Silvana sin Lana Thursday 1/12/17 #119

At his place, Manuel is also thinking about the night in Key West.

It’s time to say goodbye to Lucha before her trip. And in the Gallardo family that means a mix of genuine affection and smack talk.

Manuel reminds her not to forget the most important things, PLP–passport, lana (money), and pasaje (plane ticket). Lucha wants him to promise when she gets back he’ll be dating Chivis again. Jorge tells her not to worry, they’ll take care of making sure their dad doesn’t end up an old cat, uh, man.

Dom, Stella, and Poncho are also leaving today, for Vegas. They’re all packed and ready to and Dom takes a few pictures of Stella and Poncho as single people before the Uber arrives.

One Week Later

Vicente checks his grades online and he passed everything. There’s also a message from Las Vegas. Manuel’s afraid to open it, but Vicente clicks the button and…

It’s a video of Stella as Marilyn, Poncho as James Dean, and Dom as Elvis, announcing that for ONCE on this show somebody actually got married! Too bad we didn’t get to see it.

There’s more to the video, but before they can watch Angie comes over looking for Jorge. Nothing’s wrong it’s just…test results come out today. Jorge’s still upstairs asleep. Vicente and Manuel didn’t think the results be out until this afternoon, but Angie’s already seen hers. She goes upstairs to wake Jorge.

Angie kicked state exam butt! She got the highest scores in the state. She can’t wait to see Jorge’s, but he gets her to stop for a minute and celebrate. She can study anything she wants to! Angie’s decided she wants to study pedagogy (the theory and practice of education) and become a teacher.

Jorge jokes that here he thought Angie would be the one supporting them both! She suggests they check his scores before they decide who’s supporting who. Jorge’s afraid to look, but Angie says he got 1400–way above the average! Looks like he’ll be able to support her after all. Angie has a hard time leaving, but she wants to go home and share the news with her family.

Casa Benito

At Benito’s Rocio is teasing Benito about Trini not existing. She still hasn’t met her. Benito asks Rocio to move back here with her husband and help with the panadería. Um…she and Victor are separated. “Oh. Then don’t pack his stuff!” Before Rocio can answer, Marge remembers exam results are out today and runs to check.

Marge is still bringing up her scores as she tells Rocio that Benito’s embarrassed of his girlfriend because she’s suuuuuper fresa. Benito tells her about Trini moving into the neighborhood and Marge interrupts–she’s got her scores! She got a great score! She’s going to study engineering! Benito goes to call Trini and find out how Angie did.

Casa Manuel

Manuel remembers Chivis making her first sale and inviting him out for tacos de suadero to hit him up for an advance on her salary. When Vicente comes to tell him it’s time to go to work, Manuel decides he’d rather stay home today and spend time with them and celebrate Jorge’s test scores.

Vicente knows Manuel’s upset about Chivis. Manuel says going over to her house was hard for him. Her whole past is there, and her present too–and her present doesn’t include him. She doesn’t need him. But anyway, this is Jorge’s day and he doesn’t want to ruin it being all mopey.


Poncho, Dom, and Stella are back from Vegas with presents for everyone at the market–coin buckets with a picture of Dom and Stella on one side and Dom on the other.

Stella starts feeling the urge to vomit. Dom’s sure she’s pregnant. She has no objection to going to the doctor, though it seems a little early for her to be feeling any symptoms. Too bad she can’t seem to get very far from the sink before she has to throw up again. She begs them to get her out of there–she can’t handle the smell!

Casa Chivis

When Angie gets home, they’re waiting for her with balloons and a cake. Majo congratulates “Intellectual Barbie” and jokes that she’s redeemed the entire family. “When I took my exams I think I ended up owing them points.” Angie starts serving cake as Trini says she’s always wanted one of her grandchildren to be a doctor or a lawyer. When she hears that Angie wants to study pedagogy, she hands her cake off to Chivis so she can faint.

When they revive Trini, she begs Angie to tell her it’s not true. She gets herself all worked up about this being so ORDINARY! So MIDDLE CLASS! And she faints again, this time from standing. Lupita giggles that she’s going to break all her bones if she keeps fainting like that.

Again, they revive Trini and no, Angie still hasn’t changed her mind. She gets a call from the school superintendent, asking her to come receive an award for her test scores…today! Trini’s finally happy about something.

AJ shows up with flowers and congratulations for Angie. He gets hugs from all the girls…and asks to speak to Chivis alone.


Brace yourself…this is all kinds of weird. Maybe AJ’s spent the last week doing some serious therapy.

First they talk about how well Angie did, even though she changed schools and AJ doesn’t even get defensive about it. He even jokes that they always say middle children are so complicated.

Next he says his house is almost ready and he bought a cat for Lupita. He’s allergic to cats, but he wanted her to have a reason to spend more time with him. Chivis says he didn’t have to do that–she’s been asking when she could go visit.

And he thinks it’s time for them to get a divorce. He doesn’t want to be confused and he’s accepted she doesn’t love him anymore.

He thinks she should accept that she loves Manuel. She tells him not to mix things up, but he insists they already are. She doesn’t have to be afraid of him or afraid of what anyone else says–if she wants to start a new life with him, she should do it. It’s going to hurt him, but she deserves to be happy.

Chivis insists she wants to be alone, but AJ says that *smirk* “smelly fisherman” loves her. And he loves their daughters. He proved that when he told AJ he’d stay away from Chivis if he promised not to leave. Manuel gave him back his daughters.

He doesn’t want to feel responsible for Chivis not being happy again. He knows she loves Manuel and the worst thing about that, or the best thing, is that he loves her too. She has to be brave like their daughters and let him into her life. AJ’s not going to object.

He promises he’s not going to let her down this time. She made him happy for a long time and he wants to hold on to that memory, not see her sad or scared. Chivis denies she’s scared or sad…well, maybe a little sad…or just tired. AJ’s not fooled. She’s keeping it together for the girls. She insists she’s happy! She’s been happy since he made up with the girls. Well, ok, then he wants her to be really happy. The girls need their mother happy and he doesn’t want to feel guilty.

(I must say, that was well done. Maybe not perfect, but they managed to play off the immature, bumbling part of his character and give him a selfish reason to let her go. Because he is still being a little controlling, trying to shove her at Manuel instead of giving her time to see if he’s legit ok with it.)

Jorge’s also shoving his dad. They’re all joking about what career he’s going to choose and he wants to demonstrate how good he’d be in front of the camera as a reporter. He “interviews” Manuel and says he’s here to ask the questions Manuel doesn’t want to answer, like “Are you really going to let happiness slip through your fingers?”

AJ backs off…a little…he swears on their daughters he’s going to support whatever decision Chivis makes. But she should choose what she wants and not what she thinks she has to. That way something good can come out of this and her story can have a happy ending. She says she was happy with him–he wants her to have those memories.

He says he’ll leave her to think about it and holds out his hand. He takes hers and kisses it. Chivis clearly doesn’t know what to think.

Jorge shakes his maraca-microphone and says that’s how have to ask questions–going right for the jugular. He thinks Manuel’s silence says it all.

Pedrito piles on. He never thought he’d say this, but Chivis is the best option to be his stepmother. Manuel grumpily says he doesn’t need one and goes upstairs.

Now they don’t know what to do to get Chivis and Manuel back together.


Angie and the other students receiving awards show up at the school district boardroom. She shakes hands with the board as everyone applauds. Angie talks about wanting to study pedagogy and become a teacher and how important it is to educate students to become good citizens. (Maybe all that talk about equality was too much for Trini, she looks like she has her eyes closed in some shots and she’s off in her happy place.) AJ peeks in from outside the room.

Out in the lobby, photographers take pictures of Angie with her family and with the other students.

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