balance has shifted in his favor. Now is the time for him to make his move and “get” Vale. Forever. And he’s going at it with everything he’s got. His therapist looks concerned.

At the fútbol field Tomás and Rodrigo are both horrified at their moms after last night’s TV debacle. And over Lucas, of all people! They think there should be a rule that boys get to choose who their moms date. (Only if there’s a rule that moms get to choose who their sons date, kiddo.) Tomás would rather Vale was with Gabe and Rodrigo would rather Salma was with Agustín.

Gabe shows up to watch the game and see if Tomás can help him out with Vale.

Tomás gets right to work on that when he gets home and he’s not the least bit subtle about it. Lucas is a jerk for “stealing” Gabe’s part, just like it would suck if one of his teammates saw him about to make a goal and stole the ball to make the goal himself. He’s sure if Lucía were here, she’d want Vale to marry Gabe and have Gabe be his dad.

Casa Lucas

Bob shows up at Lucas’ apartment and is not the least bit impressed by him. Or he’s faking. He walks in reciting his résumé–expert in the divinatory arts, famous spiritist, eminence in occult sciences…and also manicurist, pedicurist, and stylist.

And if Bob didn’t fawn over Lucas before it’s because he hadn’t looked up yet. Once he does, he recognizes him as the great Lucas Guarte. “Duarte.” Lucas won’t let him take a selfie. He wants the whole thing to be confidential. (Really Lucas?) He needs a spirit or whatever to convince Vale to get back together with him.

Bob says Lucas can leave everything in his hands.

The septagram of love, or at least lust

Jessica serves dinner for Diego as she babbles about the importance of communication in a relationship, which is why she’s not letting him say anything. When he finally does, he tells her he’s working at the Zubizarretas’ company again. Jess flips out. Diego explains about the loan, er, loans, and paying one back and having the other taken out of his paycheck. Well, ok, then, Bob saw two babies. They’re having twins! (What. Ever.)

Benicio comes over to pick up Adriana and Natalia hits on him. Adriana has to send her out of the room twice before she’ll leave. Before they go, she wanted to tell Benicio about re-hiring Diego and loaning him the money to pay off her mom. He can’t understand why she would do that. Does she like the guy so much? No…she loves him.

Blah, blah, blah, Bob is not a substitute for a medical test. Diego’s going to pay back Felicitas. Jess thinks it’s suspicious she loaned him so much money in the first place. Diego says it’s because she has the hots for him.

Since her date got cancelled, Miriam hangs out at the café, telling Miguel she’s ambivalent about the date being cancelled because of her ridiculous arbitrary rule about sex on the third date, which apparently makes her contractually obligated to shag Benicio if they go out again. (Seriously–if you don’t want to have sex, DON’T HAVE SEX. How difficult is it?) She confesses she only started dating Benicio to make Miguel jealous and now she doesn’t know which one of them she likes.

Benicio, takes Adriana up on the offer to cancel tonight’s date. But being the magnanimous guy that he is, he’s still going to marry Adriana and do everything he can to make her forget Diego. Natalia listens in.

Miriam continues to whine about not knowing which one she likes and how Miguel never paid attention to her and he only asked her out that one time “as friends,” but now she thinks he looks like he’s having doubts. So she kisses him. And it looks mutual. And Patricia walks in. I’m thinking it’s a good thing Miriam and Jess don’t have pets.

Casa Salma

Salma and Gabe touch base about Lucas’ panic attack. Gabe says he used to get them after Lucía left him. Salma twitches at the mention of her name and Gabe asks if she’s gotten that checked out yet.

He doesn’t think Lucas has the same feelings for Vale as he did for Lucía *twitch* but the symptoms are the same. Salma says there’s “no way” he can be in love with that equis! *twitch* Gabe says Vale and Lucía are a lot alike, but Salma whines that Tomás is the only thing they have in common. And Tomás is the last card Gabe has left to play–he’s the only one who can separate Vale from Lucas.

Give us a sign, Lucy

Vale sends Tomás to put on his pajamas and go to bed. Lucas comes over, saying some guy named Bob called and told him to come over–he thought something had happened to her! Now Bob shows up and says Lucía came to him and told him about Lucas Guarte. (Oh, Bob. I expected more ethical behavior from you.)

“Lucía” appeared unto Bob at the hour of his meditation and spaketh unto him and biddeth him to bring Lucas and Vale together so that she could put in an appearance. (Just for that, I hope she shows up.)

Bob gets the crystals and the incense going and sits around the table with Vale and Lucas, trying to call Lucía. He gets Tomás instead. Heh. He couldn’t sleep. Vale says they were just playing…it’s a grownup thing…no, he can’t play. She tells him to go back to bed. Bob snaps at him to go back to bed.

They try again. This time “Lucía” shows up, confirming her presence by mentioning how much she loves green apples. She has a message…for someone in a black skirt…and a white blouse…and blue earrings. Yes, yes, it’s Vale. The message is, Lucas is wicked awesome and Lucía wants them together. (Any chance Bob is also ordained? Otherwise I don’t see this lasting another day.)

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It was so funny that Miriam was so relieved that Benicio had a “business” meeting. Poor thing cannot make up her mind.

This was the best Bob yet. Loved him.