Silvana sin Lana Monday 1/09/17 #116

Casa Manuel

No, Stella wasn’t thinking of bringing the kids to Manuel’s. She was just hoping Lucha could watch them over at her house. Manuel breaks it to her that Lucha’s going to Mexico tomorrow. Now Stella’s giving him that look again and Manuel tells her to cut it out–he already raised four kids!

Stella changes the subject. She’s happy for Lucha–she always knew Lucha and Andres belonged together. And now everyone’s all paired up! Oops…sorry. He’s really suffering for Chivis, isn’t he?

Stella tries to talk him into trying again, but Manuel won’t budge–he’s tried everything, it’s over. Stella wants to help him get Chivis back, but he begs her to stay out of it.

Later, Manuel reminisces about Chivis struggling with boxes on the day she moved in and proposing a truce.

Casa Chivis

Lupita sneaks into the kitchen to call Pedrito and tell him she’s back from camp. Bummer, because he’s getting ready to go to a camp near hers, but it’s men only. Eh, they’ll figure it out.

Lupita has a feeling something strange is going on at her house. Her dad’s not around and he’s not answering any of his messages. Pedrito’s sure if he took off again they would tell her–he’s probably just away for work. He advises her to get some rest.

Angie and Majo keep trying to call AJ and he’s still not answering. Majo thinks it’s wrong for them to be taking sides and trying to help Chivis and Manuel get back together. Angie says that’s not a reason for AJ to be upset at THEM–he’s the one who screwed up his relationship with their mom by taking off.

“Then why do you keep calling? Are you going to tell him that?” Angie says she just wants to tell him she loves him and whatever else happens, she doesn’t want him to go away. They both keep trying his phone.

Chivis is also trying and AJ’s not answering for her either. Lupita comes in, asking if he ripped people off again. Chivis is sure he didn’t. She invites Lupita to spend the night with her.

Casa Stella

Bart sneaks out of Stella’s house in the morning. Poncho has to go find him and bring him back…AFTER he busted four windows, punched the Manson kid, and busted out all the windows in the Mansons’ car. They want payment, by the way.

Dom and Poncho attempt to teach Bart some manners. It doesn’t go well. Stella knows they have to do something, but she leaves them to figure it out while she goes to talk to Chivis.

No solution is forthcoming for Bart’s attitude problem, but Dom has a solution for the wedding. He’ll stay and take care of the kids and Poncho and Stella can go to Vegas and get married. (Don’t do it!)


Rocio comes to the panadería looking for Marge. She’s nervous about running into Benito, but he’s out. Marge is sure he’ll end up forgiving her. They trade phone numbers so Rocio can call her later. Marge puts her number in Rocio’s phone as “Hijita Linda.”

Marge asked Juanito for some privacy, but he knows that was her mom. Besides, he’s not going to be the one to tell Benito! That’s her job.


Cris comes over to talk to Chivis about the job. She’s trying to be encouraging, but bringing up how even in that disgusting barrio, Chivis must have had the chicest house…not helping.

They move on to looking at some stuff on the computer for the company’s latest project–a total re-design on the house of the ambassador from UAE in Watson Island. Chivis is looking at the screen like she’s either confused or disgusted with what she’s seeing. (How bad can it be? Are we talking wood paneling and shag rugs? Inquiring minds….)

And then Cris does it again! Talking about throwing a party so Chivis can get back together with her old friends. Um, no. Chivis remembers them all abandoning her. Cris tells her not to hold grudges. Chivis was bound to get back to her roots and clearly, she doesn’t belong with “those” people.

Casa Manuel

Jorge interrupts Vicente’s grooming ritual in the bathroom to present his plan for reuniting Chivis and Manuel. They’ll coordinate with Majo and Angie and all go to the same restaurant and then all the kids will tell Chivis and Manuel that they want them back together.

Lucha packs. Or she tries to, but there’s not enough room in her one suitcase. Manuel starts throwing stuff out. She doesn’t need this many pairs of shoes! And she doesn’t need a winter jacket! He makes her promise if she has any trouble with Andres she’ll call so he can come get her. And this is winter clothing too!

Manuel has Lucha sit on her suitcase so he can zip it up…but she forgot the one somewhat-nice dress she wanted to take. Manuel sighs. Her mom always wondered what Lucha would be like when she grew up. He’s sure Lucha would have exceeded all her expectations. She’d be so proud. Lucha hugs him and tells him not to worry–she knows her mom will be with her on this trip.

Manuel remembers telling Lucha if he tried to “replace” her mother, he’d be looking forever. Lucha predicted she’d go running out of there the first chance she got and Manuel told her if you don’t take a chance, you never make it across the river.

Pedrito interrupts to talk to him about summer camp. That suddenly seems way too immature for him. Oh, Manuel gets it–Lupita’s home. Pedrito admits it. He complains that they never get to see each other anymore.

Manuel’s skeptical of Pedrito’s declarations of “love” for Lupita at his age. And he’s “never” going to love anyone else. OK, kid.


Trini is preparing her pre-cemetery lunch for Benito. She instructs Wendy to have various beverage options ready, and ice for the whiskey. And go easy on the chile.

Majo teases Trini about all the fuss she’s making over this lunch. She wants to be invited!


Chivis walks Cris out later, just as Stella’s arriving. Stella is awed by the house and runs her mouth without thinking, saying AJ must spend a fortune on the electricity for this place! No wonder he ran off! Chivis was being no help and spending all his money!

She gets it together and says she comes in peace. She’s with Poncho now. Look, nothing crossed…she apologizes for everything she did. She was hurt, she’d always been taught to defend what’s “hers” and well, now she’s stepped aside. And she wants them to have a talk about Manuel. No, not like before.

Chivis takes Stella inside, where she’s equally awed by the interior, but thinking it could use some color. Maybe some animal print, too. Chivis tells her to get to the point.

Well, the point is Chivis and Manuel love each other and they should be together. Chivis is making a huge mistake! Manuel always fought for her. Stella knows Chivis loves him like he loves her.

Chivis tries the “I want to be alone,” but Stella’s not buying that either. Manuel’s so miserable without her! Chivis declares her relationship for Manuel over “forever.”

Right, like her marriage with AJ was forever? Like Stella’s love for Manuel was forever? How does anyone really know what’s forever? She begs Chivis to give Manuel another chance, but Chivis says her mind is made up.

Stella gives up. She hopes Chivis doesn’t regret this. Manuel’s suffering and Chivis is the only one who can cheer him up.

Anyway…she’s going. Oh, and this is a really pretty house…but Chivis was happier in the other one. And there’s no grutita for the Virgen here. Chivis looks thoughtful.

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