Silvana sin Lana Friday 1/13/17 #120

Dom and Stella and Poncho and

Dom, Stella, and Poncho go home so Stella can take a pregnancy test. Yep, she’s totally pregnant.

They go to the market to thank the Virgen and so Poncho can make good on his promise to give her a procession.

They carry the statue through the parking lot while everyone throws flowers, then the Virgen boards a boat so they can cruise down the canal. Poncho promises the whole family will make this trip every year.

Back at home, they start talking baby names and have some ice cream.


Trini comes over to meet Rocio at last. They have dinner. Rocio says she’s moving back to Miami, so she and Trini are going to be seeing a lot more of each other. She’s glad her dad found a woman like her to share his life with.

Benito grumpily tells Trini not to worry, he knows they’re just dating and he has no intention of marrying her. Rocio and Marge are all “WHAT?!” but Trini tells him she takes this relationship very seriously, so if he’s not going to commit, he might as well say so now.

Oh, no, Benito’s all in! In that case she tells him to start saving for the engagement ring before they discuss it any further. I think Rocio gets it now.

Rocio sees even more of Trini’s true colors when they take her out, blindfolded, to see the surprise Benito has for her. He renamed the panadería Panadería Trini & Benito. Seriously, is she incapable of being gracious?

She finally manages to fakely tell him she loves it, but it’s such a…folkloric…gesture. Benito tells her to get used to it. She complains about her name getting commercialized. Benito says he registered it, so there’s no risk of that.

She agrees to give Benito a kiss if Marge and Rocio turn around. She practically dips him to lay one on him and he faints.

Balcony time

Manuel stands out on his balcony remembering kissing Chivis in his office and her calling him “mi amor.” Then he remembers telling her she’d never lose him. The light goes on in the house next door and Chivis comes out to the balcony.

Chivis acts like she’s talking to a stranger and explains that she used to live there before. She’d come out to the balcony to talk to her neighbor, who she ended up falling in love with.

Funny, the same thing happened to Manuel. This fresa moved in next door and he fell in love with her.

Silvana knows how this story goes–his neighbor left and tried to forget him, but she’d think about the balcony every night where he used to recite Neruda and she’d get butterflies in her stomach.

Manuel continues that he’d come out to the balcony with his coffee, hoping one night she’d come back with two long braids like Rapunzel so he can get to her balcony–

And she would never let him go again, Chivis finishes. She’d beg him to forgive her for leaving and ask him to be novios like they were in Key West, when they held hands without hiding from anyone.

Manuel cautiously says he was happy and thought that relationship would last forever. And he tried and tried–

Chivis says now it’s going to be her turn. She asks him to be her novio. She says she loves him and asks for another chance–and this time she promises she won’t leave. She’s seriously asking. He can hold her hand and they’ll tell everyone. She’ll put the picture of them in her bedroom. And will he put hers in his office?

In his office, his wallet, his socks. And there will be French kissing now, right? As many as they want.

Ah, for once Stella did something right–Chivis can walk right in from the balcony and get into Manuel’s bedroom. Let the smoochies commence!

In between kisses, Manuel tells her he prayed to the Virgen for Chivis to come back. He’s grateful to the “bandido” too. Chivis says he’s always helping her–she owes him so much! Manuel says he’s not going to give her a payment plan like he did with the truck! The next time they go to Key West they’re sharing a bed, for starters. They joke about birthmarks and mouthguards and sleepwalking. He says she’ll have to start going to fútbol games with him. She says he’ll have to come to Church with her. She prays the rosary in bed out loud. He sings in the shower. She likes breakfast in bed. And she’s not going to lose him again.

Casa AJ

AJ mopes and thinks about Chivis. He takes off his wedding ring. He remembers her leaving. He remembers hassling her about Manuel. He remembers telling her to go to Manuel.

Lupita calls. She found a new tree where they can leave each other secret messages again. And she’s glad he didn’t go away. AJ says he stayed for her. He apologizes but Lupita says she already forgave him.


Angie and Majo are worried about where Chivis is. Trini bugs them about being controlling.

Chivis gets home and says they should sit down and talk. She and AJ are getting a divorce and he seems really calm about it. Angie wonders if this is some new ploy, but Chivis is sure it’s not. It was his idea. She sees it as an act of love for his daughters. She’s sure AJ is really going to need them.

Angie asks what she’s going to do. She can’t help smiling as Chivis hesitates.

Manuel sits the boys down at the table, but he can’t get the words out.

Chivis babbles about how she’s not going to hurt anyone because AJ encouraged her….

Vicente jokes that Manuel’s going to tell them he’s in love with Stella again.

Majo tells Chivis to just say it! They can tell she’s happy. Angie asks where she was. Chivis says she was over at Jorge’s house…. Everybody laughs. Doesn’t she mean “the Gallardos’ house”?

OK, Manuel spills it, he and Chivis are novios. Pedrito says it’s about time he got a good stepmother.

Chivis says she and Manuel are dating again. Even Trini can’t help hoping she’s happy. Group hug!

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