Silvana sin Lana Thursday 1/05/17 #114

Manuel finishes his chat with the Virgen and he has the funny feeling she’s watching him.


I don’t have high hopes for Chivis and Cris working together. Chivis tells Cris they’ll get along fine once Cris stops judging her and what does she do? Tell her she’s going to have to start socializing if she wants to date again, because there’s nothing but nacos at the fish market.


Jorge and Angie finish their exams for the day and hit the grocery store. She’s worried about her dad never coming back, but Jorge says he’s just being manipulative as usual and not really gone. He jokes that he’s going to get the best score in the state on the science exam and her dad will come back and beg him to date Angie.


Marge meets her mom. She seems hostile at first and gets right to the point–why did her mom abandon her? Rocio says she was young and foolish. She thought she was being offered a unique job opportunity and she didn’t want to lose out on it. Instead she lost Marge. She doesn’t just feel sorry for herself and what she lost, but for making Marge grow up with out a mother.

She’s to embarrassed to ask forgiveness, but she hopes Marge doesn’t hate her. Marge doesn’t hate her–if she did she never would have contacted her. Rocio asks for a hug–Marge has been wanting to give her one since she was a kid.

Rocio asks how Benito’s doing and Marge tells her about him dating a fresa from Coral Gables. She shrugs when Rocio asks if he’s still angry at her. He told her if Marge wanted to go live with her he’d support her decision.

Rocio asks if she’s sure. It’s going to be a big adjustment. Oh, Marge is sure–she’s had a rough year and she needs a change. She needs her mom. Now it’s Marge’s turn to ask for a hug.


Poncho and Stella feed each other ice cream on the couch while Dom unpacks and scowls. They’re flaunting their relationship just a leeeeettle too much for his taste.

Stella goes upstairs to put her bedroom back in order…wait, THEIR bedroom! She wants new sheets. Without history.

Poncho gets on the phone and calls someone who made an offer on his scooter. He’s selling it, but he won’t tell Dom why.

When Stella finds out Poncho sold the scooter she’s annoyed–they’re supposed to make these decisions together! He says once she sees his surprise, she can scold him all she wants to. Poncho got them tickets so they can get married in Las Vegas. (Please let Elvis walk Stella down the aisle!)

Stella and Poncho are celebrating, but Dom feels left out again. Until Poncho pulls out a third ticket…and then poor Dom starts having trouble breathing. It’s just too much excitement for him! Not only is he coming with them, he’s walking Stella down the aisle. Dom is so moved he gives them a present he’d been saving–matching necklaces with “love runes” for them. They try to take a selfie, but no one can find their phone.


Manuel finds Chivis in his office, quite obviously cleaning out her desk. They make awkward small talk about the kids’ tests and Vicente going back to school and how Majo’s never going to suddenly get the urge to study.

He tells her Poncho and Stella are getting married. And they’re moving out of her house…uh, out of the house she used to rent. So it’s empty.

And, um, she heard about Majo and Vicente thinking they were pregnant? Of course.

But let’s get to the real reason this conversation is awkward–why is Chivis packing up? Because she’s quitting. “Officially.” She tells him about the interior design job and he gets cranky about it not being right for her. He goes on a rant about rich people’s houses all looking the same and having no soul and having white walls everywhere (hey, just because I’m too lazy to paint doesn’t mean I’m rich!) and Chivis is full of color.

He reminds her about all the things she’s going to miss–the vendors, the taco truck, the gazebo of the Virgen. Chivis knows, but she’s going to have to get used to it. She’s never coming back. It’s easier for her if she doesn’t see him. She needs to start over somewhere that’s not full of memories of him.

Manuel challenges her to start over WITH him. What they have is special and a lot of people go through their entire lives not feeling love like this. Are they really going to let that go?

Chivis says she needs to be away from him, to figure out who she really is. So Manuel tells her by quoting Neruda–she’s bright as a lamp and simple as a ring, she looks like the word “melancholy.” She begs him to stop. She has to keep AJ from abandoning her daughters again and this is the only way she can think of.

Chivis walks out with her cardboard box full of stuff, but she can’t resist walking back in to hug Manuel.

Chivis prays to the Virgen of the market and prays for strength. She gets into the Chivis Fish van and drives off while Manuel watches.


Vicente invites Majo over for lunch and they have a very extended conversation about her very particular eating habits. He jokes he’ll need to take a cooking class or something so he can learn all these things. Majo will be happy to have Vicente at every meal. IYKWIM.

Upstairs, Lucha flops down on her bed to listen to some music and finds a plane ticket under her pillow–Miami to México. She rushes to tell Andres.

Majo and Vicente cap off their meal with dessert. Literal dessert. She complains that she’s going to get fat if he always cooks like this. (*roll eyes*)

Jorge and Angie get back with their snacks from the grocery store and Vicente brings up the topic of their parents. He thinks they need to do something to get them back together. Angie and Jorge agree, but Majo feels like it’s “plotting.” (Well, sure, it’s plotting…but it’s for a good cause!)

She agrees they’re in love, but Chivis broke up with Manuel to try to solve the problem they’re having with AJ. If she starts dating Manuel openly, AJ will leave again. Angie says their dad isn’t being fair. Majo keeps making angry faces as the other three argue that Chivis and Manuel have a right to be happy together.

The argument is interrupted by Lucha bouncing down the stairs shouting that she’s going to Mexico. Majo knows she’s going to see Andres. So was the whole “volunteer” thing a lie? She thinks this proves she was right–Lucía was after Andres.

Lucha tiredly asks Majo what the problem is–she’s in love with Vicente and yes, Lucha’s in love with Andres. And they’re novios. Does that bother her?

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