La Fan Wednesday 3/15/17 #42

Party poopers

Vale and Salma let the others in on what’s happening at Lucas’ bachelor party. Salma gets them all riled up and agreeing that they can’t let some STRANGER make off with THEIR Lucas. Not that she’s defending him for Vale–Salma still thinks she’s “la novia.”

Justin dances and tries to flirt with Carlos. He gives him the “Have you ever thought of being an actor?” line, which is hilarious to me since one of the “rumors” from the beginning of the show was that Carlos never approved of Lucas’ career. The doorbell rings and four more bunnies arrive. But none for Justin 🙁

Between Vale and Salma, they agree Lucas has nothing to despedir (say goodbye [to]) since he’s not really getting married. They all realize Carlos must be over there too. Vale, Salma, and Eloisa take off for Lucas’ apartment, leaving Jessi and Miriam with the party mess.

In the car, Salma complains about them tagging along. She and Vale bicker over Lucas until Eloisa tells them both to quit arguing!

The party rages on. Justin tries to hit on Carlos. Carlos tries to avoid him. Justin tries to avoid the bunnies. Lucas tries to keep the bunnies all to himself. Agustín and Gabe get drunk and laugh at pathetic Lucas.

They all form a conga line and dance around Lucas’ house. When the doorbell rings, Justin goes to answer it, wondering if his tigre has arrived. Will an angry Vale, Salma, and Eloisa do? Salma and Vale declare this party OVER. Lucas stands there with five different colors of lipstick kisses on his face. Carlos has noisemakers hanging out his ears. (*snort*)

For all Lucas’ protests that this is all for the benefit of the press, and Gabe swearing that he’s been uploading photos, Vale doesn’t see any reason for this party. Once again, she declares it OVER.

Carlos runs his credit card for the bunnies. Justin invites Carlos back to his apartment to explore a new world…no? His loss. Everybody starts splitting up and deciding how they’re getting home. Salma realizes she’s completely forgotten Rodrigo’s over at Vale’s. Lucas tries to take Vale home instead of Gabe, but he’s waaaaay too drunk. Everyone heads out the door, leaving Lucas alone in his decorated apartment. It’s kind of sad, really.


Adriana and Diego are both on the same page about leaving their parents alone. So’s Miguel. He goes off to “check something” in the kitchen before he heads up to Vale’s to watch Tomás.

She came all that way to “talk,” had one cup of espresso, and now she’s ready to leave. So they’re agreed, then, leave the parents alone. And it’s over with them. And they’re only going to talk about work at work.

Jessica comes in and pulls up a chair. When she hears they were just talking about their parents, she TELLS them about their parents. Well, about the party that Vale, Salma, and Eloisa are all heading over to break up. (Plus some commentary about the dancers I’m not going to dignify by repeating.) She tells Adriana she knows allll about her dad and what kind of guy he is. Adriana hadn’t heard about the wedding that necessitated this bachelor party. And she looks like she’s inclined to believe Jessica about her dad…or she’s at least considering it.

Jessica goes on to tell them that the wedding is fake, which Adriana and Diego both think is ridiculous. Meh, Jessica’s sure there will be a real one soon enough, and it’s going to be epic! Like hers and Diego’s will be. Oh, come on, she knows he’s not into marriage, but what with her being pregnant he has to change his mind, right? And give the twins a nice solid family. Oh yeah, they’re having twins, thanks. Adriana just gives Diego a slightly menacing look.

Jessica explains that Bob saw two babies and somehow that’s not enough for Adriana to get that this pregnancy talk is…not based on any biological reality, let’s say. She wants to name the boy Diego and the girl…something sophisticated. Diana or Candela. Adriana suggests Victoria and that throws Jess off. I can’t tell if she really means it or not, but she says she likes it. Adriana excuses herself and takes off.

Jess gets to working on Diego, trying to convince him to come to the wedding with her. He never actually says he’ll go, it’s more like she TELLS him he’s going.

Eloisa and Carlos get back and Jess and Diego take off…after Jess has mentioned the pink lipstick on Carlos’ neck. Eloisa regrets going to the party in the first place. And she’s still worried about whether they’re doing the right thing. She wants time. Carlos says he’ll wait.

Casa Vale

Salma dropped Rodrigo off with Tomás so she could run off to the bachelorette party. Tomás thinks she’s weird for doing that without talking to his mom first. Rodrigo thinks Vale’s weird for marrying Lucas. Good thing it’s fake or his mom would be raising such a fuss! Tomás declares Lucas a disaster for both their moms and they toast to that with their juice.

Miguel shows up later to feed them dinner. They tell him about the whole fake wedding plot and Miguel can’t believe it. The younger dudes confidently tell him that’s the Lucas effect. Their moms are both crazy for him. “Lucas Loquissimas,” Tomás declares. Miguel agrees, love sure can be complicated.

Miriam shows up, surprised to see Miguel there…and Rodrigo. They explain what happened. Well she’s got a story to tell too! Vale, Salma, and Eloisa are all over at Lucas’ rescuing their novios from…. “Bad women?” Tomás suggests. Miriam nods.

Miriam and Miguel clean up after dinner and Miguel comments that some people seem to have no problem lying. He explains he wasn’t talking about Vale…or Miriam…he meant Lucas. But why would Miriam think he’s talking about her? Miriam gets defensive and says she’s the most honest person anywhere.

Vale and Gabe get back. Salma hasn’t come by for Rodrigo yet, but the boys are fine–they’re asleep. Miriam asks about the party and Gabe says Vale put a stop to it. Miguel and Miriam take their leave.

Vale can’t figure out why she’s so bummed when the wedding isn’t real and she’s not even dating Lucas. She won’t back down about the wedding since it was her idea. And she does love Lucas. Gabe suggests she might want to make sure that for once he doesn’t get his way. It might help him grow up.


Benicio comes over. She wants his help with something. She pretends she wants him to model, but no, kidding, she just wants his help separating Adriana from Diego. No worries, he’s already on it.

Casa Lucas

Lucas falls asleep in his downstairs hallway and dreams about the priest asking if Vale takes him as her husband…and Vale says she absolutely doesn’t! This is a farce! Lucas wakes up gasping, “Don’t leave me, Vale!”

Casa Salma

Salma finally shows up for Rodrigo in the morning. She has as much disdain for Vale’s white robe with little red hearts all over it (WANT!) as Vale does for…well, Salma herself.

Rodri and Tomás wander in, whining that Salma’s there too soon. Can’t he stay longer? (I’m tickled. Isn’t that the way it always goes after a sleepover? And Tomás’ “no mornings” shirt…I want that too!)

Anyway, no, they’ve got way more beautifying to do before the fake wedding. Vale’s genuinely surprised that Salma doesn’t consider herself ready yet, but whatever.

After they leave, Tomás complains that Salma’s a “bruja.” “She didn’t even say ‘thank you’!” (Heh.) Vale sighs that that’s just the way Salma is. Tomás asks Vale how she “is.” Is she good and honest and genuine? A fake wedding isn’t like her. Is she really going to go through with this?


Adriana tells Benicio she had a headache last night and went to bed early. He asks about Lucas’ sudden wedding. Adriana says it’s something to do with ratings? Whatever, her uncle’s always unpredictable. Anyway, once she’s handed this off she needs to go get ready.

Miriam’s also planning to leave early for the wedding. Diego refuses to go. He gets rude about it, saying the “Lucas Locas” were aptly named. Even Miriam’s assurance that there will be some primo food and drink at the event doesn’t sway him. After Diego walks off, she sees Benicio and asks him if he’s coming to the wedding with her.

He was sooooo looking forward to it, but alas! He’s got a meeting with some important shareholders. She can totally leave early, though. Miriam thanks him and awkwardly walks away.


Eloisa comes over to Vale’s and finally gets to tell her about Felicitas’ threat. Vale thinks there’s only one solution–tell Miguel the truth herself. (Don’t make that face, Elo. You know she’s right.)

Down in the café, Miguel says he hates lies. And he’s not going to this wedding, so Jessica had better tell Miriam not to even ask him! Jess gives him terrible relationship advice, which amounts to “Hurry up and get Miriam pregnant,” if the rubbing of her flat belly is any indication. Jess is off to do the bride’s makeup.

Felicitas arrives. Dude, she totally checked Miguel out!

Upstairs, Eloisa is refusing to tell Miguel the truth because he’ll never forgive her. When she tells Vale Diego already knows, Vale REALLY insists Eloisa needs to tell Miguel. But is Eloisa really going to take advice from someone who’s fake-marrying Lucas today? Jess comes in with her tool box, all excited about making Vale the prettiest bride ever!

Miguel brings Felicitas an espresso and some cake. She says he doesn’t look much like his mother. Of course, she never met his father. Miguel says he’s told he looks like a mix of both of them. He really doesn’t know if Eloisa’s going to be able to come down and talk to her–she’s busy today with a wedding.

Eloisa comes in and asks Miguel to check on those cookies she left in the oven. She asks Feli what she’s doing there. “Eating this delicious cake!” But seriously, she’s there to remind Eloisa about their deal and show her just how easy it would be for her to open her mouth…and not for cake. (But the cake sure does help. *sigh*)

Patricia stops by after she sees Eloisa and Feli leave the café. She can’t stay away from him. (*roll eyes*) She claims she divorced her husband for him because she couldn’t stop thinking about him blah, blah, blah, she wants to make love to him. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Gabe spots Lucas in the hallway trying to get a good selfie. The station director’s secretary called them both and asked them come to his office. Whatever it’s about, Gabe is sure he doesn’t want the wedding cancelled–ratings are sky-high again! Better than ever! And they’ve postponed the start of the Korean soap. Lucas crows about his victory while Gabe gives us a “Seriously, why does everybody like him so much?” look.

In the station director’s office, he talks about how great the ratings are doing. But really, he called them here because he wants to give Lucas and Vale a wedding present. He’s hired a judge and a priest to make Lucas’ wedding dreams come true! Lucas and Gabe laugh nervously as Gabe mutters “What a present!”

In his dressing room, Lucas panics. He can’t get married for real! Gabe says he tried, but the more he insisted to the station director that they already had a judge and a priest, the more the station director insisted. What could he do?! He promises Lucas he’s not going to let him get married today. “When have I ever let you down?” Uh, best not to talk about that….


Jess has Vale’s hair up in rollers. Vale’s fussing about whether this is a good idea or not. Jess encourages her to think of it as a dress rehearsal, since she’s sure Vale and Lucas will really get married someday.

Lucía’s picture takes a really loud nosedive off the wall. Vale freaks! It’s a sign! She picks up the picture, ignores the glass shattered all over the floor, and props it back up on the shelf. She grabs a couple of pillows and tells Jess they’d better pray. The both get down on their knees and beg Lucía’s forgiveness! Vale’s just doing this to save the novela! A novela she’s sure Lucía would have loved ! She mutters to Jess that Lucía does NOT want her to marry Lucas.


At the club, everything’s all set up for the wedding. Natalia’s so excited about La Fan marrying Lucas that Carlos wonders if she ever wanted to marry him herself. “Who didn’t?!” Adriana arrives and apologizes to Carlos about her threat to move to Europe. She has no problem if he wants to ask Eloisa to move in. Natalia gets in the middle of their reconciliatory hug and tries to get her own kiss out of the deal.

Lucas is angsting about what he’s going to do. Gabe says he’s going to get married. The fake priest and judge are on their way and they just have to make the real priest and judge disappear. No, he’s not going to kill them! Just get them to leave. He’ll explain how later.

Carlos and Adriana come over to greet Lucas and Adriana leaves the men to talk alone. Lucas tells Carlos they’ve got a major problem! Gabe explains about the extra priest and judge. Lucas whines that if he and Vale go before them, they’ll be legit married!

You know, Carlos doesn’t think that’s the worst idea ever. Maybe it would be good for Lucas to marry someone like Vale. Gabe and Lucas point out the real judge and priest. Carlos rolls his eyes at Lucas looking petrified.

This wedding is like a tangled ball of lusty string. Ignacio’s there. He tells Adriana Benicio will be there soon. Eloisa and Miriam are in matching bridesmaid dresses. And Diego shows up in a tux.

Salma shows up with Agustín. Lucas complains she shouldn’t be there! She should be at home drowning in a sea of her own tears! Showing up like this, looking radiant (she totally does) makes him look bad! Natalia approaches, announcing that there’s another judge and priest here! What should she do with them? Gabe says he’ll deal with them.

Vale’s car pulls up outside and the reporters and guests all start shouting excitedly. Somebody should get a picture of Lucas’ face. Whether or not this wedding turns out fake, he sure looks like a real groom.

Inside the car, Vale, Tomás (With the hot pink tie and vest! So cute!) , and Jess look out at all the shouting reporters. Vale’s nervous, but Jess reminds her she wants everyone there to see this–that’s the whole point!

But…the picture! Jess says she doesn’t believe in any of that spirit stuff. Well, she did before, but now she totally doesn’t. Vale says this wasn’t her dream. She tells the driver to go. Tomás agrees. Jess says “no.” Vale pulls rank as the bride.

And off they go. Lucas comes outside in time to see the car drive off. He looks confused as all the reporters ask what just happened.

I love weddings!

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3 years ago

Great recap of episode! Although dead, Lucía is a very active character in more ways than one!