Amar es Primavera Tuesday 3/14/17 #26

Fashion House

I still don’t know what Monika’s game is, but she’s insistent on Öykü being Seyma’s assistant. Something about her being useful even if she can’t get her personal life together.


Ayaz is outsourcing this episode’s grand gesture. It will involve lighting. That’s all I know. He tells Mete he’s going to confess “everything” to Öykü and says being with her is like being in a fairy tale and he never knows what each day will bring. Well, that’s one way to look at it. And Mete’s not even making a crack about Ayaz planning things for his wife, so I guess we were supposed to take the impromptu ceremony at the gym as legally binding? *recapper shrugs and eats popcorn*

Onder comes to see them. He keeps cutting them off before either of them can explain about the fake wedding. He tells them the sponsors aren’t going to be happy if there are any more news stories implying that something is going on between Öykü and Ayaz. He gets that they’re friends, but he doesn’t want to see another picture of Ayaz with Mete’s wife. (Oops.)

On the drive home, Ayaz isn’t talking to Öykü. He’s too busy thinking about Mete arguing that they have to continue the fake marriage for a few more months to avoid upsetting Onder and risking him cancelling the contract again. Ayaz tells him he wants to stop with the games.

When he won’t talk, Öykü assumes the worst, as always. Ayaz hands her a blindfold. She starts babbling about kidnapping and murder and why is he looking at her funny and being so sweet?!

Ilker, Emre, Burcu, and Sibel all have opinions about the Mete-Öykü-Ayaz triangle. Emre thinks it’s not fair for Ayaz to throw away other people’s hard work. Ilker agrees with Ayaz. Sibel thinks this is all Onem’s fault. Even Mete thinks Ayaz is right. Burcu thinks Ayaz is jealous, since Öykü was in love with Mete before. None of them know what Öykü thinks because she’s not answering her phone.


Seyma has suddenly decided to start working out. It’s all part of her latest evil plan to get back at Mete by hurting Burcu by flirting with Emre. Or something.

She compliments Emre on his sexy suit and asks if he knows where Öykü is. Emre isn’t going to tell her anything until Seyma reminds him Öykü is her “secretary” now and she could fire her for not being around during work hours. Emre snaps at her that Öykü is out of town with Ayaz.

Not the plan

Ayaz’s car breaks down. And he thinks they’re lost. Öykü assumes this is all part of his plan–there are sleeping bags in the trunk and a little lake up ahead with a field of flowers and later he’ll start a fire to keep them warm. Ayaz tries to start the car again, but it sputters.

Öykü gets out to check the trunk and nope. No sleeping bags. Even when Ayaz can’t fix the car, Öykü doesn’t take it seriously. Surely a tractor will come save them…and down the road comes a truck. She congratulates him on his plan. What’s next? The driver will take them to a remote hotel, right? She starts to call Burcu, but her phone doesn’t work.

Wouldn’t you just know it? The truck driver happens to be a mechanic. He can have the car ready in the morning. In the meantime, there does happen to be a hotel nearby…but he heard it’s cursed. A man killed his girlfriend there ten years ago and then killed himself. Öykü thinks this guy’s a great actor–where did Ayaz find him? She grabs her stuff and hops into the truck, telling Ayaz to get a move on.

Ayaz trades several uncomfortable looks with the truck driver and agrees they’ll go to “the little hotel” and the driver will come back for the car.

Casa Meral

Monika stops by to see Meral. Meral’s worried something happened to Kemal, but he’s still in treatment and Monika is getting updates every day. (So that was true?! Well, color me surprised.)

She’s here to explain that she demoted Öykü to teach her a lesson. “What lesson?” Monika just does this little shrug and I’m going to have to agree with Meral–that’s not an answer! Monika says she’s disappointed in Öykü for not designing anything for the winter collection.

Meral knows that’s not right. She saw Öykü working for days on those designs while she was putting together a fake wedding. She finds a few copies and hands them to Monika. The only reason Meral can think of that Öykü wouldn’t have handed them over is maybe she thought they weren’t good enough?

Monika says those are the designs Seyma handed in. Meral sticks up for her daughter–Öykü didn’t steal anyone else’s designs and there’s no one else in this house who could have drawn them. Meral is a seamstress, not a designer.


Sibel has a craving for watermelon. She insists Ilker go out and find some, even though they’re out of season.


When they get to the creepy hotel, it’s dark. The place looks abandoned, but the driver tells them to go on inside and he’ll check back with them about the car tomorrow. I guess the good thing about Öykü thinking Ayaz has planned all this is she’s not scared out of her wits.

The creepy hotel’s owner looks like he’d be non-creepy enough if the lights weren’t out. A storm knocked out the power and they don’t have a generator. There’s only one room available…but no one wants it. Except Öykü, but she thinks this is all a setup anyway. Even the fact that the room number is 5 and not 13 doesn’t make a dent.

As they’re heading up the stairs, Öykü tries to scare Ayaz by yelling “BOO.” She’s startled herself by a sudden flash of lightning. Then by the sight of a woman in a bloody apron with a knife that somehow, Ayaz doesn’t see. She leaps at him and locks her arms and legs around him, begging him to stop this and he calmly says he didn’t plan any of this.

Inside Room 5, Öykü says there’s no way she can stay here. This place is cursed! The lights go on temporarily, so Ayaz blows out the candle. There’s no blood on the walls, like the truck driver had mentioned. But, as Ayaz says, what did she expect? The lights go back off again.

In the morning, the creepy little hotel looks more like a Turkish version of a Cracker Barrel. The hotel owners–the man they met last night and the mysterious woman in the hallway–have breakfast all set out for them. Öykü is surprised the woman she saw last night isn’t dead, but Ayaz notices the jars of bright red preserves. Oh, yes, she was busy working on those and her apron was covered in stains! But she saw them in the hallway.

(The only thing that still puzzles me is…where are all the other guests?)

Mete is looking at an old picture of him and Öykü and remembering what Burcu said about Öykü loving him first. (Stop it, Mete!) Onder calls. He’s scheduled a TV interview so Mete can talk about the company’s projects. He wants Öykü there so they can put a stop to all those rumors. He hangs up before Mete can object.

Mete tries calling Öykü and Ayaz, but both their phones are out of area.

Ayaz checks up on his car while Mrs. Hotel Owner teaches Öykü how to knit. She has the yarn draped around her neck. (I’ve seen this referred to as Portuguese knitting, but yep it’s also Turkish or just “around the neck.”) She’s only been at it for five minutes, but Mrs. Hotel Owner already thinks she should knit something for her husband. Ayaz catches Öykü trying out “husband” to see how it sounds. She insists she was just counting her stitches.

Hopefully the car will be ready in time for them to go to their original destination, so Ayaz won’t tell her where that is.

The receptionist at the architecture firm tells Mete she just got a call about Ayaz’s hotel reservation. He never called them and never showed up. She’s worried something might have happened to him, but Mete is sure he’s fine. He just needs her to stall the people who are coming in to do the interview.

While Öykü naps, Ayaz cuts the ball of yarn off of her knitting project, ties one end to her finger, and throws the ball out the window. He writes something on a pinwheel, goes outside, retrieves the ball of yarn he tossed, and climbs up a tree with it. All so he can wake Öykü up, let her see the message on the pinwheel, “Marry me?” and use the yarn to slide the ring over to her. It’s really cute. (Never do that with yarn that’s attached to a project. Just trust me. Get another ball of yarn.)

It’s also all his fantasy of this scheme going perfectly. Because in reality, he’s up in the tree with a ball of yarn, tugging on it, and Öykü isn’t waking up from her nap. He tries throwing rocks at the window, but that doesn’t work either. He’s starting to think he needs a new plan.

Casa Meral

Mete calls Meral, but she hasn’t heard from Öykü either. She assumes if she’s with Ayaz then she’s fine.

Cem comes home. He’s, um…had a makeover. His friend’s dad is a stylist and he straightened Cem’s hair. And there is a LOT of it. He went from, like, Carlos Valderrama to…I don’t know…Sergio Ramos before he did the big chop? This was apparently on Kemal’s advice? So people would look at him when he plays?

I don’t get it. Meral doesn’t get it. And Cem’s not talking about it. It’s a “man” thing. Meral warns him he’d better not even think of pulling any of that adolescent ‘tude on her…but he’s already upstairs.

Fashion House

Monika confronts Seyma, asking why those sketches were at Öykü’s house. Seyma tells her to ask Öykü…if she can find her.

Olcay is worried that Öykü is going to tell the truth and Seyma will get busted. Seyma’s under the (hopefully mistaken) impression that as long as Öykü’s father is alive, Öykü will be her puppet. He leaves to run some errand and one of the seamstresses brings Seyma one of “her” designs on a mannequin–but it doesn’t fit. What should she do? Seyma doesn’t have a clue.

Seyma tries to blame it on the seamstress for not sewing the design correctly. The seamstress suggests maybe putting in some pinzas (pleats) but Seyma thinks that would change the design. Onem overhears and dismisses the seamstress.

Yeah, she knows Seyma didn’t design this. She’s always known. Seyma has what Öykü doesn’t–ambition. She’s not going to be held back by any pesky morals. If Onem couldn’t get Ayaz to abandon Öykü a least she got Öykü to abandon her dream. And in time, she’ll get Monika to abandon Öykü to save her own career.


Mete’s getting desperate. He tries Onem, but she doesn’t know where Ayaz is. The receptionist tells him the interview starts in half an hour–he reminds her to just keep them occupied when they get here. Ayaz still isn’t answering his phone.

He’s up a tree, sneezing. Öykü finally wakes up. She sees him sneezing in the tree and ties her end of the yarn to one of the dresser drawers.


Burcu’s getting worn out from working. Emre’s always busy with the gym. She tries to get him to take her to a movie, but he has a cocktail party tonight with some important clients.

When Burcu complains to Sibel, Sibel tells her to get out of the restaurant NOW and go to the stylist. Emre’s going to be meeting a lot of beautiful women at that party and Burcu had better be there. Only it takes her five minutes of hints Burcu doesn’t get before she gets there.


Maybe it wasn’t a fútbol thing so much as a woman thing. Cem does homework with one of his classmates, Aleyna. Two gross dudes show up and start giving Cem a hard time about his hair…and his sister. Why’d she have to get married so quickly? Was she pregnant? Cem goes after the taller of the two dudes.

He comes home with his hair less smooth and runs upstairs. He admits he fought with a couple of guys. They were saying stupid stuff about Öykü. Meral says he knows why Öykü got married–there’s no reason to listen to things like that. He’s a gentleman and soon he’ll be a successful pro footballer, right? Cem agrees.

Still, she is proud of him for defending his sister. She comforts him as his natural curl pattern reasserts itself.

Change of plans

Mr. Hotel Owner comes out to walk the dog. Ayaz says he’s waiting for Öykü. It’s complicated. Mr. Hotel Owner says Öykü’s inside helping his wife. Ayaz had better come down before he gets sick.

Öykü’s setting the table. She scolds Ayaz for tying a string to her finger. She goes into the kitchen to help Mrs. Hotel Owner while Ayaz contemplates the ring. (Not in the food, I beg you!)

Mete apologizes to the reporter, but his wife won’t be able to make it to the interview. They’ll have to reschedule. The photographer gets a couple of shots of Mete behind his desk before they go.

Mete gets a call from the police–they found Ayaz’s car. (It wasn’t at the garage?)


Burcu shows up to the party at the gym and acts like a spoiled brat.

She tells Sibel about it later. She accused Emre of acting like the boss with her daddy’s money. She definitely sent the women she thought were flirting with him a…message. Yeah, and Sibel thinks that message was “He’s all yours.”


After dinner, Ayaz is still sneezing. Mrs. Hotel Owner is burning her fingers peeling nuts. Mr. Hotel Owner wants her to stop. She insists they can do it together.

Ayaz is moved, but Öykü’s just annoyed. She says she doesn’t believe in marriage. They were only getting fake-married and even that didn’t work out. Imagine what would have happened if they’d gone through with it! Ayaz is about to suggest she get over her bad wedding trauma by marrying him, but Mete shows up to get them back to Istanbul. They’ve got problems…didn’t Ayaz tell her?

Mete fills her in. Öykü’s furious and not letting Ayaz get a word in edgewise and saying a bunch of stuff she’ll regret later when they inevitably make up. She doesn’t even let Mete object, she just says they’re leaving.

And she grabs her knitting because she’s finishing this project. Because she promised she would and she keeps her promises!

She angry knits in the car while she complains about Ayaz not wanting to help and insists they can’t lose this contract. Mete smiles at her. (Stop that.)

Öykü can’t find her keys in her purse. Mete, after turning around way too far for someone who’s supposed to be DRIVING THE CAR finds them on the back seat. He notices her odd keychain and we get a flashback to Öykü collecting the tabs from all the sodas Teen!Mete ever drank so she could string them on a string to become this keychain.

She tells him Cem made it for her. She’s thinking of getting a new one. She smiles. (Stop it!)


Ayaz gets home, finds the puppy chewing on Öykü’s slipper, gives the puppy his slipper instead. He’s still sneezing and he feels awful. The puppy’s going to have to take care of him. This apparently involves chewing on his hand.

Öykü takes her keys off the Teen Mete Soda Memorial keychain, glad that only Burcu ever saw her going through the trash for those. Meral comes in to ask where she was and Öykü only tells her the part about the car breaking down and finding a little hotel, but she doesn’t feel like telling her the rest for now. Meral warns her if she’s going to be publicly married to Mete, she can’t keep hanging out with Ayaz. People are talking.

Oh, and why did she give Seyma her designs? Öykü says she had to. Again, no further details.

Mete gets a soda out of the fridge and breaks off the tab. He remembers Burcu telling him someone liked him…someone who’s been collecting the tabs from his soda cans…Öykü. And Mete didn’t even know who she was, yet he says she’s like a sister to him.

Sick day

There’s a meeting at the architecture office and Mete said he wasn’t coming in today. The receptionist calls Ayaz,but he’s busy dying from whatever vile thing took root in his lungs on that trip. He tells the puppy he’s going to end up an orphan.

Mete meets Öykü at a café, where he’s ordered two sodas (*glare*) he pops the top on hers and stares to see what she’ll do with the tab. Öykü just pours and tells him she agrees with Ayaz now. She wants to be with him and they’re finally both in the same place. Mete whines that she kind of owes him a favor. Oh, she knows–she just can’t do it. She wants to go over to Ayaz’s house, give him the scarf she finished last night and see if he has any ides.

Mete tells her she “can’t” go because they’re married. He gets the call from the office that Ayaz is sick and Öykü’s out the door before he can stop her.

Onem comes over to scold Ayaz for not answering his phone. They have the same argument they’ve been having for the last…ten?…episodes. Ayaz shows her the engagement ring and says he won’t be ok until it’s on Öykü’s finger. He tells her to accept that Öykü is his world.

Onem goes stomping back out to the street and gets into her car just as Öykü’s taxi arrives. She mutters that Ayaz will get what he wants and he has no idea what she’s capable of.

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