La Fan Tuesday 3/14/17 #41

Was she really that good a friend?

Lucía, that divine being of light, as channeled through Bob, gives her blessing to Lucas and Vale. What can she say–she’s changed her mind.

Well, Vale knows Bob’s legit and far be it from her to argue with Lucía, so…

They almost got away with it. Until Bob passed Lucas back his crib notes, or Lucas passed them to Bob or whatever…there are index cards, they’re on the floor, and Vale is not happy.

Vale kicks Lucas and Bob out for mocking her devotion to Lucía. She’ll send Bob’s stuff back with Jessica. She shuts the door on Lucas’ pouty face as he says he knows she’ll call him later–ow!

Tomás wanders out of his bedroom. He seems a little surprised that Vale believes in ghosts. She says she knows his mom is still around, watching over them.

Casa Salma

Gabe talks about his affection for Tomás, even though he knows he’s Lucas’ son. Salma bugs him again about doing the web novela with a noob, but Gabe says Vale draws people in.

As for Salma, she’s realized that more than the show or the ratings *twitch*, she really loves Lucas. They joke that they must be maturing.

Gabe leaves and Rodrigo comes running down the stairs and tells Salma something terrible happened. *twitch*

The wisdom of Nati

Natalia made Adriana some tea. And she has questions, because she accidentally overheard the entire conversation with Benito. Accidentally. Adriana tells her to go ahead and ask.

Really it’s more of an observation. Natalia finds it odd that a man as attractive as Benicio, who probably has plenty of suitoresses, would settle for Adriana when she’s clearly told him she doesn’t love him. Like…maybe he has an ulterior motive?

Well, that’s different

Miguel. Miriam. Snogging. They finally notice Patricia and the awkward introductions are made. She’s Patricia, his friend Gustavo’s mom. And Miriam is… “his novia.”

Benicio calls Miriam from his car, hoping it’s not too late for their date. Miriam keeps trying to put him off until tomorrow. He feels so rejected, he begs her to just talk to him on the phone while he drives home. Miriam excuses herself so Miguel and Patricia can talk.

Patricia: “Alone at last.”


Diego goes to Feli’s studio to try to give her back her money, but she doesn’t want it–she wants him. She already told him he’s never going to be with Adriana. He doesn’t deserve her, just like his lying mother doesn’t deserve “her” Carlos.

Oh, Diego doesn’t think his mother lies? Well, has she told him Adriana and Miguel are siblings?

Diego doesn’t want to believe her and Feli keeps insisting she’s telling the truth. She may not be the most moral woman in the world, but neither is Eloisa. She swears on Adriana’s life that Miguel is Carlos’ son. She invites Diego to have a seat and she’ll tell him the whole story.

It sounds like she tells him the truth (although…do we really believe she was all that madly in love with Carlos to begin with?) and she’s hoping that will get him on her side. She even shows him Eloisa’s letter to Carlos and admits she kept it from him. Only Elo, Feli, and now Diego know about the letter. Diego ponders Miguel and Adriana’s shared paternity.

Bad news abounds

Lucas is eating pizza. And drinking beer. This is bad. He’s flipping channels and sees a promo for Amor en los Campos de Arroz, the worldwide hit telenovela, starring Akira Chan and Suni Yang…replacing Amor, Amor, Amor. Lucas lets out an anguished “NOOOOOOOO!”

Tomás gets up out of bed and tells Vale he dreamed about his mom. She said Gabriel’s the guy for Vale. Uh huh. Tomás imitates Lucía’s allegedly floaty tone as she said Valeeeee should daaaaate Gabrieeeeeeel.

Well, Vale’s going to stay single for now, so if he sees his mom again, he should tell her “Mooooom, Vale’s going to be fiiiiiiine. She’ll be ok aloooooone.” Since they’re up anyway, Vale suggests milk and cookies.

While she’s getting them, Tomás calls Gabe and tells him the plan didn’t work. Gabe gets a little snippy with him and has to walk it back. He’s just, um, so sad that Vale didn’t go for it. Yes, Gabe, he knows you’re the “only” one who “really” loves her. She’s staying single.

Gabe has to hang up because Lucas is at his front door…in pajamas, with the pizza, wailing that they’re replacing his show with a Korean soap. Gabe has to help him! He can’t be alone! He can’t sleep! He can’t stop eating! He lost Vale and he lost his show! Gabe’s sure he must have done something.

Lucas starts to sob and Gabe tells him to quit acting. Lucas says he’s having a panic attack. Then he cries again. Gabe gives up and grabs a slice of pizza.

Rodrigo saw the news about the show being replaced, too. Salma goes from twitching to itching…and she ripped out one of her hair extensions. How could they do this to Salma! “Mom, you’re Salma.” They’re not going to kick Salma off the air! She misidentifies the origin of the show multiple times, referring to it as Chinese and Japanese and Rodri keeps correcting her–Korean!

Diego gets back to Jess’ apartment, needing comfort. He refers to her as everything but his girlfriend…friend, refuge. He doesn’t tell her why he’s upset, he just wants to cry and have her hold him. Jessi takes advantage and starts feeling him up. That’s just gross.

S. O. S. (Save Our Show)

Today, the cast and crew of Amor, Amor, Amor are filming the final episode. Akira Chan shows do well worldwide and they’re cheaper for the network. (So take your cheap “Chin Chan Chong” jokes and shove ’em.)

Lucas is fussy about having his face still bandaged on the last episode. Salma’s itching and twitching. Vale’s also upset, but Lucas is blaming this on her. Gabe says they all need to go to the station director’s office for a meeting. Justin tells Gabe and Vale to prepare themselves, because after this it’s the web novela that’s going to be putting food on the table.

In the station director’s office, Lucas and Salma are in the middle of signing the paperwork for the early termination of their contracts when Vale walks in, in costume for the web novela. She innocently asks Lucas if he’s already told the station director that they’re getting married.

Of course he didn’t say anything before! He didn’t want to use his personal life to benefit the novela–he’s not like that. They’re getting married tomorrow. Salma’s utterly confused. Vale suggests Salma take a deep breath and see if that helps with the twitching and the itching. She and Lucas reconciled in secret and now they’re *significant glance at station director* ready to get married *significant eyebrow raise*.

Salma desperately rips off her wig so she can get at her scalp.

Back in Lucas’ dressing room, he thanks Vale for saving his career. Aw, how could she not? She’s his fan! She wants to keep watching him on TV. (So, about that wedding tomorrow….)

Salma comes in, still itching and twitching, and Vale tells her to get a grip! Breathe! Justin saunters in and says it’s rating-itis. He gets on the phone to the writer and tells her to cancel her vacation–the novela is back on! (So. About that WEDDING tomorrow…?)

Gabe shows up in time to hear that they caught the writer in time and they’re going back to the original script. Woo hoo! And Justin’s getting Vale and Lucas an awesome wedding present. He drags Salma out of the room to see what they can do about that twitch. “But I already feel better!”

So now it’s down to Lucas, Vale, and Gabe. Gabe wants to know how they’re going forward with the plan. Lucas asks what plan. And Vale says there isn’t a “plan.” They’re getting married.

Vale she doesn’t think more lies are going to help them and she’s certainly not going to have a fake wedding! Suddenly Lucas and Gabe are on the same side. The “horrified” side!

So, this is a thing, then?

Miriam and Miguel walk along the sidewalk, enjoying their first day of couplehood. I will accept Miguel’s explanation that he’s a person who takes a long time making up his mind about things…as long as he really has made up his mind.


Adriana asks Benicio to come to her office. She feels strongly that, since they’re getting married, he needs to desvincularse (sever ties, detach himself) from the company. She’s not going to stop being the president and she knows he doesn’t like being “under” her, so…she thinks it’s best for their relationship if he works somewhere else. Will he do this for her?

Of course he will! Gosh, he can work anywhere. He doesn’t mind quitting the company, but he’s never giving up Adriana.

Benicio sees Miriam in the lobby and he’s sooooo keen to set up their date for tonight. Too bad, there isn’t going to be one. It’s over.

He pulls her into his office to ask why and Miriam can’t give him a good answer. Seriously, she could have gone with “I’m in love with someone else,” but instead she says “these things happen.” Benicio thinks it’s too bad, he’d made plans for The Third Date and he got her a present. It’s a book on exotic foods.

Miriam changes her mind. They’re not breaking up! She snogs him. (If it wasn’t Benicio I’d say “enjoy it.” Oh well. Maybe she’ll reform him.)


Diego comes down to the café in the morning and asks Eloisa if Carlos is Miguel’s father.

Eloisa keeps trying to avoid the question. She blames Feli and accuses her of trying to separate them. Diego says it’s the lies that are doing that. Elo admits that it’s true. Miguel is Carlos’ son.

And here comes Carlos, wondering why Eloisa’s crying. And she doesn’t tell him. *sigh*

He tries to cheer her up by reminding her they can live out their love now. And hey, Benito and Adriana are getting married in a month! So that means Eloisa can move in with him. (Not getting the logic there.)

Miguel’s cleaning tables when Patricia comes looking for him, upset because she didn’t know he had a girlfriend. He claims he didn’t have time. And now if she could please go away forever because it’s difficult for him to resist her, so he needs her help. (I’m thinking advertising that? Not the best way to go.)

Web novela

Gabe desperately tries to convince Vale that a fictional marriage would be best, what with Lucas being a fictional galán. Justin and some of the crew circle them, plotting out their shot. Justin tells them to get ready and goes over to whisper to Lucas about their incredible chemistry. Lucas disagrees. Oh, but Justin thinks they’re so great, they should put Martincito and Rosarito in Lucas’ novela.

Lucas seethes as Martincito gazes deeply into Rosarito’s eyes for this “intense” shot.

Afterwards the press are there and even though Vale doesn’t think Carrizo deserves an exclusive *glare* yes, she’s marrying Lucas. Lucas tries to butt in and babble about their epic reconciliation, but Vale steals the show by revealing they’re getting married tomorrow. Lucas and Gabe freak out again. (Dudes, were you not paying attention when she said this earlier?)


Diego gets to work, finally, and tells Adriana he had a little problem. He hesitates when she asks if he wants to tell her and just says “You….” He freezes and she’s worried.

Adriana takes him into her office and gets him a glass of water. Diego chickens out of telling her and instead says he thinks they should just leave his mom and her dad alone and not get involved in their relationship.

Small, but mighty

Eloisa pays Felicitas a visit at her studio to confront her about telling Diego about Miguel.

I’m extremely distracted, because Felicitas looks SHORT! Like massively! Like, “me” kind of short. And now I’m wondering if every time I’ve gotten into a shouting match with someone I also looked like a hobbit.

She’s shouting into Eloisa’s cleavage and Eloisa’s shouting at the space over her head and then Eloisa delivers two slaps and I’m like “but she’s a hobbit! You can’t hit a hobbit! Who does that?” and Mr. 5ft chimes in “Ring wraiths. Sauron.” And I’m like “Exactly! That’s why you don’t do that!” and then Felicitas reaches way the hell up there and slaps Eloisa and then they’re grabbing each other’s hair and that annoying cat sound comes in because women can’t just “fight” it’s always gotta be a “cat” fight and then they’re struggling on the couch, where Feli looks even smaller than she did standing up, and the whole thing is very disconcerting!

They finally stop the fight. Eloisa can’t figure out what came over her. Neither can Felicitas since Elo usually deals with things by lying. So look, here’s the deal–if Elo doesn’t leave Carlos alone, Miguel will be the next one to find out her secret. (Seriously, Eloisa, jut tell him!) Feli offers her a drink and Elo accepts. Because hobbit wrestling is thirsty work.


Diego and Miguel are sharing a tender brotherly moment at the café when Adriana shows up to talk about their parents.


Lucas comes over to Carlos’ to inform him he’s getting married tomorrow and he needs a bachelor party tonight.

Carlos throws one together at Lucas’ place in record time. Justin, Agustín, and Gabe are in attendance. Carlos hired an exotic dancer. All the guys have their cell phones out.

Miriam calls to cancel her date with Benicio since she and Jess are throwing Vale’s bachelorette party. Vale doesn’t get why they’re bothering, since it’s not going to be a real wedding. (Make up your mind!) Eloisa shows up, a little rumpled, but basically ok. She is apparently the cheer queen: Se ve, se siente, el amor está presente, Lucas Duarte, con tu fan vas a casarte!

Uh, Salma shows up. WHY? She brought champagne. Don’t drink any!

Agustín and Gabe send photos of the bachelor party to Salma and Vale, respectively. Salma disgustedly tells Vale that this is the real Lucas.

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3 years ago

How funny but not a surprise for a Korean novela being the replacement for Lucas’ “Amor . . .”!