Silvana sin Lana Tuesday 1/10/17 #117

Stella walks out and leaves Chivis remembering crying in Manuel’s van and Manuel offering his shoulder.


Trini finishes setting up her pre-cemetery lunch. Lupita comes over to ask Trini and Majo why AJ isn’t there like they said he’d be. She gets angry that they’re lying to her and stomps off. Majo tells Trini she doesn’t think telling her the truth is a good idea.

Trini and Benito go out to the cemetery to talk to Raymundo. It goes on way too long. In his nervousness, Benito can’t get his words out…and then he mentions marriage just to save himself a later trip. Trini makes him take it back.

Ray doesn’t respond to Benito’s request to date Trini, so they decide that el que calla otorga (silence is assent) and make a run for it before Ray can change his mind.


AJ’s moving into a new place. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him, wandering around alone? I don’t. He packed a picture of the rest of the family in his suitcase. Looking at it, he remembers apologizing to the girls at the duplex. He ignores another call from Majo.

Spoiled brat AJ pulls the picture out of the frame and rips it up. He calls and makes a flight reservation to Dubai under a fake name, with a fake passport.

Angie and Majo check with Chivis. They’ve all been trying to call AJ, but he’s not answering. Chivis is starting to get annoyed with him. She still thinks he’ll come around, he just needs time to calm down.

She’s worried about how Lupita is taking this. Lupita comes in and tells them she wants to know what’s going on with her dad. She wants the truth. Chivis tells her AJ is angry at everyone but her. They got into an argument and he’s not answering their calls or messages, but there’s nothing for her to worry about.

Lupita wants to know what the fight was about and they tell her he doesn’t want Angie and Majo dating Jorge and Vicente.

Lupita insists on trying to call him again and he’s still not answering. She asks if he’s going to leave them again, but then remembers he promised he never would. She goes to try to send him a Whatsapp message.

AJ listens to Lupita’s voice message begging him to come back and promising not to go to camp again if that’s why he’s angry. AJ cries and pulls out the piece of the ripped-up photo that has Lupita on it.

Lupita comes running back into the room shouting that AJ sent her a voice message. They all listen to it together. He makes an excuse about having to leave again suddenly. Since they don’t have the tree this time for leaving messages, he’ll send them from an email account only she knows. He asks her not to tell anybody he’s left for a few days.

What a creep. Angie’s angry. Lupita’s in tears. Majo feels like she’s going through the whole thing all over again. And of course, they tell Lupita he can’t leave the country because no one knows about his stack of fake identities.


Stella gets back to the house and tells Poncho and Dom her trip was a bust. Chivis is more stubborn than Manuel. They’ve both given up, even though they miss each other.

Stella’s taking it hard. She feels responsible for getting between Chivis and Manuel and she’s desperate to think of a way to get them back together.

Poncho brings up Dom’s offer to watch the kids while they go get married in Vegas. Stella hates the idea. It was supposed to be the three of them. Dom finally cracks and drops the act–he hates Jenni and he can’t stand her kids! He had all these plans for things he was going to do in Las Vegas and she’s ruined them!

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Jenni’s back for the kids. That message from Poncho about Bart being sick lit a fire under her and she says she’s got a place for them to live. Poncho hopes she’s learned her lesson and she’s not going to go dumping the kids again. She goes upstairs to get them while Dom, Stella, and Poncho celebrate that they’re all getting to go to Vegas together after all.


The guys have prepared a surprise in honor of Lucha’s trip. They all got together and made their mom’s flan. Lucha’s touched. In the middle of everyone teasing each other Majo calls Vicente. He passes on the news that her dad left the country again. (Is that Majo’s guess or his guess?)

The guys want to go over to try to support the Villaseñoras, but Manuel says they’re saying goodbye to Lucha. She tells them to go on…but she’s not saving them any flan!


Trini and Don Benito get back to the panadería and inform Marge and Juanito that Benito has talked to Trini’s dead husband and they’re now officially dating. Let’s just skip the part where Trini says they’re having a relationship with no kissing.

While Juanito puts on music to dance to, Trini pulls Marge aside to thank her for supporting her relationship with Benito. Marge reminds Trini she has to take care of Benito for her.


Manuel and his sons show up at Chivis’ house to see if they need anything. Lupita puts Manuel on the spot and asks him to help find their dad. Majo decides the kids should all head for the kitchen while the grownups talk.

Chivis takes Manuel up to the office. It seems like she’s only been telling Lupita that he can’t leave the country to comfort her, but she wouldn’t put it past AJ after last time.

Manuel suggests she try to call him again and leave him a message this time–he’s sure AJ will listen. When his voicemail doesn’t pick up, he suggests sending a voice message like Lupita did.

AJ counts a stack of cash and packs it in his briefcase. He listens to Chivis’ voice message asking him to please talk to her if he’s thinking of leaving–not for her, for his daughters.

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