El Gran Final de Silvana sin Lana Monday 1/16/17 #121


A pregnant Majo hangs laundry and yells at her kids to help. Two are out back playing fútbol and the oldest is upstairs with the twins. Vicente brings home his fútbol team after a game for a cookout. Majo complains about how late she was up last night cleaning and now he’s having a cookout?

Vicente’s teammates march upstairs for quick showers as Majo whines at them that really, they’re fine, they don’t need showers, she’s ok with them sitting on her furniture like this. She screams at Vicente to make them stop….

In the office, Angie wakes Majo up from her nightmare. Majo checks her belly and tells Angie it was awful! Angie wants Majo to come to the market with her. She wants to do a dinner to celebrate her test scores and Majo has all that insider information from when she worked there. She has to beg, but Majo finally agrees to come with her.

When they get there, after the long bus ride, there’s no one in the parking lot. The place looks closed. Vicente calls Angie to tell her he left the stuff she wanted in the back of Quique’s van. Majo keeps complaining–about the bus, about how Quique could have just delivered the fish, about Angie wanting her to climb into the back of the van and pass her the cooler. Angie shoves her into the van and shuts the door.

Inside the market, Poncho gets everyone’s attention so he and Stella and Dom can announce that they’re having a baby! Everyone cheers. Manuel gives her a congratulatory hug.

He also has good news–look who’s here! Chivis comes in and he tells everyone that he and Chivis, La Langosta, are a couple now. More applause. Poncho asks when he’s going to stop calling her “Señora Chivis.” Stella hugs Chivis and tells her to take good care of Manuel.

Angie comes running in and tells everybody to hurry up and get to their places!

Juanito and some other guy come out to the van. Juanito won’t let her out though, sorry. Angie comes to get her, sits her down in the back of the van and tells her to just calm down and enjoy this.

Oh, we’re going full-cheese here. We’ve got singing and dancing and signs that read…

Once upon a time there was a couple…

Jorge and Angie hold giant cutouts of a shark and a strawberry…a fresa!

Pedro and Lupita have balloons.

She was very insecure before, now she doesn’t know…

Trini tosses her a bouquet of roses.

AJ holds the next sign:

He’s a hardworking shark…

Lots of dancing and then Dom , Stella, and Poncho:

This time it’s true, I swear, you’re going to be an aunt…

Dom holds a stork cutout delivering a baby Poncho, Stella’s wearing a huge fake belly, and Poncho borrowed the sun costume from the Jimmy Dean Sausage commercials.

Now it’s Vicente’s turn:

For you…

I am a better person…

For you…

I learned how to breathe under water…

To fly without wings…

To really laugh…

For you…

I would cross the Niagara…

I would walk on fire…

I would be a new man.

Vicente gets down on one knee and says he’d do anything for her. He pulls out a ring and asks Majo to marry him. She grabs it fast and screams “YES!” (I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

Casa Manuel

Jorge and Angie check out all the pictures Juanito took of the proposal. Jorge points out one of her dad and Angie tells him she’s going to his house today.

There’s a good shot of Jorge and Angie with the strawberry and the shark. She makes a joke about his hair and he gets all anxious about whether she wants him to cut it. She has to tell him his curls are sexy before he’ll stop worrying. She likes thinking she never would have found him any other place besides in this house, waiting for her. She never could have imagined something so beautiful, even in all the fairy tales her dad used to read her. Jorge says he’s not a prince charming. That’s ok, Angie doesn’t really like them.

Jorge sighs that Vicente really raised the bar. How’s he supposed to compete with this proposal when he’s ready to ask Angie to marry him? She says there’s plenty of time for that. At least now they can be together without anybody objecting.

He tries to joke about them being step-siblings and Angie’s like “Ew!”


At the market, Chivis, Manuel, Stella, and Poncho hang out with Majo and Vicente, giving them marriage advice. Manuel tells them teamwork is important. Chivis is all about mutual respect…and her grandkids had better go to college. Majo and Vicente start bickering about whether a private one or a public one would be better. Stella advises they settle all the everyday stuff–like she’s told Poncho she’s sleeping on the right side of the bed and he should never interrupt her in the shower and ALL the closet space is hers.

Vicente thanks his dad for teaching him to be generous with his heart. He toasts to his mom and promises they’ll to the kids about her. Majo adds that they’ll name their first daughter Marisol. Chivis is sure she’s watching and blessing them. Everyone toasts to Marisol.

Manuel has Poncho come to his office to talk to him about running for representative of the vendors at the market. Manuel would run his campaign. He thinks it’s time for him to step back a little.

Poncho wanders out of Manuel’s office in shock and tells Dom and Stella about his conversation with Manuel.


Trini leads a meeting at the panadería. She’s analyzed its strengths and weaknesses so they can figure out what to do to for the best economic growth. Trini seems to think she’s a business genius who’s just never had an outlet. As Trini starts talking about classing up the joint Rocio mutters to Marge that Trini se las trae (she’s someone to watch out for). “You haven’t seen anything yet,” Marge mutters back.

Casa AJ

Majo, Angie, and Lupita come over to visit AJ. He shows them around a little bit and talks about how he still needs a few things–some paintings, another sofa. Lupita wants to help him pick it out.

He has them close their eyes so he can surprise them with the cat, a Siamese they decide to name Dulce de Leche. He’s not sure who’s more allergic–him or the cat.

He made them dinner. Chicken with mole. He doesn’t like mole, but he knows they do. And then he toasts–this isn’t exactly how he expected things to go , but he’s glad they’re here and he loves them. He makes sure they know they’re welcome in this house any time. And their boyfriends. Angie gives him a present from Chivis–a framed picture of AJ with the three of them. He toasts again, this time to Majo getting married.

He gives Lupita permission to invite Pedrito over…as a friend! Although, she calls Pedrito and tells him AJ approved of their relationship. And also they have a child now, but he’ll live with his grandfather. Pedrito’s relieved to hear it’s a cat.

One month later

Chivis is getting ready for her wedding. She’s wearing a white lace sheath dress with lots of shoulder straps. Trini pronounces it “middle class” and Angie scolds her. Is she still going to keep being insufferable even now that she’s dating Don Benito?! (The short answer–yes.)

It’s actually less of a wedding and more of a commitment ceremony. The divorce isn’t final yet, and getting the annulment is going to take even longer.

Trini’s less obnoxious after she helps Chivis put on her necklace with the medal of the Virgen. She says her dad is probably looking down, giving his blessing. Lupita comes in and tells them all to hurry up or they’re going to be late!

The boys get Manuel dressed and tease him about looking like a muñeco de pastel (the groom on top of the wedding cake). He’s missing Lucha.

Everything is ready in the parking lot at the market. A trio plays in the gazebo. Everyone applauds as Majo and Angie walk Chivis down the aisle to Manuel. Pedrito and Lupita are officiating the ceremony and they have decided that instead of the bride and groom making promises to each other, they’re going to make promises to the kids.

Pedrito asks Chivis if she promises to let Manuel watch all of Pachuca’s fútbol matches, laugh at all his jokes no matter how bad they are, buy Pedrito a decent bed, and let Manuel keep the picture of Marisol on his nightstand. Chivis promises.

Lupita asks Manuel if he promises to always wake Chivis up and tell her how beautiful she looks every day, he’ll always hold her hand when they walk, and that they’ll go to Key West more often so she can have another sibling. Manuel promises.

Lupita and Pedrito declare them husband and wife. Manuel and Chivis put the rings on each other’s fingers. Lupita gives Manuel permission to kiss her mom.

All the kids run up to hug them…and then Manuel looks over and sees Lucha. She says there must be a Ratoncito Perez at her house in Mexico because there was a plane ticket under her pillow. She’s happy for him and happy he won’t be alone. Her brothers run up to hug her.

And then Padre Sanchez arrives. He got caught in traffic! But he’s here now to give his blessing. Everybody gets seated again and Padre S talks about what an honor it is to know this beautiful couple. They deserve the best. He knows the Lord delights in the love of His faithful–Manuel and Chivis. The Bible says to love one another and that goes for everyone. So, ¡Viva el amor! And let’s party!

Everybody kisses. Benito sighs “At last!” as he holds Trini. Poncho holds Stella. Dom gets a smile from the cutie behind him.


In Manuel and Chivis’ newly remodeled bedroom, the entire wall is knocked out. There’s room for two chairs, a dressing table for Chivis, and a big bed in the middle of the room.

Chivis comes in from her side of the house. Manuel teases her about not wearing something skimpier for their first night together. He complains about her wanting the lights off and she says he knew she was like this before he married her.

Lights out, smoochies commence and then…

There’s a knock at the door. BOTH doors. They rush to turn on the lights and call out, asking what’s wrong. All seven kids come in and attack them with pillows. Trini looks in and declares this is the most middle class ending ever before she grabs a pillow to join in.

Outside, the house is a uniform brownish-grey, with a white van in each driveway and the red truck parked on the street.

We get one final scene of everybody dancing to the theme song.


Thank you to everyone who’s been reading along!

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