La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 12/28/16 #31

(brevity may be the soul of wit but its not the soul of this recap, can’t say I didn’t warn ya)

The Sex Talk

Alba shakes her head and makes ‘do not tell my extremely devout and conservative mother you had sex with a stranger’ faces at Marcela, behind Sagrario’s back, but its too late.

Marcela temporizes, ‘well, times change’

‘but values don’t. I don’t blame him for not telling you who he was, he probably wanted to make sure you weren’t some sort of loose woman after that night’  Sagrario says

‘but aunt, it was a unique situation, I felt something, sublime, I’ve never felt that way before’

‘But, something you get to feel again, now’ Alba pipes up cheekily, and when her mom protests, ‘What, mom, they’re married now, its ok. Marcela found her “Principe Azul =Prince Charming”

‘Well, Prince Charming and I are gonna have to have a long talk’ Marcela says looking worried. Alba still thinks its romantic and mysterious and Sagrario just looks disappointed. (Oh Alba you sweet dreamer. I love that she’s just as thrilled and excited as if it had been her who found her Prince Charming, she’s such a sweetie.)


ML splits up Nisa & Camilo’s ice cream love fest, she takes Nisa to visit bodybuilders, and then Amadeo, hoping one of them will shake Camilo out of her head. Amadeo looks incredulous at all of ML’s flowery compliments and effusions about how great he is but gamely offers Nisa a cappuchino, though he’s all flustered.


Oct puts her ‘turn Alessandro against his dad plan’ into action. Ale is upset, on her behalf, on his behalf, and on Nisa’s behalf too for some reason.


Don T doesn’t think he’s getting his money’s worth out of Camilo and tries to light a fire under him, metaphorically.


Alessandro calls Marcela to say he won’t be home till tomorrow, – ‘ok‘ she says ‘we need to discuss some things when you get back‘ she’s waving away all Alba and Sagrario’s nooo’s and objections ‘Yes, yes, we do need to talk’
Ale’s antenna goes up and he asks what’s up and is she mad at him for something, Marcela just says ‘why? Is there a reason I should be mad at you? Cause if you haven’t done anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about’ (el que nada debe nada teme) All the while Sagrario and Alba are grabbing at Marcela and making frantic no motions and whispers, making this convo even weirder, but it finishes up w/Marcela telling Ale that its time to put all their cards on the table, when he comes home, she’ll explain what it all means and she hangs up. Ale is left confused and worried.


Octapus tells Mauro bout how her plans worked on Ale perfectly, then they wonder what Luciano is plotting, and whether Ale’s plans are the same plans or if he’s got some other plan w/Marcela that his father’s not in on cause of the whole kissing thing. Octa-mala-mama calls Interbanco for the next step in her plan. Apparently she knows a banker who works there, and makes a date to meet him, he’s gonna keep her up to date on Marcela’s debt related doings and if Ale makes a move or tries to get her out of debt.


Alba and Sagrario yell at Marcela – don’t bring that up over the phone! – and when you do talk to him stay calm – and no shotgun, you might shoot him! Alba even swears that if Marcela kills Prince Charming, she’ll kill Marcela.


At the Cantina

ML yells at Camilo for taking up w/Nisa and tries to convince him his interest is better served w/Marcela, but he knows the inheritance is a pittance. ML just keeps talking and talking bout how Nisa is too different from him and he has history w/Marcela. He tells her Nisa wants to help him get Marcela back by making her jealous and Nisa’s whole plan. ML is all ‘hunh, and here I thought she was dumb‘ but no, all he needs to do is ambush Marcela in the stables where she goes every night to visit Huracan before bed.

At the guest house

Mr Mike misses NYC and wants to go back now, hurry up Severo and get a “divorce express” But no, Severo has to figure out a way to keep his $$ and keep his wife from marrying a better man. Severo wants to make a deal where she gets nothing and he gets everything. Mike doesn’t think she’ll go for that.

Marcela walks on in and kicks them out, they can either stay in the hotel in town or go back where they came from but they’re out of her guest house tonight. Mike likes option #2 but Severo says she can’t kick them out, cause when he got married her dad gave him part of the ranch, no he doesn’t have the paperwork but it must be in her dad’s papers. Well Marcela has never seen it and since Severo’s word is worth less than nothing, she doesn’t believe him. He can GTFO or she’ll throw em out into the fields and Mike hates snakes so that’s a no. He packs and makes plans to go home to NYC and tries to talk sense to Severo when Severo refuses to leave – ‘ Look, your daughters hate you, and Yes I am scared of Marcela, she’s a crazy woman with a SHOTGUN!’ If he’d just stopped talking there, but he asks about the land Severo was given – yes its real but Severo didn’t take the documents with him when he ran off with his brother’s wife, (who coincidentally happened to be his wife’s sister. ) Mike opines that bro destroyed the docs after the betrayal, and then Mike gets inspired, –‘you could trade the lands to your wife to make everyone like you again’ (‘and get your wife to stop trying to get the money we stole from her niece and stop trying to divorce you’ is definitely implied) (Oh Mike, SHUT UP!)

Meanwhile, Sagrario is thinking about how nervous Severo got when she mentioned his money, and she figures he’s got a lot of it.


Octavia’s office

Mauro doesn’t like Octaplanes gussying heerself up so much to meet w/some old bank goat, but that’s how Oct does bidness, sweetie *insert condescending cheek pat here*


Amadeo is still telling Nisa his life history and boring her so much she’s not even pretending to be polite now. She’d like a cocktail – not a shrimp cocktail, the other kind, where’s the bar, but before she can leave Roman comes in and stands too close while he introduces himself, she doesn’t like him but she’ll gossip w/anybody – she tells the boys Huracan got better, and Roman doesn’t look as relieved as I’d expect.


Alessandro is heading out for another confrontation w/his dad when his mom comes in to make up w/him. He’s pretty short with her, but agrees to call her after his battle w/the paternal parent.


Sagrario comes in to the kitchen and tells Marcela she has to go confess her sin and do penance. Marcela is all ‘what? I didn’t kill anybody’ but after a little scolding agrees to go talk to the priest. Sagrario blames herself for not having the sex talk w/the girls before, but its so private she just couldn’t. Alba’s trying to hide her giggles as Sagrario asks if that was Marcela’s first time… or… and the terrible idea occurs to her – ‘don’t tell me you and Camilo?…. Instead of answering, or choking on her drink, Marcela tells her aunt she loves her tons and tons, but reminds her she’s not a little girl anymore. Now Sagrario moves on to worrying about and questioning Alba on her sex life and whether she has one, but Alba says she’s gonna go open the window and throw either herself or this topic out of it and flees the room. Marcela, valiantly attempting to maintain some kind of straight face assures her aunt that Alba never ever, she just doesn’t want to talk about it with her mom. And now Sagrario worries about Maria Laura – has she? Naw, ML doesn’t talk to me, but I’m sure she hasn’t, Marcela says. (yeah, right)

Poor Sagrario, nobody’s taking this as seriously as she is, when she confesses that she’s a bad example, since she too has sinned, Marcela teases her about smashing an ant one time, but Sagrario, very seriously, says she fell in love. She tells how, slowly and over time Mateo won her over w/his kindness and care of her and now he’s asked her to marry him.

(Can we take a moment here to acknowledge Sagrario’s moral strength – She’s been alone since Severo ran off and if it was long enough ago that the girls barely remember their father, it has to be about 20 years(?) now, even allowing that Sagrario and Mateo’s love grew slowly over time, it can’t have taken 20 years, so that means Sagrario has been nurturing this entirely chaste love for Mateo for probably about 10 years, give or take. These are two people who see each other every day and live next to each other and they’ve managed to mostly keep their hands off! Most people thought Severo was dead, no one would have judged her for moving on w/Mateo (ok Maria Laura would have judged her, but she doesn’t count) But Sagrario kept things pure because of her values and principles. Now that is truly impressive self control.) (And a little bit sad)

Marcela is thrilled for her, for both of them. Mateo has taken care of her like a father and she loves em both – let’s get you divorced, Sagrario tells about the problems there, and Marcela says well if Severo won’t give you the divorce let’s get you widowed. Sagrario doesn’t like that idea, and Marcela asks her ‘why didn’t you get divorced while he was gone, you’d a got one easy for abandonment?’ Sagrario says she was waiting for him to come back.

She knows it’s hard to understand but she waited b/c she thought the thing w/Nazaria would blow over and they were happy before, or so she thought, and they had a nice fam, so she was willing to forgiveim, but now she knows better and she loves Mateo


Luciano is down in the aquatic themed bar, and calls Silvana to try to get her to have a make up drink w/him – no sale. Ale walks up and the fight starts now. Luciano doesn’t like being painted the bad guy, Ale has been acting so suspicious lately, what was he supposed to think. Ale says he just wants his dad to talk to him if he’s mad at him and not take it out on Octavia. Luciano complains about how hard it is to run a hotel empire (ho hum) and claims his actions toward Oct are nothing personal, but Ale knows its cause his dad is still mad about Oct sleeping w/grandpa – get over it already, she’s a good hotel director. Luciano gets all defensive and angry, Ale doesn’t understand why the thing with his dad still bothers him so keep out of it, and she is not a good director, she’s spending too much of his money and the employees are inept – just then some waiter drops something, giving Luciano the chance to both yell at an innocent bartender, and dock the offending waiter’s wages for the breakage. Ale rolls his eyes but keeps his mouth shut. Luciano thinks Oct is manipulating his son, Ale says no, sha la la, sha la la.


Alba pops her head in to the kitchen to see if they’re done talking about embarrassing stuff and its safe to come back in, and they start getting ready for dinner. Mateo pops by for eats and is warmly welcomed by Marcela, which seems to make him nervous. They’re setting the table when Severo and Mike come in and ask if they can get some grub too (shoot, both Severo and Mike have dimples, could Mike be Severo’s secret son?) They are not welcome and besides there’s not enough food and its not fancy enough for their palates, but Sagrario says they can stay so stay they do, but Marcela won’t pretend to like it.

And when Severo snottily asks why that servant Mateo is eating with the family, things get heated. –‘Mateo isn’t a servant, and he’s been eating with us for years, and if you don’t like it you can leave, but Mateo stays’

Water Bar

Ale will give his suite to Oct, so there, dad. Luciano is livid and Ale isn’t far behind.

Luciano asks if Ale had something to do w/Damiana’s accident/death and when Ale asks what he’s talking about tells about the investigation that revealed the cut brakes and that he, Luciano decided not to press charges/inform the police. Ale asks why on earth not and Luciano says why do you think.

Ale says ‘Wow dad, not only do you think I’m a thief you also think I’m a murderer too, you have no idea who I am. I’m not a thief or a killer and I’ll prove it, I’ll get the necklace back, but my way.’

‘yeah’ says Luciano, ‘well you were in the middle of an ugly divorce when your wife died and you married someone else just after, what do you think the police were gonna think?’

I don’t care what the police think, I care what you think, dad – Thanks for the drink, it’s always a joy taking with you’ And Ale stalks out.

Back in the rancho kitchen

Alba asks why Severo doesn’t find some other where to eat and Severo replies ‘because I’m still your father and still married to Sagrario’

‘Worse luck for her’ says Marcela, but you don’t get to kick out the only man whose been loyal and here for us for the past 15 years.

Severo makes some ugly sounding insinuations about Mateo living there rent free for 15 yrs w/4 women dancing attendance on him, and Mateo attacks him.

Mike and Alba break up the fight and try to move the two men apart, but Severo starts things up again w/another insult and gets slugged.

Now Marcela comes in and shoots the ceiling then points the shotgun at Severo and demands an apology for Mateo (shooting your own ceiling, *sigh* not like you have extra $$ for home repairs dear)


ML is driving Nisa back to the ranch and asking about her day. Looks like her plan to get Nisa interested in Amadeo is a bust, all Nisa can talk about is Camilo, who is sooo manly and soooo dreamy and soooo hawt and ooooh there he is on his horse oh Camilo


Ale meets up w/his mom. The conversation turns to Marcela, of course. Alessandro confesses he’s completely in love with Marcela. Mom looks worried


Well the shotgun really livened things up, Mike’s trying to hide behind a very small houseplant, and begging for mercy. Alba and Sagrario don’t want Marcela to ruin her life by killing Severo the creep. Severo tells Marcela to calm down and be careful, that thing could go off. – Exactly. It could go off at any time, so he better get to apologizing. Who does he think he is to come in here and insult Mateo.

Just then ML and Nisa run in and ML clutches Severo’s arm and demands to know why the gun is pointed at her dad.

(I notice though, that ML isn’t standing between the gun and her dad. Hunh and here I thought she was dumb)

(Guessing this incident isn’t going to get Nisa on Team Marcela)
That’s it till next time

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4 years ago

Gracias stealth! It feels like there was a lot of plotting and scheming going on. Alba is a sweetheart. She and ML are so opposite. Alba’s happy when Marcela is happy and ML is happy when Marcela is miserable. I do agree, Sagrario gets major props for sticking to her principles. And she’s not even bitter about it. Some people would be shooting out the ceiling like Marcela out of frustration! (Uh, yeah, she needs to quit that before the whole thing collapses on them.) Wow, that is really optimistic of Severo to think his brother was STILL going to… Read more »

4 years ago

I would think once he gives the land away, that’s it, it’s done…but if they never took the paperwork to a notario then it might as well not even exist. And I’m pretty sure Marcela’s right and she’s been all over that office for years–if she didn’t find it then it’s not there. I would think it would be simple enough to check with whoever in town is in charge of keeping track of who owns what land. And I’m going to laugh if it really is part Severo’s…and therefore he owes back property taxes and is responsible for some… Read more »