La Fan Friday 3/17/17 #44


Vale cannot handle the Full Lucas. She keeps covering her eyes and telling him to put his robe BACK ON! He refuses–there’s been enough fakeness today.

He eventually puts the robe back on so all the shouting won’t summon security. He says he’s not THAT ugly. Not at all. She thinks he’s too beautiful.

Lucas works on his be-robed selfies. They have to plasmar (capture) this entire day. And Vale should get out of her wedding dress already.

Uh, she didn’t bring anything else with her. That’s ok, because Lucas thought of everything! He shows her the cheetah print babydoll he brought for her and Vale’s all “Nope!”

She puts it on anyway, with the matching robe and Lucas tells her it’s another comp–this time from the costume department. Vale’s not thrilled with everyone seeing her like this, but isn’t that why they’re doing everything? She sighs and agrees with him.

She still feels awkward in the robe, even though Lucas thinks she looks perfect. She spent so long dreaming about her wedding and all of this is a lie. Lucas says the real stuff will come later–the contracts, the magazine covers, the awards, the ratings! Doesn’t she want all that stuff?

He comes over to the bed and tells her to come closer. Hell no! And in fact, they’re not sleeping in the same bed tonight. Meh, ok, she can sleep on the sofa. Vale looks disappointed for a second before saying that’s what she’ll do!

Lucas says they need to make their fans howl first…c’mere…smile…look like you’re in love…. He starts taking their fake wedding night selfies and kissing her cheek whispering that she knows she likes it while Vale scowls and tells him to cut it out. (Mr 5ft: “Hey, you fake married him.” Me: “You made your fake married bed and now you can fake lie in it!”)

Phase 2: Vale gets into a bathing suit and a bubble bath. Lucas gets some more selfies while Vale complains that it’s too embarrassing! She’s in the tub! She asks him to pass her the bathrobe. And he’d better not look while she gets into it! She can’t believe he bought her such a tiny bikini.

Vale gets into the robe ok, but now the floor is wet and they both fall over. I guess it’s a slight relief that they fell onto the carpeted floor and not in the direction of that tub that looked like it had some sharp edges.

Lucas thinks he threw out his back. It happened once before, on Caídos de Amor, when the stunt double was out and Lucas had to throw himself off the wardrobe for a love scene. He was laid up for weeks. Vale remembers his character had the flu and couldn’t get out of bed.

Lucas thinks they can just use the same story–he threw himself off the wardrobe to make love to her and he hurt his back!

Uh, or maybe they can say nothing and call the doctor. Lucas whines about his reputation as a galán. He doesn’t need her to get anything for him–he already knows how to recover. He starts crawling away.


Eloisa’s breaking up with Carlos and we all know it has nothing to do with the flimsy excuses she’s giving him–sequels always suck, they’re too different, etc.

Logic puzzle

OK, so, Diego’s drunk. Because champagne has bubbles. Usually he’s more of a beer guy. Occasionally red wine. So, yeah, the question is–is his brother’s sister his sister. Adriana can’t believe he couldn’t find someone else to ask such a simple question. Look, if they share a mother or a father, then they’re siblings.

In that case, Diego’s feeling a less drunk. But now he has the hiccups.

Adriana makes him some coffee. She wants more details about his weird question, but now that he’s more sober, he avoids them. She’s still stuck on how Diego’s brother could have another sister–it would mean he’s not a Castro or he’s adopted. Diego’s not following. She gets him up off the couch to splash some water on his face and see if that helps.

Diego’s even more sober now, but Adriana won’t let go of the question. It was important enough that he came all the way out here to ask. Does her dad know about this. Diego shouts that he doesn’t. He apologizes–booze makes him louder. No, really, he doesn’t want her dad to know–it’s really personal.

Of course he told her. He feels like they’re family. Just because they’re not together doesn’t mean his feelings for her have changed. He gets up to leave and Adriana asks if he’s trying to say that Miguel isn’t Diego’s father’s son.

He denies that his mom ever cheated on his dad. Right, but what about her dad? Because it sounds like he’s trying to suggest that her dad is Miguel’s–is adopted, Diego interrupts. Because he heard his mom talking to a friend once about finding a baby by the river and how she wanted to name Miguel “Moisés.” Adriana’s not buying this.

Casa Salma

Nicolas is cooking dinner. Rodri picks on his mom about all the takeout and Nicolas tells him to cut it out. Salma still says he can’t stay. For all their arguing, the important thing is that Nicolas gave the judge this address–he has to stay there.

In that case, Auggie asks what he’s cooking and gets a taste of Nicolas’ pasta sauce.

Later he compliments Nicolas on the meal. Rodri says he hasn’t eaten anything this good in a long time. Salma hisses that next time he asks for pizza she’s going to remember this moment. Nicolas says Rodrigo’s just trying to make him feel good.

Now Salma picks a fight with him about putting down her address. Rodrigo asks what the problem is and Agustín shushes him–this is between Salma and Nicolas and they need to stay out of it. Nicolas says he needs to show them he’s living right–in a nice house with a nice wife and his kid, like a family. Salma snaps that she’s not his family.

But Rodrigo wants to live with him and Nicolas wants to live with Rodrigo. And Nicolas doesn’t think Salma’s so heartless as to want him to go back to jail, right?

Agustín’s leaving for the evening, but he offers to stay if Salma doesn’t want to be alone with Nicolas. She turns him down–he’s not going to do anything with Rodrigo here. He’s still trying to win that Father of the Year award.

She lets Auggie out, shuts the door, and finds Nicolas standing there, apparently naked, with one of her Salma face pillows in place of a fig leaf. She demands he drop the pillow…no, wait don’t drop the pillow! Nico complains that he doesn’t have any pajamas. What else is he supposed to do? (Yeah, that’s just disturbing.)

Casa Jess and Miriam

Miguel chats with Jess and Miriam about the wedding, but Miriam keeps looking at her phone. He notices and she says she’s sorry she’s just not in the mood to go out tonight. They’re soooooo tired from the wedding.

Miguel completely understands. He’ll make dinner. Miriam sends Jess a panicked look, but Jess doesn’t see what the problem is–she’s hungry.

And yet later Jess has gone to bed and Miguel’s still cooking and Miriam’s still on her phone. She claims it’s because of all the Lucas and Vale wedding news, but she’s apparently been texting Benicio all this time. She tells him she can’t go out and he can’t come up–she’s throwing up and she doesn’t want him to see her like this.

Miguel gets angry at her for ignoring him and takes the phone away. (Um, no. Either you accept that she’s constantly on the phone or you walk.)

Jess wanders in when dinner is ready, bouquet pinned to the front of her pajamas, and turns down food. She’s just going to have some coffee and go back to bed.

Miguel notices Miriam’s still distracted. She insists nothing’s wrong. Miguel tells her he knows it took him a long time to come around, but it’s because he was scared–not of her, of failing again.

He explains he was in love once, but it was a forbidden love. Eloisa would never have accepted it. That’s in the past now and he wants to start building a future with Miriam and make up for lost time. He kisses her. She looks less than enthusiastic.

Casa Carlos

Diego’s ready to leave. I’m not convinced he’s sober enough and neither is Adriana. It doesn’t help that he tries to stand on one leg and stumbles into her…just as a freshly-dumped Carlos gets home.

He and Diego start sniping at each other and Adriana tells Carlos this is her house too. If he doesn’t want to deal with Diego he can go to his room. He came over to tell her something important. And she thinks they might as well tell Carlos too.

Diego tries to back out, but Carlos isn’t in the mood for this. Whatever it is, spit it out. Adriana asks if he knew that Miguel was adopted.

Carlos isn’t letting Diego out of here until they’ve discussed this. Diego tries to say that Miguel doesn’t know and they don’t know anything about his family and that’s why they’ve never told him. But what about this sister who showed up? OK, now Carlos thinks he’s missing some important details here and he’s going to go clear it up with Eloisa. (Please do.)

Diego doesn’t want Carlos to talk to his mom. He’s thrilled to hear that Eloisa broke up with Carlos. He thinks it’s for the best. They’re from different worlds–it’s like burritos and sushi, right Presi?

The doorbell rings and Benicio comes over, angry that “that guy” is here. Carlos says he lives here. No! The OTHER guy. Diego’s still so drunk he introduces himself to Benicio as “Castro…Diego Castro.”

Carlos and Adriana fight over who’s going to walk Diego out. Carlos won’t promise not to say anything to Eloisa. He’s going to think about it.

He keeps Benicio from griping at Adriana for Diego being there and says Diego was there to see him. Adriana gives him a grateful smile.


Tomás wants to hear more about his mom, but Gabe would rather talk about Vale. He still has hopes that he and Vale will get married one day.

After more pizza and video games, Tomás is ready to resume planning how to break up Vale and Lucas. Oh yes, it can be done, he’s sure of it. Gabe puts himself in Tomás’ hands.

Gabe wanders into Vale’s room later to look at Lucía’s picture again. He remembers watching her pack and telling her he couldn’t live without her. But if she wasn’t willing to tell Lucas the truth–that she’d slept with both of them–she’d better get away from both of them.

He tells Lucía’s picture he loved her so much he couldn’t bear to see her with Lucas. He promises to take care of Tomás and not let Lucas find out the truth, just like she wanted. He’ll never find out about them and he’ll never find out Tomás is his son.


Lucas turned down a massage earlier, but now he’s got Vale working out the knots. She’s the one who offered in the first place, but now she’s saying she’s not a masseuse and she’s afraid she’s hurting him. Oh, no, he says she’s got miraculous hands. She finds a particularly bad spot and it’s “Ouch” at first and then “Aw yeah!”

Vale puts some ice on Lucas’ back and gets ready to go sleep on the couch. He asks her to stay. The bed is big enough for both of them and nothing’s happening tonight that she doesn’t want–especially not if he’s in this condition! She agrees to stay, but it seems to hurt when she moves on the bed.

Lucas asks for his phone and gets excited to see that “they” are trending. Or rather La Fan’s wedding night is. Vale gives him a fond smile. That may be the first time Lucas hasn’t been upset that all the attention is really about Vale and not him.

Vale sits up in bed watching Lucas sleep, with a pillow fort between them. She tells him she’s always loved him, since she first saw him on TV.

Lucas wakes up suddenly, telling her about this great dream he had! They were so happy. They were walking to the Chinese theater in LA for some big awards show. All the photographers were taking pictures. And Vale was fighting with security, trying to get to him. But Lucas told the security guy to let her go. And everyone wanted his picture. It was the happiest day of his life.

“Yeah. I can imagine.” (Oh, Lucas, you do know how to screw things up, don’t you.)

Lucas hopes it was a premonition. Really? Because Vale doesn’t think her role in his dream sounded very exciting. Doesn’t she? She’s his fan–in dreams and in real life–and she always will be. Vale gets that. Lucas tries to kiss her and Vale says she’s just his fan. That’s the only reason she’s helping him and that’s the only relationship they’re going to have from now on.


Eloisa comes over to Feli’s studio and gets an eyeful of naked model. She came over to tell Feli she kept up her part of the bargain and broke up with Carlos. Not that she thinks it’s going to help much, since he’s not going to get back together with Feli. “We’ll see.”

Eloisa tells Feli it’s her turn now, she’d better not tell Miguel. Feli says she won’t–she’s not a traitor like Eloisa. She hopes they never see each other again. (This is a ridiculous bargain. Feli can go back on it at any time and Miguel can always find out some other way.)

Somebody’s good at math

Diego’s awake and severely hung over. He doesn’t want chilaquiles–he wants to know why Eloisa broke up with Carlos. She tells him Felicitas threatened to tell Miguel the truth. And she can’t let Carlos or Miguel find out. She thinks the crisis is averted, but Diego’s not sure. He thinks he might have said too much yesterday.

He was too drunk to remember exactly what he said. He knows it was confusing to him to try to figure out if this makes Adriana his sister. Eloisa tells him to make an effort–did he tell her that Miguel is Carlos’ son or not? He doesn’t think he talked to Carlos…and he didn’t tell her anything…but Adriana told Carlos that Miguel isn’t his father’s son…or did she? He really doesn’t know.

Carlos was thinking a lot about Diego last night. He tells Adriana he’s starting to wonder if he might be Miguel’s father.

Why not both?

Miriam’s grumpy. She tells Jess she’s between two men. “Like a sandwich?” No–she’s not sure if she likes Miguel or Benicio. She takes a grumpy gulp of coffee. (Yeah, get the brain cells going first.)

Miriam thinks she likes them both. Jess thought Benicio was dating Adriana, but Miriam says that’s over. He’s always flirting with her at work. Miriam asks Jess which one she’d pick.

Married life

In the morning, Lucas is still in pain, but Vale insists he answer the door for room service. Lucas keeps himself upright long enough to let the maid in with the cart and ask her to tell the press he had the best night of his life.

He’s doing better by the time he and Vale get to her place. They’re both in a good mood, talking about the stash of shampoo bottles they’ve acquired. Tomás gets up from the table to hug Vale and Lucas says he hopes Tomás doesn’t mind…he’s going to be living with them.

“I don’t want to live with this clown!” Well, this is off to a good start. Vale takes Tomás into her room to talk, away from Gabe and Lucas. Lucas can’t figure out what’s gotten into Tomás.

Gabe thinks Tomás has a right to object. This is a stupid plan. Why didn’t Lucas take Vale to live at his apartment? Ew, no, he doesn’t want that little monster living with him! Destroying his stuff, having his little friends over, putting their feet everywhere.

Vale explains to Tomás that she’s just doing this to help the novela, she’s not with Lucas, and can he please put up with this…for her?

Gabe asks how it went last night. Lucas says nothing happened. He can’t remember another woman turning him down like that. Gabe says Vale’s special. Well, Lucas thinks he is too! He’s not Galán del Año for nothing!

He cracks and goes to Vale’s room to beg Tomás to just give him a chance. He’s not a terrible person! Maybe they could be friends. Tomás agrees to give him ONE chance.

Out in the living room, Lucas tells Gabe everything’s settled. There’s a knock at the door and Vale rushes to open it…for Carrizo and his camera crew. Yeah, they’re here to film a day in the life of the Duarte family. From the looks on Tomás’ and Vale’s faces, I’d say he just blew his one chance.

Starting Monday we’re in últimos capítulos.

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3 years ago

It was so sad when Vale was faced with Lucas in his totally shallow existence as he was recounting his dream. He may be a lost cause because his seeming appreciation of and affection for her are so assumed and also fleeting. I felt sorry for her.