Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 1/04/17 #113

Chivis doesn’t know what to make of this job offer, but she agrees to meet “Cristi” at the club tomorrow to talk things over and play a round of golf.


Pedrito comes over to Stella’s 2.0 to tell them what happened with Paco Javo, aka Fluffy.

After they hear the news, Stella’s shocked. Dom tries to kill himself by holding his breath. He feels like a bad parent. Poncho tells them both to get over it–Stella’s basically fine, just annoyed that the dog was a fresa–and they go get some dinner.


Balcony time. On their respective balconies, Chivis and Manuel remember the time Chivis asked Manuel to let her come back to work at the market, after Majo moved back and after AJ reappeared. She promised her feelings weren’t going to get confused on account of AJ.


Andres and Lucha Skype. He’s changed his mind about her not coming to Mexico because she’s just a first-year med student. Being a first-year student means she has summer vacation coming up! He misses her, he wants her to come to Mexico, and not just as a “friend.” He wants her to come as his girlfriend.

Pedrito’s still looking into summer camp options. Jorge reminds Manuel that his exams are today. Vicente says Lucha’s upstairs talking to México. Manuel sighs that it would have been cheaper to stuff her in Andres’ suitcase. Vicente drives Jorge to school so he’s not late for exams.

I’m sure Manuel didn’t go upstairs on purpose to listen in while Andres keeps begging Lucha to come visit and asking if she wants to be his girlfriend or not–perdón, he says partner. He wants friend, girlfriend, accomplice, lover. He offers to pay her travel, but Lucha turns him down. She’ll figure out her own way to get there and yes, she wants to be his novia.

Manuel sits in his bedroom, thinking about Lucha crying over Andres, and now she’s talking about going to Mexico. Pedrito comes in with information about the summer camp he picked out. It’s near Lupita’s and it’s a day camp–he’d go every morning and come back at night. Since Lucha’s going off to México, he doesn’t want to leave his dad alone. Hey, since no one ever tells him anything, he’s gotten very good at spying.


Angie’s still at home, worrying about her test, worrying about her dad. Trini tells her he’ll be back soon enough. Chivis tells her to focus on the test and not her dad’s temper tantrum. Angie wants some hugs. Trini jokes that they’ll hug her and see if some of her intelligence rubs off on them.

Majo’s up early. She and Trini pick on each other about who’s the worst one for sleeping in in the morning. Then they pick on each other’s boyfriends. Majo’s planning to go see Vicente, which reminds her to give Angie her phone so she can call Lupita.

While she’s doing that, Chivis reminds her to make an appointment for the gynecologist. Trini’s scandalized and Chivis says the girls need to start taking care of themselves and getting annual exams. She turns back to Majo and says she doesn’t want another scare like yesterday. Now Trini’s really intrigued, but they’re not going to tell her anything more.

Chivis offers to drop Trini off at Benito’s when she takes Angie to school for her exam (how come Jorge left so much earlier?). She reminds Majo again about making the appointment and Majo asks if she’s heard from AJ. No, but Chivis is sure they’re doing the right thing. She tells Majo to trust her.


Stella, Dom, and Poncho come over to tell Manuel they’re moving back out and Stella and Poncho are getting married. Manuel hopes it’s for real this time–he’s had his fill of failed weddings! He congratulates them.

Now they can all worry about Manuel’s love life. Stella thinks it’s awful that now that she’s FINALLY over Manuel, Chivis decides to break up with him. None of them think he should be giving up, but Manuel insists he’s tried everything.


Benito tells Trini about Marge taking off after exams. To hear him tell it, Marge’s mom didn’t abandon her so much as decide to go off with her boyfriend and opted not to take Marge away from Benito.

The upside is, now he’ll have more, ahem, privacy. Right, well, Trini reminds him they don’t have a formal relationship yet. It’s a toss-up whether Benito’s more nervous about handing over the letter or Trini’s more nervous about reading it.

To read it, she has to reveal a deep, dark secret…she needs glasses to read. When she’s done she says he has nice handwriting. (Trini! You’re going to kill Don Beni! Answer the man already!)

Then she wants to criticize the letter itself. And what it all comes down to is she wants him to ask Silvana for her hand, but she’s annoyed that she has to tell him because somehow he was just supposed to read her mind and figure that out. (Get out while you can, Benito!)


At the market, Majo and Vicente meet in Manuel’s office. She’s relieved not to be pregnant–she doesn’t think either of them is ready. And they barely know each other–like, is he organized or not? What does he like to eat for breakfast? Does he sleep in the nude? He says he does, which gets them off on a tangent. He thinks all you really need to raise a kid is love, and they have plenty of that.

Majo tells him about her dad allegedly leaving. Vicente is sure he’ll be back. He tells her that his dad is depressed because her mom broke up with him. Majo says Chivis has been sad too, but she pretends to be ok. Vicente’s sure their parents are doing this for them, but it doesn’t seem fair they should sacrifice their happiness.


Dom is missing Javito. Even though all he did was growl at them all the time and treat them badly. He wants to keep his stuff. He takes a big whiff of the blanket that was always over the carrier and nearly gags. He changes his mind and decides it all needs to burn!


Chivis’ golf outing is going ok. I mean, no fatalities. But Cris doesn’t get her new attitude–she thinks Chivis should just get enough in the divorce that AJ is still supporting her and there’s no change to her lifestyle. Chivis would rather have less stuff, but do something useful instead of letting AJ keep giving her money.


Manuel visits the Gazebo of the Perpetually Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market. Today she looks worried as Manuel begs her to talk to Chivis and get her to come back. He was angry at her for not listening to him when he asked her not to take Marisol away and if this is a punishment for that, he thinks it’s too harsh. He wouldn’t be able to stand it if he lost his second great love.

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