Silvana sin Lana Friday 1/06/17 #115

Majo’s grumpy, but OK, she’s over Andres. She makes peace with Lucha. Not, like, a super happy peace…but that’s Majo! She asks Vicente to drive her and Angie home while Lucha tells Jorge about finding the plane ticket under her pillow. She’s sure it’s from their dad.

Pedrito stops by Lucha’s room while she’s packing to say he’s going to miss her. She tickles him mercilessly and says she’ll miss him too. But she’s not staying forever–she’ll be back when Andres is done with his project (in two years?) so they’d better leave her room alone!

Manuel gets home and Lucha asks him if possibly El Ratoncito Pérez (like the Tooth Fairy) left a plane ticket under her pillow. They joke about “El Ratoncito” wanting his kids to be happy and having a daughter who’s in love. He’s surprised that she’s already made her reservations and she’s leaving tomorrow.

Lucha’s worried about leaving him alone, knowing how sad he is about Chivis, but Manuel says he’ll deal.


Marge is annoyed that Trini keeps making demands on Benito, but she wishes him luck and stays behind to keep the panadería open.

Jorge comes over. She wanted a friendly ear so she could talk about going to LA with her mom. She says she’s already told Benito about her plans, but she hasn’t told him her mom is already here and she’s leaving tomorrow.

Marge is a little worried about whether Benito can handle seeing her mom again, but Jorge is sure he’ll be fine. They say their goodbyes and Marge says she’ll keep in touch on Facebook.


Majo’s new gynecologist asks her a bunch of completely normal questions, like why she’s there, whether she’s sexually active, what form of birth control she’s currently using. Majo keeps trying to make Chivis answer for her. She tries to delay getting a Pap smear, but the gynecologist says it’s not a good idea, now that she’s sexually active.

Chivis is distracted. She keeps trying to reach AJ and he’s not responding to messages. She’s worried. (Which is exactly what he wants. Ignore him.)

After Majo’s exam, the gynecologist gives her the instructions to take her pills at the same time every day and keep using condoms. Majo tells her mom it wasn’t that bad…but has AJ answered her yet? (Right, because the entire world revolves around him.)

Nope, no answer, and Chivis doesn’t believe for a second that he’s actually leaving them alone. Not until he’s sure she broke up with Manuel. She tells Majo she quit at the market.


Trini interrupts Angie’s studying for a lecture on how sex is evil. Or something. Even Angie’s not paying attention to her. In addition to Trini’s distraction, Angie’s also trying to get her dad to answer his phone. She thought he would at least want to know how her tests went.

Now that Majo’s back from her appointment, Trini has changed her tune–Majo had better follow all the doctor’s instructions because she is NOT ready to be a great-grandmother!

They compare notes and no one has heard from AJ, though his messages are showing as “read” for Chivis. Trini blames them for telling him to go away. Uh, no, they told him to quit trying to run their lives.

Lupita gets home from camping and is excited to see her dad, but Chivis reminds her he doesn’t live there anymore. Lupita wants the truth–did he run off again? They have to resort to the “work trip” excuse all over again. Majo and Angie take Lupita outside to catch up…and distract her.

Trini thinks Chivis is exaggerating, but Chivis reminds her that the last time AJ stopped taking their calls, he was gone for months.


Lupita tells Angie and Majo about camping and what a great experience it is. Sure, they went camping when they were her age, but that was a reeeeeeeally long time ago. Majo demonstrates that she still remembers how to use the rocks to start a fire–Angie grabs them before Majo can burn the house down!

Lupita talks about reflecting on her life as she looked at the stars every night. She came to a conclusion–she must be adopted. She has curly hair! And it’s red! They remind her that AJ’s grandfather had curly hair, and Trini’s husband’s hair was red–she’s seen the pictures. Lupita still has more damning evidence–she’s pretty and Majo and Angie are ugly. That earns her a tickle attack.

But seriously, she missed them. And also she missed Pedrito and she wants them to sneak her over to see him. She doesn’t want her dad to get jealous. She mentions that AJ’s not taking her calls or answering her messages and Majo and Angie blame her phone. Remember how there was no signal at the duplex? Obviously there was none in the woods either!

Angie and Majo run off to avoid answering any more questions and Lupita tries texting her dad again.


Benito and Juanito come over for the big “ask.” Benito gets down on his knees and asks Chivis for permission to date her mother.

Chivis doesn’t get it. Trini’s a grown woman. Trini whines about being old-fashioned and classy and therefore needing her suitor to jump through ridiculous hoops (my words, not hers). Chivis gives her blessing, if this is what Trini wants. And she does.

Benito is thrilled! He wants to celebrate with a kiss. Oh, no, Trini can’t do that until she gets a priest’s blessing and takes Benito to visit her husband’s grave to introduce him. (What’s next, a UN resolution?)


Jennifer…and here I thought we were done with her…left her kids on Stella’s doorstep with a note saying she’d be back for them in a week. Poncho is freaking out about this disrupting their Vegas wedding. The wedding? Dom’s worried Jenni won’t come back until the baby’s ready for college! Stella’s the only one who’s not upset–she thinks it’s like practice for her and Poncho’s kids.

Bart passes out, giving everyone a scare. He wakes up briefly, but Stella thinks he needs to see a doctor. Unfortunately their usual doctor is busy and if they take him to the hospital, they might take the kids away from Jenni. Stella has an idea….

Lucha comes over says Bart just has indigestion. There’s an over-the-counter medication he can take and a couple of days of a dieta blanda (food that’s easy on the stomach, nothing spicy or greasy) and he’ll be fine. She lets Bart, Valentina, and Dom play with her stethoscope while Stella and Poncho go pack up some tamales for her.

After the kids are in bed, Stella gets to thinking about how well Lucha did with the kids and decides to go ask her if she can watch the kids when they got to Vegas.

Stella comes over and explains the situation to Manuel. He heard about Jenni’s kids showing up again, but he didn’t realize Jenni wasn’t with them. She tells him about the wedding and looks at him expectantly when he says he doesn’t know how to help. She can’t be thinking of leaving the kids with him!

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